1. K

    Thread [GUIDE] Debloat stock apps without root ( Xiaomi ADB/Fastboot Tools)

    How to Debloat Xiaomi without losing data/rooting ? For better performance and battery life you need to uninstall those useless app from your device.. Here are the steps to do. 1. Install ADB Driver to PC 2. Enable USB debugging and connect your device to your pc. 3. Check your phone is...
  2. TheOviPlay

    Thread Best deabloat list for samsung SM-G991B

    This list is, in my opinion, the best for the SM-G991B. It removes unnecessary apps while keeping the phone fully functional, stable, and with longer battery life. Please note that the script removes Samsung messaging apps, Samsung keyboard, and Google Play Store. Recommendations: Download and...
  3. A

    Thread Question Update to android 13 one ui 5 and debloat problems

    Hi. I did a debloat to my Samsung a32 4g. I manually adjusted the list so it won't remove stuff I need, but I realised that I don't have dolby atmos anymore. Is there any way to get it back? I also was thinking to update to new android 13 update which I still didn't do. Because after debloat...
  4. wolfaas12345

    Thread Question Vivo X Fold debloat+notification fix (Origin OS 1-3)

    Hello there recently I got my hands on a vivo x fold and after some research, I have a nice debloat list that removes all bloat from our folds and I found ways to fix notifications Here's a debloat list most pm uninstall commands can be skipped as those are for apps that can be manually...
  5. XiaomiUser44658

    Thread [Q] My Phone reboots into TWRP after debloating it

    Hello, i recently installed magisk rooted my phone using TWRP. Then I debloated it and deleted the MI cloud services. Now when I start my phone it reboots into TWRP and shows: “Android Rescue Party trigger! Wipe data and caches and/or clean-flash you ROM!" Is there a method to reinstall...
  6. A

    Thread Question Root and partial debloat, cannot connect to Xiaomi Account

    Hi everyone, I've rooted my device a long time ago, rom updated and re-root many times. On first time I've partially debloat my phone.... (I've followed this guide) Since first day I cannot use the Xiaomi account connection, but I've got a smartwatch recently and the mi account connexion is...
  7. L

    Thread How To Guide [CLOSED] Debloat Script v2.6.5 - Vivo X90 Pro+

    Improving on what I (and some others) found was the v2.5 script not working. I made some changes and now it works fine for me and others. You might need the other original files here (adb.exe + the .dll files), but those old .bat files from the .zip won't work. Use the one below. I do not have...
  8. L

    Thread Question [Solved] How to remove bloat?

    Debloat script and ADB AppControl is making the phone always ask me for my Vivo account password and nothing is ever removed. How do I get around this? I would like this bloat off my phone. Please only useful replies on what could work or did work for you. I've got the OriginOS version...
  9. ElitePotato

    Thread Themes / Apps / Mods [Xtreme Debloat] [F.18]

    ADB App Control is a tool for debloating anything you want. I have created a preset for this tool that you can use to debloat apps. It is a tested list so there is no chance of bootloop or any other problem. You can still recover any debloated app easily with this tool. It is easy to use so...
  10. D

    Thread How do I debloat my j5 2016

    The phone's pretty slow on apps and i would like to (obviously) debloat the phone
  11. A

    Thread Question [SOLVED] Realme 8i Unknown IMEI and baseband after flashing stock firmware

    I've decided to use the universal Android debloater to remove some bloatware. The phone had 2 issues: quick settings panel didn't scale properly on landscape mode, search feature in settings and other apps shows a text box which covers most of the screen. I thought rebooting will fix this issue...
  12. D

    Thread Extend your battery life - Smart debloat and optimize S20FE

    ***Works on ONE UI 4, 4.1 and 5 for all versions of s20, s21 and s22 (except for S22U)*** Due to some bad optimizations by Samsung , we are facing a lot of battery issues and a couple of random lags. With this script, I have got something between 7h and 9h of SOT. In a few tests in Brasil, the...
  13. D

    Thread How To Guide [CLOSED] Closed

  14. B

    Thread Why can't I remove bloatware apps on secondary users in Android?

    For context, I'm using stock Android 13 (rooted) on my Pixel 5, and I, for the life of me, cannot figure out how to remove preinstalled bloatware apps from the secondary users. To clarify, I'm not talking about apps from the primary admin user (i.e. --user 0 in ADB) or work profiles; I'm talking...
  15. Z

    Thread Question How do you run an ADB command on a bootlooping device?

    I have uninstalled a system app that I shouldn't have (something to do with network conectivity according to the recovery log) and everything was fine until I updated my device. I hadn't restarted it since removing the system app but after tyhe update it will no longer go past the Samsung galaxy...
  16. M

    Thread Question My battery drain is insane!

    Hello everyone, I'm in trouble. 22 Ultra is simply eating battery at indescribable levels. Yesterday we went on a trip from work, I left my home with 100%. During the day I did not touch the phone, a bit of a camera but beyond that really nothing. My battery was about 40% after about 3 hours...
  17. R

    Thread Question Please help me with the Realme wallpaper app package name

    I was debloating my Realme device via ADB and messed up badly. I unknowingly uninstalled Realme Wallpaper App. Somebody, please help me with the package name of the app.
  18. malikin

    Thread How To Guide Debloat list

    Attention: During this debloat proceess you can lose some of data. Do not continue if not sure. Recomended to do after you unpacked and updated software on your NEW device without copying your personal information. 1) download ADBApp Control (please buy if you like it) 2) activate ADB on...
  19. G

    Thread Question DEBLOAT REALME GT 2

  20. KingMonkeyDLuffy

    Thread Themes / Apps / Mods Universal HArd AF Debloating script (Non-Root) A12, A13 (Aosp , OOS12.1, OOS13)

    Use it on your own risk Pre requesties : - Windows/Linux computer - USB debugging enabled (Developer settings) - platform tools Tested on : pex rom pixel6p oos12.1 oos13 color os How to use extract attached Debloat_platform_tools zip file (scripts are present inside the zip file) step1-...
  21. T

    Thread How To Guide Debloater HUAWEI MATEPAD 11 (2021)

    Since the xda doesnt have the device huawei matepad 11 (2021) i decided to post on the most similiar tablet. This debloat guide is only for DBY-W09/DBY-L09/DXX-W09 HUAWEI MATEPAD 11 (2021) this removes most of the apps and the user is required to sideload atleast a browser and a method of input...
  22. S

    Thread Question Problems removing bloatware from X80 Pro using adbappcontrol and LADB

    Yesterday my X80 Pro (Origin OS) arrived and I was about to tweak the recommended settings for Origin OS (like notifications, and so on). When I started to remove bloatware I ran into the following issue: Whenever I connect my device to the PC adbappcontrol recognizes the device and registers...
  23. aricooperdavis

    Thread General List of APKs safe to debloat

    Xiaomi ships a load of bloat with this phone. Uninstall what you can through the normal Settings interface. Once rooted you can also disable the system apps, improving battery life and privacy, with De-bloater. I have tested these all myself, please feel free to comment with others and I'll add...
  24. S

    Thread My experience getting my H918 rooted and debloated

    I'm a novice enthusiast when it comes to phones. When my wife needed a replacement phone after hers started to fail (I blame repeated gravity-related incidents, but she insists that's not it), I decided to see if I could transform my old V20 into a "new" V20 for her. I didn't know what was to...
  25. el.tsupaka

    Thread How To Guide How to debloat Galaxy Tab S8 ♻️

    In this guide we will see step by step how to debloat the Galaxy Tab S8 First of all we have to enable: Developer Options Settings->About tablet->Software information->(tap 7 times)Build number After that we will enable: OEM Unlocking & USB Debbuging Settings->Developer Options->OEM...
  26. ag6ag

    Thread How To Guide safe debloating MUI13

    Hello I'm sharing my experience regarding debloating POCO x3 PRO EEA SJUEUXM MUI 13 A12 I'm using debloater from fdoid and I think all debloating tools are the same regarding the result . Debloat the device at your own risk . don't debloat the following apk ( you will end in bootloop ) ...
  27. A

    Thread Debloat any android

    Hello guys When you guys buy a phone there are apps that are installed by default and can't be deleted and unwanted ad apps *we buy phones we don't buy ads* so I found this amazing GitHub project : you can use this to debloat any phone...
  28. Daddy#30

    Thread Lenovo Smart Tab YT-X705F Debloat Script.

    Here comes another post on this tablet that has little custom ROM support. I thought i post this here since it might be useful for people who want to stick to the stock ROM but ARE ROOTED with Magisk. I created a script to remove a lot of the bloat on this tablet. Performance gains are worth it...
  29. mattia.b89

    Thread How To Guide [ADB][No Root] Debloating our phone [guide] [tutorial]

    Hi fellows, I have an European Realme GT Master Edition 6/128GB device. It comes with RealmeUI 2.0 on Android 11... and a couple of unneeded / unwanted apps. I have found this guide illuminating. It was built for another device, so I have been inspired by that and adapted it for our devices...
  30. F

    Thread Debloat Second Space / Multiple User [ MIUI Global 13.0.3 Stable] [ (RGCINXM) ] [ Redmi Note 11 Global ] [ spes ]

    Greetings XDA and Redmi Fans. Especially those who got annoyed by receiving a new Redmi unit WITHOUT the MIUI Second Space [ MIUI SS ] feature (along with few others) being taken down. [ NOTE: NOT EVERY UNITS. SOME DO COME WITH THESE FEATURES AS NORMAL ] Seeking help to debloat all users for a...
  31. _Maik_

    Thread Debrand/Remove Useless Carrier Stuff

    Hey, I'm trying to desanitize my device from the useless carrier stuff. My objectives are the following (Video attached to better explain it): - Stop recommending carrier related apps; - Stop Chrome from opening the carrier page (or even suggest the link as homepage) every time I open it; -...
  32. phatmanxxl

    Thread How To Guide Quick Debloat ATT (SM-711U1)

    No for non-rooted/stock/bootlocked phones This is my debloat list, simply copy paste into ADB. I still run some Google and Samsung services but this takes out all the carrier, Microsoft, Facebook and Samsung garbage that they lock into the system. Most of these you can reinstall though Google...
  33. D

    Thread Miui 10 PIE debloating guide/informations

    General informations I have returned to miui 10.3.17 10.3.16 PIE (care your sensors break from downgrading) as i get really good results for battery and performance. I propably will stay on this rom until i get a new device, because of that i wasted a lot of hours to debloat my device...
  34. pro.prodipto

    Thread [ROOT][TWRP][DOWNGRADE] Fire 7 7th generation (austin) running Fire OS (659658220)

    Hey, I own a fire 7 7th gen which is currently running Fire OS (659658220) installed on October 12, 2021 at 9:23am I've came across the original fire os rooting thread which says "[UNLOCK][ROOT][TWRP][UNBRICK][DOWNGRADE] Fire 7 (ford and austin)." , I'm just curious to know will this...
  35. RMX3370

    Thread How To Guide Debloat Guide for RUI 2.0 and RUI 3.0 | Free System Resources by removing bloatware using ADB

    WARNING You might loose functionality provided by an app if it is removed . Also neither I nor XDA will be responsible for any loss or damage that occurs to your device . Overview A safer approach to remove resource hogging bloatwares preinstalled by our dear Realme , all removed apps can...
  36. jututt

    Thread Trichrome Library multiple versions installed (root) [poll]

    As discussed here I found a lot (more than 50) of folders in /data/app/, having the increasing version number suffix. I deleted everything but last version number with no problem, freed around 3 gb. Probably I had that many because did not have a system...
  37. remizik

    Thread How To Guide Redmi Note 10 Pro debloat (my experience)

    Hi all, I thought I'd share what I did yesterday, which is to debloat my Redmi Note 10 Pro with MIUI Global (miui_SWEETGlobal_V12.5.8.0.RKFMIXM_61c0e33df5_11.0) , without breaking everything :D Took me a few attempts because I was 1st uninstalling packages, switched to disabling them on my...
  38. Kingslayer9988

    Thread How to Root | Degoogle (enable Sig Spoofing) on Galaxy S20FE (Qualcomm)

    Hello Guys/Girls/Non-Binary this should just be some Tutorial because I didn't find a lot about this on xda. I have Twrp installed check out this thread on how to do it: TWRP FOR S20 FE EXYNOS TWRP KEY COMBO: Power + VolUP I will give you the download-link of the right version of the Twrp if...
  39. Jumpkid

    Thread Question A52S 5G (SM-A528B) Magisk Root

    Having a long history of root/mods/custom roms, I recently came across the A52S 5G (Q3 2021 version). An attractive phone, even for those choosing flagships as their daily. The problem with this phone is bloat (lots of it) and lack of CSC-modability (or basically, freedom to fully admin your...
  40. avidichard

    Thread [ROM][N][7.0][STOCK][G920W8][zerofltebmc/zerofltecan]SamStock November Patch (Lightly Debloated)[RE-PACK]

    Original ROM: I removed several apps in the ROM including a very annoying DiagMonAgent app that caused it to continuously show popup notifications. Here is a complete list of apps I removed...
  41. jaewoolf

    Thread [Windows/Linux] Y6 2019 Debloating Script (Delete All System Apps)

    Basically I've made a debloating script for my Huawei Y6 2019 and I thought it can be useful for other users too so I made some changes and relased it on GitHub. How can I do it manually? Delete everything in this list (or the ones that you want to delete) by following this guide Screenshot...
  42. sieger007

    Thread 🤔 👉 Xiaomi Redmi's - com.miui.securitycenter and other spyware

    On my donut MIUI phone which I continued to use for quite sometime after AT&T phone was messed up and the latter's warrenty wasnt quite honored the way I wanted it , I noticed strange things happened when i started using MIUI ( that would be since 2 months , before that I was on a Custom ROM...
  43. A

    Thread How do you manually debloat and de-Google the stock OS?

    I paid for a bootloader unlock for my Snapdragon Note 10 plus, but it turns out there are no stock based ROMs available for my particular model (non 5G version). I tried LineageOS on another phone, and I don't like it, and I need VoLTE because my carrier ditched 3G. The bloat and Google apps...
  44. G

    Thread hello im new s9 user any custom stock one ui rom ?

    hello all im new here coming from s7 since here its very low going on i cant find much of roms and kernels to try im wondering if there is any custom lite rom thats based on the stock one ui 10 i really hope there is one .... and in the case there is any rom like that what is the easiest...
  45. D

    Thread [Guide][MIUI] Fastest Mi 9 Lite in the World with long battery life

    Hi everyone! In this thread I want to share all the mods that I’m using on my Mi 9 Lite. After a lot of search, I made this phone really fast, and I really recommend to give a try. You need: - Mi 9 Lite with unokcked bootloader - Patience First, the ROM. What rom for a low supported device...
  46. R

    Thread How to uninstall knox from rooted Galaxy A50 CUBC version?

    I tried terminal emulator and it seemed to work at first but after I wiped Dalvik cache it was back on my seems that the emulator only hides it somehow...I actually need to remove all bloatware but nothing seems to work...Please help. Thanks in advance.
  47. Verschijning

    Thread Samsung A20e help needed on debloat/LineageOS

    Hi all, I've been trying to debloat my Samsung A20e. Been running around in circles because I did too good a job... From the start: Tried installing custom CSI/ROM's without success. The 20e is apparently quite different then then 20. The tried Lineage OS18.1 (Android 11). This works with one...
  48. R

    Thread My another way to debloat Note9 SM-N960F/DS

    dear friends, i want to share my experience about debloater Samsung Note 9 today, yup i just got it second hand just today after i failed to follow this thread by Akafaze i tried other methods, which accidently using this amazing tools by mauronofrio, and it worked on my Note9 SM-N960F/DS...
  49. N

    Thread Fossil gen5 trying de-bloat

    Hi to everyone, i'm new with adb and all this things, but not new on modding my phone throw custom recovery. I have a fossil gen5, and I was trying to install ticwatch apps throw adb by pushing the apk in the storage of my watch and then install them. Some apps i installed them, like ticsleep...
  50. jigs4wkiller

    Thread GApps Plus for MIUI 12.X | A11| arm64-v8| 11.11.2021

    Description A Magisk module that does the following: - Replacement of most MIUI apps with a counterpart from Google - Activates the AOSP sharing menu, package installer and recents - Additional Apps and tweaks (see below) This module supports the MMT Extended volume key selector to let the...