1. P

    Thread Can't install Netflix

    When I try to reinstall Netflix on my phone it doens't install from Play Store. When I tried with and apk then it said update not install and it still didn't install. When I tried to find the app in my phone apps I couldn't find anything. I finally tried SD maid where is shows a media client but...
  2. AndroidUser24

    Thread [Q] Check Battery Health

    Hello dear community, I have a question about checking the battery health on my Phone I have tried two ways. Via ADB (ADB Shell dumpsys battery) and via the Burgreport file. Both show different values. ADB says 57% and the Burgreport says 64%. Which is more accurate? PS: I think I lost so much...
  3. GalaxyA325G

    Thread [adb] What is the adb syntax to connect wirelessly to Android by unique serial number (instead of by Wi-Fi LAN IP address & random port assignment)?

    [adb] What is the adb syntax to connect wirelessly to an Android phone by its unique serial number (instead of by its static Wi-Fi LAN IP address & random port assignment)? Background: (USB is no longer needed) 1. Android 11 (and up) allows adb to connect wirelessly (no USB) 2. Android 12 (and...
  4. GalaxyA325G

    Thread Have any of you experienced "Auto Rotate" keeps turning on in Android 12?

    I've been on Android for years and only when I upgraded from Android 11 to Android 12 has my Auto-Rotate constantly been turned on, even as I turn it off every single day whenever the darn thing rotates on me. I NEVER want my phone screen to rotate. Yet, it does. Why? I googled and found out...
  5. markovidalis

    Thread Android Wear app debugging with mobile application connectivity issue

    Hey guys I've created an android application with a wearos module contained within it. This might be a rookie issue given that I'm new to android development (I'm from a web dev background) but I'm struggling to get my wear and mobile apps to communicate, when they are in debug mode...
  6. Z

    Thread Debugging in Android Studio, anyone have it working?

    Not really doing anything all that fancy, been using android studio for a few years now, before the bumblebee update i could a debugger attached eventually if i tried hard enough. After the update i can't get it to work at all. Adb can see the device, i can open a shell, install, uninstall etc...
  7. M

    Thread Turn on android USB debugging while phone is off / unresponsive?

    (TLDR: OnePlus5, power button not responding, volume buttons physically damaged, USB debugging not turned on, can connect phone via USB to PC, but nothing more. Want to turn on USB debugging to boot via ADB. Or boot any other way, if possible.) Hello everyone, Let me tell you the short story...
  8. EZY-E

    Thread Someone to share their bug hunt process?

    Hi! I need one (or more) developers to give me real world example of whole process from discovering to resolving a bug. I have job interview for software tester tommorow and this is a task I am given. I would be REALLY thankful if somebody shared their real life process and is willing to spend...
  9. chevycam94

    Thread ATOTO S8 - System Contents

    I spent the better part of 4 hours today setting up the connection between my new ATOTO S8 Pro and my laptop. After getting USB debugging working, and a functional adb shell, I pulled off everything that I could copy with the limited permissions I had. To be clear, I have NOT rooted the...
  10. A

    Thread Cannot Connect External Android Debugger

    I am using an external device to test my applications on. However, lately, I have been having trouble connecting to the device with the debugger. I have tried attaching to process, wait for debugger, reinstalling official ZTE drivers from the phone. restarting device over adb. None of these...
  11. M

    Thread No USB Connection to computer unless in recovery/download/bootloader/fastboot (Help)

    I have run into a weird problem with connectivity on my u12+ recently and was hoping to see if anyone had an idea to resolve it. The phone will not be recognized by any computer as a device. This is across Win 10, 8 and Mac across various devices. It will only be recognized as a device if...
  12. W

    Thread [Q] USB stops working if you enable USB debugging?

    After I install TWRP recovery,, and root (either magisk or supersu), enabling USB debugging from developer options causes USB to stop working, and the phone isn't seen by the PC anymore (neither MTP nor ADB). Has anybody else experienced this...
  13. 20mark

    Thread Can't enable USB debugging.

    Hello, i got a OPO 5T on OOS 4.7.6 stock kernel rooted and magisk is installed with only a couple of modules ( emoji one and google contacts & dialer enabler) installed. The problem is, in developer tools, i set the toggle to USB debug on, but after a second goes off by itself. I already...
  14. N

    Thread [SOLVED] ADB 'unauthorized', no RSA prompt, and no 'Revoke USB debugging' option

    After fighting with this for nearly a month and reading dozens of threads on xda, stack-overflow, etc... I finally figured out this issue, so I'm putting it here in hopes it saves someone else the frustration. The issue presented itself on my HTC One (M8) running the ViperOne 6.1.0 ROM. I'm...
  15. W

    Thread Can't activate USB debugging VS985

    Hello, I need help to activate USB debugging mode. I don't know why I don't have the option. I mean, I have turned on the developer options, also I have turned on the USB debugging mode. The problem is that whenever I plug my phone I only receive the MTP mode, not debugging mode. I was in...
  16. F

    Thread Tasker Tip Tuesdays: Escaping Variable Names For Task Debugging

    Welcome to Tasker Tip Tuesdays​, quick tips to help grow your Tasker knowledge. This week I discuss escaping variable Names for task debugging. If you need help debugging your Tasker Tasks you’ll love this useful tip. LINK VIDEO Don't forget to subscribe to my website and youtube channel...
  17. N

    Thread USB debugging on BQ Aquaris U

    Unfortunately, I need to replace my current development device. Because I needed quick replacement, I went for a BQ Aquaris U, mostly because of the low price. However, so far any attempt to connect to the device via ADB has failed. Developer options and USB debugging are enabled on the...
  18. W

    Thread Giving a computer ADB debug permissions from CLI

    Hi! I'm testing a port for someone, but I can't use ADB for debugging since debugging seems to be disabled error: insufficient permissions for device. The ROM is bootlooping, so I can't figure out what's going on. What can be done?
  19. SuperSaket

    Thread How to run my own custom rom(Marshmallow/Nought) on pc ?

    I want to test my own build custom rom before flashing to the phone itself. Flashing the rom everytime on the phone then check for errors is messy. So, how can I test/run my rom on pc first? I have googled it but i can't get my rom working on emulator. Step by step guide for scratch would be...
  20. A

    Thread [Completed] How do I enable USB Debugging on a bricked phone?

    Alcatel One Touch Evolve 5020n / M'POP
  21. A

    Thread [Interesting] Trying to use a S5 with a broken screen

    A friend of mine bought an S5 off eBay and, 2 days later, dropped it from the height of less than 2 feet, in its lifeproof case. The screen stopped turning on. The capactive buttons still work and you can hear audio feedback (even somehow managed to enable talkback that won't shut up) but you...
  22. vaibhavpandeyvpz

    Thread [1.0.0][TOOL][WINDOWS] Handyb - Tiny GUI For Common ADB Commands

    Handyb - GUI for ADB (Android Debug Bridge) A simple, open-source, graphical Windows utility written in C# to carry out general ADB CLI operations with ease. Since this is on GitHub, let me know if you forked and got some improvements ready to merge. Credits: MadBee for Regexes Shota...
  23. K

    Thread [Q] Debugging Stops When switching to ambient mode

    Im using android studio and my debugging session stops whenever the watch times out and goes into ambient mode. Any else had this issue? Anyone been able to fix it?
  24. J

    Thread [Q] USB Debugging mode blocked by Server?

    Alright, heres a new one boys. I recently updated my US Cellular G3 to 5.0, and wanted to root. The first and only problem I have is when I go to allow debugging, the tab is grey out and underneath it says, "USB Debugging is disabled by server policy" What can I do to change this? Any advice...
  25. S

    Thread [Q] Broken digitizer, need to recover digital evidence

    My mother's phone has an audio recording that needs to be recovered before a court date, but the digitizer is broken and the screen is locked. ROM is stock, recovery is stock, bootloader is locked, usb debugging is disabled. I know how to crack passwords / pins on android with a variety of...
  26. T

    Thread USB Debugging not sticky

    on my Verizon G900V S5 that is rooted, running Xposed and WANAM and Safestrap I find that I can turn on USB Debugging but after an unknown period of time it will turn off. I don't know if it is turning off on reboot or when it is happening. does anyone have any tips or ideas?
  27. X

    Thread ADB Wireless stopped working.

    I used to be able to setup wireless ADB no problem (plug in, adb tcpip 5555, adb connect <ip>), now it gets stuck indefinitely during the "adb tcpip 5555" command. Wired adb still works fine, so does setting up wireless ADB through apps in play store, just not via cmd. Between wireless working...
  28. D

    Thread [Q] Debugging Apps on the 360

    Hey everyone, I read through the big thread in this forum about trying to unlock the bootloader, but I didn't see anything that answered my question. I am currently creating an app, and according to the Google Developer site (, I...
  29. T

    Thread [Q] accessing external SD from recovery?

    So I rooted my daughters samsung SGH-T599N, and installed philz touch and was planning on putting a custom rom on the phone. unfortunately out of habit, I put the rom file, and gapps file on the external SD, booted to recovery.. wiped cache, dalvik and factory reset to install a new rom...
  30. S

    Thread [Q] Debug Battery Drain -

    Hi, I'm using s4 mini LTE I9195 with CM11 M6, f4ktion 1.4.0 kernel, BN3 modem, TWRP 2.7 recovery All was working fine, average battery drain on idle was 1%-2% (not great, but fine), and suddenly it rocketed to drain 15%-30% per hour. I usually use Android Tuner's battery measure stats to...
  31. H

    Thread [Q] Problem with calibration of new digitizer

    Hello, recently I bought a new digitizer for my Wildfire S and successfully replaced the old broken one. My new digitizer, as usual, isn't working properly and requires calibration. The problem is that I don't have USB debugging turned on. So it means i can't follow the steps for calibrating...
  32. Rebelj12a

    Thread [Q] Development and further

    I was hoping to get everyones opinion on further development of the Atrix 2. Is this phone as a platform worth developing and debugging for? BMM itself isnt really supporting Atrix 2 and I wasnt sure it was even being developed further. As it is there are few and far between official ports of...
  33. O

    Thread Inject JavaScript to explore native apps on Windows, Mac, Linux and iOS

    Frida is Greasemonkey for native apps, or, put in more technical terms, it's a dynamic code instrumentation toolkit. It lets you inject snippets of JavaScript into native apps on Windows, Mac, Linux and iOS. Frida also provides you with some simple tools built on top of the Frida API, among them...
  34. SecretPlayer

    Thread Testing app on different devices

    Which one is good appthawk or testdroid?
  35. I

    Thread [Q] ADB won't install apk! Please help.

    I've used many different android versions, devices, and ROMs, but I've never come across this problem before. I have a new GS3 currently (and regrettably) running stock 4.1.2. Command: C:\Users\Guest\Desktop\droid\APKs>adb -d install 114.apk Return: 2535 KB/s (1898073 bytes in 0.731s) ...
  36. I

    Thread [APP] Windows Experience Index ported to Windows Phone

    Windows Experience Index, on a traditional PC, was a helpful tool to see how your PC was running and what kind of windows experience you should expect when doing hardware-intensive things such as playing games. This app, created to fill that gap on Windows Phone, resembles Experience Index on...
  37. nikwen

    Thread [GUIDE] Debugging apps

    Debugging apps This is my multi-post guide on debugging apps. Android provides its own ways of debugging: Logcat The most important aspect when we talk about debugging. Whenever your app crashes, you can find the reason for that in the logs (as long as you install it from your IDE)...
  38. I

    Thread [Q] USB Debugging issue after rooting up my phone: “CreateJavaVM failed: dvmGc

    I was working on Android Platform and I use my HTC Sensation for checking whatever I have developed directly on my phone via USB debugging instead of using that heavy emulator and everything was working perfect. But last week I rooted my phone and installed custom ROM (Team Venom : ViperS 1.6.3...
  39. D

    Thread [Q] gt2 7.0 CM9.1.0

    gt2 7.0 CM9.1.0 I can't seem to find the USB debugging option anymore. Where the heck did it go?
  40. I

    Thread [Q] ADB Stopped Working in Windows 7

    Hey all, Was going to post this in the Android section but I figured this is more of a Windows issue, so if I misplaced this I'm sorry. A couple of days ago my ADB stopped working. I have tried connecting with both my GNex and my TF700, over wired ADB and ADBWireless. With wired it sees not...
  41. T

    Thread [Q] smali code to wait?

    Hi, I'm currently trying to debug an application and I was wondering if anyone knows of some smali code which will wait several seconds before proceeding? I don't have the source I would like the application to wait a few seconds before loading some libraries. Thanks. EDIT: If anyone knows...
  42. muppetmania

    Thread Memory Leak in Stock 4.1.1 (XXDLK1)

    My totally stock (not rooted, never been near ODIN) S3 is suffering from a memory leak/issue that's requiring me to reboot my phone every 24 hours or so. I'm wondering if anyone else has faced this issue, or if anyone with any technical knowledge has any suggestions for how to fix it? After 24...
  43. T

    Thread [Q] USB Debugging / ADB Issues

    Ok so I am trying to get my DNA recognized by ADB devices. As of now it is found in fastboot and SD card storage. ADB devices finds it when its plugged in for the first 10 seconds it plugged in, then it goes away. So i plug the DNA up, ADB devices finds it, Then I retype adb devices.... ADB...
  44. I

    Thread Adb rejected connection to client

    Hello! I have a nasty problem with the adb and my Galaxy Nexus (CM10 nightly-20120926). The ADB seems not to work properly. Every time I start my app within Eclipse it gets installed on my Galaxy Nexus and the LogCat window show some output. So far so good. But suddenly ADB stops writing...
  45. B

    Thread [Q] How to get sendlog/logthis/etc. to send full logs?

    I've had a user email me about an issue and would like to direct them to send me the logcat output from their phone. I've been investigating apps from the market such as sendlog, logthis etc. (they all seem to do the same job), but when testing they only seem to send a couple of lines from...
  46. M

    Thread [Q] How to debug a MTK6573

    Hello, I'm experiencing a battery drain in a Dapeng A7. Sometimes the battery charge decreases even though it's plugged to the charger. I can see that when it happens the wifi don't switch off, even though I have set it in the settings, and it fact some times it does. I have get some logcat...
  47. K

    Thread Simulating incoming call/sms on real device?

    Does anyone have any idea if it's possible to simulate an incoming call/sms on a real device for application testing purposes? I know this can be done via DDMS on the emulator but as far as I can tell it's impossible on a real device. Any suggestions or workarounds would be most appreciated.
  48. Z

    Thread [SOLVED] How to monitor the log via USB debugging?

    Hi, is there any way to monitor what's going on within the system via USB debug? Like reading the logs or so? Heck, I would even go so far as to dive deep into the system via a runtime debugger? Background is, that my One V keeps constantly rebooting when I have a SDcard (32GB/Class 10) in it...
  49. Alucai Vivorvel

    Thread [Q] Constantly rebooting on USB Mass Storage, CM7.2

    Hi, my poor Gio is stuck constantly rebooting every time I enable USB Mass Storage. Debugging is enabled. I didn't have this problem before switching to CyangoGenMod 7.2, and come to think of it, I don't recall having this problem until recently. This problem occurs on Windows 7 Home Premium...
  50. N

    Thread Been Given 4 locked wildfires!! Where do I go??

    Ok, I have been given 4 HTC wildfires from a company that has gone into administration. The issue I have is that all four have a numeric password lock and they have all had attempts made to access them which has resulted in them being completley locked. My plan was to root all 4 and sell them...