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    Thread Fossapps - A free and open source GApps alternative

    Hello! Welcome to the Fossapps Thread! Fossapps is a free and open source alternative to GApps. Fossapps is a magisk module that installs free and open source apps from trusted developers easily onto your phone. Just like the apps included on Fossapps, it is fully free and open source...
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    Thread How to debloat without a custom ROM?

    I am new to the Pixel 3a and used to TWRP installations and custom ROMs and started to understand the special situation with pixel, root etc. I would like to keep the Pixel stock, but want to get rid of all google apps. Is there a way - without using a custom ROM (the boot.img-way) - to degoogle...
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    Thread [GUIDE] DeGoogle any device and install MicroG

    This guide explains how to deGoogle any android by removing most of google invasive crap. (yes, GPlay services is also removed). Play store, Google app and other crap is also removed from system, so if you want to use them, install them as user app. The installation for play store is...