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  1. F

    Thread Question Delayed notification problems S21 Ultra

    My S21 ultra has a delayed notification problem. Apps like eBay, PayPal, Gmail ETC will not receive instant notifications until I actually turn on the screen. Apps like my Ring alarm, Aqua Mail will get instant notifications just fine. I've have tried everything like adding the apps to the...
  2. E

    Thread I've Given Up On Android

    The very first Android phone I purchased was in 2010, and it was an HTC Desire. I have been a huge fan of Android ever since, owning literally hundreds of phones and tablets from various manufacturers such as Samsung, Huawei, Motorola, Xiaomi, LG, Sony....the list goes on and on. I've tried iOS...
  3. A

    Thread [GUIDE] Fix WiFi delayed notifications

    After testing and testing, I finally fixed my delayed notifications problems and disconnection problem with apps like webwhatsapp and airdroid I hope this can help others that have the same problem that I had. I hope this work for everyone. Steps: Disable Advanced Battery Optimization: Deep...
  4. anybuddy

    Thread Delayed Screen off gestures on costum roms

    Hey guys & girls. I tried LineageOS, crDrioid and CarbonRom (Oreo Builds) and on all of them i've had delayed screen off gestures. Sometimes they are not recognized until I turn on the screen with the power button or the fingerprint sensor, which work immediately. I came from OxygenOS 5.1.7 and...
  5. BryanChung

    Thread Delayed Notifications on Android 7.0 How Can I Solve It?

    I am using Samsung S7 on Android 7.0. This has been a problem bugging me for ages and I decided to try find a solution for it. TLDR: Delayed notifications. Turned off battery optimisation but still delayed. how? Mainly the delayed notifications are for Facebook and Instagram. So most of the...
  6. midhunmukund

    Thread [Q] Push Notifications delayed

    Delayed push notifications, for Gmail and others apps. If it's connected to VPN push notifications are back received on time. Could some one help me to solve this? I tried using Push Notification Fixer, it didn't workout :confused:
  7. F

    Thread [Q] Delayed push notifications - anyone else having this issue?

    I previously had a Samsung Galaxy S3 that ran Android 4.1.2. Push notifications would come through pretty much instantly. Now that I have my Nexus 5, I'm noticing that push notificiations are delayed. For example, I might receive an email on my PC saying that someone has posted on my Facebook...
  8. jiggyk

    Thread Instant Push Notifications!

    This is a small .apk file I have created using "Tasker", based on an idea by vallice (here). The credit for the idea goes to him. This is for those who get push notifications from different apps late. It isn't exactly an app, just a task which it performs (in the background) when certain...
  9. E

    Thread Galaxy Note ICS Update Pushed to Q2

    :mad:Great... I really think ICS is for the Note is somehow tricky to do for Samsung... So Q2 to get a new kernel source or can we hope the developers get another lucky sooner? Engadget link: MOD Edit: Link Removed What do you guys think?
  10. walkah21

    Thread [Q] Lock screen delayed touch

    So this just started a couple of days ago. When I press my lock button to wake my phone up, I now have to wait 1-2 seconds before I can enter my unlock pattern. The screen lights up, but I watched it and it will light up a little bit more after that 1-2 seconds and THEN I can enter my pattern...
  11. Dolphinwigs

    Thread G2x gingerbread Delayed again......?

  12. R

    Thread [Q] Where is the delayed-action Shutter release Stock Camera App

    Hello, i was do as short Trip with my Bike today. I would shot some Photos with delayed-action Shutter release. But i couldn't find this function in the Original Gingerbread Camera App. What's my fault? :confused:
  13. O

    Thread [Q] Delayed SMS Messages on my DHD

    Hi, Recently I've been receiving delayed messages on my DHD. Sometimes I only receive messages when clicking on the SMS Messages Icon. I'm sure I have all messages notifications enabled because sometimes I do receive messages via the top bar notifications area. Does anyone know whats...
  14. J

    Thread [Q] SMS Htc Hero CDMA Problem

    I'm postivie i received two text, from my self, and my friend sitting next to me; They were delayed until i made a phone call. Any fixes? Surely would appreciate it! Rom - Stock 2.1 Rooted I'm thinking of going back to Cyanogen 6.1 when this problem is fixed Thanks!:eek:
  15. Y

    Thread [Q] Imagio GPS lag using TomTom

    I'm using TomTom 7 on my Imagio but I get a lag on the position. In more detail, I get a different (delayed) position from where I'm at when driving; let’s say it takes 10 seconds for the phone to catch up. It's very noticeable since I use my old Cruise for comparing and when I run TomTom on...
  16. B

    Thread Low & Delayed Ringing

    Thanks for starting the segment. Just bought OMNIA II 8GB in India and the problem is when a call comes it is initially very low and the goes up and this cannot be changed through the usual routes. Also the ring itself starts after 3 rings at the callers end. Any help is appreciated. BTW, Its WM...
  17. F

    Thread Delayed Notifications in Cooked ROMS..

    Hello, I've been having a problem with a few of the custom builds (Timor, AthineOS, CellPro Evo), and one problem I've noticed with each of the ones I've used is that when I get a text it doesn't notify until I wake the screen back up. Once I do that it vibrates and rings, but its up 30min...