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  1. TekGadgt

    Thread Interesting Dilemma involving TWRP, CM13, ADB, and Encryption Unsuccessful

    Here we go. I have the Inspire 4G. As you know, Desire HD ROMs work on the Inspire 4G. Well, my volume rocker has fallen off, making it hard to manually reboot to hboot/recovery in the first place (I've tried Vol Down + Power from cold boot and from reboot, as well as plugging in the USB drive...
  2. TekGadgt

    Thread Interesting dilemma with Recovery, CM 13, and Encryption

    Wrong forum: Mod please delete
  3. X

    Thread Fastest, Stablest and Lightest ROM for HTC Desire HD

    HTC Desire HD's stock ROM is horrible, it is not stable at all and crashes every second and the battery consumption is terrible. I'm looking for an excellent ROM. The most important factor for me is "stability". What is the stablest ROM for Desire HD out there? I do NOT need extra...
  4. coolyahya

    Thread [ROM][4.4.2][XPERIA UI]Xperia KitKat ROM for DHD[SMOOTH][Beta#2][OTA2.0.2]

    Presents you the Xperia Kitkat Rom for Desire HD by Anas Waseem To Check the Review by Thatsallnow team ,Visit : :laugh:ScreenShots:laugh: For Beta#1 Screenshots, Please click here. INSTRUCTIONS TO FLASH - Make Sure...
  5. P

    Thread [ROM][Desire HD/Inspire 4g] Xperia Kitkat

    Hello to all DHD/I4G users, I've been constantly looking for developer who can make changes to Aroma Installer from chinese to english one but so far non of them has replied me back. So if anyone has a desire to make changes on this build...Please go on. I've found this ROM from chinese desire...
  6. S

    Thread [Q] Help needed. Desire HD goes only Boot screen

    Hi. I need help with Desire HD. i try to root my DHD and i failed. Now i only can acces Fastboot and recovery (TWPR). when i try to start it it freezes on htc logo, and i need to get the battery off. I did not make backup so i am screwd.. when i try to flash rom it succeed. and when i try to...
  7. Mustaavalkosta

    Thread [ROM][AOSP][KK][cfX-Toolchain LLVM Clang 3.5] HTC Desire HD codefireX Alpha builds

    CodefireX Open Master This well established Android distribution treats development differently than any other to further our Android platform as a whole. This is the fastest source built ROM you will find on this forum, and also the only one to utilize our...
  8. xdagee

    Thread [Q] SD Card wont Mount on Custom ROM but fully functioning in Recovery and on Stock

    Hi, After flashing a new Custom ROM, my SD Card wont mount. I boot into Recovery Mode and realised its functioning (Am on 4EXT Touch Recovery). So Immediately, I restored my previous ROM which I had backed up. Yet still SD Card wont mount. I flashed with a Stock ROM and its fully functioning...
  9. I

    Thread [Q] Bricked or not?

    Hi folks, I tried to root my Desire HD and have done something wrong....very wrong :( I installed Clockwork but before I rooted the phone and now will only go to the HTC screen and then just does load of ROM or anything. Now I assume this is as expected since I have probably wiped...
  10. Mustaavalkosta

    Thread [ROM][UNOFFICIAL] CyanogenMod 11 Nightlies / Releases [EOL]

    General: These are UNOFFICIAL CM11.0 Kitkat Nightlies / Releases brought to you by Open Desire Project and TeamCodefire as a continuum to CM10 and 10.1 nightlies. Builds are generated automatically on every first Saturday of the month. Process starts around 10:30 PDT. If it fails, then there...
  11. Dr. Globbyglob

    Thread [NEED HELP?] RandomROM Issues Thread Troll out your Problems Here! :p

    RandomROM Official Issues Thread This thread was designed for solving problems with the RandomROM Badass Edition (Sense 3.5) and UltraBadass Edition (Sense 4.1 FULL). This is so my team and I can address problems quicker and get notified when not on XDA. Thanks to hollywoodsmokeshow for his...
  12. randomblame

    Thread taktiK 4.4.2 - Release 2 Available

    *no longer supported* Welcome to taktiK Rom Release 1 - Stable Release 2 - Experimental causes breakages in audio and camera Gapps Kernel source...
  13. Dr. Globbyglob

    Thread [ROM][IT'S OVER][Sense 4.1 FULL]RandomROM v5.0.0 |BUGFREE|myHUB|USB WORKS|STOCK THEME

    [FONT="Century Gothic"][FONT="Century Gothic"]Random Corporation (Previously Glob Corporation) Presents... Random ROM Sense 4.1 UltraBadass Version 5.0.0 --Stock theme available on myHUB IMPROVED, USB WORKS It's over. I cannot develop any more for both this and sense 5 as my DHD broke. I now...
  14. T

    Thread Unroot Desire HD not working

    Hey everybody, I was trying to get my DHD with cfx on it back to stock so my mom can start using it. But i cannot seem to get it done. Here is all the info about the DHD in question. (bootloader) version: 0.5 (bootloader) version-bootloader: 2.00.0029 (bootloader) version-baseband:
  15. D

    Thread [Q] Desire HD Email with Exchange Security Disabled

    Hi there, I have been having problems with Android AOKP Roms for Desire HD. As soon as you close the screen, the screen encryption (witch i am obligated to activate by my work email) turns on and when I unlock, it skips my lock screen shortcuts and widgets completely. HTC found a way around...
  16. J

    Thread [Q] update hboot

    Hello people! Im jctjepkema, pretty new on this site, but i always scrolled through the pages, for the news and stuff. Now since yesterday i bought the HTC Desire HD from my father because i need a second phone for my private stuf. Now i want to root it because it is fun^^. I have done some...
  17. L

    Thread [Q] Already Deleted Rom and Backup still requires storage space

    Hey Guys, I have a problem with my DHD. Well, I wanted a new rom and made a backup, but i hadn't enough storage space, so I deleted old Backups and the Old Rom, but I still can't use the storage space, where are the backups and where is the rom now, that they still require Storage space? Sorry...
  18. N

    Thread [Q] HTC Desire HD abnormal Working

    Hello Pals, So I agree to the fact that i m a noob in android development ! :( but i do know how to root and unlock bootloader etc . on my desire hd.. Well the story is that from last night my phone has completely gone NUTS and its working ridiculously. what i m facing is 1. phone...
  19. M

    Thread [Q] Desire hd - flickering screen

    Hi, I have a problem with my desire hd... My device seems to have lost all screen quality from one moment to another... i left the phone in my room for a couple of hours and when i came back it was CRAZY :silly:... the colors are always changing and the resolution is very poor... The device is...
  20. CedArctic

    Thread [Bootanimation] Pear (apple) Bootanimation

    Friends trying to make you jealous with their iPhones and iPods? Showing you that big Apple logo in your face? Are you pissed of by listening to them? OK, now I had free time (a lot of it) and I made this cool bootanimation. I have tested it on an AOSP ROM, should work on Sense too... It's...
  21. CedArctic

    Thread [Q] Help with Rooting and other stuff...

    OK guys, so I bought my HTC Inspire 4g and I am willing to mod it (I post in this forum because I was told that in fact it's the same device). So I am interested in installing this ROM ( on top of a custom kernel, please suggest one (or...
  22. TheRinseM

    Thread [Q]Drunk battery?

    Hello guys, You might not know me, but i'm new to the Desire HD forums. I just bought one from a friend and i realy love the device. Anyway, I thought i might aswell root it. So after 3 hours, i finally managed to root my Desire HD/ace. While flashing This Rom, 4EXT recovery said i had 50%...
  23. CedArctic

    Thread [Q] HTC Inspire Introduction

    OK guys, so long story short, my X8 broke down and I am looking forward into bying the inspire or the desire hd for easter. As I have seen on the forums the HD has more development and has custom kernels ( I haven't found any for the inspire, correct me if I'm wrong). So I was wondering wich...
  24. D

    Thread [Q] Sense 5 for Desire HD

    Hi, Does anyone know of a Sense 5 port to desire HD? it has more of a windows mobile look, and you can find ti on HTC one.:confused: Should be interesting to see. Maybe even the Blue-tooth Call missing audio problem found in all Sense 4 Roms will be fixes. Kind regards, Daniel
  25. Mustaavalkosta

    Thread [ROM][DEV] Ubuntu Touch Developer Preview [2013-03-03][DISCONTINUED]

    This is Ubuntu Touch Developer Preview for ace brought to you by Mustaavalkosta and TeamCodefire. Touch Developer Preview Release Notes General: This is very alpha version of Ubuntu Touch. IT'S NOT READY FOR DAILY DRIVER. This is mainly for those curious souls like me to see how it runs on...
  26. glevitan

    Thread [How to] ROOT without the Hack Kit

    As you probably all know, the Advanced Hack Kit (a.k.a Hack Kit) has been retired for good yesterday. Does that mean that you can not achive root privilege anymore? NO NO, YOU DON'T NEED S-OFF TO FLASH ROMS.... Getting root acces Unlock your bootloader with HTCDEV or using this tool...
  27. N

    Thread [Q] How to S OFF and install JellyTime?

    Hi everyone! I've got a desire hd from my cousin and it was already rooted and installed a custom rom, then I cleaned all and tried to install Jellytime on it and it was successfully installed, but when i restart, it goes black after white HTC logo, Then I installed Blackout ICS incredible and...
  28. Mustaavalkosta

    Thread [ROM][UNOFFICIAL] CyanogenMod 10.1 Nightlies / Releases [SR3]

    These are UNOFFICIAL CM10.1 JellyBean Nightlies / Releases brought to you by Mustaavalkosta and TeamCodefire as a continuum to CM10 nightlies. General: Builds are generated automatically each day week (except "releases" which will be done once a month and after SR1 when required) with...
  29. riteshbendre

    Thread [ROM] [JB 4.1.2] [29 Dec] Slim Bean (Unofficial) V2 - Farewell 2012 Edition

    Slim Bean, Android based Jelly Bean ROM.. ported from Nexus S Features Fully reduced size (G-Apps Included) Enhanced audio Libraries Based on stable JellyTime R30 Ported from Nexus S - 3.1.0 Slim Bean Jelly Bean 4.1.2 Visit official site for more info Bugs: (Not Much of...
  30. X

    Thread Desire HD bricked

    Phone (Desire HD) was bricked flashing radio (don`t know why, before did it few times). Now I can`t get into bootloader or get it on, vol down/up+power doesn`t work... any ideas how could I try to fix it up or the only way out is to send it to service center?
  31. Zirowe

    Thread [Q] Huge problem with volume keys, bootloader and downgrade

    Hi everyone. I've just bought an htc desire hd that was described as software faulty. Turns out it has some serious hardware faults too, unfortunately. Basicaly my problem: phone has locked down due to too many gmail password attepts (not my fault, I already received in thi state). Phone is...
  32. ILA

    Thread [Q] ROOT with stock 2.3.5

    I have the HTC DHD and I just want root access on my current ROM. I'm running the stock Sense 3.0 Android 2.3.5. I have considered using the aahk for this job but I think there is no way to backup my current ROM before downgrading. I will be flashing other ROMs once I have root so i need a S-OFF...
  33. T

    Thread [Q] No Wifi After LCD Replacement

    Hi guys, I recently dropped my phone on concrete, resulting in a nasty crack across the screen. Last night I received the new LCD/Digitizer and went ahead and replaced the screen (I opted to replace the LCD as well due to the copious amounts of glue used between the two parts). After many curse...
  34. Sherlocks

    Thread [ROM][Sense 4.1][08.07] Team Venom presents: ViperDHD 3.0.1 - welcome to the future

    ...presents you ViperDHD ROM! Kk2cORmVz7Q First fully working Sense 4.1 Rom Android 4.0.4 ICS + Sense 4.1 Sense 4.5 parts: Gallery, Keyboard, Dropbox player, Music lockscreen, Battery stats, Powersaver, App manager, FM Radio Based on HTC Ville C2 RUU ( 2.15.401.100)...
  35. torxx

    Thread Team Venom ViperDHD Beta Tester Thread

    ViperDHD Beta testers: janarp hdorius yvibes Raymond Ebertt Muikkuman Rat.NL Libertunas rikusuicide Only for beta testers and contributors, all other people stay away!!!!!!!!! If a noob does post though, do not respond to him please or other people will think that they are allowed to...
  36. Z

    Thread [Q] Broken Phone - Strange Symptoms

    After two years of use my Desire HD has developed some strange problems after I dropped it. The volume rocker does not work, the WiFi and bluetooth dont work and finally the strangest problem, that the keyboard does not come on when you want to input text for any App. The screen and touch input...
  37. S

    Thread [Q] Get 4G working with Desire HD

    Anyone know if there's a way to get 4G working with a UK Desire HD. The Desire HD came out before 4G was available in the UK but the US version is 4G compatible so i thought perhaps the device would have the capability to use 4G.
  38. torxx

    Thread [ROM][Sense 4.1][21 OCT] TrickDroid v4.0.0 | Tweaks | 4.0.4 | HQ | Fully Working

    Proudly present you TrickDroid for the HTC Desire HD YMTtDS8wydQd5hXplGwPaw Hitting the thanks button and rating 5 stars would motivate me to continue! So please do the two click's if you download. A small donation is highly appreciated!
  39. F

    Thread [Q] Partially Bricked Desire HD?

    Hello! Tried to root my Desire HD with aahk, it had to downgrade my rom, so it did, but when it was done, the touch screen would not work in the old ROM, tried a newer rom(RUU_Ace_Sense30_S_HTC_WWE_3.12.405.1_Radio_12.65.60.29_26.14.04.28_M_release_225512_signed) Still didnt work? What's...
  40. graydiggy

    Thread Inspire 4g Antenna Mod

    Ok guys. After having the Inspire off and on for the last 2 years and loving the phone but hating the signal, I decided to try to do something about it. My work has paid off and I will be attempting to make it better and more on the clean looking side of things. I decided that the stock...
  41. M

    Thread help with sorting android development section

    hi guys..i want to see the android devlopment section sort topics by their update date, not by the most active topic. for example if there's a rom updated on 29th aug i want it to show it above all the rest, is that possible?
  42. P

    Thread Just another reverting back to stock thread

    Hi everyone, Long time reader, first time poster here :) I have a rooted Desire HD by Softbank JP . It recently began developing the dreaded 'reboot problem' after it overheated at the beach. I'm planning to take it back to the service center, but knowing how things work here in Japan, at the...
  43. Z

    Thread [Q] Fail to temp root/downgrade Desire HD 2.3.5 vodafone

    Tried to downgrade my phone by following this thread: Couldn't make it work, keeps telling me " Main version is newer" or something like that, then I thought maybe we need to root it before and I keep getting $ even when typing it all in...
  44. Eshi

    Thread [Q] What does this cable do?

    I accidentally broke this cable, but I can't find the function of this cable.The device functions without any problems. Is there anyone who knows what this cable does?
  45. K

    Thread HTC Desire HD Android 4 advice

    It's official HTC will not move Desire HD to Android 4. What are the best and stable Android ROM 4 that you advice? Best Regards, Sérgio
  46. miHah

    Thread HTC Desire HD compared to HTC One X [both on android 4.0 and Sense 4]

    Hello everybody. If anyone is interested how our device performs next to the "big boy" like One X, here is a video showing you exactly that. Besides, it prooves absolutely the oposite of what HTC have said about our device running better android 2.3.5 than android 4.0. 8s1FlwDXHPw Make love...
  47. Quinny899

    Thread [HOW TO] Return to a Stock Branded RUU that isn't on AAHK

    When returning to stock, I found this the most simple way to do it. You will need: AAHK Your carrier's branded RUU (I'm using the Orange UK one found here A computer with Windows on it (Annoying, I know), however this is just needed for the RUU exe process, not for AAHK Disclaimer: I'm not...
  48. Indicious Flow

    Thread [ROM][PORT]ParanoidAndroid v1.9.2a JellyBean Edition[Updated 29/7/12 (FULLY WORKING)]

    This is a port from the MyTouch 4G/Desire S forums so there may be several bugs included :/ This port can be done thanks to cnote74 - And also 0.0 for teaching me how to port :) And also blindndumb for the camera patch :D And also...
  49. S

    Thread [USERBARS][21/7] Desire HD userbars.

    I created a package, it (currently) 16 userbars piece, I hope, it's not a problem. ;) Of course, all of them free to use! :) And the userbars: (For the link, click on the pictures!) Userbar with Android ICS shape: Userbars with: Desire HD picture: If you...
  50. L

    Thread Can we easily add an external antenna?

    When the bottom cover is removed, to the right of the 2 spring contacts, there is what looks like a ufl (u.fl) connector under the transparent plastic. What is this for? It looks to me like a place for HTC to do pre-assembly board testing! Can this connector be used to as a connection point...