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desire s

  1. Oli28

    Thread [Q] What is wrong?

    Hey guys, just now I picked up the desire s that I played around with a half year ago and booted it up. But it didn't boot up, it was stuck on the bootanimation. so i went into clockworkmod recovery and flashed a 10.2 rom but it didnt bootup eather. What Information you need to help me...
  2. slugger7

    Thread [Q] Best daily ROM?

    Hi, Had a HTC One X for a while now but recently got stolen so now i am back on my Desire S. I haven't been modding or flashing this phone in ages and haven't really followed all the threads. Is there any one that can tell me what ROM works best for daily use at the moment. It is currently...
  3. R

    Thread [Q] Dice player cuts off video from sides ?

    I have been using Dice video player for sometime, mostly because it has playback speed control. But I notice that for some videos (mkv 1280x720), it cuts off the sides, especially top and bottom parts, as if zoomed in. same video plays fine in MX player. Anyone using dice player and notice this...
  4. MameTozhio

    Thread [2013-12-08][MIUI Porting Team] MiDroid Multi-lang 3.12.6

    MIUIandroid for the HTC One V. Port from Incredible S! NOTICE - IF YOU WERE USING THE DESIRE HD/DESIRE S PORT BEFORE, FULL WIPE IS NEEDED!! Screenshot: Kernel: Charm Kernel (Modded HELLBOY) or Original HELLBOY ROM Download: http://d-h.st/PAr Steps to install: 1...
  5. t0bb

    Thread [Q] Different roms work, but not a single MIUI can..

    Hi, I've decided to make a thread since I can't resolve this on my own. Device is Unlocked, S-OFF, and rooted. Since I rooted my DS, I've tried lots of different roms. CM, JFB, PACman, ViperVENOM... they all work (to an extent - some better some worse) but I cannot seem to get a single MIUI...
  6. aLargeMan

    Thread [Q] Wallpaper Creation

    Hey XDA'ers, I was just wondering if any of you know how to create wallpapers specifically designed for the Desire S. The current resolution I have (googled and found out I should use this, i think) is 980x856 or 980x850. Anyway, I want to design a wallpaper like PieUI, as follows : See how...
  7. LoveSicKWAR

    Thread [ROM] FullySamsung-1.0.1 FIXED | Saga Edition |

    [ROM][20 MAY 13] FullySamsung-1.0.1 FIXED | Saga Edition FullySamsung Rom by NeoTEAM ported by blindndumb for SAGA. Full ROM with fix for settings, system ui bugs, gallery and camera included (using fix from k_ahm.143 ) There is still a bug that causes Force Close when trying to add a filter...
  8. mathbalaji

    Thread 7 Vibrations and Nothing happens

    So, I have a friend's HTC Desire S with me, which won't boot and all it does is 7 vibrations (Fastboot, normal boot). I've searched through this forum as well as the web and found no serious soultion offered. Some say to place the mobile in a fridge and some to put it inside owen. The solutions...
  9. T

    Thread Support for PAC-man v22.0.1 - My Errors/Experience with a Custom ROM

    hoi there this is my attempt to get the custom rom PAC-man v22.0.1 to work as reliable as the stock 2.3.5 sense 3.0. i have two desire s on my desk. one is stock and the other is the PAC-man v22.0.1 volunteer ;) the flashing was not bad at all. i registered at htcdev, recieved my unlock bin...
  10. I

    Thread [Q] HTC Desire S [Bricked After Update]

    I unlocked my friends Htc desire S unlocked the boot loader, but didnt think much of it at the time - rooted and installed superuser from recovery (Clockworkmod Recovery).. A few days later he got a push notification for an update (don't ask what number as i have no idea) he tried to update...
  11. D

    Thread [Q] Are some radios better than others ?

    Hi guys I'd like to know if there are some radios that have any advantages like better stability/battery life over the others. My phone is currently on 20.4801.30.0822U_3822.10.08.04 with Hboot 2.00.002. I know for Desire XS, the Dev recommends and 2.00.2002 or...
  12. Oli28

    Thread [Q] Stuck on Splash with S-ON and HBOOT 2.00.002

    Hello guys I unlocked my saga via htcdev and installed cwm. I thought that that would be enough to flash a costum rom but now i only see the spashsceen on bootup. I tried flash the boot.img via fastboot manually but that fails (fastboot failed (status malformed (1 bytes))) too. So my HBOOT is...
  13. jugg1es

    Thread [Desire S HELP THREAD] Ask any question (NOOB friendly)

    There are a lot of people joining xda on daily basis, and there are a lot of repetitive questions being asked which fill up Development threads. Point them here. Feel free to ask or answer questions. Idea of this thread is to get users to help other users with their problems/questions. Please do...
  14. S

    Thread [Q] touchscreen problem desire s

    hallo since the beginning (1 yrs ago) I've got problems with screen freezes as this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xcA2QKz9O18&list=HL1358706604&feature=mh_lolz this happens about 4-5 times a day I tried several room but nothing.... shoul I've to change screen buying this one...
  15. olysmen

    Thread My Desire S seems to be dead, help please

    My Desire S does not show any good signs, does not boot or charge. If i connect it to the PC, does not show any new devices. The only sign i see, is if i have it connected to the AC or PC and after that i plug in the battery, the orange led show up for a few seconds, but if i have already...
  16. hej2010

    Thread [Q] Help! PACman Rom stuck at boot screen

    Hi, I have tried to install PACman Rom http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1672537 for desire s but it's stuck on boot screen. I have unlocked bootloader. I did a full wipe in recovery with 4ext touch and flashed the rom and the boot image. I didn't flash the google apps because I...
  17. B

    Thread [how to]unlock downgrade then s-off desire s

    It's the steps I took to get s-off after upgrading the phone and keeping it until the warranty wore out 1.Follow amidabuddha’s guide to abd and fast boot installation(be sure to thank him its the button on the bottom left of the post) here...
  18. T

    Thread [ROM][25 Feb 13]Desire XS version 1.1 [Sense 4.1 lite] [Android 4.0.4]

    DESIRE XS Version 1.1 As you all pretty much know, while waiting for the ICS update for the Desire S there much anticipation among the community, even when HTC kept delaying the release we where always hopeful of what we might get, there was even speculation that we might get a nice sense 4 ui...
  19. AsafteiLaurentiu

    Thread Downgrade HTC Desire S from 4.0.4 to 2.3.5

    Hello everybody ! I have an HTC Desire S, and I made the bigest mistake to upgrade to 4.0.4 via RUU. I just want to downgrade to 2.3.5 with htc sense 3.0 withouth losing my warranty if that is possible ! Please tell me how I can do this and please behave this topic as a beginner person with...
  20. ignited

    Thread [Q] Call sound issues

    I am having call sound volume issues. The sound is very low and i can barely hear the other person. I tried different ICS roms but nothing changed. Is there an app to boost the volume? A trick to change a value or something? From the volume panel the volume is 100%... I checked that. ROM |...
  21. torxx

    Thread [DISCONTINUED] Team Venom presents: ViperSaga 2.2.0 | Sense 4.1 | 4.0.4 |OTA

    ...presents you ViperSaga ROM! If you didn't flash the ROM yet...you will regret it. It's the most featured and most innovative sense rom out here on the HTC Desire S forums. Crb2no38gxY Based on Android 4.0.4 + Sense 4.1 from HTC One X Deodexed & Zipaligned SDK r20...
  22. S

    Thread [Q] Remove Original HTC Android 4.0 RUU-Update

    Hey Guys! Does anybody know if / how i can remove the HTC-RUU Update and root/S-off the Phone again to change to a Custom Rom or to Stock Gingerbread Rom?
  23. torxx

    Thread Team Venom ViperSAGA Beta Tester Thread

    ViperSaga beta testing team: amidabuddha shrome99 dan-fish SimonTS harshs23 first_damned jugg1es jimmygoska teadrinker
  24. cooltoka

    Thread Desire S RUU Difference between EUR & WWE

    Hi, Few days ago RUU EU region was officially released on HTCdev, later it was removed, then 2 days ago there is another file for WWE region. 1- Is there any difference between both EU & WWE? 2- Did they fix bugs in EU (such as whatsapp crash when opening links) 3- What about the languages...
  25. abhishek2386

    Thread [GUIDE] HTC Desire S - Modded / Sanded Down Chasis

    HTC Desire S - Sanding Guide ************************************************************************************ DISCLAIMER / WARNING: As this goes usually with any customization / modification with your cellphone or device, It's same here too. If you can gather up the courage to try this out...
  26. Constantly

    Thread ICS ROMs + Official Update

    Hey community, what's your favourite ICS ROM out there? I'm not able to decide which ROM I should flash. Fallout looks nice, but is it worth it to flash it? When can we expect the official update with Kernel 3? I read somewhere that RUU will be released tommorow (20th august). Does this mean...
  27. S

    Thread Mugen Power

    This is my preview post of Mugen Power batteries for the Touch pro and the Desire S Mugen Power preview http://mygadgets101.blogspot.com/2012/07/mugen-power-pre-review.html?m=1 I now have the Touch Pro battery and I'm testing it very thoroughly. I will update the blog soon. The blog page...
  28. U

    Thread [Q] App that blocks incoming calls from certain users

    Hello, Basically I am looking for an app that will allow me to sort my contacts in groups and will block certain groups to call me for example during the night but other group of people will be allowed to contact me during the night, weekends, etc. Nokia has this option as default but I am not...
  29. kibril

    Thread [GUIDE] How to run SD version of CM7.1 on HTC Desire S (fried emmc chips too).

    I designed this version of the system for my broken phone with fried emmc chip. This disk can be used in the working devices as "Recovery Disk"/"Emergency Disk" for testing purposes or other google's account)) 1. Get “adb” and “fastboot” from Android SDK tool. 2. Prepare a blank memory...
  30. T

    Thread [Q] What happens with my phone when downgrading Hboot?

    Hello! I have recently looked everywhere on the internet to see what happens when I downgrade my hboot, but I can't find what im looking for. I have an HTC desire s with hboot 2.00.0002, and want to downgrade because i want to s-off it. So im now asking you all: What does happen with my...
  31. T

    Thread [Q] WiFi switching off

    Hiya folks, Bit of weird one here. I can't seem to switch on my WiFi anymore. I turn it on, it tries to enable, but then switches off without any interaction from me. I've done nothing different, software wise, with the phone over the past few months. I did, however, take a 2 hour drive the...
  32. X

    Thread [Q] Phone can't turn on

    My phone's LED is blinking red and green when i connect it to wall charger. I'm using the stock charger but my phone just cant be charged. It's completely dead by now. Btw, it is not overheat. Any method to solve it? :(
  33. fonpacific

    Thread [Q] Drowned Desire S

    Hi everyone! My Desire S accidentally fell in water. I immediately took it out, turned it off, removed battery, SIM card and SD card as fast as I could. After that I tried to dry it with hair drier (with cold air) for about 20-30 minutes. I then tried to turn it on, and it stood on for about 5...
  34. L

    Thread [Q] Unlocking a DS

    Hello Since my Desire Z has touchscreen problems, I decided to look for a Desire S and came across a cheap one. The problem is that it is simlocked (Vodafone, Germany) I wanted to ask you if it is possible to unlock the device if I don't have a Vodafone simcard. Does this work? I think it...
  35. Metallurgico

    Thread [Q] How to remap soft-touch buttons?

    Hi there! Could someone tell me how to remap soft touch buttons to get: menu = recent apps menu (hold) = menu and how to remap them in general? I tried to edit .kl files in keylayout folder like this: key 139 APP_SWITCH key 249 MENU but soft keys stopped working. I know codes are different...
  36. Gtj94

    Thread [Request] Sensation Wallpaper

    Anyone with a basic knowledge of photoshop, could you possibly edit this image so that it's a Sensation, rather than a Desire S? http://img594.imageshack.us/img594/273/bannerup.png
  37. emdotdub

    Thread [Q] Where's my water - Desire S

    Maybe there is a workaround. I bought the game Where's my Water a few months ago and love it. Now I just saw that there is a new version out with new levels (rising tide). Unfortunately the play store tells me that my device is not compatible. Which is strange because when I bought it there...
  38. Tectas

    Thread [ROM][081112]Unofficial AOKP for Desire S [BETA/PREALPHA][4.0.4/4.1.2][Milestone 6/1]

    AOKP for Desire S This is a vanilla AOKP build for the Desire S performed by merging it with parts of CM9/Andromadus. Built from source by Tectas Disclaimer: Installation: Downloads Github Credits Sigpic
  39. G

    Thread [Q] Capdase Alumor Case for DS

    Hi, I am wondering if anyone of you have tried the Capdase Alumor Metal Case for HTC Desire S? I am really interested in this because it seems to be well built and at least it will have that aluminum feel when I hold my phone while it's still protected. I am concerned though if will it ever...
  40. BleuZ

    Thread [Q] HTC Desire S (Saga) water damage indicators?

    Hi everyone, My phone got a bit wet yesterday and now the power button doesn't work anymore. It's only gotten wet on the outside (some raindrops splashing on the screen) so it wasn't soaked. Now, I've found two of the water damage indicators (on the battery and next to the SIM-card / SD-card...
  41. C

    Thread Tester needed: Porting Guide to boot phone with fried emmc

    Hello, I developed a guide and software package to boot a phone with a fried emmc. The trick is to use modified kernel files and mount all partitions to image files on SD card - however, kernel files and software are different from phone to phone. My guide already works nice for HTC Desire Z /...
  42. C

    Thread [solved] s-on hboot 2.00 downgrade with explaintion

    Hello all, I've been busy searching for a way and found a lot but all keep on failing. I have the following bootloader info: *** UNLOCKED *** SAGA PVT SHIP S-ON RL HBOOT-2.00.0002 RADIO-3822.10.08.04_M eMMC-boot Aug 22 2011.15:22:13 What i want. I want to revert back to the stock hboot of...
  43. S

    Thread [Q] [solved] ADB works, fastboot doesn't

    Hey you guys, i googled a lot but i simply can't find a solution to my problem, maybe im just stupid.(or blind) Anyway, that's my problem: I've installed Adb & fastboot according to this tutorial because i wanted to flash a rom (tutorial) When i use adb commands, everything works fine, it finds...
  44. B

    Thread [Q] Help: very poor gps performance (compared to another desire s)

    Hi, I'm suffering from really bad GPS reception in the last couple of months. I've read all the topics I could find about these kinds of problems and tried lots of fixes but nothing helped me so far. I'm trying to understand if it's a software issue or possibly a hardware issue. I managed to...
  45. V

    Thread [ROM] | 12 JULY 12 | IceColdSandwich Perfecto-Linaro Edition | ICS | CM9 Kernel

    This is my 1st official release of a port else I just port and use it for myself... So please bear with me and be a bit polite if something doesn't work...:) Fully-Functional : Battery history Bluetooth & WiFi Bluetooth Headset / A2DP Google Apps GPS Headset /...
  46. O

    Thread [Q] Stuck in bootloop after 6 months of smooth sailing, can't access recovery

    Hi everyone! I've been searching and reading around trying to solve a bootloop problem on my HTC Desire S/Saga (or at least I think it is a bootloop problem) but, so far, I've had no luck. Here's what has happened and what's going on: 1) S-off and got hboot 6.98.1002 through revolutionary 2)...
  47. onlyankush_s

    Thread [Q] How to manually apply the new wifi fix from htc

    i have heard that on 4th feb 2012, htc have send (wifi fix) update to many devices. But i am not able to find it and apply it manually. Can anyone tell me where to find it and how to apply it.
  48. A

    Thread [q] radio help!!! :(

    hey everyone, i just updates my desire s with a new rom (not mentioning the name) and my phone is acting kinda crazy... as in the calls are not getting connected properly and half the time people complain they arent able to contact me either... the problem is im not much familiar about this...
  49. F

    Thread [Confirmed] HTC Desire S will get Android 4.0 ICS Update [News / Articles / Links]

    [Official] Google Plus Page Announcement https://plus.google.com/105983594520322058171/posts/1Pwtu8E4ZA4 Facebook Page Announcement https://www.facebook.com/notes/htc/update-on-android-ice-cream-sandwich-upgrades/10150762287733084 News / Articles 1...
  50. Sarnetsky

    Thread [Solved] Draining power on standby

    Hello community. I've installed Cyanogen and noticed that the "Phone idle" and "Cell standby" apps are draining around 50% of battery power. Why can it be so? Is radio faulty? This wasn't a problem with stock HTC Sense... Or maybe I should just re-calibrate the battery?