1. Ulumia

    Thread (BACKUP)BACKUP of the stock ROM 2.29.405.14

    Made via 4EXT Recovery wipe data/factory set was done in the beginning And then the backup itself Put it in /sdcard/clockworkmod/backup
  2. Ulumia

    Thread Does anyone have an file left?

    Does anyone have an file left? I want to try the official CM6 for my Desire
  3. nickleby

    Thread Battery "simulator" to turn on the phone

    Hi there, I have had this device for 10 years but the battery is broken and cant find it anywhere where I live. HTC phones are not able to turn on unless the battery is present, but I've read somewhere that you can trick the phone to think the battery is plugged in by using some resistors or...
  4. D

    Thread Looking for some help reviving an old HTC Desire

    Hi. I have hunted all over the forums but so many of the links are completely dead I am struggling. The device has no OS at all on it, it reboots straight in to the Bootloader. I have tried in OS X and Windows 10 using Terminal / CMD to try and get this working but to no avail, I can get...
  5. J

    Thread [HELP][HTC desire 816g dual sim][mt6592][nougat ROM]

    Hey guys, As we all know, 816g mt6592 has kernel 3.4.67 for which nougat is the latest Android version that can be run. There are meny custom roms available for mt6592, kernel 3.4.67, but nobody ported it to 816g, or I couldn't find one. So if anybody ported any nougat ROM for 816g mt6592...
  6. Y

    Thread HTC Desire 828 Wifi issues

    Hi, I have a weird issue with my HTC Desire 828 32 GB dual sim version. My wifi connects fine but after sometime it doesn't work as in wifi shows as connected but I cannot browse anything. All other phones and tabs are working perfect with the wifi but not my desire. Any help to sort this...
  7. A

    Thread HTC desire 500 white screen fastboot option

    Hey every one, Please can some one help me, i've been given a HTC desire 500 to fix I've switched it on and a white screen appears with some coloured options. At the tops it says. LOCKED Z4u pvt ship s-on rl Hboot-1.03.0001 Radio-14.16.36q4.22 Emmc-boot Jul 12 2014 02:16:56.0 Fastboot...
  8. S

    Thread how to get black back cover as seen on xda htc 530 main page?

    which desire 530 has the black back cover that the xda htc 530 main page shows? I've seen the 4 screw removal video and would like to try and swap one with my white one. I saw a speckled one on ebay but that is the closest I've come. Thanks to anyone who can help.
  9. R

    Thread VOLTE patch for HTC Desire 825

    Can anyone provide the much needed VoLTE patch for our Htc desire 825?? Device is great, but need VoLTE support.
  10. AndroidSamurai

    Thread [ROM][WIP] SlimDesire

    2 Great Flavors To Choose From!! OR Rom Downloads: Current ROM/Project Status: - More Devs have joined the project - - SlimStock Kernel is in Development & Testing - Join in on the conversation & assist with development: SlimDesire Project on Hangouts Desire 530 Resources: - How to...
  11. AndroidSamurai

    Thread [ROM] Stock System Images (All Variants - No VZW)

    Hi Droidoholics, Me and derek20la have extracted the stock system.img/boot.img files from the Official RUU files. The archives are in 7z(7-zip) format and include both system.img & boot.img which can be flashed via TWRP. *PLEASE NOTE* - These files are not to be flashed the same way as .zip...
  12. R

    Thread All Custom Recovery for Htc Desire 616

    All Custom Recovery for Htc Desire 616 by masiasupir Use sp-Flash tool to install recovery TWRP screeshots: Download twrp here CWM 6.0.x screeshots: Download CWM 6.0.x here Carliv Touch Recovery Download Carliv Touch Recovery here DingDong Recovery Download DingDong...
  13. R

    Thread MasiaROM[4.4.2 themed] for Htc Desire 616

    MasiaROM by Masiasupir Multilanguage :including english Screenshots: changelog Download:Here
  14. skb2496

    Thread No Network 816DWG! Solution please!

    Hello everyone! I have a HTC desire 816 DWG. I installed Xposed framework for playing Pokemon-GO on my phone. After a few days i started to lose my networks along with the error something like "" has stopped. So I flashed the TWRP backup again and I solved the problem. After...
  15. raulcomash

    Thread HTC Desire 526G Dual Sim (MT6582) Bootloop Help

    Hello XDA community, I have a HTC Desire 526G Dual SIM as is stated on the title, I was trying to root the phone with KingoRoot before and its works fine, but the battery was draining too fast, so i removed the root access, when I did this, the phone stuck on BOOTLOOP, but the problem here, is...
  16. B

    Thread How to factory reset on HTC Desire 626s MetroPCS Variant (That has locked recovery)

    Hi everyone, I've recently forgotten the pin on my HTC Device. Unfortunately whenever i've tried to boot into recovery mode, there exists no recovery option. The bootloader is locked and i have no idea how to reset it without unlocking the device. Any and all help is appreciated.
  17. starbase64

    Thread HTC Desire 530 - WWE RUU 1.08.401.2

    Hi, wwe ruu 1.08.401.2 > regards starbase64
  18. masantula

    Thread Desire 826

    Hi guys, so i got a new HTC Desire 826 and it has come with DU battery saver, AVG and a few other apps preinstalled and i know usually its not supposed to and when i try to find a way to uninstall, the uninstall icon is grayed out, any help as to how i can get these removed? Thanks in advance.
  19. T

    Thread HTC Desire 610 motherboard part fell of

    Hello, I started disassembling my HTC Desire 610 in order to change a broken display and when I removed the motherboard a problem occured, a small part fell of a motherboard, you can see wich part on the attachment, will the phone work properly if I dont solder it back to the motherboard? Please...
  20. ze7zez

    Thread This is a forum for the HTC Desire Bravo A8181.

    This is a forum for the HTC Desire Bravo A8181. See with your own eyes. Other models Desire can be found on the home page:
  21. tomal

    Thread [2015-11-01] ROM - Lollipop (Single-Dual) - Tomal's Discovery v2.00

    My custom build of Lollipop for Desire 820 single/dual sim (MSM chipset) devices. Description of the build: - Android Lollipop 5.0.2 - Fully rooted - Modified boot image (boot.img) - Custom boot animation - Added busybox - USB Debuging Enabled (by default) - Some HTC tools removed (sorry, I...
  22. F

    Thread Assistance Needed Please!

    Hello my friends i post this alongside actively searching for the solution, other day i bought a desire 510 a11_ul android 4.3 locked and branded to o2 (o2__01), i went on to sim-unlock the device with success and then the bootloader, all i get is emergency calls only, im so far lead to believe...
  23. phatmanxxl

    Thread [Guide] How to unlock WiFi Tethering on your HTC Desire 610 [Root, S-Off]

    Root and S-Off Recommended For S-Off look here then follow directions for permanent root in the development forum 1. Download a file explorer with root-browsing capabilities like Root Explorer or ES File Explorer from the Play Store 2. Using the file explorer you downloaded above, head over...
  24. S

    Thread Schiziodd's ROM flavors for HTC desire

    in the subsequent posts below, you will find all the info you need for not only the device but the ROMs I have had my hands in. each person who I pulled the files from will get a thanks in the posts as necessary
  25. M

    Thread Call issues on AT&T

    Hey - I've had 2 different Desire Eyes and they both have had incoming call issues. I didn't get a call all weekend into my phone, but I got lot of people saying they tried calling 2 or 3 times and got nothing. Anyone else having this issue?
  26. A

    Thread [Q] htc desire not starting

    My htc desire sv shut down on its own and now it isn't starting. It has around 50 percent battery at the time it turned off. I took it to a service center and they told me that the software is corrupted and a new software must be installed. I have installed (flashed) Roms many times on other...
  27. A

    Thread [Q] Have anyone unlocked Virgin Mobile HTC DESIRE 510 for gsm carriers?

    Hello Guys. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. I wonder if anyone has finally solved this frustrating problem?
  28. S

    Thread [Q] HTC desire 600 dual sim

    My mobile phone is : HTC desire 600 dual sim For some reason, it turned off and reboot sticking on HTC logo. Can anyone help me to make my mobile working again ? That is what it shows when I access the boot-loader: I...
  29. G

    Thread [Q] HTC Desire 820u Storage

    Hi, I'm in the UK and have imported a HTC Desire 820u from China. The company I purchased it from (EtoTalk), state they install English ROMS and remove all bloatware which they appear to have done. What I cannot understand, is the phone has 16GB of storage but half the space (over 7GB) has been...
  30. S

    Thread Unlocking an offline phone

    This might have been answered, if so please direct me to the thread. I have a HTC desire from SoftBank a japanese phone provider. I stop using softbank and have not used my phone in couple years, but was wanting to root it to just use it as a media device. The issue is every thing I find about...
  31. blade_h

    Thread [HELP] How to flash stock ROM on HTC Desire 310 (1 SIM)

    Hello. I get HTC Desire 310( 1 SIM) Problem is this that man that own it before me delete some file in system and now phone start only to HTC logo. I can assess two modes: -> Volume down + Power button == Some Factory screen of phone where can test phone and nothing other -> Volume Up + Power...
  32. silegeek

    Thread S-OFF Problem

    Hi all. i apologise if something similar has been posted, I can see nothing that matches my situation thus far. I used to have a DHD which was S-OFF, sim unlocked, rooted and so on which I passed on to a relative when I upgraded, and went with samsung suff for a while. Now I'm back on a...
  33. AdriVelazquez

    Thread HTC Desire with Unlimited Music and S-OFF

    Hi All, I've been doing ROMs in other devices, but I've been working lately for a new music startup called Yonder Music. However; something interesting happened with out deal with HTC, they shipped all of the devices with S-OFF. So these devices come with an unlimited music streaming app...
  34. ClearD

    Thread [GUIDE] [11/06/14] HTCDev Unlock and Root/Return to Stock

    Here are instructions on how to unlock and root your htc desire 610. These work for both models, but the files are for the AT&T version. BEFORE WE BEGIN, SOME TERMINOLOGY: Unlocked Bootloader: HTCDev website will help us do this. It's free. It allows you to flash a recovery and signed boot...
  35. X

    Thread Best ROM for HTC Desire C...

    As you know, there are thousands of ROMs on this forum and I was hoping that someone would tell me which is the best. Please send me a link to the MOD as well.
  36. S

    Thread [Q] HTC Desire bricked, Vol Down button broken

    I have this HTC Desire I'm trying to get back to work. I bricked it about a year ago but I'd like to use it as a spare phone. When I try to boot the phone, nothing happens. When I boot while charging, the orange led goes out for a few seconds, so the power button press is registered. However...
  37. Mastermindsaifee

    Thread [Q] mobile screen turns off after going back to stock

    HTC Desire Bravo BRAVO PVT4 SHIP S-OFF HBOOT-1.02.0001 MICROP-051d TOUCH PANEL-SYNW0101 RADIO- Jul 22 2011 I was using Beanstalk RC 5 , i want to go back to stock so i ran RUU file , While running the RUU mobile screen goes black , but the process continues...
  38. D

    Thread [ROM][4.0.4] DarkRom

    DarkRom Is The First Rom I Have Compiled I Will Be Updating This Regularly DOWNLOAD LATEST!
  39. Mastermindsaifee

    Thread [Q] How to downgrade hboot to go back to stock for Desire Bravo?

    I want to go back to the stock version of Desire, The way it comes from factory, I tried according to many posts to flash a RUU but it cant as it shows S-Off even after flashing RUU. Some people says I have to downgrade hboot before flashing RUU, I am also not sure about which RUU I should...
  40. C

    Thread Vibrating/buzzing 7 times rapidly and wont boot rom or into recovery

    Hi guys Device: HTC Desire GSM HBoot: Rev 1.49.12 (not ssure but i think it was this) Recovery: ??? (issue) ROM: cm- (issue) condition: Volume buttons dont work due to physical disconnectivity, not software related Problem: code - "fastboot boot recovery.img" (tried with 4ext...
  41. Chromium

    Thread [ROM][July13][KitKat][4.4.4] Beanstalk | Release 6 | bravo

    Info: I am proud to present you with Beanstalk ROM for the HTC Desire. This feature packed ROM is created and maintained by scott.hart.bti, and contains tons of customization from SlimROM and CyanogenMod. This is currently by far the most feature filled KitKat ROM available for the HTC Desire...
  42. B

    Thread [Q] HTC Desire will not find network without searching or save APN

    Hi Guys. I have searched for this issue but cannot find anything specific to my case. I have a rooted HTC Desire running InsertCoin and recently changed my phone network (new SIM) to Sure a relativity new phone network in Jersey (Cable and Wireless). When the SIM was first put in the phone...
  43. A

    Thread Anyone knows where to find Desire 600 Complete Panel.

    Due to a recent accedent, my phone got wrecked. The front portion (Alluminium Case) got the most damage. Can anyone tell me where to buy the panel. Sending a llink will be helpful. I have attached images.
  44. K

    Thread [Q] Trebuchet Launcher Download

    Hey I just go the AoCP6 ROM I wanted a stable JB ROM. Unfortunately JellyTime R11 was really buggy for me. But I really dislike the colour scheme of the Aspire launcher. Wondering if I can get the Trebuchet launcher back? A download link that works for the DHD on 4.2.2 would be great. Thanks :)
  45. T

    Thread [Q] Desire screen lights up, but nothing on it.

    Hello, HTC Desire got applied pressure on screen and it went dark. Nothing cracked. Still could answer calls and power phone down using touchscreen. Then it was laying in a drawer for about a year. After I tried to power on again(without SIM card) the lcd kind'a lighted up, vibrated once and...
  46. DahakePL

    Thread HTC Desire 500 - Ultimate thread

  47. loopin

    Thread HTC Desire XC - Dual SIM (GSM-CDMA)

    I searched the forum and couldn't find HTC Desire XC thread. I heard HTC Desire XC only released in China, India, and Indonesia. *i did not make them, i only collect them from the internet *and as usual : I am not responsible for bricked devices or anything related to this. You are entirely...
  48. MameTozhio

    Thread [REF] HTC Desire 2013 phone codenames

    Since the Desire 2013 phones by HTC are very new and don't have device forums, I've decided to make a list of their codenames for reference. HTC Desire 200 - gtou HTC Desire 300 - G3_U HTC Desire 500 Dual-sim - z4dug (Thanks Ner666!) HTC Desire 500 Single-sim - z4u (Thanks Ner666!) HTC Desire...
  49. B

    Thread [Q] Error code 332/331

    Hi. I was using the ParanoidAndroid 3.60 ROM from WoH for the past few months, and was quite happy with it. Now, sending SMS stopped working for no apparent reason. Whenever I try to send one out, I recieve error code: 332 or error code: 331. I'm still able to call people and to recieve SMS, I'm...
  50. LaidbackNikez

    Thread [RECOVERY][BRAVO][EVERVOLV] TWRP - Unofficial

    Hey. You can download it from my website With TWRP you can use our auto-flasher in our new update app :) Thanks to: TWRP Drewis