1. notreal456789

    Thread Selinux/Kernel re/compile MediaTek tools/help </3

    I'm looking for help with mediatek devices specifically this one: Infinix zero 5g 2023 TURBO/Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania Edition. Model: X6815C Chipset: MediaTek MT6877V/TTZA Dimensity 1080 Similar: Model# X6815 X6815B Can someone help me or guide me on how to he re/build my Kernel with...
  2. C

    Thread Is it possible... In any way... to have two buttons/windows that overlap on top of each other, both respond to a singular mouse/touch event?

    I am running Android x86 (therefore, rooted by default) on my laptop, with a Desktop Mode launcher installed, this allowing me to running multiple app instances on-screen at the same time in the form of little windows. I managed to install the same game three times and have them each open as if...
  3. W

    Thread How can I create a home shortcut to specific "app pages" or "activities"? (e.g.: shortcut to YouTube's "Time watched" page of the app)

    So I have been using several techniques to make shortcuts for a quick and efficient use of settings I frequently tab in and out, and therefore I know that it's possible to make shortcuts for specific sub-settings or "pages" of some apps (I believe the right dev word may be "activity"? Please do...
  4. C

    Thread barcode scanner

    If like me you think that you can still find a use for your old Windows phone.... Here is a simple application to scan a 1D codabar and send the result to a server (HTTP POST message). Requires a Windows Phone 8.1 device. Tested on a rooted Lumia 520. Check my project: Wp81CodeScanner You can...
  5. N

    Thread I need to resize my screen and shift it to the right pls help.

    hello i have a nexus 7 2013 since many years in my car as a android media player. now i put it in another car but i cant fit the whole 7inch screen in my dash. i cant fit the bottom(left) around 2cm in my dash. i printed a cover and reduzed the size of the screen with adb shell wm size to...
  6. redrew89

    Thread [AQT80] Sprint Slate 8 (Quanta ANS_NKS AQT80) Development Thread (Root, Recovery, etc...)

    Sprint Slate 8 (ANS_NKS AQT80) 8 Inch Tablet Files: Google Drive <Includes dumps of stock boot, recovery, splash. Attempted TWRP 3.6.0 build> I recently had one of these ancient tablets come into my possession, and like any good nerd, I set out to hack it as much as possible. Admittedly, I...
  7. C

    Thread Wake-on-LAN

    If like me you think that you can still find a use for your old Windows phone.... Here is a simple application to remotly turn-on a cumputer of your network (see Wake-On-LAN). Requires a Windows Phone 8.1 device. Tested on a rooted Lumia 520. Check my project: wp81WOL You can find the .appx...
  8. AkechiShiro

    Thread How To Guide [MIUI 12][Global][Issue] quick workaround MIUI optimization slider dissapears in the developper settings frequently after an update.

    I have noticed this issue after updating from MIUI 12 Global V12.02 to V12.04 (fix screen dimming issues), the slider disappeared from my dev settings. Now, the quickfix is just to spam "reset to default values" a bunch of times Source of the workaround.
  9. R

    Thread [DEV] How to trigger any app's menu settings w root?

    While it may sound like a pipedream; please hear me out devs. I am running an old app, made for android 8, I believe. In android 11, the app does not display it's menu/settings button anymore. Is there a way to broadcast a message to the app to launch/open the settings tab? It seems easy enough...
  10. T

    Thread Say hello to LADB, a local ADB shell without needing root or a computer!

    Hey there XDA! I'm here to show off a new Android app I've published that I think a certain audience may find useful. Ever heard of ADB? If not, you likely won't need this app. But for those of you who have used or encountered ADB in the past, you know that you usually need a PC to shell into...
  11. Beatray

    Thread [WATCHFACE] Polygon Watch Face

    Lately, I have created a free, clean, and open-source watchface for Wear OS. Check it out in the picture above how it presents! I would like to hear a feedback from you so feel free to comment! ;) The idea was to show the time with the usage of polygons and geometric shapes. Every digit on the...
  12. L

    Thread To every smart developer out there.

    devs are all busy making their own roms/Kernels or whatever, for example my poco f1 Has tons of roms while most of the users prefer to stay on the stock miui, others use Pixel Experience or LOS. The other 90% Of roms didn't change that much, so the idea is to be on the top of this game with a...
  13. K

    Thread Hacked by persistent subsystem loop device, can't unmount

    *** the issue with my ph-1 devices are linked to a computer "virus" that ive come to find operates using the same mechanics of mounting loop devices with and endless parent-child linking system. Im seeking assistance here because the solution is the same in both cases, phone or pc, and believe...
  14. L

    Thread [SM-T510] Boot when plugged in

    Hey, I'm trying to find a solution to this problem. My tablet is off, when I plug the tablet in I want it to boot instead of showing the charge indicator. I've tried a bunch of different avenues but I just can't get my head around how the ramdisk works for this device. I've tried the fastboot...
  15. P

    Thread Question for Kernel Devs, Re: Hotspot, DUN, "Carrier does not allow type 'dun'."

    Question for Kernel Devs, Re: Hotspot, DUN, "Carrier does not allow type 'dun'." Devs of kernels, ever since Android O, attempting to add dun to APN, results in error "Carrier does not allow type 'dun.'", ever since Google baked it in for the benefit of carriers (in this particular case...
  16. D

    Thread [TOOL] Gradle Dependency Generator for Android Studio

    Android Support Library, Android X, Android Jetpack, GSON, OKHTTP and more Online Gradle Dependency Generator Gradle Dependency Generator App for Android
  17. Gray47Maxx

    Thread [crosspost] A Telegram chat for SODP devices users

    Hello to everyone! My main idea was to create a chat, where everyone can freely talk about their SODP devices (they are X, XC, XZ, XP, and all new Snapdragon models that is in SODP program), share their opinions about custom ROMs, maximizing out of their devices and more. So, if you want to...
  18. E

    Thread Telegram Group for G2 users !

    Hello i created a Telegram Group for us G2 users and i want u to inform about that. Come join us on the G2 Telegram group! We support all models of the phone and welcome any level of experience with the modification of this particular Android device. Our 3 admins are experienced in this and can...
  19. amiguielesl

    Thread Dev's Requested

    Hi, does any Android developer own a Nokia 8, to start porting ROMs and developing suchs to it? I believe we as a community can also provide founds for him/her/them if they need. Not much, but something. I hope we can attract some devs for our terminal to rise !!! Lol
  20. M

    Thread Porting Unleash OS to Nubia M2

    Since the kernel source for this device is avaliable (, would any devs be interested in porting Unleash OS for the M2? It is an AMAZING rom, and would be very nice to have it. I've tried it on Oneplus 3, and it works like a charm. Best 8.1 rom, for me If...
  21. L

    Thread Playing 2 songs to different output devices/streams/speakers (with app or own dev)

    I'm kind of new here so excuse my ignorance, but there are a few things I would like to confirm regarding audio routing in android: Also I didn't have enough posts to put this into the dev section... but I hope somebody can still help me here! 1. It's not possible to put audio into the same...
  22. QTeknology

    Thread [ROM] Amazfit PACE - Stock Developer ROM 1.2.39

    Hi there, This thread is for share Full developer STOCK untouched ROM for Amazfit Pace. I hope that someone can gift us alternatives to other roms... Enjoy:!RhMSxbxR!zRpDdNYkoUrjvnpeNPlPQ2Th8QtuZcBXKe3hPD5wsuI

    Thread Mango Dev - Start Submitting your apps to do the Mango App Store using this tool

    You can download the Mango Dev in the Windows Store here: If you want to see the information about the development of the app store, the thread is here:
  24. L

    Thread Amazfit dev/beta app 1.6.1

    Hello guys, The dev/beta Amazfit app for phone has been released, here are files and installation instruction: For Android (1.7.0) - Apk file: For iOS (1.6.1) - First you mush install Testflight app from Appstore - Then sign up for beta tester here...
  25. M

    Thread HTC Released Kernel Source for Europee Devices

    Hey everyone, HTC just released the Kernel Source for Unlocked 1.03.401.6 and Carrier Versions on HTC Dev Website
  26. L

    Thread [AOSP] Bootloader: failed to load kernel

    Heya again. I'm compiling my own AOSP ROM for porting with the less rejects possible Flyme MM. I ported the device tree to work in AOSP but when I'm going to boot the ROM flashed, it get stucks in the bootloader status of 'cannot load kernel' when everything in boot.img seems same as any ROM...
  27. GenomeX

    Thread core.jar $BOOTCLASSPATH$ missing

    Hi ... i am try to de-odex my stock rom... when i try auto deodexer, 2 file get error: SemcContactsProvider.odex and Dialer.odex (both in "/system/priv-app") I try to manual deodexing I check my BOOTCLASSPATH: adb shell cat $BOOTCLASSPATH$ and run this commend: java -jar baksmali.jar -x -c...
  28. MasterJack1697

    Thread [DEV RESEARCH] Searching for devs who want to make a little team

    Hello, i'm a student and a (semi) developer of a new rom, I'm searching for some devs that can be part of my team. I know the basic syntax of XML and Java (I'm also practicing with C++ but i don't know the language, i only try to understand) 1---Know some basic commands of git (checkout...
  29. #Henkate

    Thread [DEV][HELP] Toolchain 4.9+ doesnt work on Lollipop

    Hi there! Im trying to build Touchwiz Lollipop stock kernel with 4.9+ toolchain for my Samsung Galaxy J5 (2015), but it seems that it doesnt work. The phone gets stuck at phone`s logo, it is not even reaching the bootanimation. It happened same when i tried to build CM kernel with 4.9+...
  30. CodeRR

    Thread LineageOS - I miss you already

    Hi Guys... My Problem: Yesterday my good old Nexus 6P, r.i.p., died due to the bootloop bug... ( ) I´m using LineageOS, or CyanogenMod since my first days with Android phones. I love the clean experience. No...
  31. sscsps

    Thread LineageOS development [unofficial][To-Start]

    Okay people, i know things do not look very good for this device, and yeah, we all are frustrated with the fact that no one is building any good rom(except this Resurrection Remix(on for this device. I am thinking of trying to build the LineageOS for this device. I am...
  32. H

    Thread [G900F] Pure A7 2016 PORT [Needed dev]

    Okay so someone can fix bugs in this rom? And maybe optimize. Tazerick just change smartphone and he not fixing bugs in this rom:( He allowed to take any files from rom or fix bugs. ROM:
  33. AlexanderKrupenkov

    Thread [DEV][App][4.1+] 2048 - Fresh Edition

    2048 - Fresh Edition Hello. It's my try to create 2048 with small changes ) Please leave comments or some idea. Thanks. Get in on Google play! - The classic 2048 puzzle is a fun, addictive and a very simple number puzzle game. You join the numbers and get to the 2048 tile! HOW TO PLAY...
  34. M

    Thread Android development for a new device w/o any other custom roms based on cm/aosp

    Hi, I just got hands on LeTV x900 source code, and figured i would like to build ANY custom rom for it, im not sure it is even working (i have never EVER buildt anything android related in my life) So basically i just got the source from whitch says it should be the source of...
  35. S

    Thread [Tutorial] Learn to Auto Restart an Android App after a Crash or a Force Close Error

    Hello, I create that thread to present you a tutorial learning you how to Auto Restart an Android App after a Crash or a Force Close Error. You can also discover this tutorial and the demo video associated directly on Youtube : a8C-K4cDGpc How to auto restart an Android Application after a...
  36. obol2

    Thread Are there any guide how to compile a kernel for G5?

    Title :)
  37. jcadduono

    Thread For devs: Looking to play with the kernel sources?

    The good stuff: Fork it! Update: CAF branch has some problems at the moment, use this one instead for now. So this is currently the v10d release. It's compatible with V20 Nougat v10d and G5 v20a. Place toolchain (pick...
  38. uttarayan21

    Thread [Completed] Latest nano 2.7.0 editor for android (arm only)

    I cross compiled nano v 2.7.0 for arm statically b'coz the one's i found on the net were too old ;) For noobs : extract the archive and copy nano binary to any location in your PATH variable or simply to /system/xbin or /system/bin Hit thanks if helped !! I will make a flashable zip when i...
  39. M

    Thread Extract, modify and repack stock rom?

    Hey! I really want to make a custom rom, a heavily debloated stock rom. At this stage I am not thinking about adding customization or anything just debloat the stock rom as much as possible, recompile it, and flash it! I've searched everywhere on how to do this but have not found any relevant...
  40. B

    Thread Developer Den: >>> Kernel Sources are here. <<<

    Alright, we need to stir the scene up... and God is it past the due time. Blu has had the Kernel sources available in their ftp server since August IIRC and the Gionee equivalent of this phone has been running Marshmallow for more or less the same time. So here's my github with the kernel...
  41. jcadduono

    Thread Looking to create your own custom kernel? Start here!

    INTRODUCTION I create this guide in the hope to jump start development on our lovely Exynos devices. I expect that before you start, you have a Linux installation in either a virtual machine or on a physical PC. Debian Jessie, Kali Linux, Mint, or Ubuntu are excellent choices and what I'm...
  42. C

    Thread Cannot connect to 5GHz wifi networks

    I've been using the global dev roms for RMN3 kenzo's MIUI 8 for a while (6.9.22), and after the marshmallow update I cannot connect to 5GHz wifi networks. I can find and see them through the wifi search screen, but when I enter the password, it just goes "Connecting..." and then stops and turns...

    Thread [Completed] how do i get my hands on the s5 binaries for sm-g900t ofr klte , .sh files?

    I'm trying my hand at compiling nougat /cm14 for klte but I need klte or sm-g900t (or sm-g900t1) samsung galaxy S5 (snapdragon) driver binaries. Where to find. Ps thank you again for the the help in the past.and all that you do. I believe the files i need are .sh files for the S5, but i'm not...
  44. USA-RedDragon

    Thread [All working except call audio and BT] [Nougat] [MM and LP bootloader] Desolation ROM

    Hello XDA, I have been working on an Aosp-ish nougat rom for our beloved trltetmo. It has nearly no features yet, since it's an AOSP ROM. I'm a Nexus dev, and just recently started working on the trltetmo because I bought one. I had a marshmallow rom and kernel(but tend not to release stuff to...
  45. S

    Thread [Tutorial] Learn to list all Sensors available on Android

    Hello, I create that thread to offer you a new tutorial aiming to learn you how to list all Sensors available on your Android device. You can discover the tutorial on my blog here : but I put the complete content in...
  46. Saf98

    Thread Reflash RUU? Bricked!!!

    I've replaced my battery, volume keys ( board), charge port, front chassis with screen/digitizer and back chassis. At first the battery charge icon come on but then powers onto a htc one screen and reboots. It came on but battery was dead then i got it to work by rebooting from...
  47. nadejo

    Thread [ROM ideas]

    Why there is no rom yet that is able to update itself without entering recovery. A rom that only needs a reboot to aply the update. Could a rom not check for commits and replace changed files by it self and ask gently for reboot and do this maybe even by itself by time set by the user. A rom...
  48. pix106

    Thread [WIP] Building custom ROM for Lenovo Tab2A7-10F

    This thread is meant to share informations about trying to build a custom rom (CM, Omnirom...) for Lenovo Tab2 A7-10F I'm currently trying to build CM12.1 using source Any comment, hint, link, collaboration is welcome
  49. N

    Thread [App][4.0+][FREE] ThemeKit - Android Styles & Themes Made Easy

    Hi guys, I've developing in the last months an app that aims to help developers when dealing with Android styles and themes, it sometimes can became very confusing so i hope this app will help you.
  50. thalada

    Thread What happened to the Sony Dev community?

    What's up guys!! I think i am finally gonna settle with this awesome device till the end of this year at least :o Everything is perfect to me, except the partial 4k display. I have read some work around the forums, still it's a WIP. When i purchased my first Z series mobile, the xZ it had a...