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  1. C

    Thread Charge overclock

    As is known, in android devices, there is no charging process up to the physical capacity of the battery in the battery charging process. The Android system charges 70-80% of our battery, depending on the physical capacity. I'm looking for an application or Magisk module that can change these...
  2. Mucky2

    Thread Why is the (exynos) devlopment so dead & sloppy ?

    Wassup Guys, First of all, I wanna thank every developer in this forum here for providing us with free custom roms and mods for our device. I got a G986B by myself, but I neither rooted my device, nor did I install a custom rom. I wanted to install the latest stock debloated by hmy65, sadly my...
  3. mattyb132

    Thread Downgrading from Android 11 Developer Preview 2.1 to Android 10

    I updated to Android 11 Developer Preview by OTA on my Verizon Pixel 3 only to find that ADB sideloading and any normal path to downgrade has been disabled. Does anyone have any idea of how I would get back to Android 10 now? This variant does not have to option to unlock the bootloader.
  4. caovanthanh203

    Thread How to solve “The app's full description mentions other brands”?

    There are anyone face with this issue on Play Console? Issue: Violation of Metadata policy We don't allow apps with misleading, irrelevant, excessive, or inappropriate metadata, including but not limited to the app's description, developer name, title, icon, screenshots, and promotional images...
  5. diaztradeinc

    Thread OnePlus 7, OnePlus 7 Pro Get Android Q Developer Preview 2 Update:

    Get the update here: https://forums.oneplus.com/threads/android-q-developer-preview-2-for-oneplus-7-pro-7.1054712/ I'm going to be installing this now, who else will be giving this a try?
  6. vlachorumsapiens

    Thread Redmi Note 7 Pro China Developer ROM | GOOD NEWS

    More than three months have already passed since Xiaomi launched the Redmi Note 7 Pro and because Developer ROM has been delayed, many people started spreading false rumors about the version allegedly being canceled. Such however is not the case as there is no official announcement from Xiaomi...
  7. Z

    Thread Any way of forcing bluetooth audio to stick to 44.1kHz?

    I have Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless buds that worked great with my original Pixel XL. I upgraded to the 3XL and now they suck. When I pop them out of the case they play for a few seconds then nothing, even though audio apps still `think` they are playing. The only way around is to go to...
  8. elliwigy

    Thread [N960U/U1/W][DISCUSSION][Close to rooting]

    Hello Fellow XDA Users! Some of you might remember me from over the years or maybe just from SamPWND root on the S8/S8+. I have had a number of devices since SamPWND with a few being Sammy's. I have been real busy with life and work but of course every spare time I get has been breaking Samsung...
  9. U

    Thread Standby Apps

    I have noticed I have been getting less that average battery life with my Pixel 2. While looking through my developer options I noticed "Standby Apps". When I went into it I noticed all of my apps are set to "Active". Is this normal or happening to anybody else? How can I reset it to make...
  10. Awesome Developer

    Thread Perfect Package -All In One Pro ( Social , News , Tech , Weather , Songs , much more)

    Welcome to Perfect Package App The idea of this application is to collect most of our daily routine in one application and put most of websites we browse on our daily routine on one single place , The Application Consists of 8 Sections : top 60 websites all in 1 place DOwnload Link...
  11. Scattering

    Thread How do I disable USB Debugging via adb on my Computer?

    Hello xda community, I am currently in possession of my beloved S7 edge, though I cannot enter the Developer Settings, at it crashes the app. I tried adding 3 lines to the build.prop, but that doesn't work. I have no root on my phone (running a Custom ROM but I want to play Fortnite, therefore...
  12. K

    Thread AOSP Android x86 Project - I am looking for someone to collaborate with!

    Hi there! basically as the title says :) I am working on a (quite exciting) AOSP / Android x86 project and I am looking for someone to collaborate with. So, if anyone is well into the topic + interested + does have time, please pm me! :highfive: Any other suggestions are most welcome also...
  13. Quinny899

    Thread [DEV/LIBRARY]Amazfit Communication: 2 way communication for Pace/Stratos inc internet

    Amazfit Communication Library The Amazfit Communication Library is a reverse engineered and modified version of the Huami "Transporter" class (and its subclass "TransporterClassic"), along with its dependencies. This allows both sending and receiving data on both the phone and the watch, using...

    Thread How to start making Windows 10 Mobile Apps (with unlocked capabilities)

    1. Learn a supported programming language: I would recommend learning C# (since there are more resources available for it for UWP development). C# Tutorial Series: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2jeDwO-4rIw&list=PLm-PcOa0HEDbnEdssI8lFgeY9NjI9u6RN 2. Learn how to make UWP apps: You would need...
  15. D

    Thread How do i create a Battery app with no programming?

    I have an idea for an app i'd like to make. I won't be learning any programming language so I hope there is some software that will let me do what I want to do. I have seen a few free app makers but it seems they don't have tools to program for battery functionality. Here's what I want to do...
  16. M

    Thread How to enable new things from Android O

    Hello there people I ve just up dated my 6p to Android Oreo But the notification dots and the pic in pic mode are enabled they don't seem to work or may be i am not doing it right if somebody can help me. I ve checked the dots in each app but still no luck. Aside of this the software is working...
  17. M

    Thread Is File based encryption available for Moto Z Play

    There are guides everywhere where file based encryption can be turned on by going into the Developers menu on Nougat. I tried to search but could not find this option anywhere in the developer menu. Am I missing something or has this feature been disabled on our phone ? Thanks
  18. J

    Thread Why is the developer option button greyed out? Have you taken advantage of the option

    Why is this developer option button greyed out? Have you taken advantage of this option? :confused: Refer to the screenshot as below. I wonder why the developer option button is greyed out. I am sure that the 'Developer Options' is enabled. And, I have a SD card and a SIM in my phone slot...
  19. MZO

    Thread [DISCUSSION] Android O

    Hey guys, so it's that time of the year again; new android beta builds. Named O for now. Some information: Wallpapers: https://www.androidauthority.com/download-android-o-stock-wallpaper-758414/ What's new: http://www.gottabemobile.com/android-o-release-install-what-to-know/ A video running...
  20. DarkAbhi

    Thread Delete this thread

    Akuna Matata
  21. adrian1234a

    Thread How make a ROM with sources???

    Please can you help my to develop one ROM with sources????
  22. M

    Thread LG V20: US996.USA for the U.S. open market

    Lg Bootloader Unlock Not sure if this exists on the forum or not, but it is fairly new. I tried to search could not find anything so here we are. Supported Devices The following devices will support unlocking the bootloader: • LG V20: US996.USA for the U.S. open market •...
  23. TheColin21

    Thread Developer Options are not availabe for this user

    Hi, I am using RR 5.7.4 (newest build (20th October) with Boeffla-Kernel 3.3 beta 4 and since about 3 updates I get this error (or in german "Entwickleroptionen sind für diesen Nutzer nicht verfügbar."). I did not do a full wipe yet. I am the owner of the device. Does anyone have an idea? EDIT...
  24. R

    Thread VoLTE for India - Developer required

    All, We have all gone through multiple discussions on how to enable VoLTE in India with google and huawei not supporting us appropriately. As discussed in the Indian thread, starting this thread to identify a developer who could prove VoLTE would work on Nexus 6p and we could appropriately...
  25. S

    Thread [Tutorial] Learn to create a Countdown Timer on Android

    Hello, I create that thread to present you a tutorial showing you how to create a a Countdown Timer on Android. The tutorial is also available on my website here : http://www.ssaurel.com/blog/learn-to-create-a-countdown-timer-on-android/ . Sometimes, when you make Android applications, you...
  26. WizaJ

    Thread [Completed] Trying to unlock Sony Xperia Z5C bootloader, but device not listed on Sony website?

    So I just bought myself a shiny new Xperia Z5 compact. I went to the Sony Developer website but my device isn't listed (screenshot attached). No phones are listed in fact, just tablets. Can anyone else check to confirm this? Or might it be a location thing? If it is a location thing, I'd really...
  27. Me Gusta

    Thread Sony's developer policy! RANT

    MOD EDIT by gregbradley. I did not see the need for the expletive in the title, so i took it out for you. So here's a little rant. Read it if you'd like to, don't read if you don't like to. Let's start with a little introduction. I've bought my Z3 about a year ago. I wanted to go with the z3+...
  28. Trafalgar Square

    Thread Android N: Apps Can Now Include A Settings Link On The App Info Screen

    The SystemUI of Android is always evolving. But the most important restriction is that Apps can't add new features to the SystemUI. The biggest changes you can do, are customizing the quick settings. You can't do much more. But it looks like Google is allowing developers to add new features to...
  29. manan001

    Thread ROOT Recovery: required for Asus Zenfone Max ZC550KL

    Hello Guys can anyone help me to root Asus Zenfone Max ZC550KL Network Technology GSM / HSPA / LTE Launch Announced 2015, August Status Available. Released 2016, January Body Dimensions 156 x 77.5 x 10.6 mm (6.14 x 3.05 x 0.42 in) Weight 202 g (7.13 oz) SIM Dual SIM...
  30. ZipAddict

    Thread Do You Know Of Something That A Developer Has Not Yet Done? Tell/Request It Here!

    The request that you make is intended to be for the purpose of having a collection of development ideas from the amazing XDA community, all in one place. This will give developers a single place to go to get ideas, see what people are wanting, and possibly get involved in helping to build...
  31. dmudd

    Thread Settings Dark Theme

    Is it possible to enable the Dark Theme in Settings? I've turned on Developer Options, but I don't see a way to change the theme for Light to Dark.
  32. guru_iyer

    Thread Sending Email from My Email address

    I am a beginner to Android development. I just started making an Android app in which there multiple EditText fields where user would fill in some data and then click a button. On button click I need to send an email using my email address which is GMail (NOT THE END USER'S). So, I searched on...
  33. philohtc

    Thread [Q] Conversion to Developer Edition

    Hi! Just got my M9 from T-Mobile, already S-OFF'ed, rooted, installed latest TWRP and unlocked bootloader, also set CID to BS_US001 and MID to 0PJA11000 Am I ready to run RUU or should I do something else? Thanks!
  34. legendsbr

    Thread [Q] how to create layers theme?

    Hi, I looked at several places on creating theme layers to Android , but only found a single tutorial I could not understand very well and other confusing , I know how to decompile and recompile applications , but need to know how developers are creating their themes layers, some developer or...
  35. manan001

    Thread Required Developer for Moto x Play

    Great Developer please help and support with Rom and Kernel development for Stock/CM. http://forum.xda-developers.com/moto-x-play please visit above link for more information.
  36. A

    Thread Tizen Store expands its Service Coverage to 182 countries

    Samsung has expanded the reach of its Tizen store to 182 countries. http://www.tizenexperts.com/2015/04/expansion-of-tizen-store-service-coverage-to-182-countries/
  37. M

    Thread [Q] Google play developer fee (any way around it?) OR alternative

    Ok so i recently switched from my s4 to a nokia lumia 735 (it was a cheaper contract) I have been working on a universal app (thats windows and windows phone) love visual studio (not saying its the best ide or anything like that just good for me) most of my friends still have andriod phones...
  38. maluminse

    Thread [Q] Need a developer to develop an APP. Chicago area.

    Hopefully this isnt against the rules. Apologies if it is. I had planned on learning to do this myself but Ive no time. I need a developer to develop an app. Could be paid or shared in ownership. Anyone interested or know someone? Its pretty basic as far as I can tell. Experience...
  39. anticloud

    Thread [GUIDE] Recovery of a developer edition Note 4 (ANJ5), after taking on an LP OTA

    pleased to announce successful recovery of a Note 4 Developer edition after suffering a locked bootloader by a lollipop Verizon OTA... see this link in radionerd's "[GUIDE] VZW Note-4 DE Backup Developer Partitions" - please read up on his post before following these steps... thanks radionerd
  40. Phoenix

    Thread |REQUIRED| Android Developer

    Hello, I am in search for a Expert Android Developer to work for me remotely, I have full team of web devs and server guys,but needed android dev. so, i decided to have one beside me from our community from where i have learnt things, i dont want to give this opportunity to anyone else. i...
  41. Sir Zeph

    Thread [APP] Lazyboard Pro - The lazier version is here!

    Lazyboard Pro is the only keyboard you need to cultivate your laziness. This pro version comes with more features such as key customisations, other preferences and more themes. There are more upcoming features in the works. Now you can become even lazier with this keyboard now that key...
  42. J

    Thread Developer Edition Verizon Note 4 with T-Mobile CM12??

    I am looking for a way to get CM12 running on my DE Note 4. I can not find any support for this device because it appears as though everyone has the retail version which of course has the locked bootloader. If there is a thread that something like this is being worked on I would gladly test...
  43. DEMOSS

    Thread [INFO] Russian mirror, hosting place for DEV projects SGS 5

    Hello! Dear friends, developers, programmers, ideological comrades! This resource I have introduced to support you. Yes, it’s not super-hosting, not terabytes of space for all your files … But everything here is — is provided to you free of charge. Limited speed of traffic IN to 820 kilobytes \...
  44. DEMOSS

    Thread [INFO] Russian mirror, hosting place for DEV projects SGS 6

    Hello! Dear friends, developers, programmers, ideological comrades! This resource I have introduced to support you. Yes, it’s not super-hosting, not terabytes of space for all your files … But everything here is — is provided to you free of charge. Limited speed of traffic IN to 820 kilobytes \...
  45. DEMOSS

    Thread Russian mirror, hosting place for projects.

    Hello! Dear friends, developers, programmers, ideological comrades! This resource I have introduced to support you. Yes, it’s not super-hosting, not terabytes of space for all your files … But everything here is — is provided to you free of charge. Limited speed of traffic IN to 820 kilobytes \...
  46. vlatko019

    Thread Alcatel Idol 2 Mini (Single/Dual sim)

    Single SIM: 6016A, 6016X Dual SIM: 6016D, 6016E Any dev for those devices or someone that can port CM10.2 or higher?
  47. orbitA13

    Thread [ROM] DarkOrbit ROM v4.5 - [Samsung Galaxy Pocket GT-S5300]

    •DARKORBIT ROM V4.5• DarkOrbit ROM is for the Samsung Galaxy Pocket [MODEL # GT-S5300]. This is a new and different look for your SGP! The DarkOrbit ROM has many customized features like a lot of other ROM's out there today. I just made this my way and decided to post it for anyone who...
  48. -BRK-

    Thread [Q] [REQUEST] MIUI ROM for Quattro

    Is any dev interested in porting a MIUI rom for our lovely Quattro? It's such a beautiful rom! We already have an official Baidu rom. Just hoping some dev decides to bless us with a MIUI rom.:D
  49. A

    Thread Note 4 Question?

    I know this my come as a stupid question but do the RETAIL and the DEVELOPER version of the Verizon Note 4 have the same mode numbers and baseband update numbers? i just got this phone 2 days ago and i desperatly want to root it because the battery life is AWFULLLLLLLL for my usages. I'm just...
  50. T

    Thread NFC Battery Drain

    I have seen different ROM's Stock and Custom have NFC on or off by default. When NFC is on the battery drain is quite a bit more, even when the phone is off (screen not on). I was wondering from developers if NFC could be turned off when screen is not on? For security reasons this would make...