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device uncertified

  1. D

    Thread [APP][MOD] Netflix 8.1.2 build 3844 ATV for uncertified devices by Netflix

    Netflix 8.1.2 build 3844 At the moment, the method of changing the ESN number is non-working! Work on the problem of non-certified devices continues, new versions may appear in the future. [/SIZE] Where "YOUR ESN NUMBER", insert your ESN number. 4.1 To remove the optimization error (-14)...
  2. Snow24

    Thread Miui - Device uncertified issue

    Hello guys. When I've update my Mi 5s to Miui 9.5 I've followed the guide of this forum to how fix the uncertified device issue, using Device ID. When I've flashed Miui 10 from MiFlash, I've deleted all my files and data, but when I've finished my configuration I've noticed that Google Pay...