1. magixxx

    Thread USB adb and HDMI out

    I would like to use both adb via USB (not via IP) and HDMI out on my S22U without root but it does not seem possible and was wondering if there was a hardware (or other) solution to support splitting up HDMI and USB or at least making it seem like an HDMI out device is connected. I tried...
  2. teble

    Thread [DexKit] Xposed Module Jni Lib | An easy-to-use, high-performance dex deobfuscation library

    Library: DexKit Project Link: About: An easy-to-use, high-performance dex deobfuscation library. Easy to use your CMAKE/Android projects. Highlight: JNI multi-threaded processing Dex bytecode, more efficient than JVM implementation. It single search is ms...
  3. T

    Thread How To Guide HP Elite X3 Lap Dock working with Z Fold 4 DeX!

    Just thought I'd post a little PSA/review for everyone who still has this useful little lap dock: Short version: IT WORKS! Longer version: The experience of using DeX with the HP Elite X3 Lap Dock is considerably better on the Z Fold 4 than it was even on the Note 9, which was the device that...
  4. S

    Thread dex nor smart view no longer working as advertised [fold3]

    [sp1a.210812.016.f926u1ues1dvg3] a few months ago both worked. now when i try to dex to my fire-tv or roku i see the butterfly-flower background image with app icons on the top left of the television screen. i used to press the recent apps overlay button and there was a 4th button to use as a...
  5. faceliler

    Thread Wireless DEX doesn't work with root

    Hi all, I have a rooted Note 20 Ultra, Samsung Dex works with USB cable, but doesn't work wirelessly. It tries to connect to the TV but then disconnects. Is there any workaround for this?
  6. NeonOrbit

    Thread [Dexplore] Obfuscated code finder | Develop portable Xposed module for obfuscated apps

    Library: Dexplore [Develop Portable Xposed Module] - [For Any Obfuscated Apps] About: Dexplore is a dex analyzing library for finding obfuscated classes and methods at runtime. There is also a command line tool for static analysis and app de-compilation. Highlight: Now you can develop...
  7. N

    Thread Samsung Dex issues

    Samsung Note20 Ultra, OneUI 4.1. PC: Win10 21H2,Dex,SAMSUNG_USB_Driver_for_Mobile_Phones 1.7.56 Issues: Befoe installing the USB driver, with "transfer files" option enabled in the phone, the phone is shown in the the PC's windows explorer. But after installing the USB driver...
  8. V

    Thread Question Need Help!! Samsung Dex Not working on Mac 12.4 M1

    Hello all, I am using the S22 Ultra for the last 4 months. And mostly I use it with my dell monitor and everything works fine. When I am outside and try to connect with My MacBook Pro M1. It fails to connect. I tried with the latest Samsung Dex For Mac 2.4. This one does not get detected...
  9. K

    Thread Question Should i buy the Tab S8?

    Dear XDA community I am very tempted to buy the tab s8 but i may need your help to understand whether this device is for me. I bought a Tab S 8.4 waaaaay back in 2014 and I have been using it happily ever since. Before buying a tablet i thought that tablets were mostly productive devices rather...
  10. N

    Thread Unsupported TV?

    Hi guys I got a little big issue with dex and my TV, My TV is FHD , when I connect my S20 FE wirelessly to my TV and bring up dex, The output is FHD But when I connect it uGreen Type-C to HDMI, Dex says that the monitor/tv resolution is not supported by dex, and the output is 1366x768. I...
  11. C

    Thread Fake/Modify hardware features reported by PackageManager

    Hey there, I've recently figured that Android Desktop Mode using an USB-C Monitor on my Xperia 5 is actually quite useful. Now it does warn you that some apps may not work with it at all, i'd still like to actually try to make some of them work. Some apps do properly dectect desktop mode and...
  12. K

    Thread Keyboard layout on DeX

    I've used dex for a few days, with hungarian keyboard layout (which is QWERTZ and a few special characters). Yesterday something happened out of nowhere, and basically the layout changed to a QWERTZ style US keyboard. No matter what language I switch my input language to, it stays that way. Any...
  13. fvig2001

    Thread Any way to get wireless dex working on a rooted voided Note 9?

    So I updated to the latest one UI 2.5 rom and wireless dex does not work at all. It tries to connect but fails. It does not happen on my Tab S7 on the same devices. Is there a way to fix this on a rooted phone? I think Knox being tripped since I used custom recovery. Dex works wired for my note 9.
  14. Meleor

    Thread Any android Desktop mode for smartphone developers?

    Hello guys, I am looking for a team developping an Android desktop mode for smartphone like Samsung DeX. Do you have anyone to recommend? I truly believe in this and have some business for them :) Cheers,
  15. S

    Thread Huion On DEX

    Hi, how can I get DEX to use my h610pro tablet as a pointer? It only lets me use gestures on the phone screen and keeps notifying me to change keyboard settings when I plug it in to either usb port on the Dex dock...
  16. L

    Thread custom rom with dex

    Can plz someone tell me what the best custom rom for s8 with the dex mode?, Now I'm using the alexis rom, but don't have many updates...
  17. K

    Thread Can I use dex on work profile without knox on my s10e?

    So basically, I have a work profile set up on my phone via intune. When I plug in a hdmi to the usb-c port, only screen mirroring is available. As I saw on samsung's websites, i have to download a patch in order to make it work, however it requires me to enroll my device to Knox. My company...
  18. D

    Thread New Cruel Kernel with DEX Support in WHQX

    I bring news that the new CRUEL kernel developed by Denis has very good new updates, including the addition of support for DEX in 2k quality instead of FULLHD +. Other updates such as performance, battery optimization and additional features are also specified in ChangeLog. Telegram Group...
  19. R

    Thread DEX mode on external 4k monitor cannot change resolution to above FHD?

    Hi everyone, I intended to use my SM-T865 for presentation and conference call with screensharing and it's been great so far. Only one thing that bugs me is that when I share using DEX, I cannot change the resolution to above FHD which causes the participants cannot read the text from my shared...
  20. K

    Thread DexOnLinux and DexOnChromeOS (No Root)

    Samsung announced a new feature with the Samsung Galaxy Note 10, the ability to access Samsung Dex on a Windows or MacOS device. This in my opinion was a game changer as it could allow users to use the insane power of their Galaxy Note 10/Note 10+ devices on inexpensive hardware. Samsung...
  21. A

    Thread Dex with Japanese hardware keyboard?

    Galaxy S9, Japanese model SCV38 (kddi au) with Android 10 stock rom. No root. I did disable a bunch of bloatware though, not sure if that has anything to do with this. Default on-screen keyboard is SwiftKey. I have English and Japanese installed on it, both working just fine. Samsung's own...
  22. L

    Thread Best portable setup I have ever experienced (Samsung DEX)

    I would like to share with you my setup which is like a dream come true. I have always imagined that one day I'll have single device that I will use throughout the whole day and now it finally is possible. I bought an opened box HP Elite X3 Lap Dock of Ebay for 230 AUD in a pristine condition...
  23. Sgt. Kofeyeh

    Thread DeX Mode Power Delivery Limitations?

    Hey all, I recently got the "PNY 3-in-1 USB-C to HDMI Adapater" to finally try DeX and see what the fuss is all about (spoiler: it's AWESOME!). However as I was having fun with the thing I bumped into a weird limitation; wireless keyboards/mice (the ones with nano receivers connected to the...
  24. edisepic

    Thread HELP Samsung Dex APPs are Greyed out

    When I had my S10 and used DEX all the applications in the APP drawer were there and had color. Now on my S10+ most of the applications are greyed out. You can still click on them and they work just fine but for some reason they're greyed out. I'm using the same exact set up as my previous s10...
  25. L

    Thread Samsung Dex on Native Mobile Screen

    I am not sure if someone asked this before. I tried searching over the Posts but unlucky. I am wondering is it possible to switch between Samsung One UI and DEX on the Mobile native screen just like on Tab S6? Is there any way without root?
  26. Q

    Thread DeX not working

    Has anyone experienced problems connecting the phone and running Dex on a PC. I installed DeX app on my PC from Samsung website, installed drivers, but cannot make it work. When I connect the phone via USB cable nothing happens with DeX. The PC sees the phone, I can transfer files etc even run...
  27. P

    Thread Will Windows Dex mode be coming to Note 9

    I don't want to port it or anything.. i was wondering if anyone has any idea if the pc Dex mode will be updated to the Note 9 officially. How likely is this, has Samsung said anything about it.
  28. bantzt

    Thread Note 10's windowed Dex in Windows 10 on Note 8

    Hello everyone, This has to be one of the best features the Note 10 has to offer. Does anyone know of a way to get this working on the Note 8 without safestrap and a Note 10 Rom? I use Samsung pay far to much to risk loosing that with a possible Knox hit.
  29. E

    Thread No linux on dex support

    Tried to install linux on dex on note10 and its says device not support. Any idea when it will be available? 12gb ram, its gonna be a smooth ride...
  30. Danikin

    Thread Dex app for desktop

    hi, i think today samsung launched the DEX app for windows and mac users. any chance this will work with the note 9? someone tried already? regards. :D
  31. I

    Thread Desktop Hub - Dex mod to get resizable apps and open non-supported apps

    I found a way to get Dex to open apps it would otherwise block, due to them not being supported. This method also makes all apps resizable, useful for those apps with fixed portrait layout like Instagram (where the menu items only show when canvas is expanded). Some apps, like games, won't...
  32. N

    Thread DeX on device?

    I'm wondering if anyone knows or has explored whether it's possible to get on-device DeX a la Tab S4 and S5e on the S10. I thought I may be able to trigger it by adding the DeX QS toggle. I successfully added the toggle, but it didn't do anything when pressed or held, so clearly there's more to...
  33. D

    Thread Laggy after using DeX

    I use DeX via the HDMI cable connected to my TV. I noticed that whenever I disconnect it and use my note9 normally, my phone gets really laggy. Anyone how to stop it from getting laggy, without a restart? I tried to force close all apps with DeX in the name, but it didn't work.
  34. shoguevara

    Thread Using DEX with AOSP based ROM

    Hello everybody! Is there a way to use DEX with AOSP based firmware? My case: I'm using my phone also to do my job. I have to enroll the device to the corporate EMM system, so I could use corporate resources. I've been doing it successfully using LineageOS 15. But now I purchased USB Type-C to...
  35. D

    Thread DeX mode sluggish, can it be improved?

    I have recently bought a s8 and am super happy with it as a phone, but I have also started to use it plugged into my TV with a bluetooth keyboard and mouse in DeX mode. I find the whole experience underwhelming. Is it the 4gb ram limiting the potential of the phone, or maybe software? How have...
  36. daoudedy

    Thread [Xposed] Run Linux on Dex CLI in the background

    I got my s10 a week ago and found out that the Linux on Dex app pauses the container when the app in the background, so I hooked the methods to stop it from being paused, so you can run a vncserver and connect to it from the phone itself or other clients on the same network APK and Source Code
  37. W

    Thread DeX and One UI

    Hi boys, Looking for help, ever since the upgrade to pie, DeX loads, but after a short time, between 30 seconds and 7 minutes, the screen has multicolored pixels, turns black and displays the notice No Signal. I've tried putting it in DND mode, switching off location, WiFi, anything that might...
  38. C

    Thread Samsung DeX Support

    I'm wondering what we will see for DeX support on the S10+. I just ordered the 1TB/12G version, I'm hoping it will drive my Dell UltraSharp U3818DW 38" monitor at 3840 X 1600. My current S9+ is driving my Dell U2713HM at 2560 X 1440 through the DeX Doc. Anyone have experience using DeX at...
  39. J

    Thread Bounty Thread for Wireless or No Connection Dex

    I've searched and cannot find anything so I am coming to the experts. I will pay $50 USD minimum towards a bounty for an app, custom kernel, custom ROM, or other viable solution that will allow me to activate Dex on my 960F in a similar fashion to the Tab S4 with the ultimate goal of being able...
  40. maschenazi

    Thread S9+ DeX mode with generic adapter

    Hi All Has anybody managed to get DeX to kick in when connected to an non genuine adapter? Got a £18 generic USB.c to HDMI and power and although the display shows a mirror of my phone screen and the phone charges ok, Dex refuses to kick in. I don't see a way to manually start it. Tried...
  41. M

    Thread Samsung note 8 and "linux on dex"

    Tread out
  42. R

    Thread Aftermarket Type C to HDMI for DeX

    Hello Everyone, I've been trying to get a hold of Samsungs DeX cable from UAE and seems like no one there has started stocking it. Anyone know any store that has them and also any suggestions for an aftermarket alternative? Thank you
  43. AlexDicy

    Thread Is it possible to enable DeX Mode on the phone screen?

    The tablet version with Samsung DeX has an option that you can enable to start DeX on the tablet itself. Is it possible to do the same on the Galaxy Note 9?
  44. vadimo

    Thread DEX connectivity

    I red one review that Samsung adaptor to USB C to HDMI supports 1080 resolution however any other 3rd party will do 720 resolution. Is this true? I dont see how any modern adaptor can be restricted to 720 only?
  45. semantsen

    Thread Dex port to Tab S3

    Is it possible to port Dex mode of Tab S4 to Tab S3?
  46. S

    Thread Dex mode without dex pad. Port note 9 dex.

    Is there a way to port note 9 dex into note 8? That way you dont need a dexpad to trigger dex mode and any usb-c to hdmi cable will do.
  47. B

    Thread [Q] Disregard imports when compiling Java to be converted to Smali.

    Every source I can find on how to convert Java code to Smali says I should compile the file with javac, which would be fine if it wasn't for the imports. What I'm trying to compile is a modified version of a decompiled file from an APK, so it still has all the imports which are no longer in the...
  48. C

    Thread Goodock USB-C to HDMI Adapter ( with DeX ) Review

    I recently purchased a Goodock USB-C to HDMI adapter. The package just included the adapter itself with no brand specific logo on the package or device. The adapter has a USB-C plug/cable (for connecting to your phone), a HDMI port, a USB-A port and a USB-C port (for connecting power to the...
  49. dnmrt

    Thread Cheap DeX dock alternative

    Hi, Just wanted to let you guys know about this dock that I picked up from aliexpress. The build quality is awesome, it is all metal. Feels really solid and it works in the same way the the actual DeX stations do. I've attached a couple of images of the product and one of my review. The...
  50. OptimuSlime

    Thread Alternative to DEX? (Root tool to run Linux on android) I just saw this app in the play store and thought I would share. Apologies if this is old news, but "Linux Deploy" should let us run our chosen Linux flavor on a rooted Note 8. Coupled with landscape mode...