1. G

    Thread Phone call lag

    Hi everyone! It's the first time that happens something like this to me and, looking on the internet, it seems like it has happened only to me! But maybe it's just me not able to make the research so...i'm asking you: recently I've bought myself a realme narzo 50a Prime which is pretty good for...
  2. darkguy2008

    Thread Xiaomi 12T (plato) how to get MIUI dialer, or flash China/Europe ROM with BL lock after flash?

    Hey! Yeah what the title says. Basically I'm bummed big time that the Google Dialer doesn't have automatic call recording activated. I used to have a Mi 8 Lite and the dialer/messages app there was awesome but I found out they're starting to use Google Apps now so that sucks. I've been reading...
  3. A

    Thread Question Full Google Dialer app spam filtering in OOS13

    Is there a way to get the full Google phone app spam filtering (pixel exclusive) working in OOS 13? It looks like the Google phone app is the only dialer which comes with oxygen OS 13. The dialer framework v9 Magisk module doesn't appear to fix it on OOS 13 for me, even after clearing phone app...
  4. SomeRandomGuy

    Thread What dialer lets you block incoming calls by pattern?

    Over many years, naturally we've seen many flavors of Android. I distinctly remember one - I *THINK* it was on my LG G6, with stock-ish rom (e.g. not LOS or clones) at the time that allowed you to block incoming calls by pattern (e.g. "415*" or "224-123-4*"). The AOSP clones of today based on...
  5. T

    Thread Question Incoming Call Glitch

    I am using the Pixel 6a with a Verizon eSim and a physical AT&T sim card - both with WiFi calling turned on. If I'm on a call using the Verizon network and an AT&T call comes in while on WiFi, I can neither answer the call or decline the call. Very strange behavior. The caller id displays a box...
  6. N

    Thread Question Hidden apps - third party dialer

    Hi! Currently running LE2123_11_C.44 Using third party dialer Simple Dialer - https://github.com/SimpleMobileTools/Simple-Dialer I can't access hidden space/apps section when using this dialer. Seems only to work with stock dialer (Google dialer). When applying secret passcode and dialing it...
  7. J

    Thread Orbic Wonder Error with answer calls

    Hello everyone, I am new to the community, it happened that months ago I bought a used cell phone, I was surprised that I could not make calls, or answer them, due to a problem with the "Telephone" application, at the time that I want to answer a simple call I cannot, the cell phone is left in...
  8. A

    Thread Question EAB/Presence Provisioned

    So so is my understanding that EAB/Presence Provisioned had to do with allowing data while you were on the phone? However mine's off but my data does work while I'm on the phone... Even though a little bit slower. So question does that matter? Should I even worry about enabling it? Is there even...
  9. Sir Mo7md

    Thread Question Poco X3 Pro auto redial option not found!!

    Hello Guys, I bought Poco X3 Pro month ago and it works fine and the phone is pretty good. But I needed to enable auto redial option in my phone and I was shocked when I didn't find it anywhere !! Can anyone Help ? I Have tried more than auto dial app on google play, but they didn't work...
  10. I

    Thread Realme google dialer uninstall

    Is it possible to uninstall google dialer and message through adb and then install realme dialer and message app using apk?will it cause bootloop?
  11. I

    Thread How to install OOS 11 Phone/Dialer app on OOS 10?

    I recently downgraded my OP 7 Pro from OOS to OOS 10.3.8 as I found the former to be causing a lot of stutters and hiccups. One of the things that I miss about OOS 11 is the Phone (com.oneplus.dialer) app. I tried simply installing the app, and despite it having different package name...
  12. apna.suresh0305

    Thread Do you want MIUI ROMs with MIUI Dialer/Message apps instead of Google Dialer?

    We see nowadays all MIUI global ROMs are coming with Google dialer and Google messages apps, I am actually not sure why this is happening there must be some reason behind it. I pressure google is trying to incorporate the chat functionality within the messaging app similar to Whatsapp/ Telegram...
  13. EEngineer

    Thread Need to Not Automatically Call Numbers, Only Load Number in Dialer Until I Click CALL!

    Having a bad day today. Recently got word a family member passed. I need to call some people, text (not call) others, and review my call, SMS, and caller ID history for last contact info. The problem is I have Lineage OS 14.1 (Nougat) on my LG G5 and it keeps automatically dialing numbers when...
  14. B

    Thread How stop Google Assistant offering Duo and WhatsApp when making a call?

    When making a call through Google Assistant, I am now asked whether to use Dialer, Duo or WhatsApp. This has just started over the last week or two. I have had Duo and WhatsApp apps on my phone for years, but Google Assistant has never before offered them as a dialing option. I want to set...
  15. R

    Thread Dialer Codes Not Working

    Hello everyone, I have a Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra (SM-G988U) from Verizon Wireless. I am not from the US, I got the phone from a guy who bought in the US. I am currently in Romania using Vodafone SIM card (Idk if this is relevant but thought I should give as much info as possible). The thing...
  16. S

    Thread Guide: How to use OnePlus dialer with call recording in OnePlus 8T/Nord

    Hey everyone!! Greetings from my side. We were trying hard to get 100% working oneplus dialer and messaging app in oneplus 8t. and Yes, We have successfully done it. I am very happy to share the guide with you all :) WITHOUT ANY ROOT METHOD: (Thanks to some anonymous help for non-rooted ;) ;)...
  17. M

    Thread Switch to Poco from Huawei P9 - is it possible to solve this? Launcher/Dialer/Ad apps

    Hi to the club! I have my first xiaomi phone - Poco f2 pro and I'm happy with it. But, is it possible to solve a few thinks which drive me crazy? 1.) Poco Launcher doesn't suit me - it can be uninstalled (somehow I can't find a way how)? 2.) contact search - I was used to searching without...
  18. V


    Hello guys! I'm facing an extremely frustrating bug! Incoming call's pop up notification while unlocked isn't working! Whenever I get a call, it uses the whole screen and I have to wait for the call to end in order to use my phone! Settings are greyed out in dialer's notification settings and I...
  19. J

    Thread Change incoming call background to solid color?

    I know my way around rooting and I've customized a lot of devices over the years, but this is my first Samsung (S10). I know how to change to any number of other alternate dialer apps, but for the life of me I can't figure out how to get rid of the rainbow background on incoming calls! Enlighten me!
  20. ChriKn

    Thread Ghost presses on screen while making calls

    I haven't seen this anywhere and begin to think I have a problem with my phone... When calling (using stock dialer and Google dialer) my face seems to trigger the screen while it is off (!) as if the proximity sensor switched the screen of, but not the digitiser... Has anybody had this ? Is it...
  21. A

    Thread Adding country codes when dialing in roaming

    Hello. I have a Mi 9T Pro with European ROM so I have the standard Google Dialer. I wanted to ask if anybody knows if there is any solution to country code correction when dialing in roaming? I know the Miui Dialer has an option and even on the European ROM I got asked something regarding call...
  22. W

    Thread Which Dialer/ Contact Manager app for OnePlus?

    Howdy, Just moved to OnePlus, excited to set up the phone. :) What dialer / contact manager app do most of you use? The default? On my previous phone I had Simpler installed, but not sure I'm in love with it. Wouldn't mind an app that lets me back up contacts without sharing all the data with...
  23. D

    Thread Is it possible to get the old dialer back>

    At first, I was confused. I didn't know what I was missing. But I knew something was wrong. Then I looked at a non-pie samsung s8. And I knew it. The dialer is so much better, because it has your recents on the same screen, while the number pad is an overlay. It's so much more efficient because...
  24. R

    Thread Phone goes into mute

    I use viper os and for the last few days when i receive a call the phone goes into the mute mode and both the caller and called are not able to hear a word. If i cut the call and dial back then the call goes thru perfectly. This happens to all the incoming calls. I tried clearing cache & Dalvik...
  25. E

    Thread Cellular is not working! Help plz!

    May be similar to this thread - https://forum.xda-developers.com/pixel/help/phone-dialer-crash-t3909817 I just bought this phone used and immediately wiped it to try to load Phh-treble 9.0, but it would not recognize any of my sim cards at all. So I tried Lineage OS 16.0, and that would...
  26. C

    Thread Oxygen os dialer for custom roms

    How can I download oxygen os dialer to my mokee ROM 7.1.2? Or any suggest app look like it for duas phones?
  27. saban56

    Thread [APP][PATCHED] Google Phone 24.0.216196427 BUBBLE EDITION [NO ROOT]

    Google Phone for unsupported devices Current Stable Version: 24.0.216196427 How to install: • Download the APK file from the "Downloads" tab. • Remove any previous version of the Google Phone app. • Install downloaded APK file. • Give all permissions to the app in Android Settings...
  28. bmaz121

    Thread [Q] Incoming call as notification only Phone app after answer

    Hi there, I just can't figure out why, even after installing google phone 20.xx the app does not appear on an incoming call. Instead I get a notification box with decline or answer. I hate the swipe up anyway but I can't find a way to get rid of this notification box on incoming calls. The...
  29. W

    Thread Cannot dial in multi-window mode?

    The dialer does not appear to work in multi-window mode; I can do the initial dialing, but at connection, it switches to full-screen... preventing multi-window. If I go back to the dialer in multi-window, it starts a new call; I cannot enter meeting IDs, for example. So the best benefit of...
  30. Freacky24

    Thread Grey missing image icon in some apps

    Hey, I'm rather new to EMUI and recently got a P10 Plus. My problem: https://imgur.com/a/8yGBK In some Huawei default apps there is a grey missing image placeholder in the background. Is this a known bug?
  31. loparaan

    Thread Flash Google Dialer Support (Framework) without root. It's possible?

    Hi, I wanted to install the zip Flash Google Dialer Support (Framework) to later install Google Phone APK I do not want to root the phone, and I wanted to know if by means of adb, by means of commands I could install the zip thanks
  32. matrixino

    Thread Update to OOS 5.0 - Can't answer calls, dialer green/red swipe not appearing

    As title says, I just upgraded to Oreo with OTA and I can't answer calls. I can hear the phone ringing but nothing is displayed to accept/refuse the call. I also tried using Google Dialer as a replacemente but nothing appears there too. Dialer is present in the apps, and I can use it normally if...
  33. Martin.077

    Thread [APP][PATCHED] Google Phone v53+BLACK THEME [NO ROOT]

    Google phone ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Latest Google Phone app Beta (v.53) can now be installed from the Play Store on any phone...
  34. MinimalistChris

    Thread Essential Dialer APK

    I have a bit of a favor for those with root on the stock Essential ROM... I'm on Lineage OS now, but I forgot to grab the Essential Dialer APK before I switched over. Since that dialer is essentially the Google Dialer, I know it should work fine on Lineage. I'm just hesitant to grab it from APK...
  35. Nimadroid

    Thread MOD Flashable [Google Calling Experience]

    Download And Flash This Zip In Recovery To Get Full Google Call Experience Tested on Z5 7.1.1 XZ 7.1.1 One Plus 5 Changelog V 1.0 Initial Release V 1.2 Updated App Mod To Reduce Size Of Apps V 1.3 Patched Google Dialer
  36. B

    Thread Dialer Recommendation - Currently using the LOS 14.1 (Nougat7.1.2)

    Currently using the dialer that comes pre-packed w/ the LineageOS 14.1 ROM which I believe to be the default Nougat app and to be honest, it is a bit light in its functions. I am looking more for something that has a better history accountability, starts up w/ the keypad, does a better job for...
  37. espionage724

    Thread Any way to get native calling on deb/LTE?

    I'm not sure if the radio has voice disabled, or if there's something software-side I may have missed, but I can't seem to get calls to work over cellular. I've tried setting config_voice_capable to true in config.xml, and I've tried using aosp_base_telephony.mk instead of aosp_base.mk; both...
  38. W

    Thread Private Dialer - AutoLogDelete

    The Idea is simple you add a phone number from your Contacts list and whenever you call him/her, the entry in the Call Log is deleted. Make unlimited calls without worrying about deleting the logs. The app ensures to keep your call records and all the related logs automatically deleted. Private...
  39. D

    Thread Is there any way to block phone numbers by PREFIX if I have root access?

    I know apps like Truecaller have this feature. However, that is not going to work for me (you will see why below). I am trying to end the telemarketing calls to my phone once and for all. What I did was get a Youmail account and I set blocked numbers to get the 3 tone thing with a "number...
  40. HaohanWendy

    Thread Unfortunately, Phone has stopped

    Please help my samsung galaxy a8 duos (2015)( sm-800f ) got a problem when dialing/receive call an error message show " unfortunatly, phone has stopped " but it's still calling without displaying incallui !!! So without incallui displayed so i cannot accept any call !!! Already wipe...
  41. M

    Thread Started getting spam calls after switching from a phone with Google Dialer to S7

    I recently switched from a Moto X Pure (with Google Dialer installed) to a Galaxy S7. I rarely received spam calls before. Since switching to the S7, I've been receiving several spam calls every day. Is it possible that the Google Dialer was protecting me from spam calls before, or just a...
  42. S

    Thread [App] [4.0+] Old Phone Rotary Dialer

    Hello, I create that thread to present you Old Phone Rotary Dialer, a free application letting you to rediscover to rediscover the famous dialer of your grandfathers. Old Phone Rotary Dialer is available here on the Google Play Store ...
  43. K

    Thread [REQ] Truecaller CM dialer.

    Back in the day when nightlies were the cool thing to flash, there was an app that Cyanogenmod released that included truecaller integration. I liked the app because I could get all the facts of who was calling all on one screen. Well that was way back when I was using my Oneplus One. When i...
  44. J

    Thread Hangouts Dialer Call No Audio

    I'm having a unique situation where everything is working with the Hangouts Dialer app except no one can hear me. I can hear the person on the other end, but its like I'm on mute. The audio is not choppy, just not transmitting at all. I have tried uninstalling the Dialer app, disabling Hangouts...
  45. Frankenscript

    Thread How to replace stock phone/dialer with Google Phone app (rooted Lollipop)

    Hi folks, My D851 (T-mobile, unlocked bootloader, I've got TWRP and am running stock rooted lollipop) frequently crashes when I try to make or recieve a call. "Unfortunately Calls Has Stopped." It's been this way from day 1. I haven't updated the software since I got / rooted the phone in...
  46. I

    Thread [APP][PATCHED] Google Dialer [v13.0.170513131 BUBBLE EDITION][MM+][NO ROOT]

    Google Phone Current Stable Version: 11.0.164102751 Current Beta Version: 13.0.170513131 Bubble Edition Latest Update: 04/10/2017 I have taken the Google Phone APK from APK Mirror and modified it to work on any Marshmallow or newer Android Device. Credit goes to Kolda_CZ for originally...
  47. J

    Thread Flashed 20i---no calling, camera on AT&T

    I cannot make phone calls or use the camera on my H811, currently flashed to stock H81120i. I got from eBay a used, carrier-unlocked H811 with a bad ESN that I plan to use on AT&T. It was on 81110h when I got it. I enabled Developer options, OEM Unlock, and USB debugging. adb reboot...
  48. B

    Thread Bluetooth Dialer App

    Good day, I have a phone which has a bad digitizer and another phone which has a bad antenna so it gets no service. I was wondering if there was an app which would allow me to make a call through to the phone with the bad digitizer using the phone which has the bad antenna over bluetooth...
  49. B

    Thread [Completed] Bluetooth Dialer App

    Good day, I have a phone which has a bad digitizer and another phone which has a bad antenna so it gets no service. I was wondering if there was an app which would allow me to make a call through to the phone with the bad digitizer using the phone which has the bad antenna over bluetooth...