Thread The Ultimate AT&T TV and FIRE TV APK Repository ( DTV No Longer Updated )

    Welcome to the most extensive AT&T TV (formerly DirecTV Now) and Fire TV repository thread. Over the last few years I have gathered various AT&T/DirecTV Now apks and other Fire TV apks. My plan is to continue uploading the latest AT&T TV apk files and various Fire TV apps until they are...
  2. b1ggjoe

    Thread Control DirecTV with Amazon Echo (Custom Skill)

    Hey Everyone, My family and I recently switched from COX Cable to DirecTV. When we were with COX, we had the cool remotes that accepted voice commands. So I would press down on the 'voice button' and then say 'Nick Jr.' for example, and the remote would automatically change the channel to Nick...
  3. S

    Thread [Q] HTC TV + DirecTV HD-DVR

    :confused: I am not able to control my DirecTV HD-DVR using HTC TV app. I can control my TV. Any idea ? Thank you in advance...
  4. evilfuel99

    Thread [Q] Remote Control... Your thoughts?

    One thing I thought was a neat feature for the S4 is that you can control your TV with your phone... Does anyone know if it will work with a Comcast or Directv box?
  5. El Daddy

    Thread New DirecTV for Tablets .apk

    I've pulled the new DirecTV app for tablets. It's not available in the Play Store for the Nexus 7, but it works just fine side loaded. It's a pretty damn awesome app if you are a DirecTV customer. You can see the app info here. Download the latest .apk: Thanks bwalz
  6. A

    Thread [Q] G tablet and Directv NFL TO Go

    Anyone been able to get NFL to go to work on the g else? I get a Network not available message when I try to set it up. The network is working fine for everything else.
  7. X2D

    Thread (NFL) SUPERCAST MOBILE: Watch games on your mobile phone!

    Catch every game, no matter where you are. Now you can enjoy every NFL SUNDAY TICKET™ game, every Sunday, live on your mobile phone. SUPERCAST Mobile — available FREE to all SuperFan customers — includes all the great features of the SUPERCAST computer application. So you can now enjoy live...