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  1. Cyber.Cat

    Thread [TOOL] ADB AppControl 1.7.9 🚀 Ultimate App Manager & Debloat Tool + Tweaks

    ADB AppControl 🚀 Root is not required. Works with any Android device. Can do almost everything you dreamed about with applications. ADB AppControl - the desktop program, that will allow you to easily manage applications on your android device. You can disable unwanted pre-installed system apps...
  2. E

    Thread [Q] How to enable/disable ADB for Pays ROM?

    Hi, I'm thinking of flashing the Pays ROM on my Defy and I'm fairly new at all this - I've read a bit in various forums, downloaded RSD Lite and other required programs - and I don't understand the following instructions from http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=943258: I've looked...