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  1. M

    Thread SP3 Help! Glass Didn't Break, But I Think I Damaged The Digitizer

    Hi please help! i'm about 30% opening my SP3 and so far glass is perfect no cracks fractures at all.. but while i was attempting the first top left corner, i i think i pushed the card too deep!! At once i see some circular shapes expanding forming in part of the lcd screen corner (it looked like...
  2. E

    Thread [THEME][FONTS] All New Stylish Text and Fonts, Status, Emoji

    Stylish Text 2021 trending app to decorate your chats status and other texts with multiple type fonts, symbols and emojis. Tons of fonts to style your chats with one click, Download: https://bit.ly/3dmrJrl
  3. S

    Thread Reading books on 4.5" 720p or 5" 720p or 5.5" 720p comparison

    What would be better for reading books on a phone? 4.5" 720p or 5" 720p or 5.5" 720p ? Would be great if anyone can post pictures of same book on these different sizes if you have them. I have only used dumb phones till now and never read on them so I'm completely clueless right now. There are...
  4. Q

    Thread [Q] Screen wont go off during charge after Gingerbreak

    Not new to Android but I am new to this rooting thing and let me start by saying "this site is the best!" top to bottom developers down to the newbs its a great community.... So with that said I need help. I rooted my atrix with gingerbreak no problem, but now when I shut my phone off and plug...
  5. Phromik

    Thread Post your Phone Home Screen **BE APPROPRIATE**

    NOTE FROM THE MODERATOR: PLEASE BE CONSIDERATE ABOUT THE VARIETY OF AUDIENCES AND POST ONLY APPROPRIATE IMAGES Over three and a half years later, I have made a follow-up post lol: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?p=28005004&posted=1#post28005004 Let's keep this thread going! :)...