1. sh4d0w86

    Thread [APP] Device Reset -[R]- 21 Jan 12 -[U]- 21 Jul 12 -[V]-

    Device Reset powered by fiinix's DllImport Project description --- restart or shutdown device recognition --- XDA Portal pre-installed --- Rataplan ROM release log --- Device Reset v3.0.0.0 ------ see Post #31 or click here --- Device Reset v2.0.1.0 ------ see Post #25 or click...
  2. S

    Thread Mango Restart Phone App based on DLLImport

    I've created a simple app to restart the phone. It's based on DLLImport by fiinix. Cleaned it up a little and added source. Video by WPXBOX eahzX43qDCk
  3. S

    Thread [APP] Battery Status (v4.6.1.1) - Telerik controls, icon sets, globalization and more

    Battery Status, based on the DLLImport project by fiinix shows, as the name suggests, the battery status of your phone. It has a Live Tile which is updated about every 10 or 30 minutes (depending on the user's preference). It shows the percentage on both sides of the tile and a matching icon on...
  4. fiinix

    Thread The DllImport Project (+/also C++ Wrapper) [Mango Support]

    The DllImport Project This project is part "Real DllImport" and also not the same time. It has limited DllImport to only types "void();" (well isn't that DllImport :D) Other CORE functions that require multiple [IN] or/and [OUT] are to complex for the code right now (there are so many...