1. F

    Thread How to change DNS in getprop | grep dns?

    I just realized why my internet feels slow, because I'm using Quad9 dns and it's not suitable for my internet, how do I replace all of this? i want to change to google dns, i have tried with setprop, but the old dns is back again after i restarted my phone. $ getprop | grep dns...
  2. D

    Thread How to change Private DNS in andoid 11 with a custom DNS

    Hello folks! I want to change my DNS on my andoid 11 to this adress:, but when I go to Settings > Connection & sharing > Private DNS > Designated private DNS > and set this adress I can not set this adress, because the check button is greyed out. How to change my...
  3. Ighor

    Thread Block updates. DNS way. No root needed

    Here is instructions of how to block Updates on a Fire TV. Important! Recently a Fire TV update released, it blocks any way to disable auto updates, except this one Some ISP are replacing client DNS requests by their own answers, in that case this method won't work. DNS configuration saved per...
  4. ahmedmomo232

    Thread The Best DNS For Gaming

    Cloudflare : and Cisco : and Google : and and and and and and
  5. L

    Thread Android Zero Touch Enrollment blocked by Firewall

    Hi, We have in our company the problem that we want to rollout on our "Scanner Wifi" our MDM for all our new Android scanner, but our "Scanner Wifi" block any access to the internet by firewall, that causes that Zero Touch Enrollment won't work, and now I wish to know which DNS groups i must...
  6. X

    Thread DNS forwarding not working

    I've rooted my first android device yesterday (Samsung J530f) for the purpose of system wide proxyfication through a local network socks proxy. In other words, I have a socks5 client running on my PC to which I connect from my android device using a local IP in Socksdroid. The traffic coming...
  7. K

    Thread Issues with custom DNS

    Hi Hopefully someone can help with this. I've got the Poco f2 pro to replace my mate 20 pro I use a custom DNS service to access DAZN (American sport streaming service) I have entered the DNS within the WiFi setting but they don't work. When I check ipleak my mate 20 pro shows the correct DNS...
  8. I

    Thread [APP][6.0+] RethinkDNS: Anti-Censorship + Adblocker + Firewall [open source] [no root]

    RethinkDNS is an anti-internet censorship tool with DNS-based adblocking and a firewall built-in for Android 6+ devices. The app itself is free to use and comes with RethinkDNS (previous name BraveDNS) resolver with support custom denylists, allowlists, ability to store DNS logs for later...
  9. LowTension

    Thread [APP][5.0+] Neurox - DNS Changer | Faster, Uncensored & Safe Browsing

    **** Neurox is a DNS changer that uses VPN technology to establish DNS servers in your device locally **** Neurox groups the most popular and recommended servers in the world. Giving you the speed and security they offer. What is DNS and how does it work? The Domain Name System (DNS) resolves...
  10. S

    Thread Android10/EMUI10 Update

    Since update version is available on FF, does any one know the new FF DNS + HiSuite method that works for Android 10 update? Since the old one doesn't work??
  11. N

    Thread [Issue]apps wont work on wifi but works on mobile data

    i getting strange issue with my device , i am unable to run apps on wifi who needs to be connected to internet but that apps works fine on my mobile data even they will work on wifi too when i connected to any vpn tried already - clear dalvik cache reinstated apks changed dns reset network...
  12. N

    Thread FreedomDNS - DNS with Adblock Support

    Update : Temporarily closed because lack of funds. To donate, check on end post of this thread. Or, click "Donate me" About FreedomDNS : Founded on December 1, 2019, FreedomDNS is not "just a DNS" but it has a built-in Ad blocking, Tracking blocking, and more! DNS IP Address :
  13. H

    Thread Private DNS

    There's a way to enable Private DNS feature on MI 9 ? Thanks (attach a screen from MI 8 with Xiaomi.eu 9.11.7)
  14. notreal456789

    Thread how to dnscrypt-proxy Android 9

  15. caovanthanh203

    Thread [FREE][2Mb] DNS Smart Changer - Change DNS to block ads, fully compatible with Tasker

    DNS Changer - Change DNS on Android General introduction: Is a completely free and lightweight application of only 2Mb that helps you easily change DNS on your device quickly. This application help users prevent unfair ads, not harmful any other apps with fair ads. You can use it to: Block...
  16. K3V1991

    Thread [MODULE] Yandex.DNS4Magisk (Basic, Safe & Family)

    This Module makes your Device to use Yandex DNS Servers: Basic: • • Safe: • • Family: • • (Not guaranteed to work on Cellular Networks on all Devices) DNS: A DNS Server listen and give you the corresponding IP address of your...
  17. K3V1991

    Thread [MODULE] Level3DNS4Magisk

    This Module makes your Device to use Level3 DNS Servers: • • (Not guaranteed to work on Cellular Networks on all Devices) DNS: A DNS Server listen and give you the corresponding IP address of your Web Request Wikipedia...
  18. K3V1991

    Thread [MODULE] ComodoSecureDNS4Magisk

    This Module makes your Device to use Comodo Secure DNS Servers: • • (Not guaranteed to work on Cellular Networks on all Devices) DNS: A DNS Server listen and give you the corresponding IP address of your Web Request Wikipedia...
  19. K3V1991

    Thread [MODULE] DNS.WATCH4Magisk

    This Module makes your Device to use DNS.WATCH DNS Servers: • • (Not guaranteed to work on Cellular Networks on all Devices) DNS: A DNS Server listen and give you the corresponding IP address of your Web Request Wikipedia...
  20. K3V1991

    Thread [MODULE] AdGuardDNS4Magisk (Default & Family Protection)

    This Module makes your Device to use AdGuard DNS Servers: Default: • • Family Protection: • • (Not guaranteed to work on Cellular Networks on all Devices) DNS: A DNS Server listen and give you the corresponding IP address of...
  21. K3V1991

    Thread [MODULE] Quad9DNS4Magisk

    This Module makes your Device to use Quad9 DNS Servers: • • (Not guaranteed to work on Cellular Networks on all Devices) DNS: A DNS Server listen and give you the corresponding IP address of your Web Request Wikipedia...
  22. Illidan Pornrage

    Thread [WARNING] DNS + Root Cert is insecure!

    Firstly some little rant about keweon which is the most hypocrite security service I've ever seen: [ The mentioned bet was with me. PM for details or public if you make me care enough. >Copypasting all the elaborate posts from the Telegram sphere as I cant bother to spend much time on it. I...
  23. M

    Thread Enable Private DNS on EMUI 9

    With Android 9 we can set up Private DNS of our choice in network settings. This new feature helps to Bypass most of the restrictions and blockades placed by the ISPs inorder to access certain websites. This new feature simplifies the process of configuring a custom secure DNS...
  24. groston

    Thread Trying to understand the source of WiFi DNS

    All, I am aware of the various apps for changing DNS server settings - that is not the question. I would like someone to explain how the default values are being set. My home wireless access point supports three SSIDs and I have SSID_1 bridged to my router. Within the router, I have defined...
  25. tfae

    Thread [Magisk][Module] Magisk Google DNS v11 [06.05.2019]

    ABANDONED PROJECT This module makes your device to use Google's DNS servers instead of the provided by the ISP. It is not guaranteed to work on cellular networks on all devices. Some users/testers say yes, others say that it doesn't. On Wi-Fi it always works though. If you...
  26. Xplor3r

    Thread [GUIDE][DNS/TLS][9.x]

    The latest version of Android is now available! It incorporates a touch of artificial intelligence for a smarter, easier to use and better adapted to your needs. Among many new features integrated into Android 9 Pie, one of them in terms of security, should not go unnoticed: the DNS over...
  27. A

    Thread Is there an app that changes my dns but doesn't change IP?

    I am on android 7.1 and I was wondering if there's an app that changes my dns but doesn't change IP? My dns keeps leaking and I need to change my dns so I can access US media services but I am having problems doing that right now, would really appreciate some help with this.
  28. N

    Thread [MODULE] DNS.Watch for Magisk 17+

    So override dns isn't working in Magisk. I needed to change DNS to something that's not google or cisco. Maybe cloudflare is close but DNS.watch isn't US based. In the repo there isn't much choice so I edited cloudflare and made it set IPv4 and IPv6. Now you're covered for both. I'm using...
  29. A

    Thread [MODULE] AdGuardDNS - Ad-free experience [UNOFFICIAL]

    Ad-free and malware-protection experience without hosts file. With the hosts file, internet slow down due to cpu usage for resolve domains. AdGuard DNS is the solution. Site and test: https://adguard.com/en/adguard-dns/overview.html I am not affiliated in any way with the AdGuard team, if...
  30. S

    Thread [app] [4.0.3+] Wifi info-connected wifi information App

    View connected wifi Information completely with this app.https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.get.wifiinfo such as WiFi info features: wifi info view wifi info in android wifi name or SSID name wifi connection STATUS BSSID IP ADDRESS MAC ADDRESS LINK SPEED DNS GATEWAY INFO SUBNET...
  31. Oswald Boelcke

    Thread [GUIDE] My Pi-hole and PiVPN powered by our Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+

    ATTENTION (update on 2018-04-09): The procedures described in this thread are only working if you own an internet account with a public IPv4 address or dual stack i.e. both, public IPv4 and public IPv6 addresses. For account with only a public IPv6 address, it won't work. Please also refer to...
  32. F

    Thread [SOLVED] Systemless hosts file doesn't work as expected.

    Hi, I have a nextcloud server on raspberry pi on my local network. I need to dynamically switch hosts when I connect to my wifi so my phone knows to connect to local ip from my domain(lets call it mydomain.com) which is configured in every app that uses nextcloud. So on cellurar use DNS server...
  33. MrT69

    Thread keweonDNS - now with improved Certificate (iOS, Mac & Android)

    Please read this first! The entire system is build up for demonstration and should show a new way to protect against Internet and Online threats. It should demonstrate that it is possible within the Internet to protect user, devices and there data. The entire System is a pure & 100% DNS...
  34. J

    Thread DNS CHANGER via VPN

    How to change the DNS ADDRESS with help of creating dummy VPN service without help of any application . With help of application is possible Like https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.burakgon.dnschanger That app use dummy vpn for dns change But why we need app ?? Please try to...
  35. E

    Thread Need help to enable oversea use of a video streaming app (Pay Job)

    I have an app that I subscribed while I was in my hometown. However, that app is not able to be used out of Hong Kong. I want to still use the app in the United States because I also have family member who is very ill and need some entertainment. Currently the app is being backed up and I can...
  36. netgh0st

    Thread LG V20 HotSpot DNS forwarder issue

    I have LG V20 H915 (from Freedom Mobile), and I've been having HotSpot DNS issues ever since I got it. When I start a hotspot on the phone and connect any device to it, the built in DNS server ( doesn't work (if I try using nslookup command, I get error - "*** Unknown can't find...
  37. K

    Thread DNS change not reflecting

    I have a nexus player setup with smartDNS to watch hulu from outside US everything was working fine but all of a sudden hulu was not opening saying I am outside US, first I thought it was the DNS problem but tried from different devices and it was working fine, I got an idea of downloading a...
  38. O

    Thread [Fix]VPN/Proxy/DNs is not working? here is a solution!

    If you have a VPN, Proxy, DNS or other service and not work, here is a very simply solution Step 1: Turn off battery saving Done!! yes, is very easy :)
  39. B

    Thread Any way to get DNS addresses of mobile connection?

    Is there any way to get DNS addresses of a mobile connection (3G, 4G)? I see apps claiming to change DNS for mobile connection but apps that show DNS seem to only show that of Wi-Fi connections. So I was thinking of a way to get the DNS of the mobile connection to see if those apps work.
  40. xbarsasy

    Thread [Completed] [Q] Block all sub domains

    Hello all I want to know if there is any way to blcok all subdomains for a site . for example : https://*.facebook.com I thinked about Host edit , but this need all subdomains to be written . Android 5.0.2 , rooted with xposed .
  41. GokulNC

    Thread [GUIDE] How to Change DNS in Android Device (8 methods)

    Here is a compilation of different ways to change/set the DNS Server in Android Devices In this thread, I'll be setting the DNS Servers to 8.8.88 & (Google DNS). You can use any DNS server of your wish. FOR NON-ROOTED DEVICES: Method 1: (by changing WiFi Settings) Note: For some...
  42. M

    Thread Changing DNS settings of data network (3G)

    Hello, Since Imgur.com is blocked in my country I'm trying to change the DNS settings of the data network (3G) and I've tried lots of apps already, but none of them worked. 1) Maybe a silly question but why is it so difficult to change the data network's DNS settings ? Aren't the DNS IP's...
  43. Beakhole

    Thread [TASKER][PROFILE][ROOT][4.4+] Update Adaway Hosts File without Rebooting

    Disclaimer: This is my first time sharing a Tasker profile so I may not have exported the XML code properly from Tasker. So let me know if it works or doesn't work for you! I'm not an expert on Tasker or Android by any means, let alone a developer, so if you start getting weird errors when...
  44. Woalk

    Thread [Q] [Android system] Google Chrome / DNS resolver UID

    To any Android system expert: I just experienced the following: I'm using an iptables firewall on all my Android devices (Avast and since a few days AFWall+ (Play Store version)). I started blocking many apps to limit data usage. Now I wanted to open up a webpage with Google Chrome, but it...
  45. P

    Thread Reroute google DNS on Netgear AC1600 modem router

    Hello everyone I have just got a netgear router, and know that, to use Netflix on my chromecast, I can set up static routing to point google's dns to the router (so - in my case.) Is there a way that, instead of blocking all access to the google dns servers, I can...
  46. L

    Thread [Q] Change DNS to Google's without app

    Hey. I would like to change my default DNS servers to Google's servers when I'm on LTE. What file should I edit to make that possible?
  47. P

    Thread IPtables or static routing?

    Hi everyone I used a router with dd wrt last year to get Netflix and Hulu on my chromecast for a few months, but gave up after a while, as, although the Internet worked, across my home network, videos stopped intermittently and my dd wrt router, no matter how many times I configured it, would...
  48. Mingo3k

    Thread [Q] DNS Changing Issues

    Hi Guys/Girls, Living in Australia we've got some issues getting to Netflix. We need to use DNS servers for proxies so we can connect (Geoblocking and such) I'm not looking at wanting to set the DNS on the Wi-Fi connection itself, as I often use networks out of my own Wi-Fi connection at home...
  49. C

    Thread [Q] Registration issues

    I've recently just fired up my AFTV after about 4 months sitting to one side. It looks as though it's been auto-updated to the new version automatically (I never put in place any of the update blocks). I went to start Netflix, and it says it needs to be updated. I then tried to update and it...
  50. M

    Thread [Q] MLB Blackout Restriction - DNS Unblock, Unlocator, Ad-free Not Working

    Hello, Currently on Fire TV that is rooted with XBMC installed with multiple add-ons. I've used multiple DNS services to let me watch my home team. The service works fine on my PC, and Nexus 7 2013. It even worked on my Fire TV on XBMC with MLBMC video add-on. The main reason I purchased the...