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dolby atmos

  1. Sirox0

    Thread Dolby Atmos (razer 2 reiryuki) force closing

    i installed Audio Modification library from magisk and that version of dolby atmos (check title) https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-2wL5GsFd7zwg_ymuyiMs6tTd82ivKRL/view but when i tried to start dolby atmos app it'e just force closing, magisk version 23.0 Poco f2 pro miui 12 (original rom)...
  2. _abhi.jit__


    DOLBY ATMOS ZTE v1.0 Device Compatibility: OnePlus 8 Series/9R ROM: Lineage OS/Carbon Only/AICP/CrDroid Changelog: •Huge Clean Up. •Fixed installation failed error in OnePlus 8 Series/9R •Fixed manifest patching failed error. •Intial Release. [Mod Edit] Download link removed (pay-per-click)...
  3. Rayekk

    Thread How To Guide [ROOT] Enable Dolby Atmos EQ

    Hello everyone! I am a big fan of audio equalizers, especially on the phone's speakers, so on each of my OnePlus phones, from OP7 Pro, through 8 Pro and now on 9 Pro, I'm looking for a way to get the most out of Dolby Atmos. On each of these devices I had to look for a new solution, on OP 7...
  4. lucky2712

    Thread [7.1.1] [Stable] Next Gen OS (OneUI Experience) (V3.7) For Samsung J2 (J200G)

    Version-3.7 For SM-J200G UI Customization:- Fully OneUI themed Dolby Atmos Edited in OneUI style My Files Edited in OneUI style Home screen Edited in OneUI style Lockscreen Edited inOneUI style Recents Themed in OneUI style OneUI Stock Wallpaper New Rom Bootanimation New Bootanimation sound...
  5. snehasish2000

    Thread Any Dolby audio mod for Android 11 no root?

    Is there any dolby audio mod for Android 11 with equalizer such as atmos, digital plus or dolby audio without root ?
  6. TechnicGeek

    Thread Dolby Atmos Not Available in Multiuser Account

    Hello, I have 2 multi-user accounts on my tablet. One is administrator account and another is non-administrator account. Dolby Atmos works on administrator account but is grayed out on non-administrator account. Does anyone know how to enable this feature on non-administrator account? Thanks.
  7. mbze430

    Thread Dolby Atmos equalizer "mod"

    Maybe someone else tried installing the Dolby Atmos equalizer "mod" found here https://www.xda-developers.com/unlock-full-dolby-atmos-equalizer-settings-on-the-oneplus-8-oneplus-7t-and-oneplus-7-series/ I did it, but the EQ does nothing. are there anything else need to be changed? on IN2025/...
  8. R

    Thread [Dolby Sound Mod] [Curtana] 100% Working [Enjoy]

    Hello peeps, Experience music in Redmi note 9 pro (Curtana) like never before. Checkout Following google drive link for Required file: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-Sps2NKscNr37FfrSehXkJJxbnUv-6Dc/view?usp=drivesdk Below is the step to Install Dolby Successfully: 1. Flash AML via Magisk...
  9. greenys'

    Thread [MAGISK/MODULE/SHARE/AUDIO] ViPER|Dolby Atmos on ICEpower 3in1

    This is a 3in1 Magisk audio modification that enhances your audio quality and volume. If you're using RUI please go to this thread. My guide can only be used on custom ROMs. I'm not going to write a detailed tutorial or bother putting hours of energy into formatting this post unlike my...
  10. madsponge26

    Thread Viper4Android + DDPlus + Dolby Atmos

    ViPER4Android + Dolby Atmos + DDPlus Here's the proof Device: OnePlus 7 Pro Android Version: 10 and up *Unlock BL and Rooted Only *Any OnePlus running Android 10 Steps to Install ViPER4Android on Android 10 1.Download the latest ViPER4Android v2.7.1.0 APK...
  11. R

    Thread [MOD] How to have Dolby Atmos for SPEAKERS!

    We all know Dolby Atmos feature in OneUI is great but for midrangers it's limited to headphones. That's no difference for M20. So with this apk you can change that. Just normal installation, just like you would do for any other apk. Haven't tried it yet on non-rooted device, let me know about...
  12. P

    Thread Dolby Atmos For Redmi Note 7 ?

    Can anyone give me dolby atmos link that work perfectly with redmi note 7 I'm currently on PE CAF
  13. A

    Thread Dolby Digital Plus Magisk module for Oreo & pie

    Hey Guys this dolby Atmos magisk module does works pretty well. If anyone wanted to give it a try check out the original thread here : https://forum.xda-developers.com/android/software/mm-p-dolby-digital-plus-arise-20181115-t3868192
  14. I

    Thread Dolby Atmos on SD S9 (Android 9 Feb patch)

    Hey guys I'm having a minor bug, if I can call it bug, the thing is that every time I listen to music I need to disable and enable dolby or it won't work... Already did a hard reset and nothing. Anyone else having this trouble and if you do, could you solve it? Thanks in advance :good::good:
  15. ccalixtro

    Thread Dolby Atmos & Viper

    Can anybody help me to install Dolby Atmos and Viper on stock Oreo and Magisk, please. :confused:
  16. repey6

    Thread EOL_[MM-P][6.0-9.0][Magisk]Dolby-20181123

    Dolby Digital Plus for 9.0 ОS(Pie) Hi. I present the mod Dolby Digital Plus (interface and functionality is the same as that of Dolby Atmos). Theoretically should work on OS 6.0-9.0. I checked only on Oreo and Pie (Samsung Tab A 10.1 LTE and Xiaomi Redmi 4x). The mod is based on the post from...
  17. Hybrid Soldier

    Thread Bug with Dolby Atmos

    I just found a bug with Dolby Atmos. I'm using a bluetooth headphone and everytime that I turn it on I need to turn off and then turn on my dolby atmos for it works (I can do it just pressing the button on notification panel or going into the audio settings) I let it always on but I noticed...
  18. aalakib07

    Thread Dolby Atmos or Viper4Android for Android P?

    Hi guys, I am using Pixel Experience Rom (Android P) Is there Dolby Atmos or Viper4Android available for Android P Pie? If available, link/guide? Thanks in advance.
  19. jhotayex

    Thread Dolby Atmos ™ for whyred Oreo

    Dolby Atmos ™ For Redmi Note 5 AI / pro and Oreo based users. Tested on: Aosp extended v5.7 / resurrection remix 6.1 /bootleggers . ( Should work with any other Oreo rom) Info: Not tested with any version of miui ! Test yourself . I am not going back to miui . . I am not responsible for...
  20. W

    Thread VIPER4Android + DolbyAtmos For Any Android

    Hello friends, i have seen many people struggling with viper4android and dolby and they dont work, so i made a 100% working tutorial for it. This method works on Lollipop, Marshmallow, Nougat and Oreo. WARNING I WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY BOOTLOOP OR BRICK SO KINDLY PROCEED AT YOUR OWN RISK...
  21. S

    Thread Need Music Mod for Vince

    Is there any working music mod for redmi note 5 vince? I tried dolby atmos(Lenovo a7000 version) and its working but sound output is not much different. can anyone know where to find a goog music mod for vince? Thanks in advance! :)
  22. L

    Thread How can I get a working Dolby Atmos Mod on Stock 8.1?

    I have Magisk with Stock Recovery and I receive a security update today - but the strange part is, the installation failed! The only mod I have is the Dolby Atmos Mod by guitardedhero and SelinuxModeChanger on "permissive". Before the OTA, I went back to "enforcing" ... Okay... I flashed the...
  23. repey6

    Thread [New Sound]Dolby Atmos ViperFX SonyMusic[8.0-8.1][6.0-7.1][All devices]

    Dolby Atmos Oreo Mods Hi. I made my mods based on port of Dolby Atmos from HERE. Need custom recovery adapted for 8.0(oreo)(recommend TWRP 3.2.0-0+) Dolby Atmos Oreo mods*new sound* Mods work with magisk and also with supersu. Combination with Viper FX give you simply wonderfull...
  24. slgooding

    Thread [Dolby Atmos] How to get it working on Oreo (AICP/Lineage)

    Finally a working versions! Thanks to Oel for finding the one. Flash the following from TWRP. Set SELinux to permissive. https://androidfilehost.com/?fid=746010030569951476
  25. emime12

    Thread [MOD] 06/04/18 Dolby Atmos for Oreo 8.1

    This is the Updated Dolby Atmos for API 27 - Oreo 8.0 and 8.1 by repey6 from ZTE Axon 7 Oreo Tested on NitrogenOs 8.1 Download and install via recovery DOWNLOAD
  26. kurtn

    Thread Equalizer

    New try: For many devices AudioFX does not work well. Who of you has a working EQ? Solutions without magisk and special audio player app preferred.
  27. satish.yarramsetti

    Thread Dolby Audio on LOS or RR?

    Guys, i want to use LOS or RR which i like the most when compared to Stock. But I don't want to compromise on Audio quality which is a Axon 7's Awesome feature. My question is " Are we missing the Audio quality? or is that on par with Stock? " Please let me know if we have any another work...
  28. S

    Thread Dolby atoms for android (samsung j710)

    Dolby atom for android Download "Dolby atom.zip" flash via recovery Link Is Bellow https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BxyNK0IHexvkLVRkRUQ4UWFsdk0/view?usp=docslist_api Mirror link Dolby Atom 1) Reboot into recovery 2) install this zip file wherever save in your directory and flash 3) Wipe...
  29. repey6

    Thread [Sound][6.0-9.0]SonyMusicFull Player[PORT] ViperFX Dolby Atmos SonyBeats[All devices]

    The Best Sound from Sony! My mods initially were created for 6.0-7.1.2 CM, AOSP, LOS based roms. But my last updates and tests(my and @sharma.keshav153 ) allow you to work on 8.0 and 8.1 and stock 7.0 (and maybe 6.0 stock). It is preferable to use superSU. [MOD] [CM,AOSP,LOS] [6.0-7.1.2]...
  30. S

    Thread Any way to add Dolby Atmos to Open Beta 9?

    Open Beta 9 is great but it lacks Audio Mods,especially Dolby Atmos. Any way to include the same in the Rom ? Any solution?
  31. E

    Thread Music FX (Dolby Atmos) problem with Marshmallow

    Hi guys, currently I am still on 5.1.1 as I can get Viper atmos working fine. I have other phones which uses marshmallow and the problem is marshmallow force close viper or atmos after couple of minutes , tried to adjust battery optimization, doze.....all those stuff. Even tried auto restart app...
  32. neo299

    Thread [GUIDE] Tweak Dolby Atmos to your liking

    To access the Dolby Atmos app you need to install any 3rd party app that has an Equalizer option included. I use Google Play music for this and you can access the EQ in the settings menu. A popup will appear that will ask you to choose Dolby Atmos or Included EQ app -> choose Dolby Atmos and...
  33. K

    Thread [mod][port][themes]universal dolby atmos with themes for android 4.3+

    Get all new latest dolby atoms from lenovo's 6.0 rom with five themes and if you want other request by replying with image URL. _2_k_GP0aZg Download for android 5.0+ from here:-https://goo.gl/CmmU2W Download for android 4.3+ from here:-https://goo.gl/hFlmk1
  34. K

    Thread [themes]universal dolby atmos[sound boost]

    Get all new latest dolby atoms from lenovo's 6.0 rom for our Redmi Note 3 any varient with five themes and if you want other request by replying with image URL. _2_k_GP0aZg Download for android 5.0+ from here:-https://goo.gl/CmmU2W Download for android 4.3+ from here:-https://goo.gl/hFlmk1
  35. DHARMESH17

    Thread Dolby Atmos For Lava Pixel V1 And Other Android one Devices [LP/MM]

    DOLBY ATMOS Dolby Atmos transports you into the story with moving audio that flows all around you with breathtaking realism. Upgrade Your Audio Experience Are you ready to move beyond traditional surround sound? Get the best possible audio experience at the movies, at home, or on the go. The...
  36. E

    Thread Dolby Atmos workable in stylo

    http://forum.xda-developers.com/android/apps-games/mod-dolby-atmos-t3109446 This is working fine in T-mobile version of G stylo, compatible with original music player. Flash with custom recovery(twrp). It is quite nice as the device orginally lacks an equalizer(well,kind of).