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  1. demon434

    Thread [DEV][DISCUSSION][JELLY BEAN][i9001] Android 4.1 for our device! VERY ALPHA

    JELLY BEAN DEV THREAD UPDATE 14/10: Doomsday94 released a new version of Jelly Bean and is built from Cyanogenmod sources! Thread link here: here UPDATE 11/9: First of all, sorry folks for the late updates but it was kinda busy at my work. Thankfully I have some time to keep this thread up...
  2. arco68

    Thread [ROM][ICS][IMM76L] CyanogenMod 9 Final Release (EOL)

    What's working: Audio Receiving and making calls GPS Compass Proximity sensor Wifi Bluetooth USB mass storage HW accelerated gui HW accelerated video Camera Wifi and USB tethering Screenshots Video 53BxtXIvdRA CM9 Install Guide Note: CM for Galaxy S Plus is provided with no warranty...