1. S

    Thread [Q] Android 1.6 (Donut) Notification Sounds

    Hello, I have a weird request, I hope someone here can help me. I am looking for a specific notification sound (Can't remember its name) that used to be included in the stock image of Android 1.6 on HTC Magic. Can anyone help me get the extracted notifications from the original image? Thank...
  2. CrashBX

    Thread [Q] HTC Hero Donut ROM?

    Hello, I wonder has anyone made a Donut rom for the Hero/G2 Touch (GSM)? It's more than three years old and it still doesn't have a donut rom? All these fancy gingerbreads and jelly beans make my hero pretty slow (even O.C. to 748mhz) and the Modacco 1.5 rom is outdated just for the 0.1 (most...
  3. T

    Thread [Q] What is kernel and which one is the best?

    I'm a complete noob when it comes to tinker my x10. I recently installed DonutHD2.2 on it, it has baseband 2.1.71 and Kernel 2.6.29-000530g5f01537 [email protected] #1.... I've heard alot about doom kernel and the others, however I want to know what's the basic purpose of a custom kernel and...
  4. iammodo

    Thread [APP] Cupcake, Donut launcher for 2.1+

    iammodo's pointless launcher I made this for my self but its only fair to share. Its a 1.5/1.6 launcher that works on 2.1+ so you get the old school pull up draw with the 1.6 tab. I have tested it on my cyanogenmod 7 defy and it works fine (even live wallpapers work) download + install...
  5. V

    Thread [Q] Android update (from 1.6) -help to a noob))

    Hello!I buyed HTC Dream G1 on ebay with installed Android 1.6 (DONUT) on it. I heard that now there are android versions 2.x and i need to have so versions to install most of apps. Please, write my some instructions what should i do to update my device. (1...,2...)I have seen a lots of...
  6. replicant101

    Thread [Q] Donut/1.6 Launcher?

    Okay so at the moment im rocking my xperia play with adw launcher for 2.3.3, but i just love the old 1.6 launcher. Is there a way to get it onto gingerbread?
  7. J

    Thread Update AT&T x10?

    Will i be able to update my x10a (AT&T USA) from 1.6 to 2.1? Im willing to root and debrand(as long as i can rebrand) if i need to.
  8. daedric

    Thread [Q] Which version should i use? (Not asking which rom is better)

    Hello guys! I need your help and advise. I need to use my kaiser to work. That's uhh.. receiving calls, making calls, sms, WiFi @ night to sync new contacts to my Google account... you know, small tasks. I'm using as of yet CM7 with 2.3.32 (#63 IIRC) Data on SD Partition. Now.. although stable...
  9. G

    Thread SAPPIMG.nbh to 1.6 or 2.2

    Hi together, I successfully rooted and upgraded my htc magic 32B month ago to run CM5 to 6.1. Yesterday I heard about the 2.2.1 update from vodafone for my phone and wanted to downgroad. It took me about half a day to get a 1.6 running on it. its a my touch 3g 1.6 version running on my phone...
  10. M

    Thread [Q] "Application is not installed on your phone" after restart [G1/SuperCSDI (1.6)]

    [Q] "Application is not installed on your phone" after restart [G1/SuperCSDI (1.6)] Hey, so the other day, out of the blue, I noticed that my desktop shortcuts to Twicca and Google Reader displayed the generic "gears" icon and when I tapped them it says "Application is not installed on your...
  11. bobbythomas

    Thread [Q] Video tutorials for upgrading from donut to eclair and rooting the phone?

    Hi guys, First of all I want to tell you guys that I dont have any knowledge in using android OS:(. So it would be very kind of you if you guys can provide a video tutorial of upgrading the android 1.6 to 2.1 and rooting it. I am familiar with flashing and...
  12. B

    Thread [Q] Froyo for myTouch 3G

    I recently went from Cyanogen Mod 5.0.8 to Cupcake(1.5), and finally un-rooted(I think) to Donut(1.6), all in motivation for Froyo(2.2) for my myTouch 3G. Will I be able to get the update if I already went through a rooting process? Some of the current information: Build Number: DMD64 (Was...
  13. B

    Thread [Q] Help getting back?

    I've had a myTouch 3G for a while, and got bored with it, so I rooted it. It's currently at Cyanogen Mod 5.0.8. I got a text saying that Froyo(2.2) was coming to myTouch 10/13 through 10/21. Is there anyway I will receive this update while I'm using Cyanogen Mod? And if I can't, is there anyway...
  14. S

    Thread Problem to add gapp in AOSP Donut rom

    I'm working on a custom rom. I have an AOSP rom builded from android source code. I'm working with android 1.6 donut on htc magic 32b. the rom without gapp works without I have to add the gapp...I have used this script (and a lot of other method found in the web very similar) but...
  15. E

    Thread [Q] Backup before moving from SD to NAND Install

    I have been running Myn's Warm Donut installed to SD (fat32) on my Tilt for several months and I'm ready to make the jump to NAND install. I've researched how to do the install, and thanks to all the great tutorials on here I understand the process in detail. My question is this; is there a way...
  16. WarByte

    Thread [NAND] Warbyte Donut for Kaiser - RLS04 Oct 21 - compcache and market! / General help

    Sad news right before we end this year. Today (12-28-2010) I accidentally stepped on my Kaiser and though it endured like a champ it was too much to ask from the screen and it cracked. No more Kaiser for me so this project is coming to an abrupt end. If I find a Kaiser and it is flashable then...
  17. J

    Thread [Q] Phone ringer deactivated with Myn's Donut?

    Just a question for the group - I have been running Myn's Donut package off the SD card for a few months, thanks to all the info and help available on this forum, with no problems at all. Suddenly a few weeks back, I stopped getting any calls coming through the phone. They route directly to...
  18. S

    Thread [Q] Magic google integration

    I am not an expert so asking this question might seem a little silly... I have an HTC magic running on Android 1.5 Since I've got a Desire, my wife has started using Magic. It has my google login on the phone and thus she keeps getting my emails. There is no option to change that as it...
  19. T

    Thread [Official] i-mobile i858 / Landmark L43-W (tn1t1) / General Mobile Touchstone

    UPDATE 2011-07-05 Android 2.1 Eclair ROM has been "officially" released for this phone. No working Froyo or Gingerbread ROMs have been seen. The most recent build is r2599, download here: Rooted, hybrid, and bloat-free mods of the 'official' roms, made by user...
  20. MatrixPlasm

    Thread What is the Best/Fastest Build for Vogue? :: Poll

    I have tried all the following, and so far Incubus26Jc's Super FroYo 2.2 works best for me... (all the newer bells & whistles - yet still functional features like camera, Bluetooth, etc.) Anyone have some recommendations on what they use, what's quick, yet functional for them? (FroYo wasn't...
  21. Super Jamie

    Thread [CompCache] Setting compcache to full RAM size

    I've always run compcache on my ROMs when possible and I recently had the idea that setting the full amount of RAM to compcache could be an interesting test. The theory being that it may be slightly slower overall to have ramzswap compressing pages, but minfree would have heaps of memory to play...
  22. V

    Thread sprint data not working on android

    Hi, new poster here. I've only just started to tinker with my vogue after 2 years of suffering through WM6.1, unaware of all the outside possibilities. It's quite impressive really and i'm having a grand time with my new toy. BUT. I can't for the life of me understand why the data connection...
  23. A

    Thread [Help] MyTouch 3G Only Flashing Donut Rom's

    Lately I have been trying to flash Hero & Expresso rom's on my device just to see the MyTouch freeze at the Green Splash Screen not even giving Hero the light of day.... I happen to get Legend working once but after removing it from my device Legend doesn't even reflash... same thing with a...
  24. zimphishmonger

    Thread [ROM][No-Wipe] FastTest 3.1.1 Xperia [RHack\NoRHack] [Themed] 4/13/2010

    I am proud to release this rom on behalf of HTCClay. This is FastTest 3.1.1 Xperia-themed! :cool: Changelog No-Wipe Update: MUST FLASH ON TOP OF FastTest 3.0.2 - Link Based on Super D 1.10.2 (shouldn't require DangerSPL) Almost all apps themed with X10 colors and icons Includes eliotstocker's...
  25. zimphishmonger

    Thread [ROM] [No-Wipe] HTCClay's FastTest 3.1 RHack Released!

    I am proud to announce the release of HTCClay's newest addition to his popular FastTest series, version 3.1-RH. I had a quick talk with clay about this build, details below Custom themed & BlackBar (By HTCClay, of course :cool:) Based off SuperD 1.10.2 (including the kernel) Includes 180...
  26. fatty35

    Thread Fastest/stable ROM avalible for my G1

    Hi, I recently purchased a HTC Dream (aka G1) and am looking to replace the stock ROM with a more snappy and stable third party one (it has been rooted already). What currently is the best replacement ROM in terms of speed and stability? Thanks in advance ~fatty~
  27. Eliphas

    Thread Theme for SuperCSDIv4

    This ROM is the fastest ROM that is out, not only that, but it doesn't use RAMhack so fans of 3D gaming can game on. The only thing I see wrong with this theme is the visual appearance! Everything is a horrible baby blue color. If someone could make a theme that looks like SuperD 1.9.3 or point...
  28. zachattack052

    Thread zachattack052 & xillius200's Donut Build (v2.8) "GOT DONUT?" [6/30/2010]

    zachattack052 & xillius200's Donut Build (v2.8) "GOT DONUT?" [6/30/2010] as any other dev i am not responsible for anything that happens to your device Warning: Your phone will haul a$$ THIS ROM INCLUDES - clear cache on every boot (so it never loosed stability) - eclair bits - no wipe...
  29. domenukk

    Thread [G1/32B]Blue Magic MKIIr1 "The Blue bus is calling us."[Not Updated yet still great!]

    [G1/32B]Blue Magic MKIIr1 "The Blue bus is calling us."[Not Updated yet still great!] Introduction: This is my personal Rom, made by me for me... But I think you might be interested. At the moment there is nothing that's faster than SuperCSDIv4. Pure speed... And the theme in use looks...
  30. wesgarner

    Thread [ROM] Super D 1.9.3 with [Official] WG-Kernel v3-beta(10mb RHack) -- Need Feedback!

    Download: I made this for fun since someone had made a version of SuperD based off my kernel from back well months ago lol - thought I should give a try at working on the ROM This is a pretty one time...
  31. M

    Thread Any donut with vanilla for 32A?

    Hi, I would like a fresh donut with vanilla. Is there any? Specially it will be really great if it's only rooted (nothing else). Like cursordroid did with Rogers phone (but unfortunately that is only for Rogers) Thanks in advance.
  32. M

    Thread [ROM] MarsDroid SPL7 "KERNEL 2.6.29 ELI"

    Thanks to ALL INVOLVED ... MANY...YES that include YOU.... Sheesh Show a Little Respect Please
  33. wjason

    Thread Rom troubles (noob)

    I have successfully rooted my phone and have been running fresh 1.1 for a while without any problems. The one thing I am really longing for is the new google navigation. I see on some threads that people have got it working but I can't seem to figure it out. I tried flashing TTG over fresh...
  34. J

    Thread How to root HTC Magic w/ Donut using OSX?

    Hi, Is there an easy way to root my magic (Dutch Vodafone branded "with google" 32b) which is running Donut, using solely OSX? I don't have acces to a windows pc.. I searched the entire forum, nowhere is anything about OSX mentioned.. Can't find it on google either.. I thought the only...
  35. T

    Thread [ROM]BoogieDonut.5 -Based off Dwang 1.17.1 w/ Cyanogen kernel - 27 Jan 2010

    hey guys... Congrats on Hero_over on the retirement, but you didnt have to mention my name in your post. I dont even consider myself a ROM developer, I just made a nice rom thats fast and stable for me, and I wanted to share. I dont want nor expect donations. I just love this community and I...
  36. T

    Thread [ROM] anyone interested in rom based off dwang 1.17.1 no ramhack, other enhancements

    I created a rom for myself that i've been using for a few weeks now. Its based off dwang 1.17.1 with no ramhack using kernel from cyanogen Redone custom_init for G1 only! A2sd automatic - ext 2 through 4 supported /system/sd/ support No ramhack but stll fast Black...
  37. bbuchacher

    Thread [ROM]Super D 1.11 "Rehab is for Quitters" (4/28)

    1,242,889 Views! Features Installation Ram Hack Version Non Ram Hack Version THEME TEMPLATES CONTRIBUTERS ---------------------------------------------------------------------
  38. ajclai08

    Thread [Android] Tattoo for kaiser--Donut [NAND]

    Tattoo for Kaiser NAND INSTALL HERE(updated 1/24/2010)[NO LONGER BEING UPDATED] Fast Tattoo build I've found over at the vogue forums. Everything that works in the latest donut builds works in this build..including working wifi,ect, but no bluetooth. camera needs work. No force closes, and...
  39. I

    Thread [SOLVED] [32A] Help with hybrid stock 32A kernel - Google ION 1.6 ROM

    I've created a hybrid ROM of my stock 32A (extracted from phone) kernel and the Google ION 1.6 update Everything works (ie. market, calls, wlan, bluetooth (turns on), data, sound, recording sound, playing music, accelerometer, etc.) except for the camera/camcorder. Here is some log output when...
  40. M

    Thread Camera works in Cupcake, but not in Donut

    The camera of my G1 (T-Mobile Germany) works in any Cupcake rom (e.g. using a Hero rom at the moment) but does not work in any Donut rom (I have tried them all). When I run the camera in Donut, I always receive a Force Close message. Do you think I own a rare "early edition" of G1 or has anyone...
  41. kkoouu

    Thread Eclair apps on Cupcake

    Suggestion: What about some Eclair apps built in Hero ROM ? Guys at G1 Dream have made some progress in this area ;) F.E. here - WOW !
  42. C

    Thread Original Vodafone Italy ROM

    Where can I find and download it? I want OTA update to Donut. Thank you
  43. r00ktard

    Thread Cyanogenmod 4.0.4 LockScreen

    Hello, I'm wondering where I can get the lock screen that was included in Cyanogen-mod stable 4.0.4 mod. I have tried searching Stericson Lock screen but that seems to pull up a different one then what was included in 4.0.4. I want to install this lock screen on his latest build 4.1.9999...
  44. blackout_pt

    Thread Need noobish help with donut

    Hi and thanks for reading and answering. I've got an HTC Magic vodafone (google branded) and have yet to receive the OTA donut update (I live in Portugal). When I tried the manual install it fails saying that there's no signature blah blah blah. The phone isn't rooted and there's a CRC1 code...
  45. E

    Thread Vanilla Android 1.5/1.6 on HTC Hero howto needed

    After having used my Hero for 1 week now, I grew tired of the sense UI. I do not need the HTC widgets, or the keyboard/ custom contact lists or 7 homescreens. That is why I want to run the original vanilla 1.6/donut on my HTC Hero. I don't want any custom roms, because I trust that Google is...
  46. S

    Thread MyTouch 3G, One-Click Rooting doesn't work on Android 1.6

    I updated my MyTouch 3G a few days ago to v1.6. After learning about One-Click rooting, I decided to give it a shot and was greeted with a fAilure message everytime I pressed the backup button. I'm guessing it's because I've downloaded 1.6, so is there any way I can downgrade the phone to 1.5...
  47. cyanogen

    Thread [ROM] CyanogenMod - No, you can't have a pony (STABLE) [UPDATED 03/04 - v4.2.15.1]

    Now that the dust has settled, it's time for a new CM build.. This is a heavily modified version of AOSP 1.6 without the proprietary bits (which will back up your proprietary bits and restore them after installing the ROM). In order to get up and running the first time, you'll need to follow...
  48. C

    Thread [RDL] Sapphire Config files for rolling your own rom

    Hi Guys I have tried to put together my own config files for the sapphire, these go in the vendor/htc/sapphire directory after you have extracted the source by no means are they perfect but i hope they will start some fresh development...
  49. cyanogen

    Thread [ROM] CyanogenMod - This is Bat Country! (EXPERIMENTAL) [9/18 - v4.1.11.1]

    The purpose of this thread is to test out a new "experimental" series of ROMs. It is very possible that installing something from this thread will render your phone unusable. This build is picking up where 4.0.4 left off and will eventually become 4.2. This is Android 1.6 (Donut). Two rules...
  50. enomther

    Thread [ROM]Enomther's TheOfficial D/S - v2.14.2 - 12/28/2010

    Enomther's [ROM] TheOfficial Dream/Sapphire v2.14.2 Hell hath frozen over! ... see changelog in POST #2 for explanation on that ... This is an AOSP-2.2.1r1-FRG83 (froyo) build that supports EBI0, EBI1 and 2708 radio's/spl's for dream/sapphire. NOTE: Donut builds have been moved to posts 4-6...