1. NotGrendizer

    Thread Cat S62 - Help with Downgrade android version

    Hi,I just got Cat S62 Phone and I want downgrade to Android 10 Because 11 is too laggy foe this device. Can you give me any advice how should I do it? I can't find oem firmware for this device.
  2. I

    Thread Downgrading and unbricking Huawei P Smart using dload method

    If you can't downgrade your phone using HiSuite because you installed a custom ROM that HiSuite is incompatible with or you bricked your phone so hard that it only boots into erecovery, then this guide might be useful for you. This method may work on other Huawei phones as shown in this video...
  3. alii00

    Thread Downgrade A105F U8 (binary)

    Hello. I really really need to downgrade from A105FDDU8VH4 (Android 11) to android 9 pie. Its very laggy... I tried three times and iam preparing for the fourth time to try. Any suggestions?
  4. bglk56000

    Thread Any way to change the firmware on Huawei Nova 10 SE BNE-LX1

    I got this phone not too long ago and one thing that I hate is that I dont have google play so I am looking for any way to switch to another android rom or how to get harmony OS on EMUI 12 (I have tried to downgrade to EMUI 10 but I could not even downgrade to 11 cuz Hisuite will not show me any...
  5. yassineryo

    Thread (HELP) Galaxy A70 bad Performance

    Hello, Last week, my little brother got a used Samsung A70 phone. However, the phone's screen was changed due to damage to the original one. After using the phone, I noticed that it is somewhat slow, even though it has 6 GB of RAM and a Snapdragon 675 processor. The phone is almost empty of...
  6. Hello34

    Thread Downgrading to androide version 7

    HI! I want to downgrade my Androide 10 (SM-J600FN/DS) to androide 7.0, so I can root it and install a custum Firmware. However, This is my first time doing this and I Have no clue on how things work. Can sw. help me please? Also, Can you suggest custum roms?/ Does EvolutionX/PixelExpirience work...
  7. fernand0mart1n

    Thread S10 (SM-G973F) Android 12 OneUi 4 downgrade to Android 11

    Hello, i just joined. I read a lot of threads the past days regarding this topic. Sorry for posting another one but the thing is i have 2 GearVr headsets and i gifted my old s6 (which i used with one of the GearVrs) and the S10 which i prevented from upgrading to A12 but i did somehow because...
  8. E

    Thread SM-T555 downgrade / rollback from Nougat to Marshmallow

    is there a way to downgrade an SM-T555 from nougat 7.1.1 to marshmallow? I would really appreciate any hints... thanks in advance
  9. M

    Thread Question Is it impossible to downgrade S21-Ultra SM-G998U/SM-G998W variants?

    I apologize if this has been answered previously, but i could not find the answer properly as different sources have different answers but i understand this would be the best place to find the correct answer. From what i understand in october 2021 samsung introduced Rollback Prevention on...
  10. J

    Thread How to I downgrade from A12 to A11?

    Hi All, I have spent a long time sifting through the threads here which I can't really make head nor tails about. I have experience in reflashing old Nokia symbian devices back in the day so i'm not completely useless when it comes to these things but I just cant figure it out on Android. I have...
  11. edwinjavier504

    Thread return from android 11 to 9 Galaxy A105M

    Is there a flashable rom with twrp or something to go back to android 9, I use some apps that give problems in android 11 and since I have bit 8 it won't let me go back to android 9
  12. BloxetPL

    Thread How To Guide GO BACK TO MIUI [2 METHODS]

    1st METHOD SP Flash tool <----- (Download the latest version) MTK Auth Bypass <----- Necessary to do the 1st method MIUI roms <----- Download Fastboot ROM REQUIREMENTS: 1. Patience 2. Brain STEPS: Download software that is linked above Unpack both anywhere you want (you have to unpack...
  13. Peter Griffin

    Thread [GUIDE]- [HOW TO]- Downgrade SAMSUNG Galaxy S7/S7 edge to Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow

    - WARNING - This Guide is not failproof, if you do anything wrong with your device while following this guide, i won't be held responsible if you brick or hard damage your device. I insist about that but you must extract all of your data (Photos, Videos, Music, Apps, Accounts, Messages, ETC)...
  14. Alihero123

    Thread [Samsung] downgrade to android 9 Although different binary

    Hello everyone Is there any solution to downgrade my a750fn under android 10 and bootloader u5 to android 9 Found a problem in Android 10 I need Android 9 U5 Please help me . I searched a lot, I did not find I'm starting to lose hope Is there a solution or should I stop searching?
  15. kiyan_

    Thread Downgrading S20 FE 5G SM-G780G Android 13 One Ui 5.1 to Android 11

    hello i've never downgraded/flashed any firmware on this device before, so before i do something that might be fatal/result in bricking my phone i would like to ask is it possible to downgrade a S20 FE android 13 to android 11? while my one ui version is 5.1 i haven't updated the security patch...
  16. Lucifer_Dvl

    Thread Not Recognizing Sensors After Forced Reset. Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1 (X00TD) 6gb/64 gb

    Need help Please response I was having some problem with my max pro m1, so I gave my device to a mobile repair shop. He hard formatted my device and downgraded my device from Android 10 beta to Android Oreo. Then after receiving the device I checked my device and found out that most of the...
  17. Peter Griffin

    Thread TUTORIAL- How To- Downgrade To Lolipop 5.1.1, Galaxy S6 edge+ [UPDATED GUIDE]

    - WARNING - This Guide is not failproof, if you do anything wrong with your device while following this guide, i won't be held responsible if you brick or hard damage your device. I insist about that but you must extract all of your data (Photos, Videos, Music, Apps, Accounts, Messages, ETC)...
  18. j120975

    Thread How to downgrade s20 fe g780g

    Good afternoon and first off all sorry for my bad English. I have a s20fe and after an update my camera stop working. Mostly the front camera. The main cameras sometimes are working.After some months a new update was there and ooops ,the cameras are perfectly working. But my luck was only a few...
  19. f1cac2Tarty

    Thread How can i downgrade from 12 to 11/10?

    hi there, can someone help me to downgrade from Android 12 to 11/10. I already downloaded all the things such as stock rom ecc. but when I try to follow the procedure to start the flash "press vol + and vol - and then connect the cable", it seems working but then it shows the Oppo logo. am I...
  20. Nostii

    Thread [HELP] How to fix Kindle Fire HD 6 (2014) not booting after OTA?

    I was following a method on how to root Fire HD 6/7 (2014) models, and the method requires you to downgrade from FireOS 5.x to 4.5.3. I was able to flash FireOS 4.5.3, and another step required you to sideload KingRoot, but in order to use KingRoot, you need to connect to the internet, however I...
  21. Cthulhus

    Thread Question Downgrade from UI 5.1 to UI 5.0

    Good day all, I'm currently running the latest firmware update for the SM-S908W model One UI 5.1 Feb 2023. The notification icon pallet is driving me nuts and I know there are work arounds, but I am interested in downgrading from One UI 5.1 to One UI 5.0. Is simply flashing the stock firmware...
  22. V

    Thread Where to download older firmware?

    Hi there, not sure where to post this question (cuz I didn't find any general thread about general android) so I will post it here You see, I am looking for a specific firmware: because our carrier...
  23. augestx

    Thread Question Is there ANY way to Download Miui ROM?

    Miuies,mifirm and other pages show a error when you try to download this version. So is there any chance to download it?
  24. smiley9000

    Thread How to Downgrade Android Version in Samsung Devices if Device is in Higher Binery

    How to Downgrade Android Version in Samsung Devices if Device is in Higher Binery * Your warranty is now void. * I am not responsible for anything that may happen to your phone by installing any custom ROMs and/or kernels. * You do it at your own risk and take the responsibility upon yourself...
  25. İmparator-1

    Thread General Poco x3 Gt Downgrade. Miui to miui 12.5

    My phone is POCO X3 GT (Redmi Note 10 Pro 5G). It's been months since I got the phone. I got cold from the phone because of MIUI 13. The problems I am experiencing; scratchy sound on the other side, drop in PUBG, not holding the charge. The phone came with MIUI 13.0.1. The current miui...
  26. TomAver

    Thread Question I can't downgrade via Odin. Pls help!

    Hello. I want to downgrade my A22 5G from Android 13 to android 11. I found the firmware from 2 different webpages just to be safe (sam-mobile & SamFW) I did the whole proccess with odin and everytime i receive this message. <OSM> Enter CS for MD5.. <OSM> Check MD5.. Do not unplug the cable...
  27. ExileTM

    Thread [SM-N960N] [GUIDE] Install CustomROM DevBase Android 8.1.0 from Android 9 or 10!

    Welcome to this easy guide (only for SM-N960N) Time needed: 15 / 60min (depends on your internet connection) Ease of operation: Very easy Don't be fooled by the length of this guide ... the operations to be done are quick and easy. PREMISE: NB: I state immediately that this procedure does not...
  28. Moritz777

    Thread Question How Do I Permanently Downgrade System Apps

    Hello, I have bought this SM-T733 EUX (WIFI) and am currently trying to downgrade Samsung notes from to 3.3.1. I prefer this older version for simple sketches as Samsung has removed the ability to draw on a canvas in the newer versions. Penup exists but I prefer the simplicity of...
  29. MohammedAws

    Thread Need A Firmware Downgrade For My MatePad Pro(2019)

    Hello XDA, I need help downgrading my Huawei MatePad to EMUI, But I can't find any firmwares to downgrade it Can anyone provide me a download link for it? Device Model: MRX-W29 Code: C185 Thank you
  30. W

    Thread Root after downgrade to 11

    I inadvertently updated to A12. I'm not sure I like it and I'm thinking about downgrading back to OOS 11. I know it will wipe my phone, but will I also lose root and need to go through the rooting process again? I still have the last full OOS 11 update downloaded on my phone storage if it...
  31. R

    Thread [CLOSED] VIVO Y90 (1908) Test Point Method Downgrade | IMEI Repair File | Pattern Unlock Done | 2022

    Subscirbe my Youtube Channel. VIVO Y90 (1908) Test Point Method Downgrade | IMEI Repair File | Pattern Unlock Done | 2022 #VIVOY90 #PD1917 #Downgrade See this Video on YouTube Mod edit: YT link removed.
  32. HemanthJabalpuri

    Thread Downgrade to realme UI 1.0

    - Why downgrade? If you found that UI 2.0 is performing poor than UI 1.0 then it is better to downgrade for long run - Is it safe to use UI 1.0? Yes and No, if you use carefully then UI 1.0 is safe. Since UI 2.0 has 5th July 2022 Security(for C.13) patch comapred to 5th June 2021 (A.95) in UI...
  33. T

    Thread [Oneplus 8 Pro EU] DOwngrade from Oxygen 13 to Oxygen 11

    Hi guys, i recived an almost new Oneplus 8 Pro updated to the last versione of Oxygen 13 and i want to go back to the Oxygen 11. I downloaded the firmware from the official thread and i downloaded the .zip for the EU Version(IN2023). How can i install the firmware? Thourght the phone or via adb...
  34. C

    Thread How do I downgrade this tablet to Android 3.0.x?

    I need to develop for Android 3.0. I need a way to test the apps I am creating. I need a way to run Android 3.0 as I plan on having that be the minimum version of Android I want to support. Also, I bought this device for the fact that it was the first Android 3.0 tablet in existance, so it is...
  35. TheBen22

    Thread Downgrade Emui 11 to Emui 10

    Hi, since 2 Days i try do downgrade my Huawei p40 pro ELS-NX9. After reading many Threads i have now the Build number which could be downgrade. Now i try to flash and but nothing works. Every Tutorial to use Proxy failed because i can not install the HiSuite...
  36. S

    Thread Honor 9x (STK-LX3) | i needed help to downgrade from EMUI 10 to EMUI 9 or from EMUI 10 to Harmony OS

    Hi, I needed help from xda communities, i have 2 request or needed help with. I have a Honor 9x (STK-LX3) variant with EMUI 10 Build number ( 1. I would like to learn how to downgrade EMUI 10 to EMUI 9 but i dont know how to do it. 2. I would like to learn how to upgrade EMUI...
  37. P

    Thread Downgrade android version

    Hi. Right now I have miui 12.5 based on Android 10, I would like to flash a custom aosp rom based on Android 9, do I need to do a full downgrade to Android 9? or can I just flash it?
  38. M

    Thread VKY-L09 with (C432E7R1P9) Build to Nougat 7.x?

    Hello guys, I'm currently trying to find out, if there is a method to downgrade from Android 9 to 7 with stock firmware. I am not looking at any custom firmware. Has anyone tried and successfully done something like this before? Thanks for any advice. Cheers, Madhypo
  39. Arash2803

    Thread Downgrade Galaxy s10+ Binary 15 android 12 to android 11

    Hi guys, Sorry if it is a silly question but I have been trying to get the information with no results. I have a Samsung galaxy s10+ SM G975F... It is binary 15 and when I use Odin, I can get a newer binary than 14... I want to downgrade from Android 12 to 11... The Batery drain is insane...
  40. B

    Thread Question How to downgrade firmware?

    Hey, i updated my Xiaomi mi pad 5 to lastet miui version with android 12 and this update os terrible. How can i downgrade os ? Now I have MIUI GLOBAL 13.1.2 and i wants back to V13.0.6.0
  41. NigrumTredecim

    Thread [A320FL] Downgrade Android 8 to 6.0.1

    So i just succeded in downgrading my A3 by flashing boot.img and system.img through OrangeFox recovery, theres not much more to it(and magic probably). The phone initially didn't boot and just bootlooped not even showing the boot animation only the A3 screen then i let it sit in my backpack for...
  42. J

    Thread [CLOSED] Downgrading Android/Samsung

    Hi, Hi! I need to switch from a Samsung Galaxy S22 that I've used for a month, back to my prior phone, an S9 (forget about how I ended up in this situation, just trust me on this). How do I manage switching phones in the downgrade direction (as opposed to the standard, which is the upgrade...
  43. 4

    Thread Question Downgrade from latest Android 12 to Android 11 without root / unlocking bootloader

    I have Zenfone 8 with latest Android 12 (WW-31.1010.0411.113). I would like to downgrade to Android 11. On the site: there's: "ZenFone 8 (ZS590KS) Software downgrade from Android 12 to target Image Version: WW-
  44. P

    Thread Question How to update rooted Nothing Phone 1?

    Hello. I've been snooping this forum for a while, and so i rooted my Nothing Phone 1. However it was back when 1.1.0 was a thing and didn't update to newer versions (mainly because of it's reviews). However recently i've been hearing positive feedback on 1.1.3 version and so i decided to give it...
  45. D

    Thread [MOD][XPOSED][12-13] Let Me Downgrade - Add support for downgrading apps on Android 12 and 13.

    Let Me Downgrade Android's app installation system does not allow users to downgrade to an older version of an app when they already have a newer version installed. Let Me Downgrade is an Xposed module for Android 12 and 13 that enables users to bypass this restriction. As an added bonus, Let Me...
  46. pilsudski

    Thread J330F downgrade

    Hi. I accidently updated my J3 to android 9 and since then, the phone works like my old Samsung S4 mini. Everything is lagging, in short phone is just unusable. I know that trying to downgrade via odin you get anti rollback protection because of the bootloader so is there any other way how to...
  47. X

    Thread How to downgrade Samsung A23 Android 12 to Android 10 ?

    After look here and other forums, didn't found the answer or the right way to do so. What is the best way to downgrade A23 from Android 12 back to Android 10? Is it possible? if so, how?
  48. kaydenpmd

    Thread Question Downgrading to Android 11 by switching slots?

    Hey, I'm trying to downgrade my phone so I can use Lineage. I only have access to Linux and can't get Virtualbox to work, so I'm pretty sure MSM tool is out of the question. I've updated my phone to Oxygen 12, but Oxygen 11 is still in the other slot. I did try switching slots to get on Android...
  49. G

    Thread How to really downgrade Galaxy S6 SM-G920F firmware from 7.0 to 5.0.2/5.1.1/6.0.1?

    Hello I've been reading forums and downloading files for days. Many of the links in the posts no longer work. Posts are 5 years and older. There are no new ones. At least not one that actually works. Downgrade I mean. That's why I wrote this question and I'm asking for help - how to really...
  50. C

    Thread Question Dowgrading back to MIUI 12.5

    MIUI 13 is a huge disappointment for me. It's stuttery, sluggish, way slower and dark mode practiacally broken with a lot of apps. Read through forums to find a way to downgrade but I'm still confused. I don't want to unlock my bootloader just to downgrade my phone. All I want is to downgrade...