1. Winchester316

    Thread Downgrade/Re-Flash Honor 4C with a P8 Lite Marshmallow ROM installed

    Hi XDA! I'm stock with an issue about my Huawei Honor 4C device that's currently installed in a P8 Lite Marshmallow ROM. I'm trying to downgrade my device through UPDATE.APP from SDCARD but without success it failed to flash the firmware. Sadly it isn't rooted or unlocked bootloader therefore I...
  2. Mrrcomp

    Thread Chinese Knock Off Downgrade Options??

    Hi Recently Purchased a chepo Chinese Knock Off . Has Android 11 Basebank MTK6983 Kernel 3.4.67 [email protected] #1 Wed Mar 23 09:47:28 CST 2022 I can't install alot of apps that run on my Samsung (Android 7) So was thinking to try and Downgrade it?? Suggestions? Remarks? Warnings? Tutorials ...
  3. Daniel7689

    Thread Downgrade LOS 19.1 to stock Android 9?

    Hello, I would like to downgrade LineageOS 19.1 to stock Android 9. My software version, based on what imei check says, is "kane_reteu-user9PSA29.97-37c8dbrelease-keys". And my country is BG, if it matters.
  4. D

    Thread Question Question-Help || Backup phone to pc for downgrade

    Hello all! Hope that's the right place to post that question i want to downgrade my phone from android 12 to android 11 (Asus rog phone 5) because it's very unstable. i read on the google site that the google auto-backup doesn't support downgrading, so i need a recommendation for software from...

    Thread [ROM/TUTORIAL] How to downgrade Samsung galaxy s7 to android 7

    USE AT OWN RISK * Your warranty is now void. * We are not responsible for anything that may happen to your phone by installing any custom ROMs and/or kernels. * You do it at your own risk and take the responsibility upon yourself and you are not to blame us or XDA and its respected developers. *...
  6. K

    Thread Downgrade to OS11 failing

    Hello! first thanks for reading I'm having problem downgrading my Oneplus 8T, model KB2005. Some weeks ago I upgraded my system and I've been trying to downgrade since then, because I like os 11 more. I've following this guide (downloaded the EU version and the APK) installed it on my phone...
  7. Eliliyah

    Thread Need to Disable ARB to Downgrade Mi A3 to Q with A/B Partitioning

    Hey guys! I’m trying to downgrade my Mi A3 to A10 without tripping ARB. I want to do this so I can flash MIUI 12.5 while maintaining the device’s original A/B partitioning scheme. I’ve done everything I can possibly think of, but I end up in EDL every time. Methods I have tried that do not...
  8. L

    Thread [Moto G8 XT2045-1] How to enter EDL when phone died?

    Hello, there! I recently bought a XT2045-1 and wanted to install a custom ROM. Bellow are the results of the fastboot get_var all when the phone had it bootloader still locked: Searching XDA, I've found that all SOFIAR ROMs require that the phone has Android 10 installed. As my phone already...
  9. S

    Thread SM-G960f downgrade security patch

    Hi, im trying to downgrade the security patch version (currently 1 nov 2021). Now im reading mixed info about this, so say its possible some say it isn't. can anyone tell me if its possible and if so how to achieve it? I tried flashing it with ODIN but without succes, its stuck at the...
  10. M

    Thread What would happen if i used dd to overwrite bl with samsung?

    I have galaxy j7 prime 2 (SM-G611F) which run with Android 9 with S3 bootloader and I was trying to downgrade to Android 7.1 with U1 bootloader which fail even If bootloader is unlocked because of samsung restrictions, so I was thinking about rooting the device with magisk (or use a custom...
  11. D

    Thread [Downgrade] Downgrading Fire HD8 7th Generation from FireOS to

    Hello. I've just dug my Fire HD8 from out of my closet, and I've heard one can install LineageOS on a HD8. [1][2] In the second link, it seems the user used, so I'm wondering how to downgrade this Fire running (build 659658220, date July 21 2021, 2:46 AM) to so I can...
  12. ExileTM

    Thread Downgrade from Android 12 to Android 10?

    Hello everyone. On YouTube I saw some videos where it was possible to activate the 120Hz frequency on the screen. I had already tried it when I had Android 11 mounted on the phone, but it didn't work. So, since I have now updated to Android 12, and to be honest, I don't like that much, I...
  13. M

    Thread Downgrading G611F to a lower bootloader

    Hello, i was trying to downgrade my phone from OneUI (Android 9) to samsung experience (Android 7) on G611F because latest version makes the device too slow for me and also i like samsung experience more than OneUI but seems that even when bootloader is unlocked it can't be downgraded from S3 to...
  14. Tony Stark

    Thread General [GUIDE][UNBRICK] Realme 8 Unbrick/Upgrade/Downgrade [RMX3085]

    Hello everyone! So after the new MediaTek DAA and SLA protection bypasses you can find GitHub repo of here , using the bypass we are able to use SPFlash Tool, here is a guide how you can do it! This guide is for RMX3085 (Realme 8) ONLY. DON'T DO ANY OF THESE IF YOU HAVE SOMETHING ELSE! ALWAYS...
  15. Lucifer✓

    Thread Mi Mix 2S first root Magisk and TWRP

    Hi XDA members, I want to know step by step for those someone expert on rooting devices please do help me. I just found an article from droid thunder that it's possible to root device without pc. And the root that article suggest is Kingoroot can I replace it with Magisk? Hope someone can help...
  16. Jabrone123

    Thread Question Device Admin on Samsung A7 tab Lite for VMware work space One

    Hi, I recently bought an A7 lite for office work. However, I need to use the VMware Workspace One intelligent Hub to access office resources. The app needs device admin, since my org hasn't set up Android for work yet. But device admin was disabled in Android 10+. Is there anyway I can...
  17. L

    Thread Can't flash anything to Pixel C with `fastboot flash`, and fwtool is nowhere to be found

    This is driving me nuts. I am trying (without success) to install LineageOS on my Pixel C. As a first step, I am trying to install TWRP. I have enabled Developer Mode, and the bootloader is unlocked. However, attempting to flash TWRP (or anything else) yields results like this: The actual...
  18. MolhodeSoja

    Thread I need some advice to downgrade my Galaxy A10S [A107M]

    First I want to know if it's worth the risk, because the last time I've rooted a device was a moto g2 back in 2015, and afaik Galaxy devices are easy to brick. I want to do it because Android 11 it's a mess and bad optimized to A10S. Since the last update my phone just got worse, and since a...
  19. Danko623

    Thread Downgrade Android 10 to 8 | Samsung Galaxy J6 (J600FN)

    Hello, I wanted to downgrade android 10 to 8 but it doesnt work it shows me error in odin. So i wanted to ask you if i can downgrade my phone or not. My build number: QP1A.190711.020.J600FNXXUACUH1
  20. omoiyume

    Thread WIFI Not working, cant downgrade

    Hi, my phone stopped recognizing phone and wifi suddenly, i tried erasing persist like I saw on a tutorial and now sim works, wifi wont enable since it doesnt have MAC, (02:00:00...). I saw here: that...
  21. tanto124

    Thread GUIDE - Single SIM WHL Downgrade with RUU Decrypt Tool

    Disclaimer: I do not take responsibility for your bricked device. Try it at your own risk. Notice: This guide is written mainly with these references: Golv's Reply under Thread "NEW link add ...HTC U11 RUU 3.31.401.1 Dual sim" paulpier007's GUIDE for Downgrading using HTC DevInfo Tool...
  22. E

    Thread Trying to downgrade from Android 12 to 11 but Pixel keeps changing the USB setting when it reboots into the bootloader

    As the title implies, I'm trying to flash Android 11 to my brother's Pixel 3 because he didn't like Android 12. I've trying manually doing it with the ADB tools and with Google's browser flashing thing. The phone has USB debugging and OEM unlock on as well as the USB behavior set to File...
  23. itsjake95

    Thread Question Hypothetical question about reverting (or downgrading to android 10) to android 11 stock rom from android 11 (custom rom)

    Hello friends, so like the title says, this is purely hypothetical and for learning purposes. What would the process be for me revert back to stock ROM if, taking into consideration that I had flashed a 'no OSS' firmware then installed a custom rom with android 11. Consider that I already have...
  24. A

    Thread Firmware, CSC and Samsung

    Hello, I wanted to ask a few questions After a firmware flash with XPG CSC code for example is it possible to change the CSC code to THL and vice versa? Is there really any way to lower firmware to a lower version? If so, what file / path do I need to do this? what is the differences between...
  25. badmania98

    Thread [badmania98] Huawei P40 (Lite, Pro, Plus) Guides, News, Discussion & Support

    Hello! Because I answered to the same questions on different threads, I decided to create this thread, where I will provide my experience to you, in one place. The followings messages (2-7) contain all major info and tutorials links from this thread. All solutions/tutorials are related to the...
  26. iplux

    Thread Downgrading from One UI 2.5 to the original 2018 Samsung Experience firmware?

    Hello, I seem to be getting lost. The more i read, the less i understand. My battery life is getting worse and worse. I replaced it last year at Samsung's repair centre without much noticeable difference. I've tried factory resetting it, I've tried everything, its just not as it used to be. I...
  27. N

    Thread SM-N960F Note 9 Downgrade

    Hey, I have a Note 9. When I updated the firmware (from custom rom, so there is no warranty), I've got the green screen problem, so I want to downgrade it. I'm not intrested about "it's impossible" comments, because it's a software, everything has to be possible. So, I have binary version 9, I...
  28. E

    Thread Downgrading from Android 11

    Hello there. Some time ago I decided to go from Paranoid Android 10 (Quartz) to Pixel Experience+ (Android 11) I've noticed that my phone is lagging while scrolling web pages and also PDF files and when trying to switch apps. The apps switching lag happens when I press recents, it takes like...
  29. LuciferUD

    Thread Can we still downgrade software in Samsung Phones?

    Hi, Saw on a Reddit thread that Samsung has updated the RP (Rollback Prevention) Fuse version of Knox in latest updates, so we can't downgrade software if we are using the latest updates. Is this true? If so, to what extent? Is this device specific or region specific? Can someone provide some...
  30. P

    Thread How to Backup/dump firmware and webui from Huawei e8372h-153 to a file and downgrade/restore it on another device of the same type

    I am a very happy owner of Huawei e8372h-153 that has firmware version and much less happy owner of similar device that has firmware version 21.333.03.00.00 I am looking to downgrade the 21.333.03.00.00 to Is there a linux based way to dump firmware (and...
  31. LuciferUD

    Thread Can we still downgrade software on Samsung mobile devices?

    Hi, Saw on a reddit thread that Samsung has updated the RP (Rollback Prevention) Fuse version of Knox in latest updates, so we can't downgrade software if we are using the latest updates. Is this true? If so, to what extent? Is this device specific or region specific? Can someone provide some...
  32. Q

    Thread is it possible to downgrade SM-G950F?

    Hello, Is there a way to dowgrade the bootloader of SM-G950F with stock fw G950FXXUCDUD1 to further flash a stock fw Android 8? - flashing a downgraded bl with twrp? - with "combination" fw? - with a modified stock bl flashed with Odin? ...? Thank you!
  33. shayanjojo123

    Thread downgrade to A9

    I downloaded several versions of Android 9 and 10 and checked the anti-rollback row, they were all zero, but my device's anti-rollback is one . it is mean, I can not downgrade to any lower version if I update my device to A11?
  34. S

    Thread MDZ-16-AB Mi Box 3 - Downgrade to Android 9 help please

    Hi folks I'm reading the guide on how to downgrade my Mi Box and getting a little stuck. I can boot into recovery mode fine - that works. If I turn on USB debugging in the interface, I can adb to the box using USB A to USB A - that works. I load the firmware image into the USB burning tool...
  35. S

    Thread RM5G Android 11 7.60 to Custom Rom

    Greetings everybody! I recently got an android update to 7.60, which made the phone less worse, but didn´t cut all of the problems i had. After some new installations, I got sick of this firmware and decided to unlock the bootloader and switch to a custom rom. Unfortunately I am not able to...
  36. G

    Thread Question How to downgrade Android version from 12 beta 1 to 11

    Hi, Does anyone know how to revert to android 11 from beta 12?
  37. N

    Thread Can you flash AP that is from another region/country?

    I have the newest firmware for my S7 (Germany DBT). I want to downgrade to android 7. If I flashed AP file from greece, would it work?
  38. tsolignani

    Thread Downgrade from

    Hallo everybody. I have a tab s3 with Android 9, firmware T825XXU3CTA1, and I hate it, too slow. I would like to downgrade it to Android 8 or, if possible, even better to 7. I boughy it via Amazon Italy Which firmware should I download and, if I may, where can I? I wouldn't like to root...
  39. S

    Thread Downgrade Realme 6 Pro to Android 10 not working

    I tried to downgrade to Android 10 in my Realme 6 pro by official methods but when I try it says 'the current version is newer than the installed version'. This method is working fine with some other Realme devices but not mine. I real reason I want to downgrade my Realme 6 pro is because I...
  40. noob_coder

    Thread Unable to find lower combination file to downgrade to android 10 for my s20+....!!!

    Ok. I have read multiple forums and watched couple of videos about downgrading Stock Rom from higher to a previous version. That needs some kind of Bootloader Binary Downgrade as well. In my case, my ODIN gives me error that Device 7 Binary 5. According to the videos, they were using the same...
  41. J

    Thread Downgrade mi 10t from A11 to A10

    Hi im using indian version. I'd like to downgrade mi 10t to a10. Before i want to know whether downgrading from a11 to a10 will mess up Persist and break the sensors or not. If yes then please tell how to prevent that
  42. hre9271

    Thread how to downgrade from miui 12.0.4 global to miui 11 global

    i update phone to miui 12.0.4 global every thing are good but when i use few hours with phone network my phone show error with overheating so i want to downgrade to miui 11 golbal if you know please help me step by step thx everyone 😍😍
  43. L

    Thread Build BUC1 has blocked the downgrade to Android 10

    I upgraded my tablet to BUC1 a few days ago via Odin. Recently I was thinking about downgrading to ATK3 to see if GSIs behave better with Android Q vendors, only to find out that it's not possible anymore. Starting from BUC1 build, the SW REV value has been incremented to 2 from 1 which...
  44. RON4LD7

    Thread [Firmware][Android 9][Moto G8+][No-Official Installation]

    Disclaimer: I'm not the one who build this method I just wanna share the only way I found to downgrade this phone to android stock. I'm not responsible for any brick or bad use you may have with your phone. Requirements: * Bootloader Unlocked * Motorola Drivers Installed on your PC. * USB...
  45. digheaditya67

    Thread Downgrading Samsung Galaxy S8 using ODIN by deleting .bin files & not tripping KNOX

    ( Main question below at the end in Bold Italic ) ...... So here's what happened. I was using ( probably Sept 2020 ) Security Patch on my phone and everything was well. Then there were 2 software updates from Samsung, both were security updates. I initially didn't upgrade to October...
  46. S

    Thread Rollback from OOS11(Android 11) to OOS10 (Android10) Oneplus 7

    Hi, Have recently updated to Android 11 via Stable android update and I am looking for any way to go back to Android 10 via any means necessary. Have already made backups, can not root and unlock bootloader. Any help is appreciated.
  47. O

    Thread Need help with downgrading to One UI 2.5

    Cheers. I'll try to be specific. I have absolute minimum experience in this kinda stuff. Just today my tablet received an update which I readily installed only to regret it later (I liked One UI 2.5 better), and so I went to search for info on how I can downgrade it. The guide I came across...
  48. brokenpotato

    Thread Bricked my Mate 10 lite (RNE-L21) with wrong twrp

    I am new here and this was my first time actually trying any of this. I have my bootloader code, if that helps. Phone turns on to erecovery mode if powered on normally. Running erecovery downloaded and installed RNE-L21 It then asked me to Factory reset, after which it booted...
  49. M

    Thread Problem in downgrade note 9 pro international joyuse codename

    Hi When I bought my phone it was on 12.01 miui I want downgrade my phone to miui 11 I unlocked my bootloader Then i download miui 11 fastboot rom and flash it with mi flash tools and it write green succed But after flashing when phone going to turn on it will restart on redmi again and again...
  50. R

    Thread Where do I find firmware to downgrade a samsung s7 edge G935FXXU2DRC6 ?

    Hi, I'm trying to find firmware to downgrade a samsung s7 edge G935FXXU2DRC6 but have no luck finding it. As I understand it, the firmware needs to be SWREV U2 since the current software is U2 ? I have found U1 version software but not U2. When I try to apply U1 software using Odin it fails. Thanks!