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    Thread [Android 10][Stable] OOS 10.0.2 Installation/update guide with root + download!

    Android 10 stable installation/update guide with root + more! DO NOT INSTALL ON THE TMOBILE VARIENT OR DATA WILL BE BROKEN *Data will be deleted if you install it on another region, be carefull!* Android 10.0.2 OOS Stable OP7Pro (Global) download. Android 10.0.2 OOS Stable OP7Pro (EU)...
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    Thread Android N DP5 no OTA

    So I recently signed up for the Beta Program (a second time) and I let it download (what i assumed would be DP5) Android N. I went ahead and let it install, everything went smoothly as expected. Once it installed and booted, i checked to see what Build it installed and it was DP4. I did the...