1. TheNicholasNick

    Thread 2022-12: ArrowOS works - go use that

    FYI for anyone that hasn't been around for a while (last time I checked in and bothered installing something new was 2020-04 so...) Been away for a while cause got stuck in the pin /pattern unlock bootloop easy fix (i knew it was this easy just couldn't find it for a while) twrp > terminal > rm...
  2. L

    Thread Can't flash anything to Pixel C with `fastboot flash`, and fwtool is nowhere to be found

    This is driving me nuts. I am trying (without success) to install LineageOS on my Pixel C. As a first step, I am trying to install TWRP. I have enabled Developer Mode, and the bootloader is unlocked. However, attempting to flash TWRP (or anything else) yields results like this: The actual...
  3. followmsi

    Thread [ROM][UNOFFICIAL][crDroidAndroid-12.1][v8.10][dragon] -> 2022-10-20

    *** Disclaimer I am not responsible for any damage you made to your device You have been warned crDroid is designed to increase performance and reliability over stock Android for your device also attempting to bringing many of the best features existent today...
  4. followmsi

    Thread [ROM][UNOFFICIAL][PixelExperience][9.0][dragon] -> 20190624 (DISCONTINUED)

    DISCONTINUED Pls find my last builds .. https://androidfilehost.com/?w=files&flid=289293 Pls find new PE builds here .. https://forum.xda-developers.com/pixel-c/development/rom-thread-title-2019-08-25-t3961148 Thanks to tschmid for taking over PE ! PixelExperience What is this? Pixel...
  5. followmsi

    Thread [ROM][UNOFFICIAL][AICP][14.0][dragon] -> 20190213 (DISCONTINUED)

    DISCONTINUED Sorry .. due to limited time I have stopped this ROM. Pls find the last downloads here .. https://androidfilehost.com/?w=files&flid=289293 Thanks for understanding .. Android Ice Cold Project - Pie aicp_dragon_p-14.0-UNOFFICIAL-20190213.zip Known issues: - Encryption seems not...
  6. shyamprakash

    Thread Dbrand on OnePlus 5T

    Hi, Has anybody in this forum ordered and received Dbrands skin for OP5t. Please share the images with the Skin. BTW i have ordered dragon skin for my OP5t..Will share pics once i receive and apply the skin.
  7. followmsi

    Thread [ROM][UNOFFICIAL][LineageOS][19.1][dragon] -> 2023-01-11

    LineageOS 19.1 Android 12 lineage-19.1-20230111-UNOFFICIAL-dragon.zip Known issues: - Camera is not working yet. - SELinux is permissive. - Our "old" Nivida codecs do have problems to play videos in Chrome-based browsers. (Rename or remove /vendor/lib/libnvomx.so and reboot system to...
  8. followmsi

    Thread [ROM][AOSP][dragon] -> [9.0.0_r31_PQ2A.190205.001] -> 02-2019 (DISCONTINUED)

    DISCONTINUED Sorry .. due to limited time I have stopped all my AOSP projects. Pls find the last AOSP downloads here .. https://androidfilehost.com/?w=files&flid=289293 Thanks for understanding .. It's AOSP time for Pixel C ... Android Pie ...
  9. followmsi

    Thread [RECOVERY][TWRP][dragon]

    April 1, 2017 .. and it's not an April Fools' Day Joke --> TWRP for Pixel C is official now ! https://twrp.me/google/googlepixelc.html I would like to continue this thread for publishing test builds and other troubleshooting. Once the changes are stable and tested I will merge them into...
  10. whipps

    Thread Galaxy Note 4 Air Command Themes

    These are some themes for the Galaxy Note 4 Air Command on LP 5.1.1 that I made and thought I would share. I will update from time to time because we are always changing the themes on our phones. Just flash zip file in recovery and then enjoy. I will post screen shots when I get home. You...
  11. T

    Thread [GAME][2.3+] Squareboy vs Bullies - An old school beat 'em up

    Hello folks, I just released my new game, Squareboy vs Bullies, last night onto the Play Store! It's an old school beat 'em up about fighting back against bullies. It's got pixel art graphics, retro chiptune like music and a fun storyline to go along with the time tested beat 'em up gameplay...
  12. L

    Thread Obscure chinese tablet (Dragon Touch y88x) that I'd love to root, but no luck!

    This is a lovely little tablet for the price that I paid. It would of course be much cooler if I could get root access to it. Google hasn't turned up much help, and I have tried a ton of "one click" type solutions. I can't get the ADB driver for it anywhere either. Windows update, of course...
  13. B

    Thread [Game] [3.0+] Dragon Slayer : Reign of Fire

    Do you love dragons? Wanna kill some? Lets begin... Dragon Slayer : Reign of Fire is an action packed, exciting, and addictive 3D first person game. Download the game from Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.thoughtshastra.dragonslayer The skies have become red...
  14. M

    Thread [Q] I have bricked my Dragon Touch A1X tablet. How do I get it up and running again?

    I purchased a Dragon Touch A1X 10.1" in hope of rooting and learning about flashing roms. I think I didn't realize how out of my depth that I am in. Right now when I power on my device it shows the dragon touch logo for a few moments and then goes straight to an animated Android waving at me...
  15. Danation

    Thread [MOD][XPOSED] SwypeTweaks v1.5.1 [10 September, 15] [Not Actively Developed]

    Update Feb 19, 2017: Hey guys. I know it's been forever since I posted. I keep thinking I'll eventually get back to working on this, but it just hasn't happened. The problem is time and patience. Digging through disassembled code is tedious and very time consuming, so I haven't been able to...
  16. M

    Thread [Q] Dragon Assistant compatible? is X a 2 yr phone?

    Does the Nuance Dragon Assistant work with the Moto X? Are we locked into using the Google Now if we want to talk with the X? Google is awesome, but Nuance has been working with speech recognition a long time. And they have programs out for Windows PCs. I know talking to a Jarvis is still a...
  17. S

    Thread [Q] Partial Wakelock - AudioIn_167F

    Based on the Partial Wakelock function of BetterBatteryStats, I'm getting the most partial wakelock drain from AudioIn_167F. Google seems to have nothing on this and neither does this forum. I recently installed the Dragon App and I wonder if this wakelock is caused by the program listening...
  18. aagames

    Thread [game][free][2.1+] Drago Pet - a 3D dragon

    Hello everyone! We are A&A Games and we would like to present you Drago Pet - a 3D Pet simulator! The game was released in July 2011 and now it celebrates over 2 milion of installations in 212 countries all over the world! This is why we would like to invite you all to play Drago Pet...
  19. C

    Thread [GAME][FREE] Lumigon v1.1 (Now available for Google Play!)

    Now available for Android (FREE)! Get it here! - http://bit.ly/SFJ4dP Get ready to explore a whole new wonderland in this cute and fun filled adventure! Tag along with Pina and her adorable dragon Purumi, as they venture into the wild and mysterious world of Vanster. Collect moon fragments...
  20. sacksyboy

    Thread [Q] Dragon Go!

    Has anyone been able to successfully load this on their HTC Sensation? It shows not compatible with my device through the android app store. Is there a direct download that is compatible with my phone (signature below)?
  21. K

    Thread Tiny Dragon [Game]

    Hi! I´m making an game called Tiny Dragon and it´s pretty much like the Tiny Wings on iOS. I have already done all th artwork and sprites the game needs but the problem I´m having is that I don´t know how to code, So I thought that I might find someone who could be intrested in this and could...
  22. A

    Thread [Q] 4g to 4g slide, no more "dragon keyboard" = no BT headset dictation?

    Greetings, I just upgraded from a 4g to a 4g slide, and noticed a big feature now missing. On the Mytouch 4g, you had 3 keyboards "Dragon", "Swipe", and "Touch". The Dragon Dictation keyboard was most useful as when driving, you could simply touch the dictation button, which would connect to...
  23. D

    Thread [APP] Dragon Ball Episode Guide [05-21-11] [V] 2.0

    Dragon Ball Episode Guide Just as the name suggests, this app is a tool for looking up information about the episodes of the anime, Dragon Ball. At this point, it just includes summaries of the first "saga" or "story arc." It still has a ways to go, but once summer hits, I'll have much more...
  24. TrueBlue_Drew

    Thread [APP] Genius Button for CM7

    For those people that enjoy the use of the Genius button and Dragon Dictation. This is the Genius button app that came stock with Espresso Froyo put into a flashable zip. It was taken from the Espresso Sense Rom and has been confirmed working on CM7. I have also included the app called Button...
  25. buru898

    Thread [THEME]!*Blue Tribal Dragon* *Blue Simple* Sense/Manila 2.5 Theme!

    I decided to post in the general themes since this is for any WVGA device with Sense 2.5 (not sure if certain versions are/aren't compatible). Hey everyone this is my VERY first theme and first contribution but I'm pretty alright with Photoshop and was very disappointed with the Sense 2.5...
  26. buru898

    Thread [Relocated]!*Blue Tribal Dragon* Sense/Manila 2.5 Theme!

    I decided to put the download info on the general WM themes section for other people to use.
  27. J

    Thread [Q] Dragon dictation on captivate

    I apologize if this has been asked before but I couldn't find an answer by searching. Is there anyway we can get the dragon dictation keyboard from the my touch 3g slide (or similar) on to the captivate? I am rooted and side load enabled so that isn't the problem. I downloaded MT3GS rom dump...
  28. J

    Thread HTC HD2 / Leo on a US carrier now?

    Hello Everyone, I was curious as I cannot find a definitive answer to this. Looking at the specs page on HTC (http://www.htc.com/uk/product/hd2/specification.html), it appears that this phone would possibly be usable on a US carrier. I am wondering if using the method in the link below might...