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  1. S

    Thread DrawPortal beta : draw together online and have fun

    Stuck home? Can't visit the family this holiday season? DrawPortal is a great way to get together online. Draw and have fun! As we are currently in open beta please search for DrawPortal in the PlayStore. Reporting problems and bugs is easy with links in the App information menu. Thank you and...
  2. TiTiB

    Thread Notes App Alternative?

    Does anyone know of a good alternative to the built-in Notes app? It works fine but I don't like using Samsung's apps if I there is an alternative. I'm also going to try out some third party drawing and painting apps, so I'm open for suggestions there to. Thanks
  3. C

    Thread [APP/GAME] [ARCore] PaintAR - 3D Augmented Reality Drawing

    Hi everyone, I'd like let you know about my ARCore app/game called PaintAR. It's for painting/drawing/sculpting in augmented reality! Your device needs to support ARCore. Download link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.NoahAR.PaintAR I would love your feedback, questions...
  4. wanderer1479

    Thread Mandala Coloring Book

    Take a look at magnificent collection of illustrations that awesome Mandala Coloring Book application offers you, and get ready for hours of coloring that are going to relax you and make you forget about your problems. This fabulous application gives you the ability to do what you love, without...
  5. psyckoze

    Thread Which Stylus Pen should I get?

    Hi people, It has been 4 months since I bought my OP3T. I tweaked and tested a lot. Now I am ready for the daily usage. I like drawing so much and I want to use my OP3T for drawing. The question is; Which Stylus Pen should I get? What are the differences? I need some help about this. :)
  6. ergsan

    Thread [APP][4.2+] Sketch Artist - Draw on Painting

    Get SketchArtist in the Google Play Store : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ergsap.sketchartist Discover and learn by drawing on greatest artworks collections and your photos! SketchArtist is an innovative art drawing app for art-lovers. Learn drawing, sketching from...
  7. ergsan

    Thread [APP][4.2+] Sketch Artist – Draw on Painting

    Get SketchArtist in the Google Play Store : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ergsap.sketchartist Discover and learn by drawing on greatest artworks collections and your photos! SketchArtist is an innovative art drawing app for art-lovers. Learn drawing, sketching from...
  8. H

    Thread [Completed] Android tablet that supports pressure senstivity for drawing?

    HI I am interested in buying a 8-9 inch tablet that supports pressure sensitity throught the screen or a stylus. I know about Galaxy Note. However Samsung does not seem to offer a 8inch model that supports Spen. What Android devices are out there that supports pressure sensitivity? I tried...
  9. P

    Thread [APP|LAUNCHER] Kid Starter - launcher for kids!

    I'm developing child-friendly launcher. It should keep your children occupied for a few minutes so you can do your stuff :) Kids have access to multiple screens where they can draw, browse photos, watch preselected YouTube content and even launch preselected apps. All that in child-friendly...
  10. S

    Thread [App][Free] My First Drawing for Kids

    Hello, I make this thread to present you My First Drawing for Kids a simple and efficient drawing application for your Kids freely available here on Google Play Store : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ssaurel.myfirstdrawing My First Drawing for Kids is the ideal first...
  11. B

    Thread [Q] Help a newbie out !

    Well, I've been drawing for a long time on pc with a wacom and would like to go portable. Before the announcement of Shield I was going for a Galaxy Note 8 but since this is cheaper and better in performance-wise, Would you recommend for drawing ?:confused: I mean could it replace my wooden...
  12. S

    Thread [App] Tiny Paint

    Hello, I make that thread to present you a simple and efficient drawing application named Tiny Paint freely available on Google Play Store here : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ssaurel.tinypaint Tiny Paint lets you pick a color, choose your brush size and purposes some...
  13. T

    Thread [Q] Best Touch screen Tablet as a Drawing Tablet

    I haven't looked around lately, cause of school, but I'd like to know what would be the best touch screen tablet or laptop that can be used for drawing? I'd like one that has some great features and sensitivity like the actually digitizers. I'm not really worried about the programs for there are...
  14. I

    Thread [FREE] Kids Easy Drawing

    Description Kids Easy Drawing is designed for kids,so they can learn to draw without Adult Supervision. There are Many Pictures as your kids will enjoy tracing and coloring it. This Brings out the artist hidden in your kids. Each Drawing divided in Many Steps and it easy to draw. Features: * 2...
  15. GimliStudio

    Thread [GAME][2.2+][FREE] Pony Coloring Book

    Download Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=air.com.ploomsoft.ponycoloringbook Description Description With our Pony Coloring Book your child will spend a great many hours at 47 the high quality pictures with pony. Large buttons and intuitive tools make great joy of painting...
  16. D

    Thread [APP] Draw Your Notes

    ScreenShots: This application will help you create notes with reminders quickly and easily! This simple and easy application - just a few moves and a mini memo set! You can choose the date and time reminders. You can select the sound or vibration to your discretion. Are also available, some...
  17. N

    Thread The Animal Pond (kids) Story Apps For Kids

    Description:- If you and your kids love stories and storytelling, this is the ebook for you! The Animal Pond is an educational storytelling, drawing and colouring app for kids and children, and helps them: • Read a story • Learn words • Read sentences • Identify shapes • Draw freehand and...
  18. Wardyboyo

    Thread Post your art.

    Did a quick search and didn't find a thread, sorry if there already is! Anyone on here the artsy type? If so, I think we should have a place to share, or just enjoy our art. Anything from sculptures, objects and fancy diy to painting, drawings and digital. I wanna see that we're not all just...
  19. O

    Thread [Game][2.2+] deScribe, a Pictionary-Telephone style game.

    Hello fellow XDA members! Back in December I published my first app to the Play store. I have since had some time to do a few updates and have pushed a new version today. I would very much appreciate some feedback if you have any. ------------ The game is called deScribe. It is similar in...
  20. Robdyx

    Thread App for engineering classes

    First of all, tomorrow I'm getting my N8010 so, hello people! Now, I'm an engineering student and I want to use my new toy for my classes, so I need an app which does this: S-Pen compatible, of course (why would I want a note if not?) As many pencils/erasers and so on for handwritting...
  21. fvig2001

    Thread [Q] Looking for certain features in drawing apps

    Hi. I am still on the fence on buying a galaxy note 10.1. I was thinking of using it to replace my xperia play as a cellphone and my m200 tablet pc as my main drawing/fun tool. I'm thinking of retiring the m200 since the color replication is awful due to the awful viewing angle and the fact...
  22. M

    Thread E-Paper: Simple drawing app

    Due to the lack of good open source drawing apps to port to the NST, I wrote myself a simple one specifically for the NST, taking advantage of the fast refresh mode (A2). The app is quite simple: it is multi-page, can export and import pages from PNG files, and the usual basic stuff you'd...
  23. D

    Thread [Q] How to draw arc on canvas using three points?

    Hello everyone! I'm trying to draw a ball using canvas. On that ball is a line (great circle) which when looked at 'head on', it looks like a straight line. If I rotate the ball 90 degrees (what I intend to simulate), the line would become and arc of varying radius, going from infinity to the...
  24. D

    Thread [APP][1.6+] Pencil Box Free 1.2

    Pencil Box Free v. 1.2 Pencil Box Free can help you to create simple and complex multilayer pictures, larger than a screen of your Android device. You have a great opportunity to draw your own picture or create it from image JPEG or BMP file. It`s also possible to add extra layers, color them...
  25. S

    Thread [Q] Drawing app on Nook Color for android?

    I really like this B&N drawing pad app for the color nook, Is there anyway to get this to work on htc evo 4G? I tried to install the app but recevied errors would not work. Can someone let me know if this can be done or not? If I remember correctly the error I received was something like must be...
  26. A

    Thread [Q] Sluggish Touchscreen response when drawing on Galaxy Tab 10.1

    Hi Guys, just got my Galaxy Tab 10.1 (PT7500 / 16GB / 3G) yesterday. Great Tab so far! But still i recognize one downturn: When compared to an iPad2, the screen response in drawing/sketching apps is less then satisfactory. I'd even go so far to deem this unusuable - no matter whether is use a...
  27. jessetbenton

    Thread [Q]What happened to the Sketch app?

    I was really hoping to play with the sketch app seen in the official presentation video starting at around 2:12 but I can't find it anywhere. Searching has yielded nothing except one comment saying it probably wasn't finished because HTC rushed the release? Has anyone heard any other discussion...
  28. bucklee

    Thread Fresco drawing app

    Hi I have been following a great little drawing program called Fresco. Currently it does not support scribe pen but the developer is waiting on HTC SDK for the scribe pen. As soon as HTC releases the SDK I am hoping the developer will implement the pen to the program. On its own merit the...
  29. D

    Thread [Q] Capacitive Pens on Streak 7? Mine don't work

    I bought two different capacitive pens from Amazon to use with my Streak 7, however neither one is reliably registering. I try drawing a straight line and there are gaps in the line every inch or so. Has anyone been able to use capacitive pens without problems? The pens I have work great on...
  30. I

    Thread video calling software

    im using an LG KS20 is there any good video calling softwares that are compatible with my phone that enables me to make a call from my mobile to PC ?
  31. R

    Thread Google Sketchup

    People is there away of adding google sketchup to my hd2? It is a free 3d drawing software form google. standard .exe installition to PCs It would really help me if it is possible to do so. for my job
  32. D

    Thread question about keyboard

    Hi guys, i'm looking for a keyboard or app that will enable me to draw the letters instead conventional hitting keys on my keyboard. I kinda have huge fingers and texting or writing something is a nightmare for me. Thanks for any reply.
  33. M

    Thread [APP] Paint Now! Mobile - Mobile Drawing/Imaging Editing

    Hi Guys, Here is my first contribution to the community. I have written an application that is capable of doing some basic drawing/image editing functions and hoped it is useful. Imagine that you take some photos using your phone and want to upload them right away to your facebook. However You...
  34. F

    Thread drawing

    :Dthis is an image i dray by myself under school time. hope you like it. (the back of the mobile is exacly the same as on the picture)