1. JakeRivera

    Thread Windows 10 ARM on Lumia 640 XL DS (Windows 10 ARM Troubleshooting)

    Hi Folks, i am new to this Forum and i did not find the right Thread. I installed successfully Windows 10 ARM on my 4 Lumia 640 XL until to the issue that the installation as it self could not complete because the touchscreen as it self wouldn't be recognized by windows. Can somebody help me...
  2. Q

    Thread cinch video driver?

    Hello guys, I have updated the Firmware & the MCU of my Joyx Head Unit. After the Update my Reverse Camera is not working & it shows up: no signal Available. the correct video type is already selected. the camera works fine on another car and the cable works as well. so it must be a problem...
  3. twindragon6

    Thread [DRIVER][UNOFFICIAL][11][STABLE][FINAL] Adreno 330 KLTE/ONYX Driver Pack From the Latest LineageOS 18.1 Build (12-19-2021)

    **** THIS DRIVER PACK IS ONLY FOR DEVICES RUNNING **** BUILDS OLDER THEN **** lineage-18.1-20211219 **** BASED ROM'S OR MM 6.0.1+ IF YOU ARE RUNNING **** lineage-18.1-20211219 **** OR NEWER YOU DON'T NEED IT!!! I decided to do some research and build an Adreno 330 Driver pack from the...
  4. takutekato2

    Thread Cannot enable wifi and battery level is perpetually at -1% after rooting Wiko View Max with Magisk

    I followed to root my phone, using boot.img downloaded via The phone's chip is Mediatek MT6739. Magisk shows itself as installed When I choose Uninstall...
  5. K

    Thread AMD Ryzen - USB driver for adb and fastboot

    I've been trying to unlock the bootloader in my phone (OnePlus7T Pro). I can't see my phone when booted into fasboot mode or recovery mode (I can see the phone while normally working). The command: fastboot devices shows no device. The same with adb devices command. I think I need a proper...
  6. H

    Thread Pls help a noob! My PC don't recognize my Redmi Note 8 in Fastboot-Modus

    Hello my dear Friends I am struggling with unlocking my phone. Phone-Model: M1908C3JGG First, what I have done: Allow the bootloader to be unlocked (in dev. options) Set the USB debuggin to ON (in dev. options) Downloaded the Adb-Tool & drivers and install it and set the variables. When...
  7. D

    Thread [MOD] rtl8xxxu driver for 3.x kernels

    Stock rtl8192cu driver had limited monitor mode support(it has monitor mode but it filters out all data packets), could not change tx power and frequency so i decided to search for realtek driver that has these features...after some hours i couldn`t find it...drivers that have them are only on...
  8. S

    Thread I Need Help For LG G3 Unbrick (Qualcomm Drivers Not Working)

    First of all i apologize for my bad english. 3 days ago I put my phone in brick mode and while searching how to solve this i found i need qualcomm driver. I downloaded and installed the necessary drivers, but when I connect my phone to the computer, I get an error like this: Can you help me...
  9. Reconzfury

    Thread Question Device Driver is Unavailable?

    Hey guys so nobody kill me if this one seems obvious. At this point I just need help figuring this little issue out and I have kinda hit a dead end on solutions. I've been out of the modding game for quite some time now and have finally got back around to getting into ROMs again. So I have my...
  10. M

    Thread Question No fastboot drivers available yet?

    Hey guys n girls, I just got my Oneplus 9 Pro. So I thought I can root my old Oneplus Nord 2 5G (yes the new one). I cant find any fastboot drivers for the Oneplus Nord 2 5G. Are they still in development? I find a lot of root tutorials and unlocking bootloader tutorials but how can they work...
  11. Nikhil Chandran

    Thread Bluetooth is not working in win11

    So I installed windows 11 on my sony Vaio VPCEG3AEN yesterday and I got an error during installation, so I used Rufus and installed windows as ON THE GO in the hdd. Now the laptop is running smoothly but I am having trouble setting up the bluetooth. Firstly there is no option to turn on...
  12. Egalito Rieans

    Thread Fastboot Failed (data transfer failure(unknown error)

    Hello and thanks for inteterest to help. (My phone Redmi 2 Prime) So to the point, i have my phone installed custom ROM. And today when i try to reset factory, it stuck in the MI Logo (Show and then turned off). So i forgot to flashing the twrp again last time, so i left it without any...
  13. R

    Thread [APP][Uber/Lyft driver] question

    Hey everyone. Been a long time since I've been on here but I figured this best place to ask. Is it possible to modify the app or see the data that's sent with a trip request on Uber / Lyft to see what you would be paid before you accept the trip. Or something similar to para for doordash?
  14. Revelation53

    Thread Help, i updated the wrong driver to my android driver via device manager on pc

    Hello, i want to ask for some help, so i have accidentally updated my android driver with an adb interface driver for computer, and now when i debugging my device to the computer, it is listed in "universal serial bus devices" not in "other devices" anymore, it is a problem because i wanted to...
  15. MaxDepiDevelloper

    Thread Need Fastboot driver

    Hello, I want to change the ROM of my Oneplus One and my computer doesn't reconized the phone when He was in FastBoot mode. So I need the fastboot driver if someone have it can He send the link or the file to me. Thanks Bye
  16. levente1005

    Thread Fusion5 Tablet Touch Screen Fault

    Hi! I bought a Windows 10 tablet 5 years ago. I reinstalled Windows yesterday. After the reinstall the touch screen does not work well. What can I do for fix this fault? Video: Pls help me. I am tried to...
  17. L

    Thread [SOLVED] MPT not working

    MTP isn't working on my PC. I tried on other PCs around here, and they're working. I was using a custom rom before that, it was CAF for android 11. ( [ROM][11.0][STABLE] CAF Android 11 for RN8/8T [LA.UM.9.x][VANILLA/GAPPS] | XDA Developers Forums ( ) But I'm suspecting it's...
  18. nicodemouse

    Thread adb drivers for AUM-L29 do not exist

    after countless searches in this forum I have come to the conclusion that: adb drivers for AUM-L29 do not exist if anyone wants to disagree, do it :)
  19. OneWayGamer

    Thread [Stable]Update OpenGL drivers to 0472.0[24/9/20]

    Follow these instructions carefully and everything should be fine! All Bugs are Fixed! Credits
  20. KekeJr

    Thread [DRIVER]Sony_Mobile_Software_Update_Drivers_x86_x64

    As stated in the title, while I was cleaning up stuff in C: i found this. Maybe someone will need them. The filenames are but I could not upload them as *.msi: Sony_Mobile_Software_Update_Drivers_x64_Setup.msi Sony_Mobile_Software_Update_Drivers_x86_Setup.msi Version: They can be...
  21. A

    Thread Adreno 510 Driver Update?

    Hi everyone, I was searching for drivers update for our GPU and I saw this post where a xda member posted a new driver version(328): I searched people with a sony device and found only this thread...
  22. L

    Thread [DRIVER] Adreno OpenGL Drivers V415 for MiMax2

    First of all, I'm not responsible for any damage to your device. I've extracted v385 drivers from Syberia OS and I'm using it with SuperiorOS without any problems so far. Performance and battery increase are notable even after the V331 update. This should work for Snapdragon 625, but you can...
  23. B

    Thread [SOLVED] Need help to unbrick an Archos 50 Diamond (ac50da)

    Hi all, I recently got my hands on a screen-damaged Archos 50 Diamond (ac50da) running the latest stable stock Android 4.4.4 ROM (I didn't know that an Android 5.1 preview was available here : I bricked it by doing the...
  24. M

    Thread How to modify Amazon's ADB driver for the new 8th gen, 8" Fire, codename "karnak"

    How to modify Amazon's ADB driver for the new 8th gen, 8" Fire, codename "karnak" I've just attempted to connect ADB to my new, 8", 8th generation Amazon fire, to no avail. It appears that Amazon failed to update the VID & PID for codename "karnak" - aka the 8th gen, 8" Fire - in the drivers...
  25. M

    Thread How on Earth do I install XA2 drivers!?

    I have literally tried everything. Sony's website does NOT have driver for the XA2!!! What gives? I'm trying to unlock the bootloader through flashtool but I keep getting this message "Device connected in flash mode but driver is too old". I also tried the 15 Seconds ADB Installer thing, no...
  26. M

    Thread ADB works fine. Fastboot not working when on bootloader.

    Hi! So I've just received my Oreo 8.1 update. but before updating, I decided to backup my EFS/persist after some reading in this forum. Turns out ADB works fine, "adb devices" shows my phone ID but when I reboot to booloader, fastboot doesn't work, it doesn't show my phone ID. While on ADB...
  27. LazerL0rd

    Thread [Alternate Driver] Laster K's Tasha WCD9335 Driver

    This is an alternate driver I had made which allows for lower distortion from the Amp and higher audio transmission within the phone. Also, it disables core collapse for Biquads support (this one's for you chdloc ;)). It has two configurable modes; huwifi mode, which controls the chipset's HiFi...
  28. S

    Thread Flashtool driver problem

    hi my windows 10 64x on test mode (bcdedit) for integrity and signing i only one driver failed to install here screenshot its i want to flash new kernel and twrp recovery (stay with stock) btw flashtool can see its Z5 compact and also seems to see bootloader mode and flashmode , its like...
  29. scadl

    Thread VirtualBox Guest Addition for Phoenix OS 2.6+

    Hi everyone! I'm constantly searching for working way to install virtualbox guest addition to PhoenixOS as guest os. The main thing I want to achieve is 3d acceleration, so I be able to run games or apps with 3d content. Also I have problems with updating Google Play Services on it... I'm...
  30. roirraW "edor" ehT

    Thread Easy steps/screenshots to install Windows drivers for FastBoot to work with XA2 Ultra

    10/26/2019 update (also posted at the end of this thread): The following is my original post (if the above new instructions don't get you what you need, or if you need help installing the XZ2 driver in order to boot TWRP - I have no idea if NewFlasher's GordonGate driver would make it so that...
  31. A

    Thread Xperia XZ1 Compact USB driver available again
  32. Y

    Thread Unable to Assign U11 a Driver

    Hey there, I've been trying to get my Windows 10 PC to connect to my U11 for a week now and nothing has worked. I've tried it on Elementary OS on the same exact device with the same cable and it connected instantly. Here's how it shows up in the device manager: Here's what I've tried on...
  33. J

    Thread Pixel 2 XL - Windows 10 USB Connections

    Can someone explain why connection of the P2XL to Windows 10 via USB is so troublesome? At a minimum, each time I connect I have to: 1. Update the device driver via Windows Device Manager from "MTP Device" to "MTP USB Device" (there are two of these) 2. Tap on the P2XL notification "USB for...
  34. lavemetoo

    Thread Mars Pro ADB Interface Windows driver

    I just wanted to connect my Mars Pro to Windows. It is recognized and file transfer ok. But if I launch USB debugging, then the system cannot install a driver and shows a ADB Interface with a yellow exclamatoin mark. Anybody who can tell me where to find this ADB driver to can use. Thank you
  35. BTJustice

    Thread Where To Get The USB Driver

    Anyone have a link to get the USB driver? If I go here, I am not seeing it:
  36. ThunderStick

    Thread [APP][5.0+][FREE]Uber / Lyft Automated Driver - Join the beta test program here On Google Play Here Get The Latest Version Here I Created an app that will automate the process of logging your...
  37. R

    Thread Trouble with Windows 10? Here to help and explain!

    Hi! If you're here, Windows 10 got in your way. Let me explain why. You see, Windows 10, for some reason has an administrator permission... No, not that administrator permission. Because reasons, Windows 10 has TWO admin permissions! You are the standard one. The superior one is hidden, as a...
  38. fenzo3

    Thread Nexus 6P doesn't connect to USB 3.0 port

    Nexus 6P, Android O Developer Preview 4. So I have a strange issue. When connecting to my PC (Windows 10 Home, Gigabyte GA-H61M-s2P-R3 Motherboard), Windows does not detect my Nexus 6P only when connecting to a USB 3.0 port, be it front panel or back ports. However, it will still detect when I...
  39. aeroxy

    Thread How do I find MiPad2's fastboot driver for Windows 10 64bit or macOS?

    I want to flash TWRP as my recovery on my MiPad 2, yet after I enter the TWRP mode and connect it to a macOS or Windows 10, fastboot won't be able to list it as a device (`fastboot devices`). I check the device manager in Windows 10, MiPad 2 shows up in unknown device as mipad with a yellow...
  40. S

    Thread [FIX] PC Doesn't Recognize the Phone as ADB Device

    If you wanted to unlock bootloader or somehow wanted to run ADB but the PC is unable to install the ADB Driver, This might work This is the right solution if you see this in your device manager. 1. Right Click on the triangle and select "update driver software." 2. Click on "Browse My...
  41. K

    Thread Does this device arrive out of the box with Device Encryption already implemented?

    Ever Since I got my Samsung S8+, T-Mobile Edition, I've had issues getting my computer to recognize it via USB. I've installed/reinstalled drivers, turned of ADB debugging, revoked from devices, etc... I've installed universal drivers, I've installed Kies, I've installed Switch, etc, etc... My...
  42. switzerland92

    Thread Help me identify this Windows tablet, and touch issue with it.

    I got this tablet from colleague and he doesn't know almost anything about it. It came with Windows 8.1 but I clean installed Windows 10 on it and after that it does not work anymore. Some information I have about it: SCREEN - 8 inch - 1280x800 - IPS CPU - Intel Atom Z3745, 1.33GHz RAM...
  43. calistoz

    Thread Motorola xt1254 Driver INFs required

    sorry for having to make a thread like this but i've run into some problems after having installed some lenovo usb drivers for a dead phone salvage. ive had to install them manually and i think that in the process its messed up the MTP drivers for my Motorola xt1254. i need the inf files in...
  44. Mik-el

    Thread [Q] Camera doesn't work on ANY custom rom

    Hello, I have 3 different mediatek phones. I replaced the stock android ROMs with some custom ROMs and everything is ok,but I ALWAYS have the same problem. (3/3):crying: I don't know why but these roms don't include all the drivers for the cameras. On the first phone it works the front camera...
  45. BLDS

    Thread [REQUEST] It's possible run Vulkan API on Vibe K5 Custom ROMs?

    First of all: Thanks in advance for the wonderful work and availability of the developers to bring Custom ROMs to our Vibe K5. However, I have a request / question to ask: Would it be possible to put the Vulkan API in Custom ROMs with Android Nougat on Vibe K5? I know that his GPU supports...
  46. A

    Thread Xperia Z5 fastboot driver not installing

    Hi, I have a rooted Xperia Z5 and I would like to update my firmware to 32.2.A.0.305. I used to do firmware updates many times before using flashtool on my windows 7 machine. Recently I switched to windows 10 and now need to reinstall the fastboot driver. I downloaded the driver from sonymobile...
  47. MarcTremonti

    Thread Cant install OnePlus USB Driver

    Hey, i'll get my OP3 in a few days and so i already started preparing everything to get started with flashing FreedomOS as soon as its there. But even the first step, installing the USB Drivers, seems to be a problem (see picture). i ran the setup as admin und tried to download it from...
  48. Cannon_Foddr

    Thread Fusion5 W104 32gb Tablet - Drivers required

    Basically got a new tablet - A Fusion5 32Gb 10.1 - & I'm using Windows 8.1 It connects up & is seen as a Camera when I select PTP mode, but it's unable to be seen if selecting MTP mode. I have tried installing ADB drivers but none seem to get it to recognize the tablet, but my Samsung S4 is...
  49. B

    Thread Windows 10 driver installation issue on my Oneplus 3

    I have a Oneplus 3, and after I updated my laptop's Windows 10 to the new Anniversary Update (I'm not sure what's the reason, so I mentioned this, just in case), it fails to recognize the MTP option when I connect the phone to my laptop. Although, it is able to recognize the phone in P2P (Photo...
  50. D

    Thread busted from a Swappa/xda user n910v wont conect to pc (not recognized)!

    Hi friends i just bought a n910v from a user in swappa, asdescribed good condition, works great but it doesnt, the phone shut downs randomly, and even wors the pc wont recognize it, i try in several pc´s running linux and windoes (7,8.1,10), several drivers (naked, kies, full), so many...