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  1. q844268235

    Thread How to backup DRM key

    Hi I have an xperia 5 I want to unlock the bootloader But I noticed that DRM will be disabled after unlocking the bootloader I want to know if there is a way to backup the DRM and restore it after unlocking the bootloader...
  2. AnotherSeeker

    Thread Camera preview black (XperiFix didn't help). fastboot flash vbmeta causes bootloop.

    Greetings. There's a little problem/w DRM/XperiFix I can't wrap my head around. (XZ2c-H8314, Android 8.0, bootloader unlocked on Android 10) Process: - Android 8 firmware is flashed/w Newflasher - Bootloop occurs if I input flash vbmeta command when following MartinX3's Android 8/9 TWRP guide...
  3. 1

    Thread how can temp root xperia 5 II whithout unlock BL lock or backup TA to recover DRM keys?

    I need some function that move my old sony phone data to my new phone. my old phone is android 6. are there idea for transfer my all app datas to my new phone. on my old phone I have unlock BL and root ,I use "Titanium Backup" for backup and recovery my app data .I can use this backup data...
  4. L

    Thread How to fix camera after root?

    I rooted my Xperia XZ1 compact. Now the camera is very grainy. How can this be fixed? I didn't backup DRM keys before rooting.
  5. M

    Thread Will I loose DRM functionality when the bootloader is unlocked?

    Just bought a new Xiaomi mi 6T device. My previous phone was a Sony Xperia m6. To unlock the bootloader and get root access was a bit of a pain on the latter. I remember having to backup a ta-partition to secure my DRM-keys. Wanting to unlock the bootloader on this device I couldn't find any...
  6. L

    Thread Are DRM keys still an issue with Android 9 (Pie)

    I recently upgraded to Android 9 (Pie) and have an unlocked bootloader. I never applied any DRM fix and the camera works fine. Is DRM still an issue? Could it be the camera quality is reduced even though it's certainly not a green square?
  7. A

    Thread Dead Devices After using DRM fixes!!

    As said in the title... my insurance company has given me several different devices after they keep dying during charge.. I have had several different G1841's and they all seem to die during charge a few days after from applying the DRM fixes and do not turn back on again at all... Has anyone...
  8. sToRm//

    Thread [HACK+MOD] Sony Xperia XZ Premium TWRP + KERNEL + ROOT + DRM fix/restore

    A MESSAGE TO SONY: Dear Sony, It was never my intention to publish a hack for your devices. But... It also was never my intention to buy a device for which I have no control. I find it impertinent to forbid the customer to root a purchased smartphone. I would not have made the effort, if at...
  9. sceryavuz

    Thread [FTF][Android 7.1.1][ROOT][R/W][32.4.A.1.54] E66xx + Patched Kernels (Google Drive)

    So many LEECHERS exist, It's not hard to press a button.. Hi xda users, I am very pleased to present LATEST NOUGAT FTFs Google Drive Mirror, Patched Kernels and TWRP . I spend lots of time and bandwidth for you, so please hit Thanks :fingers-crossed: button and comment below.. Bootloader...
  10. sToRm//

    Thread [DEVS] XZ Premium DRM fix - Let's find a solution together (brainstorming)

    Edit: I DID IT! DRM is fixed... Here we go: https://forum.xda-developers.com/xz-premium/development/hack-mod-sony-xperia-xz-premium-twrp-t3695171 Hello forum community, Hello developer, Maybe you've read the last few weeks already that I am currently looking for a solution for the...
  11. S

    Thread [How To] repack XPERIA DRM-fix kernel.

    Before attempting this you need to have a back up of your TA Partition and it's a MUST that you do that before unlocking your bootloader if you wish to retain your DRM keys, once they're gone they're gone!! So if you haven't done that yet go do it now! - Universal (Dirtycow-based) TA Backup v2...
  12. H

    Thread [Guide] Nougat with DRM fix, root and TWRP* (SGP771)

    Do not work with Nougat 7.1.1 / 32.4.A.0.160 (Bootloop) New TWRP (You dont need otg and mouse anymore!): https://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=745425885120733410 (thanks to andralex8!) GUIDE UPDATED, TESTED AND SIMPLIFIED 15.2.2017 (thanks to munjeni) Tested with Saudi Arabia, Germany and...