1. shahrukh.sk

    Thread [Closed] Help me get droidwall to work?

    [Closed]I am using haiyan ROM and i tried both stock and merruk 2.0 but i cant get droidwall to work.see if you can figure something out from the screenshot
  2. R

    Thread [Resolved] [SOLVED] Slow GPS Fix Rooted device with DroidWall

    I have had a long standing problem with very slow GPS locks on my SGS2 but the solution could affect anyone with a rooted device using DroidWall. It's blindingly obvious really, I had DroidWall restrict 3G access to known apps, if I didn't know what it was then it didn't get access until it...
  3. ukanth

    Thread [5.0+][ROOT][3.5.2] AFWall+ IPTables Firewall [16 May 2021]

    Welcome to official support page for AFWall+ Introduction Features Changelog - See third Post AFWall+ BETA Program Source Code/Wiki/FAQ Translations Thanks To/Credits Cheers, ukanth XDA:DevDB Information AFWall+ [ IPTables Firewall ], App for the Android General...
  4. J

    Thread [Q] Best Privacy Apps? -- PDroid/DroidWall

    Curious what everyone else uses to stop apps like Facebook/Twitter/Pandora/etc from stealing your personal info(contacts, phone number, browsing history, etc)? I've been using PDroid and DroidWall, but wondering if there's anything new or better. .
  5. M

    Thread [CUSTOM][KERNEL][HOWTO] Droidwall on the Samsung Galaxy Y

    Hi there :) I got droidwall running on the SGY. Please first read the whole post. I add changes at the end of it. Here's what I did: 1. follow this great tut from irfanbagus. Thanks a lot irfanbagus! 2. After running "make bcm21553_totoro_05_defconfig", set this in .config...
  6. [] AL []

    Thread Firewall not working on VPN connections [iptables/Droidwall] ?

    Hey guys, I really hope to get an answer on this as it is kind of really important for me here... It seems that Droidwall stops working once I connect through a VPN and thus opening the door wide for any applications to connect to the internet; hello ads ..and what not...!! :mad: I saw that...
  7. ukanth

    Thread [DroidWall][Custom Scripts][Collection] DroidWall 1.5.3

    Hello All, Starting 1.5.3 , DroidWall introduced a experimental feature called "CustomScripts" where scripts can be defined by user will be executed by DroidWall . More details on http://code.google.com/p/droidwall/wiki/CustomScripts This thread is to collect all custom scripts by users...
  8. otnos

    Thread Firewall for Android

    I found this useful app called Droidwall, its a firewall for android. Very useful for controlling which app can access your wifi or 3g/4g, and the added benefit is: if they can't access the internet, they cannot serve you adds. ;) :D Also help data usage by preventing unwanted data access...
  9. WhoDunnit

    Thread [HowTo] Archos gen8 firmware 2.3.81-2.4.83+rw iptables and 1GB ext4 data

    I just wanted my Archos Gen8 to have the latest stock firmware, root access, iptables support (for Droidwall) and a 1GB ext4 data partition. I will show you how to create this setup yourself. This howto describes all steps for a Linux PC with a working adb connection to the Archos Gen8. I am...
  10. gazzacbr

    Thread Firewall - Droidwall

    this seems to be working ok on my HD2 http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=541380 i have no data plan so this is invaluable for me. (etisalat here in abu dhabi is really expensive)
  11. rogier666

    Thread DroidWall has leaky boots

    When I boot my phone, there is a brief period in which blocked apps can go online before DroidWall wakes up and starts blocking them. The network log shows that some apps indeed manage to go online even though I blocked them in DroidWall. My Windows firewall (Comodo) makes sure that no data...
  12. C

    Thread iptables in samsung galaxy s i900?

    how to install iptables that would have earned droidwall? p.s. android 2.3.3 stock
  13. K

    Thread [kernel] Do we need data security (aka a working firewall)?

    Dear kernel developer, do you have a firewall on your destop computer? I think, the answer is "yes, of course!" Why don't you wan't a firewall for your phone? Your answere: "It is linux, we don't need it!" Sure? In contrast to the "safe a.p.p.l.e market" we are free to get our application...