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  1. V

    Thread Dual Boot S10+

    Hello y'all, is it possible to dual boot the S10+? because i would like to test lineage os but i don't want to install it as my daily driver, also i want to experiment with lineage os to connevt to my gear watch
  2. D

    Thread Release- Dual Boot Patcher Idol 4

  3. 5m4r7ph0n36uru

    Thread [IME][GUIDE][EXPERIMENTAL] HTC U12+ - „Dual-Boot” Slots A & B

    Hello everybody, first I have to inform you that this thread is to be regarded as highly experimental. I would like to warn all users, and advise against using this guide, who are not yet fully familiar with Treble A/B devices, and do not know how to debug problems! If you continue, you are...
  4. Mustafa Daşdemir

    Thread [GUIDE][MULTI-BOOT] Mi Mix multi-booting with Dual Boot Patcher

    Hello M.F.s(Mix Fans) I've been using the latest Marsmallow based Epic rom for a long time, which is quite enough to be having beloved Xposed. ;) So call it boredom or BS, I've managed to get Dual-boot patcher work on my mix although figuring it out was a PITA. Before you think like 'Mayte wot...
  5. K

    Thread Dual boot cm10&12.1

    Hello. I want to dual boot my s2 i9100 with CM-10 & CM-12.1. All the guides are old and links are not working anymore. I have both those ROMs. Can anybody please tell me how to dual boot my phone?
  6. Ayan Uchiha Choudhury

    Thread Dual boot for Moto G4 plus

    Can anyone please make a guide on how to use dualboot or multirom in our system? :(
  7. TeamMex

    Thread [PATCHER][APP] Dual boot any ROM

    First I copy pasted his thread I send the patches required to make it compatible with Z play I post his thread here and download link linked to his thread Original developer: chenxiaolong I'm proud to present the first dual boot project for the Moto Z Play! This project started off as a feature...
  8. B

    Thread DUAL BOOT install WINDOWS 10 in lenovo yoga book ANDROID

    ok so now it's confirmed that the nougat update will come in October 2017, which is wayyy too long to wait, now is there a way to dual boot install windows 10 into android lenovo yoga book? I'm a noob in installing stuff ( I always refer to the youtube videos), so any easy instructions on how to...
  9. A

    Thread Moto X Force dual boot

    Can any one please help me obtain dual boot on my X force xt1580 India. :o:o
  10. N

    Thread dual boot on the Fairphone 2

    Hi all, Cannot really find anything about this here : has any of you succeeded in getting a dual boot / multi boot with different systems on our beloved Fairphone 2 ? Thanks,
  11. 3

    Thread It is possible a Dual Boot on this device?

    Hello all, Sorry for such a newbie question: It is possible to have a dual boot on Moto G4 play?
  12. A

    Thread [Completed] Lenovo Miix 2 8 Boot from SD card

    Good day! I am attempting a Remix OS on SD card dual boot for my Miix tablet. I have the 32G version w/ windows10 installed on it. For obvious reasons, I cannot install Remix OS on the internal flash, but I really want to play with this. The Lenovo appears completely unable to boot from the...
  13. L

    Thread Dual boot?

    Wondering if there is any way to dual boot different versions of android on the S5. I'm on 5.0 rooted right now and Niantic just decided I shouldn't be allowed to play PoGo anymore. Boo. Any way to dual boot with an unrooted version of the OS and be able to switch back and forth? Saves the...
  14. A

    Thread Dual booting Galaxy Tab S2

    Dear flashers! I love my Touchwizzed Galaxy Tab S2 but was wondering if there is a way to dual boot this tablet with TW and CM roms like we can for Note 4. Any help?:o
  15. matze19999

    Thread [PATCHER][APP] Dual boot any ROM on our OnePlus 3

    Mod Edit: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2447534
  16. B

    Thread [Completed] Android app created shortcuts

    Hello!!! Recently I've installed dual boot on my phone, and this faced me: The dual boot manager app has an option to reboot to specific ROMs using a homescreen shortcut, BUT the shortcut can only be created through the app. That means i cannot see it in the widgets page of any launcher, or the...
  17. M

    Thread Dual Boot on Nokia X

    Hello ! I Really wanted to know if there is a way to dual boot Roms on Nokia X. I have seen many ways but they don't support Nokia X, primarily because it's a product of microsoft, but i still really want to know if it is possible ! Thank you in advance!
  18. J

    Thread In depth review of the Cube iWork 12 dual boot Z8300 convertible tablet

    Pros Running dual operating systems, and switching from one to the other is simple. Screen offers good viewing angles and vibrant colors. Premium build material. Robust keyboard connection. Decent battery life. Cons Extremely slow to charge. Very little improvement in performance compared to...
  19. musabcel

    Thread How To Install | Remix OS And Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow For PC

    Remix OS Requirements : -Torrent Downloading Client. -Remix OS 2.0 and Remix OS USB Installer. -USB 3.0 -BIOS Should have Legacy Boot Mode Enabled (Or Enable it manually) -8 GB USB Drive (FAT32 Format) -Windows PC. Install Remix OS : 1. Download the latest version of Remix OS for PC from the...
  20. M

    Thread Dual boot project - Lubuntu on MicroSD came true

    ******************************* Last Update: 25. 5. 2016 * there was a typo in a command :/ ******************************* Hello everyone! Are you lacking Y OTG cable, but still want to boot other OSes? Do you want to choose which OS to use on the go? Then continue reading. \......../...
  21. drakonizer

    Thread [RECOVERY][TWRP] MultiROM TWRP 3.0.0-0

    This is MultiROM TWRP 3.0.0-0 built using the latest 3.10 kernel and MM sources. The advantage is now you can have a TWRP recovery in the dedicated recovery partition that comes with the new TA Update. I've seen some people asking for this, and so here it is. UNLOCKED BOOTLOADERS ONLY! I am...
  22. R

    Thread How to install Remix OS alongside Ubuntu (Dual Boot)

    1. Create a second ext4 partition for Remix OS using Gparted You should delete the linux-swap and the extended partition first. After reducing the size of your Ubuntu partition sda1 you can create your Remix OS partition sda2. Finally you'll create a new extended partition containing the...
  23. D

    Thread Multirom and android N

    Does anyone know if I can dual boot a rom like Resurrection remix and Android N using multi ROM? Or know anything about why or why not? I heard Android N bootloader and radio are the same as 6.0.1
  24. XDantheManX


    Want to have Android on your PC? Looking to dual-boot alongside 64-bit Windows? Want to increase internal storage beyond the maximum 8GB allocated by the Remix OS Beta PC installer? Want to turn Android into an everyday replacement for Windows? Want to mount your internal hard disk drives and...
  25. D

    Thread Teclast x98 air 3g dual boot won't boot anymore

    hi yesterday, i decide to reinstall everything on my tablet. So i downloaded mirek v.7. I installed mirek with repartionning. i also install bios 2.05. i switched off the tablet as written in the flash tool. I reboot, enter the bios and decide to install w10. So i boot on the usb flash drive...
  26. KShion619

    Thread A 64GB+ MicroSD Card for Dual Booting WP7.8 and Android

    Picking up my HD2 again for a motherboard swap and was wondering what MicroSD Cards you're using on it, i picked up a 32GB card a while back and wanted to expand its memory a bit Links would be awesome or a model number that i can use to look up Thanks in Advance!
  27. O

    Thread Note Pro 12.2 - Fully Running Windows 10.

    Hello All, I know this may be a long shot, but at CES this week Samsung announced the new TabPro S running Win10. I got curios and saw my Note Pro with a huge screen and thought... "What if there's a way of getting Win10 running on my NotePro". So here i am, I've spent the better half of the...
  28. M

    Thread Freedompop Galaxy S3 ROM Upgrade Options

    I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 Freedompop phone and I have Android 4.4.2 Kitkat. I very much want to get a newer ROM to not have all the problems associated with the third party apps cannot write to external SC card feature they added. I have used CM on another Freedompop phone and it was OK...
  29. D

    Thread Teclast X98 Air III - Dual Boot

    I recently received a brand, spanking new Teclast X98 Air III Dual Boot (Android 5.0 & Windows 10) 64GB Tablet. So far I love the responsiveness. I'd love to Root the Android partition. Just trying to get a thread started for other Air III aficionados to share tips and tricks as well as...
  30. J

    Thread Cube i10 Dual Boot hands-on: the most cost-efficient dual boot tablet

    As successful as Cube is in marketing their business-oriented Core-M tablets such as the i7, the i7-CM as well as the all new i7 Stylus, the leading brand in the Chinese tablet industry hasn’t forgot its roots, and released arguably the most cost-efficient tablet ever – the Cube i10 Dual Boot...
  31. J

    Thread Cube iWork 8 3G review – a dual boot tablet with 3G support

    THE GOOD: the Cube iWork 8 3G has mobile network connectivity, and a much larger battery than the original iWork 8 Dual Boot Edition, which we reviewed last month. THE BAD: Only 24GB was allocated to Windows 8.1 OS, making it almost impossible not to insert a Micro SD card into the slate. THE...
  32. Tasssadar

    Thread [MOD][FEB 10] MultiROM v33

    Introduction MultiROM is one-of-a-kind multi-boot mod for Nexus 6. It can boot any Android ROM as well as other systems like Ubuntu Touch, once they are ported to that device. Besides booting from device's internal memory, MultiROM can boot from USB drive connected to the device via OTG cable...
  33. boostermbkking

    Thread [Q] Dual boot gs5 g900f

    I would like to dual boot my galaxy s5 g900f, is it possible? this method works? http://www.trendinside.com/guide-to-dual-boot-snapdragon-note-4/ I have kitkat 4.4
  34. I

    Thread [Dual Boot][IDragon]How to Modify Any Rom or Resotre Backup to Dual Boot

    The Best thing about this Dual Boot System you can Restore your Old backups as Second Rom :D Before you do this make sure you have Done the System Partition and External SD Card Partition of Dual Boot to the Red Color Line by...
  35. I

    Thread [Dual Boot] CM 12 (Lollipop) as Second Rom Redmi 1S

    Everyone was Searching for Dual Boot for Redmi 1S. Here it is. I (Nishantha Indika) have made Dual Boot System By getting help of 'xuelongqy' Dual Boot Scripts to Partition the Internal SD Card and The System Change App. So now you can use CM 12 as Second rom. Because that rom have Ril Bug and...
  36. H

    Thread Onda V116w Android 4.4.4 / Windows 8.1 Pro 11.6" Dual boot tablet

    I've just recently received my Onda v116w from China, it's another dual boot Windows and Android tablet from them, that has the following specs: Key features: 1920 x 1080 IPS 11.6" display Atom z3736F 2.16 Ghz (boost) quadcore CPU 2GB of Ram It's got a 64GB eMMC drive, mines a Hynix, aprox 170...
  37. B

    Thread [Q] Windows on tf300t?

    Can we install Windows 8 on tf300t? I thought it can't be. What's with this video? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vvw9CMMlDJ4 Does this even work?
  38. S

    Thread [Q] Android dual boot on lumia 930

    Hi all. I was wondering if anyone out there knew how to have both WP8.1 and android on a nokia lumia 930? I know it can be done with a fair few tablets but obviously with different chipsets etc it's not straight forward. I'm not an expert by any means but some of you guys are and if I've ever...
  39. S

    Thread [Q] Multi Rom

    I want to use/have CM and Color OS on my OPO. How would I be able to do this properly (if possible)? Thanks in advance
  40. X

    Thread [Q] Dual booting

    Hi, What's currently the best Galaxy S3 dual boot guide? Many of the ones I've seen are years old and the threads closed, so I don't know if they are still valid or not. I need to dual boot or at least some kind of virtualisation to run a rooted setup, but have the abilty to boot into a stock...
  41. D

    Thread [MOD][OCT 28] MultiROM v29 (Redesigned GUI!)

    Introduction MultiROM is one-of-a-kind multi-boot mod for Htc One (m7). It can boot any Android ROM as well as other systems like Ubuntu Touch, Plasma Active, Bohdi Linux or WebOS port. Besides booting from device's internal memory, MultiROM can boot from USB drive connected to the device via...
  42. S

    Thread HTC One M8 W/ Win 8

    Hey guys! I was reading an article that shows a M8 running windows mobile 8. I saw it pop up on multiple sites so it must be really comming. I was just wondering what if the device had the same specs as ours. Doesn't that nean that in the future we may be able to run it on ours. Not that I would...
  43. passie99

    Thread [Q] Android on Acer Iconia W3

    I want to know wether it is possible to make Android and Windows dualboot or not. The Acer Support told me that the bootloader is locked, so it is impossible to install it without hacking. So what I want to know is how I can hack the UEFI? I like Windows,but only for school or homework. I need...
  44. vantt1

    Thread [Q] Apps from Play Store not running on Sony Vaio Duo 11 (Android on Intel Platform)

    I'm dual booting Android 4.2.2 and Windows 8.1 on my Sony Vaio Duo 11, and all is relatively well. However, I've noticed that some apps that are usually available on the Play Store aren't showing up on the Duo 11's Play Store. Once I do find it, it says "Your device isn't compatible with this...
  45. S

    Thread [ OS ] Builduntu Install Disc v2 - Android ROM Compiling OS

    --- copied with permission from nathanpfry.com --- Builduntu is a custom branch of the Ubuntu operating system, based on my guide here for preparing Ubuntu 16.04 to compile Android ROMs from source. It includes everything you need to sync with the repository of your choice (Cyanogenmod, AOKP...
  46. R

    Thread [Q] How to delete dual boot partition?

    Hi, A few months ago I installed two roms, creating a second partiton. I've being struggling not to fill the device memory for the past month. So now I want to delete it and recover the memory to my main rom. Is there any busybox command to achieve this? Or a link to a step-by-step...
  47. koolkunz

    Thread [GUIDE] [UPDATED] Dual Booting on KitKat/JB ROM's [NOOB Friendly] [GT-I9100]

    Welcome to the NOOB Friendly GUIDE to DUAL BOOT KitKat/JellyBean Roms on Samsung Galaxy S2!! I know there already many guides on how to dual boot, but I found them confusing and wanted to clean out the process Prerequisites : 1) Need Atleast 2.5 GB free on Internal Storage 2) Download the...
  48. codecaine21

    Thread [Q] Daul boot?

    Is it possible to dual boot or multi boot roms with our phones?
  49. mr wizard

    Thread [Q] Dual boot of roms possible?

    Hey all, I have been searching the forums here and have seen some posts about dual booting available on Variants GS4s but not for T Mobile USA M919. Does anyone know if this has been successfully done on this phone or can/is someone making a file to make this happen for the M919? Please...
  50. E

    Thread [Q] Dual-booting Dell Venue 8 Pro with Android

    Hi, Is there any chance of dualbooting Dell Venue 8 Pro with Windows 8 and Android? I like Windows 8 but would also like to be able to use Android on this awesome tablet. If not dual boot, is there any other way of using Android as virtual machine or something that provides full touch and other...