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dual sim

  1. brokenP1pe

    Thread Dual SIM BUG MiUiMiX 11 GSI (Android 9)

    I have a Galaxy J6 (J600GT - j6ltedx) with MiUiMiX 11 GSI (ErfanGSI - Android 9) I've installed this ROM two days ago and yesterday, I've inserted one SIM card. Everything worked fine, I could receive and make calls, send and receive SMS with no trouble Today I've inserted my second SIM Card...
  2. Damianwdff

    Thread Dual SIM problem on Mi Note 10 Lite with android 11 and Xiaomi.eu

    Siempre usé las dos SIM en mi Note 10 Lite, y cuando le puse la ROM de xiaomi.eu seguían funcionando de forma correcta, hasta hace un momento dejaron de funcionar, cuando los dos SIM están activas no funciona ninguna, si descativo la SIM 2 la 1 funciona normal, y cuando desactivo la SIM 1 la 2...
  3. P

    Thread Dual sim support N975U

    It's my first post, hi everyone! I was wondering whether it's a hardware thing and it's not possible to achieve dual sim support by modifying the software and replacing the N975U single sim+micro sd tray with the hybrid dual sim+micro sd one or it can be done. I've got the unlocked T-Mobile...
  4. A

    Thread Disable all works apps automatically?

    Hi everyone. since this phone is dual sim I wanted to use as both personal and work phone. To do that I want to know if I can this: 1) I want the work sim to work only from 8 to 18:00. Is it possible? 2) Along with the SIM I want to disable works apps like whatsapp and mail client. Is it...
  5. Action123

    Thread Question US S21U Dual Sim

    After getting two different answers from Samsung support in phone calls, they verified via Twitter message to me that the US (snapdragon) models DO NOT support dual SIM. Apparently our eSIM is activated on the Ultra (maybe other S21-series devices as well?) but the US software won’t allow for...
  6. xodeus

    Thread Dual-SIM sound profiles

    Hi. I'm looking for a solution that helps me with souond profiles. I would like to add a profile called "Work", where all communication on SIM1 is muted, and one called "Vacation" where all communication on SIM2 is muted. I don't want to turn off the SIM-cards,just mute them according to the...
  7. K

    Thread LYA-L09 - how to activate hybrid/multi sim?

    Hello all, I have a Huawei Mate 20 Pro LYA-L09 and it got a multi/hybrid SIM slot. I'm able to put 2x SIM-cards in, bot the software just allow one. However, according to the Internet, the model LYA-L29 is multi SIM capable (2x SIM cards). Do you know if it is possible to download a LYA-L29...
  8. rstcoolro001

    Thread Android 11 - samsung s20 - Dual Sim call ICONS does not appear anymore on contacts

    Hello I have a dual sim Samsung S20 5G with 2 sim. Since the upgrade to Android 11 and UI 3.0 , I see only one call icon when I click a contact. The only option to choose from which sim to call is to set the phone to ask before, but is very annoying. Also if I go on keypad, there is only one...
  9. LoganDark

    Thread Picking a second IMEI for a GM1915

    I have a GM1915, the T-Mobile variant of the OnePlus 7 Pro. This phone has Dual-SIM hardware inside, and international OOS supports it. However, it only has one IMEI, which both SIM slots use. I am considering changing the second IMEI. Based on moderator posts in the past, guides, tools...
  10. M

    Thread Does Android 11 OB2 fix WiFi Issues, 2nd SIM, and can you root it and use GPay...?

    Title pretty much covers it.....I have had it with the WiFi issues on the OP8 Pro and was going to go back to the OP7 Pro. ....but people are saying that they are all fixed in Android 11 beta on the OnePlus forums...is this true? And what about Dual SIM which I also need on occasion? If I...
  11. C

    Thread LG V50 LM-V500N (korean), does it have dual sim support?

    I bought a LG V50, korean version: LM-V500N. The sim tray says nano-sim+microsd but the a 2nd sim can be perfectly fitted on the microsd slot. Unfortunately it does not recognize the 2nd sim. I am not sure if this model does not support the 2nd sim or I got a faulty product. On the internet I am...
  12. @

    Thread [Xposed] Unlock Dual Sim + SD Card

    I usually customize and install stock ROM on my Note9 and wanted a simple way to fix dual sim cards + SD card problem. So, I decided to build this simple Xposed module and share it. https://repo.xposed.info/module/dev.yadev.samsungdualsimfix
  13. B

    Thread How to safely use dual Sim with micro SD card in a hybrid slot [Hands-on Guide]

    This is one of the most useful hacks if your phone is has a hybrid sim slot and you want to use SD card along with two sim cards. I've done it several times so it's not a problem to me but what most people who did tutorial or videos about this failed to do is to highlight safety measures to make...
  14. J

    Thread Can Android set to use data on SIM1 and SIM2 based on site URL?

    I was trying to maximize the use of the data plan we have. Say, SIM1 is with provider A and SIM2 is provider B. Both has data plan - say, SIM1 with 20 GB data monthly and SIM2 is unlimited data but on 4Mbps speed. So, I'd like to maximize both - say, if remote site is Youtube or Facebook...
  15. V

    Thread convert europe u11 to us unlocked?

    So my u11 took some water damage and stopped working. I ordered a new motherboard and set up the new motherboard to my liking via wifi. Then I noticed I'm not getting cell service. I ordered a direct replacement 4/64 motherboard but received a dual sim 6/128. I didn't think anything of it...
  16. Emu

    Thread Did your 3a XL come with 2 IMEIs?

    I just went through an excruciating process hoping to get dual SIM to work. Turns out my 3a XL which I bought from Sprint only came with 1 IMEI and according to Google support it means that even though it's unlocked, I can only use either eSIM or physical SIM. Not both in standby mode. The only...
  17. H

    Thread [Request] Razer Phone 2 second sim enabled; can we do it on the 3 XL?

    https://forum.xda-developers.com/razer-phone-2/how-to/how-achieved-dual-sim-operation-rp2-t3923159 Basically, the Razer Phone 2 was sold as a single-sim phone and only has space for one in the SIM slot. However, someone discovered that it has hardware for two SIMs and even has a second IMEI. I...
  18. F

    Thread Snapdragon Dual SIM?

    Hey, I'm in Germany and I'm looking into the S10 5G (I also split my time in the US), so I'm looking for a Duos Snapdragon variant. Are these even made? I tried looking up the listings and it's not clear, leading me to think only the Chinese and Global variants have them, not the GSM US...
  19. C

    Thread I only have one SIM slot in tray. Can I swap it and make my phone DUAL SIM?

    I know A70 is dual SIM. However my 705W variant only has a 1 SIM slot. The 2nd SIM slot tray is covered with a plastic. If I switch my SIM tray with a 2 SIM tray will my phone become dual sim?
  20. C

    Thread Unlocked N9750 Dual Sim Mobile Network Connection issues with TMobile SIM installed

    Hello, I just purchased an unlocked Note10+ N9750 Dual Sim in Taiwan, and I am currently located in Taiwan. The phone is on the latest SOFTWARE update from September 1st. ...ASI3. When I put 2 Taiwanese SIM cards in the phone, the mobile internet works flawlessly and is extremely fast (About...
  21. N

    Thread Theoretically convert a single sim a50 to a dual sim a50

    Do you want to convert your single sim phone into a dual sim phone. then this guide should do it. For some reason the single sim samsung boards actually have 2 sim slots. For example the a7 2018 single sim board has 2 sim slots Here is the a50 motherboard with the same thing How to check...
  22. Akujin

    Thread I want to get the SM-G975F/DS in the US. Is Amazon Safe? T-Mobile Band 71?

    I want to get the International version because I plan to be traveling a lot over the next couple of years to Japan and Europe quite a bit. Plus the Dual Sim version lets you use the second SIM slot as an SDCard slot which is incredibly useful. Is it possible to buy it directly from Samsung and...
  23. C

    Thread Second sim is not registering to a network in my rooted H990N

    Hi All, I rooted my H990N yesterday successfully. After rooting i noticed the second sim i signal bar icon is greyed out. The first sim is working. There is a circle on top of Second sim signal bar like its searching for network. After that, i unrooted the phone and flashed the same KDZ again...
  24. bluefoam

    Thread Dual SIM/Android Auto

    I just started a new job and have a new (additional) number. I have my own sim in tray one & work in sim tray two. SMS & Data are on sim 1... I have been through my most common contacts and associated them to the relevant sim. All was working fine for a few days (using android Auto on phone...
  25. D

    Thread S7 edge dual sim board issue

    my s7 edge dual sim board has hanging and restarting issue. i want to ask wether i can buy a single sim s7 edge motherboard and place it in same dual sim housing to replace the dual sim board?
  26. I

    Thread Mate 10 Pro - Bootloader & Rebranding question

    Hi Guys, I've been here a while and don't post much, but use the forum for info etc, and its a great source of information. I have acquired a Mate 10 pro with a damaged screen - initially I was asked if I could put a new screen in it, but my work colleague has decided to buy a new phone and has...
  27. T

    Thread Any secret menu/way to make the XT1900-1 dual sim?

    I have purchased a dual sim tray and just put it in my xt1900-1 with two functional sims hoping the new android one firmware would just figure it out...but alas it remained single sim. I know the xt1900-7 is dual sim and as far as I know the hardware is universal across every xt1900...
  28. X

    Thread [Q] Quick question on a dual-SIM issue

    If I am in a call on SIM1 and somebody else is calling me on SIM1 I can see the 2nd call and the caller also gets a notification if he is on the same network or some busy signal after some time if not. However if I am in a call on SIM1 and somebody else is calling me on SIM2 there is no info on...
  29. A

    Thread [XPOSED] Unlock Dual Sims + SDCard on S9/S9+

    This Xposed module removes the unable-to-remove popup message which says that "something wrong is in the sim tray" - if you use a sim extender to use the device with dual sims and sdcard. There is no need to recompile services.jar if you have xposed framework installed. I now have 464GB storage...
  30. B

    Thread Note 9 Dual SIM version

    Is the Galaxy Note 9 Dual SIM version the international version? Confused as on the Samsung UK website it sells the Dual SIM version. Also as I want to use only the BTU CSC firmware on my Note 9.
  31. Heimdall_

    Thread Rebrand S9+ and turn it to DualSIM

    Hello everyone, i could take this phone as an upgrade with my current plan, however it is of course single sim. In EU there are any differences in the hardware between single sim and dual sim (other than the sim tray slot)? Thanks
  32. F

    Thread Is Dual SIM Wifi Calling Possible? Active/Passive Dual SIM?

    Apologies if I have missed anything in my search of the forum, I've got my finger on the button ready to buy a Mi Mix 2S but I need to know if I can use Wifi calling on both SIMs at the same time. It'll unfortunately be a deal-breaker if it doesn't, because I live and work in an area with poor...
  33. C

    Thread Sim pin loop

    hi, since two month I am using the AOKP ROM on my Huawei P10 lite (WAS-LX1A): https://forum.xda-developers.com/p10-lite/development/rom-aokp-7-1-2-p10-lite-hassanmirza01-t3746120/ Everything was working fine: TWRP for backups and flashing, SuperSU with some Apps that require root (titanium...
  34. P

    Thread Dual SIM slot problem

    Hello Forum, I bought this Samsung galaxy s7 Edge in India in 2016. When I pre-ordered it, they (Samsung) asked me a sim card number, so I gave my Vodafone India number. They said, when I receive my order, I should put this Vodafone India SIM in slot-1 for 7 days, and then I can change it to...
  35. C

    Thread P20 Pro CLT-L29 dual sim: compatible with wifi calling in the UK (EE or Vodafone)?

    I am considering buying the dual-sim CLT-L29 version of the Huawei P20 Pro, and I'd like to understand if it is compatible with wifi calling in the UK, specifically with EE and Vodafone. I understand from the networks' websites that their wifi calling should be compatible with single sims P20...
  36. A

    Thread Is it possible to flash G965F (S9+ Exynos) firmware to G965F/DS (S9+ Exynos Dual)..?

    I'm going to buy a G965F/DS (S9+ Exynos Dual Sim). It will be ok to flash with Odin the latest G965F firmware? It will trip KNOX counter? Thanks in advance!
  37. S

    Thread Dual SIM: network drop when switching data sim

    Hello, I own a P20 Pro Dual Sim and I noticed that when I switch data from a SIM to the other one, both SIMs go offline for a few seconds before completing the procedure (screenshot attached). It's a very annoying thing, because I often use the phone in difficult areas where I need a fast...
  38. V

    Thread Dual sim or not?

    Hi, I preordered a sim-only p20 from carphonewarehouse in the UK. Everywhere it says it's a dual sim phone as standard, but have heard contradicting things on posts online. If you received yours in the UK, is it dualsim or not? many thanks
  39. A

    Thread Dual Sim issue

    Hi I have an issue with my dual sim S9. Sim one is on Three UK and sim two is Vodafone UK. " Dual sim always on " is enabled but when I'm connected on a call the other sim card will not accept incoming calls. The sim I'm connected to for the call will show via call waiting if another incoming...
  40. Eirwn

    Thread Huawei P10 Dual - Can I assign Specific Contacts to be called by specific SIM card?

    Hey all, I recently purchased a p10 Dual. I have 2 SIM cards. a. Personal number b. Business number. I want to assign my Colleagues numbers to be called always and without the phone asking me every time, with SIM CARD b. And all the other Calls to be made by my personal number. I...
  41. T

    Thread Dual SIM ROM on single SIM phone?

    Hello, this is somewhat of a noob question, I just bought a j7 prime g610m on ebay, which is supposed to be dual SIM, I just received the phone and the Sim tray with the second space for a Sim (the one with the sdcard) is blocked , the phone indeed shows 2 imeis when I put *#06* on the dialer ...
  42. T

    Thread Battery drain with dual sim

    Hello guys, I noticed a strange thing. After I added a second SIM card to my dual sim LG V30+, the battery consumption went to much faster rate than before with only one SIM. This drain is going on also when the second SIM is disabled via menu, so there is (or should not be) any searching for...
  43. S

    Thread Samsung Dual Sim Behaviour

    i have an a300f running 4.4.4 every time i open the second sim slot to change the sim, the phone opens a window with "restart" and you have to reboot the complete phone, to enter another sim, despite the fact that in background, the phone is still working it seems. is there a way around this...
  44. T

    Thread Messages app: popup with phone numbers - why?

    Every time I open and existing "chat" in Messages (Google's SMS messaging app), I see a popup near the text entry area that lists my phone numbers. I have G8142 with Android 8 and both SIM cards active. (See the screenshot below). Actually, the same popup appears every time the message input...
  45. radionerd

    Thread Pixel 2 XL setup for dual carriers using fi on eSIM

    One of my favorite of the many cool features in Pixel 2's is the addition of an eSIM. 100% love everything about this device: Pixel 2 XL Running beta 8.1, rooted, and dual SIM's! Anyone else rocking dual SIM's? or using FiSwitch, or other apps to switch between SIM's? I'm running a Verizon...
  46. R

    Thread Dual SIM troubles

    Hello ! I'm having troubles with my girlfriend's Honor 7 (was previously mine). I ordered a free SIM from a french operator that gives 10Go of free data to test their network but I can't make it work ! It is the PLK-L01 version. It works when I only activates the second SIM (I can use the 10Go...
  47. hmsq

    Thread Can I flash different region firmware from Single SIM on a Note 8 Duos?

    Hi All, So I've bought a device from Dubai as I travel there often but I live in the UK , everything works fine, but when I want to run Samsung Pay it keeps installing the UAE version so can't add my cards from UK. I remember when I had the S4 and S7 Edge I could install a different firmware...
  48. Romansko

    Thread [Q] Flashing single sim stock firmware on dual sim phone. (Samsung Galaxy S7)

    Hello, I was wondering what would happen if I would flash an SM-G930F firmware on my dual sim phone SM-G930FD? Will the device get bricked? Will it lose dual sim functionality? Dual sim phones have 2 IMEI, will it become only 1 IMEI? also, if I flash a firmware lets say from sammobile via...
  49. P

    Thread Dual SIM rumor?

    Is Dual SIM a rumor or is there any confirmed source? I havent noticed it on Sony's, various region, pages, so far only few news outlets write about it. Some of the retailers are leaving out Single/Dual SIM info
  50. L

    Thread Dual SIM Tricks in Tasker

    Hi everyone, I have been struggling to build up my idea with tasker but can't make it work. I have Dual Sim Android 6 phone and I want to make some automation like this: Schedule week days and hours so when I receive incoming call to SIM 2 and if I don't answer in 5 seconds or intentionally...