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  1. moosaa

    Thread Huawei / Honor Bootloader Unlock Code AVAILABLE NOW - Price: 190 USD

    You can now purchase the original bootloader unlock code for your Huawei or Honor phone, for a one-time fee of 190 USD. Huawei stopped offering these codes to the public in July 2018, but FunkyHuawei is now able to provide them. Codes are available for even the latest Huawei / Honor phone...
  2. F

    Thread Will buying an S10 from UAE effect me?

    Hey guys, So my sister lives in Abu Dhabi UAE and she can get me an S10 for about $200-$300 cheaper than I can get here in Australia. My question is if I get her to buy one for me and ship it here will it have any downfalls? I don't use Samsung Pay but I do use Google Pay. While I'm not too...
  3. U

    Thread Looking for GCC (Arabic/Middle East) RUU

    I bought HTC One (M7) in Dubai (Middle East). After few months I got the notification that there is software update available now. Since I updated there is a purple tint issue in the camera. Rooted and tried different versions of stock firmwares and ROMs hoping to fix that issue but couldn't...
  4. I

    Thread Straight in the sea!

    Got my Xperia tablet Z a few days ago in Japan. Stopping in Dubai on the way back to the UK I could not resist dunking it into the sea! http://youtu.be/bJkUST6NO5U Enjoy!
  5. ProNewb

    Thread [Q] Cannot connect to 2G/H+/3G Internet

    I have flashed this firm:- XWKL1 Firmware info PDA:XWKL1 PHONE: DDKL1 Date: 13/12/2011 Android 2.3.6 INU (India): http://www.multiupload.com/7K8FL86IEQ XWKL1 Stock Kernel: http://www.multiupload.com/LSO4P572C9 Password: [email protected] with speedmod kernel. (I should have flashed JPKJ2 gb...
  6. N

    Thread WW-eird or what?

    Just went to check out the transformer at some stores. OK now comes the weird part; I live in dubai > UAE > Asia And each and every units build showed it had us rom??? dosent matter but what the hell???:eek::D
  7. BoogWeed

    Thread [Q] Moving to UAE

    I'm most likely moving to Dubai in a few weeks time and, of course, I want to take my SGS2 with me! (Company offer iPhone4 as a business phone.. No thanks! :D) I have an unbranded UK handset currently flashed with: PDA: WKE2 Phone: XXKDJ CSC: XEUKD1 Am I good to go as soon as I pop a SIM card...
  8. A

    Thread [Q] No Nexus S for me

    [Mods - i hope this is the right forum to post this..sorry if it isn't] That's it folks ... I guess there is no gingerbread+nexus S love coming my way :'( I've been dying to get this phone since the day it released... ESPECIALLY because it's such great value for money .. BUT - I'm in Dubai...
  9. K

    Thread [Q] Dubai Tab in the USA

    Hello !! I bought an unlocked Galaxy Tab in Dubai UAE and would like to use it in SF Bay Area. My Tab's Supported bands are: GSM&EDGE Band 850/900/1800/1900 3G Band 900/1900/2100 I would like your advice / experience sharing with subscribing to the most suitable US wireless carrier for...
  10. O

    Thread [Q] where can I buy covers in dubai?!

    I got my Galaxy Tab, and I ordered an overpriced, cheap quality cover from souq.com for 85dhs. im looking for those leather covers and screen protectors! help please!