dynamic island

  1. Jawomo

    Thread [APP] popupControl - Easily disable heads-up / peek notification popups on your phone!

    Hi there, about 7 years ago i developed HeadsOff (Android 5+) and later NoHeadsUp (Android 7+) apps to disable heads-up / peek notification popups on android. Unfortunately this did not work on newer android versions anymore. Recently i found a way to do it on newer android version, thats when...
  2. ABSELT05

    Thread The core idea of Apple's Dynamic Island copyed from an old android app

    Video on YouTube: The idea of using camera hole to display notifications is made on my android app 2 years ago! As you can see in the video above, this is captured on s10+ but also adaptive to any other type or place of the notch You can download old version (before appl's "INNOVATION!" Date)...
  3. Jawomo

    Thread [APP] dynamicSpot - iPhone 14 Pro Dynamic Island notifications for android!

    Hi there, with the release of iPhone 14 Pro Apple introduced Dynamic Island. As i already created a notification light app for Samsung or Pixel phones (aodNotify) i tried to port the app to something like Dynamic Island. In android we have no camera islands, but camera spots / cutouts. So...