1. heathenasparagus

    Thread unable to switch keyboards in rooted nst with nook Color tools

    Hi, I have rooted NST, installed Any Soft Keyboard from the market as well as pushed a copy in the /system/apps folder. When trying to use Nook Color Tools to switch the keyboard, it doesn't show that the Any soft keyboard exists. Any ideas ?
  2. Crazy Seed

    Thread [Q] About Virtual Keyboard 'Deafault Keyboard', selecting Text

    Hey people. Just wondering: Is there any way 'or any rom that already has this' in Eclair 2.1, to select text by double taping any text like we do in GB roms? Because i notice than in Gb roms when a word is selected you have 2 bars to move Left and Right but on Eclair you have nothing except the...
  3. F

    Thread [CFG] Keyboard layout - extra characters

    Hi all, I've just reverted to 2.1.1.Clean.0.0 v6 because other ROMs seem to be too slow (laggy, ..., whatever) and while I'm configuring It I tweak the keyboard layout (not the keyprint) in order to have the physical keyboard covering all useful characters used in *NIX shells (eg., connect via...
  4. rpgdev

    Thread Where to download Android 2.1 or a mod based on it?

    On the wikipedia page of this phone it says that the original OS it came with was Android 2.1 and I'm wondering if there is any way I could download this rom (or a mod of it)? My phone sometimes lags with 2.2. I used to have the 2.1 on my HTC Wildfire and it is more than good enough for me for...
  5. DoR2

    Thread [Q] Trying Eclair

    I want to try to play games on eclair. So these are my questions 1) Is there any ROMs for eclair 2) Is it safe to flash it 3) How can I overclock it(if possible)
  6. L

    Thread [Q] How to downgrade from 2.3.6 to 2.1?

    Hi everybody, My old N1 isn't my main phone now so I'm thinking about using it as a testing device. I already have a 2.2 Atrix, a 2.3 Kindle Fire and a 4.0 SII, so I wanted to downgrade my Nexus to 2.1. Is that possible? I have latest 2.3.6 now (GRK39F). And after the downgrade, is there a way...
  7. TheMiltos21

    Thread [ROM]Gaming-tasty Gingy! UPLOADED V02 (V03 soon and last)

    Gaming-tasty Gingy! Check out my new project!Tweaked-MiniCM! <--All credit goes to nobodyAtall Hello XDA members/guests,this is my first ROM.It is a modification of paul-xxx's MiniCM7Pro-V21 Link to original thread : It is supposed to be...
  8. Arjen

    Thread [WIP][ROM] Eclair (Android 2.1, .32 kernel), need some help ;)

    I have picked up an old project I was working on, getting Eclair on our phones. Now you might think, why Eclair, it is much older than Froyo and we already have Gingerbread!? The answer is simple, just because we do not have Eclair roms for our phones :D Some people here think newer is always...
  9. E

    Thread Tried to update Google Apps, but ended up uninstalling them. Need market back.

    Making the story as short as possible: I wanted to install CM7, so I factory-resetted my AT&T Captivate (with Android 2.1), what caused lots of force closes on every process and market wouldn't download anything. Tried to install the most recent version of gapps available on cyanogenmod wiki...
  10. G

    Thread [Q] New APPs in old OSs

    After trying a couple of Froyo and Gingerbread roms I've gotten back to the Eclair 2.1 one with the black Rom. I think it gives me a faster performance, better stability and consumes way less battery. Anyway, I miss some things. a) A decent Contacts/Phonebook/Phone calls app b) I've managed to...
  11. S

    Thread [Q] Port Froyo apk to work on Eclair

    I'd like to know if there is a way to port a froyo (2.2) apk to work on eclair (2.1). This is an apk launcher, and editing it's AndroidManifest.xml I get: <uses-sdk android:minSdkVersion="8" android:targetSdkVersion="10" /> Changing the "minSdkVersion" and "targetSdkVersion" to 7 does not...
  12. Bytecode

    Thread [DEV HELP] [PROJECT ON HOLD] Building eclair from CA sources

    Ok so this project was re-opened because I have some problems with CyanogenMod 6 sources downloading (old git),but I won't abandone it for now. Lucky thing that Eclair doesn't have this problems because codeaurora got its own git with ALL android stuff in it (AOSP I mean). Now I've informed...
  13. E

    Thread [Q] Eclair for Milestone

    How about a updated eclair ROM for Milestone? So we enjoy some free memory on our Milestones! EDIT: I need to say that I ain't a dev, so i can't cook this rom. But maybe someone else wants to.
  14. H

    Thread [Q] Flashing - No Usb

    Greetings. I've flashed a couple of roms from eclari to froyo using my usb cable. No problems there. The thing is I want to upgrade to gingerbread now, but I don't have the usb cable anymore. I would like to know if I could downgrade to eclair through the sdcard since I already have the backup...
  15. J

    Thread best eclair rom

    hi everyone! I have my milestone with cronos froyo, but I want to go back to eclair, what eclair do you recomend? and why? greetings from argentina!
  16. minameaar

    Thread [Q] Mytouch 3g Slide

    Hi people. I have a mytouch 3g slide with a broken audio ribbon cable. I have searched all over ebay but I have only found flex ribbon cables. Because I'm in the UK it is difficult for me to find a second-hand mytouch slide for repairs. My question is whether or not I can use the audio ribbon...
  17. krishkamlesh

    Thread [Q] HTC Wildfire Arm6 can handle Adobe Flash Player any how....???

    Hello to all.... If you could help me out than I really believe that you are real developers... I have visited many sites and many people have said that Flash player is working and some of them said no no.... Even one of the link is listed that Wildfire can run Adobe Flash player...
  18. random1204

    Thread [Heimdall Package] Stock 2.1 (JF6)

    I searched for a Heimdall Package for Stock 2.1 and I could not find it to save my life. So, I created one. If Heimdall is the only thing you can on Linux of something of that nature, and you need a simple stock package...well here it is. If you find this to be a waste of a thread...
  19. diohellfire

    Thread [ROM]DioEclairMIUI-v001[Based on 2.1.1.A.0.46]

    EDIT: Excuse me, but I was forced to abandon all my roms X8, having been stolen. Hello Guys! I am Dio and i make my First ROM This is for anyone who loves Eclair (2.1) and hates the applications and appearance of official Sony Ericsson Rom. Is Based on Official 2.1.1.A.0.46 Features: MIUI +...
  20. jasonftfw

    Thread [Q] help with rooting mts!

    I have been all over this site, trying every method listed to root and nothing works. Currently have 2.2 loaded on the phone, but cannot get it down to 2.1 via the htc ruu, it ends up giving me error 140 bootloader version error. i tried this...
  21. M

    Thread [Q] Install Eclair keyboard in Gingerbread?

    Running 2.3 and it's great...except I REALLY liked the edit function of the 2.1 default input where you could drag the words to the right spot from a larger dialog box. Fat fingers make it tough to position the slider in 2.3. Anyone know if this is possible? Or if there is another keyboard that...
  22. megarain555

    Thread [Q] Evo came out the box running eclair

    Hey guys i have an htc evo 4g that was manufactured on april of this year. Yet it came out of the box running eclair ive been in a battle with sprint and htc and htc just told me that id have to send my phone yto upgrade to froyo just so i can receive the gingerbread update and i honestly do not...
  23. XxLordxX

    Thread How to restore original firmware

    That's easy, if your phone is bricked like too many people do it: That's what I tell to many people do and they said it works, so stop spamming the sections speaking: "My cellphone is bricked, help me!". Hope it saves your life too :p UPDATE...
  24. MatthewWu

    Thread [Anyone want to try?] New Updates from SE (Gives Monitor app) (Market had it)

    Hello everybody. I just checked the update and i update my phone. Improvements: -So far i found, no improvement. -New apps added (Data Monitor) Suggestions: -Don't update your device if you opened Update Service or PC Companion Just update apps -Mod, if you think this spamming, close...
  25. nikctsh

    Thread [Q] Chainfire work with xt720 (eclair) ?

    Hi guys , i have a rooted xt720 with original rom , eclair . Have anyone tried chainfire on such a device ? Does it work ? How about the gaming experince ? Better (without install plugin) ? Hope for your comments and helps , thanks .
  26. mattio781

    Thread [Q] Can not get to download mode

    So i have the latest version of cm7 and i am trying to go back to stock but i can't enter download mode for the life of me. I have a jig, and am trying to force it via aio captivate toolbox, but all it will do is reboot, and help would be appreciated, fyi i have searched the forums but have...
  27. M

    Thread Vibrant will show flashing S startup, but then turns black

    Hi all, I tried to install this voodoo lagfix on my phone yesterday through the method and my phone wouldn't get past the loading screen and kept reverting back to recovery mode. To make a long story short, I used odin to flash eclair, then I used "Samsung Kies Mini" to update me to...
  28. V

    Thread [Q] Upgrading from Eclair to Gingerbread

    My girlfriend's Galaxy S has the original firmware on it - icky icky painfully slow and laggy Eclair 2.1 and I would like to make her a tad happier by upgrading to the latest version of Gingerbread. For starters I am going to flash a stock XXJVQ and maybe a kernel with voodoo, as she doesn't...
  29. bubuphonik

    Thread [Q] help looking foe htc buzz 2.1 ruu

    hello can anyone send me to the link of htc buzz eclair 2.1 ruu cuz i dont understand all the numbers on shipped rom i want to put back my htc buzz to stock and rooted again cuz i found it a lil bit slow so thanks anyway for the help send this way
  30. Carlos_Manuel

    Thread [Q] Does anybody have Eclair 2.0 Gapps

    Hi all! Does anybody have Gapps for Eclair 2.0 Android SDK HTC G1.. ? 2.1 gapps works but then in JetDroid don't have the market app..? I need Gapps for 2.0 does 2.0 have Gapps?
  31. minomarimat

    Thread [Q] Is it possible to go back to the Eclair after update to Froyo via MSU????

    Yep, I did a foolish thing (got too excited with the Froyo update), I did the update via MSU, but I did not even do a full background check on the pros and cons of this particular update (I have the latest). After experiencing very minimal problems with this update, I realized that I could have...
  32. V

    Thread [Q] How to install non-market applications on Samsung Captivate

    Hey All, I have Samsung Captivate - SGH-I897 with Android Version number 2.1, Eclair. In Settings >> Application, I dont have the option to select "Unknown Sources" - Allow installation of Non-Market Applications. Now, I get a parse Error >> 'There is a problem parsing a package', When...
  33. etherea

    Thread [Q] DEFY from 2.1 to 2.3

    Hello, I want to upgrade my DEFY from Eclair to Gingerbread; I've read lotsa posts on what to use and where to put this and that but unfortunately I'm not into this and some slang terms (not tech terms, I just mean pure slang) are hell for me. Is there any guide I can easily follow? Moreover...
  34. SeaFargo

    Thread [Guide] Safe downgrade from 3.4.2-177 to 2.51.1

    I've find an affordable solution so I've decided to modify the original thread in order to give immediately to all who reads the correct procedure. Later on this message you can still see the original start of the thread, for future references. ________________________________ How to downgrade...
  35. T

    Thread [Q] ARCHOS 70B ereader....hakk it yeeee!!(?)

    Let it now be hacked by the USA! France, those silly, um, baguette-eaters, via Bloggee, has several videos and some forums (in French) showing (but I don't think explaining) a hacked Archos 70B ereader/tablet. Can we get there?? I'd like to see a guide for hacking this 130 euro Android tablet...
  36. T

    Thread Eclair / Froyo primary bootloader

    I've recently run into an issue finding the original bootloaders (specifically Eclair boot.bin), and after searching for a few hours, NUSHOR pulled some for me and put them on dropbox, so I figured if anyone needs them (I needed them, as hopefully I'll be making a one-click Heimdall for...
  37. W

    Thread Updgrading from Eclair to ? and How

    I have a Samsung Galaxy I900 which is still on Firmware 2.1-update 1 Kernel 2.6.29 Build Eclair I rooted with "Z4Root". I have "ROM Manager" installed. How do I upgrade to a more recent build (Froyo, Gingerbread)? How does that relate to ROMS such as Fresh and CyanogenMod?
  38. estugarda

    Thread Rooting Prestigio MP PMP3084B from scratch

    Hello, I have a Prestigio Multipad PMP3084B tablet with Android Eclair recently updated to V2.1.2. It's cheap, low end device with good price and few nice things, but in generally it's a slow device with almost non existent support. No mod community either. This device is clogged with...
  39. P

    Thread [Q] DEFY 2.1 to 2.2 FROYO HELP INDIA

    I am having a defy which does not have motoblur ........its an indian version...... system version is Moto_version.2.59.0.MB525 retail.en.SEA15 Firmware version is 2.1 update 1 Base band version EPU93ST2_u_03.0E.02 Kernel version is 2.6.29 BP flex version is UCAJRDNEMARAB1B50AA025.0R AP...
  40. A

    Thread [Q] Flash Custom ROM for 2.5.9?

    I gota Defy running on 2.1 eclair, with verrsion 2.5.9 I deleted the GTalk app and thus my Android Market messed up and so i cant download any apps I downloaded the stock sbf rom for the same version. My question is can I flash 2.5.9 using RSDLite? All I know is i cant do it through ROMManager...
  41. O

    Thread [Q] Boot loop when flashing Froyo/GB/Anyhing non Eclair over stock Eclair JM8 with 2e

    Evening, I'm trying to upgrade from a stock Eclair 2.1 to Froyo. Recovery is 2e. I've spent the better part of the last two days reading endless threads here and trying any remotely relevant solutions that were discussed. The phone simply refuses to boot anything other than Eclair. Won't run...
  42. B

    Thread [Q] Install 2.2 Froyo

    Hey Guys, I have just rooted my phone, and i want to upgrade from eclair to froyo. Are there any roms for this, and if so, which is the best and how do i install it? ________________________________________________________ About My Phone: ☑Rooted Model: SAMSUNG Galaxy 3 (Apollo) GT-I5800...
  43. A

    Thread [ROM] Super Optimized 2.1| Eclair|data2system

    Screenshots: Cause this is my first post i am not allowed to post outside links. h**p:// I hope its ok. :) This rom is based on original Android from LG, version: 2.1-update1 (v20a). Features: -rooted -added BusyBox -deodexed apps and framework -added...
  44. Tianhe

    Thread [Q] The story of my Flash : A noob's journey - The Pros & Cons

    This is my journey from Eclair to Froyo - read only if you have ample time. You have been warned ! :) I had never tried even rooting my Galaxy I5801 so I was a bit hesitant to upgrade my DDJG6 Eclair to DDJP2 FROYO even via Kies. After some days of the official release I finally plugged my...
  45. despotovski01

    Thread [BACKUP]Stock Eclair backup with fastboot

    FIXED ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hey guys, I uploaded a backup of stock Eclair for all of you who want to go back to a stock Android 2.1 ROM. It's European Open with fastboot. Click here to get the download! Note: you can flash this ROM only...
  46. vazzz

    Thread [GUIDE] 2.2 downgrade to 2.1

    Hi all! Any 3.4.x Froyo downgrade to 2.51 Eclair, if you have installed 3.4.x .sbf with RSD Lite How to: - root (Superoneclick) - Install system recovery - move 2.51 CEE Deblur nandroid backup or other 2.51 backup to SD card/goapkrev/backup -recovery boot -wipe data/wipe cache -restore 2.51...
  47. H

    Thread [Q] Help fellow android- APP2SD

    Hey, is there any app i can use to directly transfer my apps to sd card without upgrading to froyo. I have an xperia X8 eclair, and the only reason i rooted was to move apps to sd. The reason i dont wanna upgrade to froyo is because i like the eclair interface more and if i flash to froyo i...
  48. I

    Thread Stock Android 2.1 / 2.2 Apps Streamlining

    I posted this on another thread which asked for 2.1 eclair stock apps, but this works for 2.2 as well. And so this could be easier to search The list below describes all stock i5800 apks under /system/app. You can see this folder via RootExplorer or FileExplorer or the like, or see them through...
  49. R

    Thread [Q] youtube problem on eclair 2.1

    hi, i was trying to watch some youtube movies but none of them load! it says "there was a problem while playing", my android version is eclair 2.1, ive tried removing it, install the youtube from froyo (2.2) on my eclair 2.1, and nothing, ive cleaned cache from the aplication, tried reinstalling...
  50. bedoig

    Thread [Q] Revert to Eclair - Possible?

    Is it possible (and safe) to flash one of the Eclair ROMs from the Wiki? I have an app I need to test under Eclair but I don't have access to a device on 2.1 and the emulator won't cut it. Thanks!