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  1. M

    Thread I Need Help With Eclipse Errors

    I am new to Android development. I am using eclipse to create apps. I am having problems with some errors that I can't figure out how to resolve. I have updated eclipse to the latest version. Eclipse is telling me that my ADT plugin is out dated. I've tried updating them using this site for help...
  2. Zidni

    Thread Help For Building Android Project

    for building android project in eclipse may i download all android sdk packages or some specific packages?? please help me.... i am new
  3. N

    Thread [Completed] Eclipse error

    I was installing eclipse for java then this happened when i launch it is giving me a error (attachment) this is the .ini file -startup plugins\org.eclipse.equinox.launcher_1.3.100.v20150511-1540.jar --launcher.library...
  4. S

    Thread [Q] Is ADT still supported?

    Is Google still supporting the eclispe ADT plugin. I know there's a note saying to use Android Studio to get the latest updates but will eclipse continue to be supported just behind or are they dropping support completely. The more I use android studio the more increasingly I've become...
  5. TheWMDev

    Thread I Want to Write Android Apps. Where Do I Start?

    These tools require varying levels of experience and if you've never touched code before, you might want to check out guides about java(needed for android development) here. First However if you're ready to move from theory and syntax to actual development, here's what you'll need. The Android...
  6. Simonetti2011

    Thread USB Debugging greyed out? Here's why

    Earlier today I was trying to debug an Eclipse app on my Note 4 (SM-N910C), and although the Developer options were enabled, the option "USB Debugging" was greyed out, like this: Upon some investigation (and a few reboots), I found out the culprit: MyKNOX. I happen to be one of the few N4...
  7. Vlasp

    Thread [Q] Text to American Sign Language Translator App Development Help

    I am trying to make an app that allows the user to input text, and then images meaning that word come up on the screen. I already have Eclipse set up on my linux 64 bit box. How would I do this, as I am just starting to learn android development?:confused::confused: I am trying to make this app...
  8. L

    Thread ADT not opening by default

    Hi guys, just getting into the development game and i'm stoked but I've run into a bit of a problem... Im running win 8.1 x64 and downloaded the JDK, JRE, SDK - Eclipse bundle and when I open eclipse it should come up with the adt splash screen but the stock eclipse spash screen comes up and it...
  9. A

    Thread Help in moving from Eclipse ADT to Android Studios

    I had been working on Eclipse ADT but due to the errors and nuisances of the 23.0 update I have decided to move to Android Studio. The problem is, importing projects to Android Studio and getting used to it is turning out to be a bigger problem. Please try to help me on any of the below...
  10. B

    Thread [Q]Eclipse not running via ADB

    I'm new at developing Apps. I'm following this guide: http://www.xda-developers.com/xda-tv-2/how-to-build-an-android-app-part-1-setting-up-eclipse-and-android-sdk-xda-tv/ I followed every step properly and created a dummy app. But in the end, the app doesn't run directly from eclipse. There is...
  11. acoustikamusika

    Thread [Q] Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 Debugging issue

    I'm having a problem running apps that I developed inside eclipse onto Galaxy Tab 3 (SM-T210) 4.1.2. Whenever I run the app, the device list shows up saying that the tablet it online and everything seems fine, but the application doesn't show up on the device anywhere. I've successfully been...
  12. K

    Thread [Q] Augmented Reality

    So i did a little research about this thing called Augmented Reality. I found out that there is too many AR SDK's, and i can't understand which one to download, and which one is the best for me. And also all the installation guides are not quite simple to understand. And one more this is the...
  13. Aneel

    Thread [GUIDE]A Comprehensive guide to make Zooper Skin.apk using Eclipse [UPDATED:6/FEB]

    A Comprehensive guide to make a Zooper Skin APK using Eclipse/Android Studio/ADT-Bundle Requirements: First of all i assume that you have a basic knowledge in creating and distributing your android app. If not please search them on google where you can find tons of tutorials for creating...
  14. A

    Thread [Q] How can I restore Eclipse "debug.keystore" file?

    Hi to all, I've just cleaned my computer and now I have reinstalled Eclipse. When I try to debug to device my Android Apps (before in another OS) now I'm getting an error that says that the APK signature has been changed (because I formatted my PC). How can I restore (or recreate) my previous...
  15. G

    Thread [Q] HELP ME - Eclipse Android (ADT)

    So, Im making a Root Checker app for android with Root Tools. However, when I run it on a device, the button doesnt do anything... Here's my code: MainActivity.java package com.gs2012.rootchecker; import com.stericson.RootTools.RootTools; import android.os.Bundle; import android.view.View...
  16. T

    Thread Mi1 eclipse rom

    hey, i've learned recently (i think) that i can flash the TW based version of Eclipse ROM on my Verizon GS4 with MI1 firmware. am i correct? if i am, can someone send me the download link to this particular ROM and make sure it works with MI1 and how to flash it? thanks, any help is greatly...
  17. coolbud012

    Thread [Q] Hove class Information not working in Eclipse

    Guys can anyone help me ? My Eclipse is not shoeing the class / method information while I hover over it. Neither it it displays the suggestions list. I have checking that Combined is ticked in Preferences. Please help as Im facing lot of difficulty because of this. Please anyone? Also 1...
  18. tsukot

    Thread Fake Element Eclipse case

    Has anyone bought from aliexpress this (Fake) case? I just saw it from their website, and I think Im not allowed to post links so go ahead guys search @ aliexpress.
  19. darkforce314

    Thread Need help with my Smart Watch project

    Hi guys! At this moment I'am working on my new project, Arduino-based Smart Watch. But on first atempt, I realiced that i can't get any current notification from my android device. I need to now if there any Gmail, WhatsApp or Missed call, that is fundamental for this progect. So, how can i...
  20. tsukot

    Thread Fake Element Atom Case for SGS3

    Has anyone checked/bought it out on aliexpress? :confused: EDIT: FiveOhFox bought one and posted some nice pictures. Thanks man! Pics of the case: With the phone: Here are some pictures of how the case fits around the phone. (Note that the front face is not really covered and you...
  21. R

    Thread [Q] Eclipse doesn't debug on S3

    Hi, I'm trying to debug my first app in Android on my new Samsung Galaxy S3, but Eclipse says me the next message. Installation failed due to invalid APK file! unable open zip "data/local/tmp/Asteroids.apk" My S3 has a stock rom and it is rooted. I think this is a permission problem, but I...
  22. r3flux

    Thread [ROM][CDMA/GSM] Eclipse Razr JB v1.0 - 2/10/13 - Welcome to the Dark!!

    Eclipse Jellybean by nitroglycerine33 - Welcome to the Dark! *some screenshots from Razr M (this does not have softkeys enabled) Eclipse Rom Features: Motorola Blur based with AOSP goodies compiled from my Eclipse AOSP source Dark UI AOSP themed Extended power menu with reboot, hot reboot...
  23. H

    Thread [Q] Getting the Note 2 working with Eclipse

    I have decided to start with making apps for Android, and I've downloaded the Android ADT package, got it all set up in Eclipse and everything. When I go to try and run the default "Hello World" app, I click 'Run' and nothing happens. Nothing at all. My phone is plugged in with USB, it allows...
  24. G

    Thread [Q] Star Trek fans I need your HELP!

    I've recently created several 'New Star Trek' themes for the 'GO' apps that are on Google Play now, but it's not working on devices running Jelly Bean and a few ICS such as HTC Evo 4G LTE and apparently some Galaxy S3s are OK and some aren't. I compiled and signed the themes with Eclipse using...
  25. NuShrike

    Thread [Q] Eclipse and webp

    I've searched, but haven't found anything on Google, nor XDA, so asking in a thread. Has anybody gotten webp images to work with the layout tool in Eclipse? It seems insane that this Google image format is not supported in the "official" Android IDE. To clarify, I can make apk builds with webp...
  26. bestoun94

    Thread [HELP]JAVA to Android (2D side-scolling game)

    I want to make a 2D side-scolling game for Android (like Super Mario). And I'm "almost" done (basically a character moving right and left on a screen). So i've written a code which contains 6 small classes in Java and I have no idea how to write it for Android. I use Eclipse and this is my very...
  27. D

    Thread [Q] Help working with AOSP Source in Eclipse

    I have been trying to import the android source into Eclipse (the entire root directory along with all of the files and subdirectories) as a single project as specified here in the AOSP documentation: http://source.android.com/source/using-eclipse.html No matter what I do though, I end up with...
  28. I

    Thread Adb rejected connection to client

    Hello! I have a nasty problem with the adb and my Galaxy Nexus (CM10 nightly-20120926). The ADB seems not to work properly. Every time I start my app within Eclipse it gets installed on my Galaxy Nexus and the LogCat window show some output. So far so good. But suddenly ADB stops writing...
  29. C

    Thread My First Rooted Phone !! YMMV :)

    I only rooted my phone a couple of weeks ago (waited until my guarantee expired) then after getting totally fed up of the HTC stock experience I flashed ROMS in the following order 1. Lowveld's Reaper v3 - Stable and OK speed, based on CM7 (I did not understand...
  30. W

    Thread Drivers?

    Sorry for this n00b question I have a Samsung Galaxy Nexus LTE for Verizon I downloaded the latest Android SDK and eclipse (JUNO) and the Android Plug-In for Eclipse (JUNO) However when I click RUN, eclipse doesn't or can't find the device. When I try to run it with AVD. This may be...
  31. K

    Thread Timer/Time/Clock class

    I'm new in Java development. My favorite platform, for which I would like to develop, is Android. I started to create programs in App Inventor, however it's rather limited, especially in terms of design - it still seems to use API10 or earlier, when creating UI. Is there Java class, which...
  32. I

    Thread Android Spinner, need HELP! [MOVED][SOLVED]

    Moved to http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?p=29821605
  33. B

    Thread Application Security/Java questions

    While I'm not new to the Android scene, I've just recently begun learning coding and development. I have a small background in Java development but obviously never Android. In any case, my first project was developing some code for a friend that would prevent the .apk from being pulled through...
  34. frapeti

    Thread [Q] Compiling AOSP Standalone apps

    Hi, I've managed to edit, compile, and run the camera app on eclipse, to avoid compile the whole rom just to debug and try things. (AOSP/CM9 to standalone app) I just wanted to change the accesibility shutter button, but there are some issues: I took sources from here: packages\apps\Camera...
  35. Specter597

    Thread Factory Data Wipe Weirdness

    I just experienced some weird sh... stuff. I was having problems with my phone (Modem did not power up error) I had previously rooted and flashed CM7. So I SBF'd back to 2.3.4 and did my phone's Factory data reset. This was the second time I'd had the Modem error so I wanted make sure it was...
  36. SlimMan

    Thread Exporting Keyboard

    Hello all, There is a CM7 theme Called GingerBlurB that has a KB in it that I just love. I would like to have this ava for say Eclipse... I looked through the the files but I haven't a clue which ones are for the KB. If anyone could be of assistance on this I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks,
  37. P

    Thread [Q] Android Eclipse Development Problem

    Hi! I started building a very "simple" app for a project of my friend. The Idea: You press a button, and ask the phone something like "How's the weather" after talking (no sound input recognized by the phone) the app chooses a random soundfile from the soundfolder. (it MUST NOT BE SMART! Just...
  38. MR.zero

    Thread [Q] How powerful is App Inventor?

    Does being simple mean it may loose some abilities? why do some people still use Eclipse if both programs can do the same thing? is eclipse more advanced? Thanks in advance :cyclops:
  39. E:V:A

    Thread [APP][DEV][GUIDE] Using the Android Java Internal/Hidden API classes

    Using Java Reflection with Eclipse ADT to Access Internal/Hidden API classes. Purpose We present a way to access all the Internal and Hidden Java packages/classes in the AOS. To do this we need to both repackage the Android.jar and hack the Eclipse ADT plugin, to allow using these internal...
  40. K

    Thread Video! Eclipse 2.0 FP1 ROM Install & Review

    Eclipse 2.0 FP1 ROM Install & Review Some of you have been asking for help installing the Eclipse 2.0 ROM, so I made this video in hopes of helping out. I have many other videos on my channel if you need additional help... or just ask here in the forum...
  41. P

    Thread [Q] What did I do and how do I fix it?

    I just got a CDMA Droid Razr Maxx 2 weeks ago. On day 1 I rooted and installed Safestrap 1.09 and Eclipse 1.73 (I think?). Been running that rom every day and loving it. Well, last night my friend decided he wanted to play with my phone for a little bit and see if he wanted to upgrade to that...
  42. J

    Thread Changing Eclipse Default Templates

    When you create for instance a new Activity in Eclipse, the new class is added with a small bit of code inside it - in the case of an Activity an almost empty onCreate method and related imports. I was wondering if there was a way to change the default templates for Activity, Service and some...
  43. datagrid

    Thread TUTORIAL: Installing Android Development Environment

    Hi everyone ! :) I wrote this tutorial on how to install Android development environment and I thought some people here might be interested. You can get the google translation here. Google automatic translation is OK as my tutorial contains numerous screenshots and it's really a step by step...
  44. Sippi4x4man

    Thread [closed] Wifi working with latest Eclipse 2.2 update

    EDIT: Wifi and Mobile Hot Spot now work for Milestone X2 users on the new Eclipse 2.2 update. Check it out: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1198857 I am attempting to pull some files from our Milestone X2 to get WIFI & Mobile HotSpot working on Eclipse 2.1. I have conversed...
  45. CEBZ

    Thread [Q] From apk to xml

    Hi! I'd just formatted my computer and now I'm realizing that I forgot to backup my eclipse workspace -.- I do have the .apk backuped from my apps though, is there any way that I can "convert" the apk to xml, java, manifest etc for editing?
  46. C

    Thread [Q] Wifi Tether on Eclipse

    Hi all, I have tried Barnacle, OpenGarden and Google (http://code.google.com/p/android-wifi-tether/) tethering apps, and nothing is working for me. My laptop and PC have either shown me connected with either limited connectivity (and no actual internet access) or today with Google's app my...
  47. G

    Thread Eclipse on Milestone X2

    I finally braved the urge and flashed Eclipse just now without a hitch as well as RR... wifi doesnt work as others with the droid x2. Ill play around and see what else I come up with. Im with CSpire and flashed from stock 2.3.6 no SBFing or anything. If others want to try do so at your own risk...
  48. mdeejay

    Thread [27 MAY][ROM][X Series] Virtuous Eclipse v.1.0.0 [Sense 4.0 Android 4.0.3]

    [/CENTER] :: Download :: :: Mirror :: MD5: 49c02dacf826729f7d14613dee39738f Check out our forums * If you wanna use our rom as base, or some parts from rom, just ask, don't kang. If i found some parts from this rom used without my permissions your thread will be reported :)...
  49. P

    Thread [Q] External dongle with Eclipse for nfc app tests

    Hi All, sorry for the n00b question, but I'm a beginner. I have a SCL3711 NFC dongle and a Nexus S. I'm writing an app that, among other things, should allow the smartphone to act as tag. I would like to know if I can use the dongle connected to Eclipse instead of the emulator or the Nexus, so...
  50. C

    Thread Youtube FC for uploading on Eclipse 2.1

    Anyone having this problem? Youtube 2.3.4 runs fine, but if I select a video to upload I get a force close. I've tried just long press and share and it still crashes. Yes I'm signed in to my Youtube app. I've reboot system. I guess if no one else is having this issue I can reinstall Eclipse...