1. komorovg

    Thread [DEV] QuatroPaper - Gradient Wallpapers Maker With Powerful Editor

    Another gradient maker? Yes, but this one is different. I promise :) First of all our has no traditional vertical/diagonal gradient, instead it has separate set of colors for each edge. And because of this generated wallpapers have really unique look with soft transitions. Or sharp if you wish...
  2. W

    Thread Monograph - unofficial Telegra.ph client

    What is it? Simple and powerful text editor for creating articles and posts on social networks. The monograph will help you write a formatted article or post and publish it on any social network or messenger. If such an article is published on Telegram or Facebook, it will open instantly...
  3. methuntt

    Thread [CLOSED][App] All in One Video Editor - Join, Cut, Merge, Split etc

    ? All in One Video Editor Pro is Professional Video Editing Tool for Your Daily Needs With Most Useful and Handy Features to Edit Your Video Within Minutes ? ? Features ? ? Easy user interface for creating video in a minute. ? Use local songs to make a video. ? Add music for your local videos...
  4. G

    Thread [APP][Editor][5.0+] Easy Story - Story maker for social media apps

    Easy Story - (Story Maker for Social Media) Creating an eye-catching story on social media apps is now easier. Easy Story is an app that help you create images with multiple customization. Create image with easy story and share on social media or set stories and status on different social...
  5. tigersaid

    Thread I try to edit in Apk editor but it goes back to before

    Hello there. I'm trying to edit an APK file. I have root access. It's a file in this location /data/user/0/"package"/..... It's 3 lines I'm trying to change, they are URLs. I change the information in root Explorer, in APK editor (edit data, root) and i manage to save it and install the new...
  6. K

    Thread Is there a theme editor, out there, for this model of phone that won't cause issues?

    I have been all over play store and all of the MI and MIUI editors are the same and have the same effect: After a while they tend to just scatter everything (on the screen) all over the place. Is there an editor, out there, that i don't have to learn a new science to make my own MIUI theme for...
  7. J

    Thread What's the stock text editor app on your Huawei mobile phone?

    When I selected and tapped a .txt file in Files app, the text file would be opened with a stock editor app, WPS Office. But when I tapped that floppy disk icon to save after editing, it seemed that it couldn't save and update that .txt file. It would rather 'Save as' another file. I wonder...
  8. J

    Thread Gallery Motorola modified

    Hello people, this time I share the Motorola gallery a bit modified, just modified the colors of the letters and some icons, the zipper is flashavel by twrp as a system app but if you want can extract and install as you want, together is the editor app Photos...
  9. Sh0X31

    Thread [Port]Screenshot Editor from Android P [ARM64 only]

    Hi guys, Want to show you this great port by Quinny899. Just download the APK, install it like a normal App and do a screenshot. After press "share" and select the screenshot Editor. -> Download & Source
  10. Quinny899

    Thread [APP][PORT][DP3] Google Markup from Android P

    This is a port of the Google Markup app from the Android P developer preview. Its primary use on P is to edit screenshots, but it can be used on any image. On P, you get an "EDIT" option when you take a screenshot. That starts an editor for the image, and Google have included an app on the...
  11. Z

    Thread Keyboard editor

    While sending a text message, I stumbled into the keyboard editor that I did not know existed. Can someone please point me towards docs and how to get back into that mode?
  12. wanderer1479

    Thread Text Your Photos

    Have you ever wanted to write something on your pictures? Now you can do it, so check out what we have prepared for you. Download the newest☞Text Your Photos☜ app for free and have tons of fun while decorating your images with impressive messages. You can use them as backgrounds that will...
  13. Z

    Thread Notification Access Editor

    Is there an app to edit the notification access list (so apps can be added manually)? If not, there should be one made that does.
  14. arindam_mitra1985

    Thread LayerMask - Superimpose & Mask plus Photo Editor

    Play Store URL E-Soft, the maker of MatCon - Material Icon Maker brings to you an awesome way of editing your photos and design icons using lots of powerful tools in LayerMask for Android. LayerMask uses the concept of layers along with many pro level tools to design creative and innovative...
  15. W

    Thread Unleash your Creativity, Download Samsung Theme Editor Here! Updated to v3.00.21

    NOTE: Samsung has blocked the way i used to download the theme editor so i will now have to search for another method. till then no update :( Hey guys, Below are the links to download the Samsung Theme Editor. All credits goes to adfree for finding the secret method ;) Unleash your...
  16. W

    Thread Unleash your Creativity, Download Samsung Theme Editor Here! Updated to v3.00.21

    NOTE: Samsung has blocked the way i used to download the theme editor so i will now have to search for another method. till then no update :( Hey guys, Below are the links to download the Samsung Theme Editor. All credits goes to adfree for finding the secret method ;) Unleash your...
  17. A

    Thread [APP][3.0+] My PIP Camera - Make your pictures extra fun with creative styles

    Hi Friends, I would like to share with you our new app [My PIP Camera] My PIP Camera is a powerful photo frames editor and picture in picture maker for you to create amazing, funny and creative pictures. ★ Features ★ Simple and Friendly Interface Lot of wonderful and stylish PIP frames...
  18. F

    Thread [APP][4.1+] Automatic Tag Editor - finds and applies ID3 tags for you

    Automatic Tag Editor I'd like to introduce an app that can really save you some time if you really want to keep your music library tidy. Of course it's basically another yet id3 tag editor, but it has a difference and it will make you prefer this over the others. Automatic Tag Editor (aka...
  19. D

    Thread [APP] Doninn Audio Cutter

    Simple and intuitive interface of Doninn Audio Cutter allows you to find and edit any audio file quick and easy. Also application can be used as audio player. Get it on Google Play Features: 1. Supported file formats: aac, ac3, aif, aiff, avi, au, flac, m4a, mat4, mat5, mkv, mov, mp2, mp3...
  20. D

    Thread [APP] Doninn Audio Editor

    Doninn Audio Editor is a full-featured audio editor which allows to record, play, process, and analyze voice, music and other sound recordings. The interface is intuitive and easy to use, which gives you an opportunity to navigate the program quickly and easily. Get it on Google Play Main...
  21. p0isonra1n

    Thread [Root] Doze Settings Editor (Android Marshmallow Only)

    Android Marshmallow Doze Settings Editor Requires Root This app is a simple editor of the settings or parameters which affect the operation of Doze. If no root is available then it will offer an ADB command that will modify the doze settings. Because there is no root on open it will always...
  22. H

    Thread Samsung Mobile Theme Editor request thread

    Hi, I have requested Theme Editor from Samsung via e-mail: <[email protected]> same of thousands people did. and got following reply. It is sort of a universal reply, nowhere is said that Samsung won't give you Theme Editor, all is wrapped into PR talks: Hello. Thank you for applying for a...
  23. P

    Thread [GUIDE][APP][GAME] Free Engine for Games, Animations etc. + simple Editor

    Looking for a really easy way to develop an app for Android? Try GameStylus. GameStylus is: - free engine to run your app - on-line editor where you can create your app (you just upload images, sounds, music... define what images/animations should be visible and when... define what other things...
  24. A

    Thread [APP][2.3+] Vector Graphics Maker

    Hello xda! This time I released application with PC-like style for Android tablets. It's pretty comfortable as for me, I'd like to see your feedback. This is Adobe Air + Starling + Feather application already with captive runtime. Google play...
  25. ErickNoz

    Thread (TOOL) Modify All Apk With AAPKTOOL

    Artiven Apktool with adb AAPKTOOL 1.148 NOW GET IT ON OFFICIAL AFX SITE ..... Edited Decode SystemUi.apk and all apk files and push with reboot device for easy test... option setup and menu in quick mode.. edit any apk with this tool in 5min.. selfsetup will do some extra main need to do work...
  26. Clues

    Thread [Q] Impossible quest for editor

    I've installed over 50 editors and reviewed 100s in the Play Store... none of them do everything I was looking for. Maybe I missed it. Editor requirements: Toolbars at the bottom. Dark theme (option) Dark paper / background Autosave Insert image (prefer in-line but thumbnail might be OK)...
  27. Luca_BR

    Thread [app] Glitch! Image editor for generating errors

    Hi! I want to share with you all my app: Glitch! This can generate random and real errors (glitch) in your pictures from camera or gallery and save it or share it with everyone. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.lucagrillo.ImageGlitcher Please, send me feedback and thank you...
  28. Y

    Thread [EDITOR] EdiSense Edify Code Editor - With Syntax Highlighter

    Hi all. EdiSense is a code editor for Edify scripting language. I'm working on an IDE for Edify, that's why I maked this first. I'll use this editor in my IDE. In version 0.1, the only feature is syntax highlighting but I'll add many features like autocompleting. By the way, it's only available...
  29. ziondreamt

    Thread [APP][3.0+] PockeTab: Guitar Tab Creator 1.0.9b

    Official PockeTab Beta Feedback And Help Thread Newer app published on Play Store My .keystore file become corrupted while trying to do a backup, so this means I can no longer update the version that is listed on Google Play. The only solution is to upload a new app which can be found HERE. If...
  30. J

    Thread [Q] need a .rtf creater

    Does anyone know of our have a good Rich text format creater? I'm trying to upload my resume to some employment sites but they all want .rtf documents rather then word or pdf. If anyone can put me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated is starting to do my bloody head in. I...
  31. sergeyotro

    Thread [APP][5.1+] #SquareDroid - No Crop for Instagram v2.7.0

    How many times you've share photo to Instagram and become sad because it was cropped on sides? I bet it happens all the time. With this app you can avoid cropped pictures. Keep all details of your photos! #SquareDroid is a simple photo editor for Instagram that helps you to avoid photos crop by...
  32. M

    Thread [Q] Text editors and file browsers for Windows Phone 7 (no root)?

    I'm trying to find text editors and file browsers for Windows Phone 7, but the Windows Store doesn't show many. Are there any out there that don't require rooting?
  33. gnustomp

    Thread Status 6 Error, except running Linux...

    I'm getting a status 6 error trying to flash (one of my) ROMs. I know this has to do with plain text formatting, (It looks very silly when I open a text file on a Windows machine), except I AM using Linux, which is Unix-like and the newlines should be able to be read??:confused::confused: Can...
  34. N

    Thread [Q] mp3 tag editor (automatic)

    Hi guyz :) I need a simple app for searching and modyfing id3 tag of my mp3 files. All my song have tagged title and artist correctly and i hope to find an app that automatically finds out album and albumart and tag them. It is important that tags remain also when i pass music at pc and others...
  35. E

    Thread [App] Game Engine Editor (many tools inside)

    Seeing the Asus Transformer Prime for the first time inspired me to port my game engine to tablets, to allow making game development for Android using touch (with keyboard and mouse if available) I'm working on porting my Editor to mobile platforms, on the video you can see my current efforts...
  36. rohan.

    Thread [APP] Galaxy Note Photo Editor .apk

    Hi all, Here is the freshly extracted .apk of photo editor from i9000's value pack system/app. There was no .odex. Its can be installed anyway (system/app or normal installation) Its opening but force closes after selecting picture! My rom is'nt deodexed. So someone please try it on a deodexed...
  37. A

    Thread [Q] ICS Photo Editor

    Is there any fix for the photo editor included in the gallery? Because when I do something on it, some blue and pink squares appear in the photo. Waiting for something... Thanks in advance. Sorry if my english is bad, but I'm spanish.
  38. Goddchen

    Thread [APP] Easy Photo Editor

    Hey everyone, i have recently found out about the Aviary Photo Editing SDK for Android. Check it out at http://developers.aviary.com/. I have quickly put together a nice little app which makes use of this SDK. The Aviary SDK supports things like adding stickers, text, various photo effects...
  39. S

    Thread To all developers, heres an great idea for an Editor

    Ok, so I'm thinking about buying the new Transformer Prime.. It looks great and with the keyboard docking, I see a lot of potensial. I've been searching the market up and down for code-editors specially for tablets, I've seen some, but they all look none-userfriendly. So here is an mockup for an...
  40. C

    Thread [Q] looking for a better set up - how are you doing it?

    Hi guys, I'm hoping to hear some better setups than I have come up with, so let me have um! Here is the deal, I would like to start using my transformer1 and dock much, much more - and hopefully leave my laptop behind. What I'm looking to do- I program in various languages, some heavy, some...
  41. J

    Thread [Q] Where is 4G Mac Address Stored for Hex Editing Purposes?

    Hi guys, just wondering if anyone knows where the 4G Mac Address is stored on my Evo. I have an incorrect MAC in my 4G settings not allowing it to connect to Sprint. I have to change it VIA Hex Editor for it to work. I have a SLIGHT idea on how to do this, if you have any more details on this...
  42. shardul_seth

    Thread @Mods

    I use this for composing BBCode in an interactive way -> WYSIWYG BBCode Editor I dont want to be seen as spamming, but I think this will genuinely benefit developers in this forum to easily format thier posts visually and save them a lot of time. If you think this is useful, I'll make a...
  43. Carlos_Manuel

    Thread [Q] zImage Editor..?

    Hi all! Does anyone have something editor program which can edit zImage easily? In Linux Ubuntu or In Windows 7 ...? plz... I need something easy program to edit zImage because I don't know how to use c+, c++ ...? If anyone have any good zImage editor then can you tell me the program...
  44. E

    Thread [Q] Which registry editor do you use? | Common registry editor?

    Hello xda-developers :) I'd like to know if there's a common registry editor (or method) which gives full access on all Windows Phone 7 devices (HTC, Samsung, LG, ...)? It really would help me with my tutorial (which is already on in the development section - just needs some improvement) :) If...
  45. W

    Thread [Q] Cookies Home Tab Editor v2.0.0.0

    Ok, Ive looked to see if I could find an answer to this, but no avail...... Im running v2.0.0.0 CHT Editor on WM6.5 on a HTC Blackstone, and I am wondering, as I cant fin the answer here or in the fone settings etc.... How do you remove quicklinks from the page after they have been added...
  46. Thekn

    Thread [Q] [SOLVED] Movie Editor for Android (like iMovie)

    Movie Editor for Android (like iMovie) Hello everybody, I'm new to this great Device, and now i have a question: Is there a Movie Editor App for Android that works on the Desire HD? And with Movie Editor I mean not the online Youtube Editor!;) Hope someone has the answer, Thekn
  47. EwanG

    Thread [Q] Android Image Editing App for G-Tablet?

    One of the big things I REALLY need to be able to convert to using Android and my G-Tablet as a complete replacement on the road is an Image Editor that supports layers (filters as well would also be nice). I know there are a couple out there for the Chrome Web OS, so I would assume there has to...
  48. the orange bandit

    Thread [APP] Samsung Video Editor APK!

    Samsung has released a new Video Editor app for its Galaxy S phones - you can get a pretty detailed walkthrough here: http://zomgitscj.com/2011/02/08/zomgitscj-exclusive-full-fledged-video-editor-for-your-android-2-2-device/ Here's the APK: http://www.multiupload.com/SBINJ599VZ and here...
  49. O

    Thread New Samsung Apps: Video and Photo Editor

    Hey guys, I found these over in the I9000 forum. The video editor works pretty good for me but I think it could use some improvements. The photo editor is pretty cool too. Video editor: http://www.mediafire.com/?orukifek42r3lmy Photo editor: http://www.mediafire.com/?uraa1dyn4vv01r0
  50. T

    Thread [APP] Make Your Clock Widget

    Hello, I would like to ask you to help me test my new app called Make Your Clock. App intended as editor of clock widgets. What I would like to ask you for feedback is: Is editor intuitive for you? User Experience feedback is highly welcomed. Is app stable on your phone? What about small...