1. A

    Thread Redmi note 5 stuck in mi bootloop

    Redmi note 5 boot loader locked stuck in mi logo boot loop two things i want 1. how to recover data 2. how to start my phone phone is starting in fastboot mode earlier it was opening in recovery mode from there i deleted data and tried to restart the phone but it didnot Now its not starting in...
  2. A

    Thread Can't flash stock rom - remote: 'flash write failure'

    Hi, I was using my phone and then it suddenly froze, I rebooted it and it went in a boot loop I went on MiFlash to flash the stock rom but it gave me this error I tried with fastboot on Windows PowerShell and it gave me the same error I tried erasing cache and the command worked, but it still...
  3. wangdb

    Thread Need help to get into EDL mode - PANASONIC ELUGA Z1

    Hello. Some months ago I have I have tried to root my phone "Panasonic Eluga Z1". I unlocked the bootloader. Then I tried to flash twrp recovery. But in fastboot mode I by mistake, entered wrong command: fastboot flash boot twtp.img instead of fastboot flash recovery twrp.img. [coz= noobliness]...
  4. Riderprovider10

    Thread Where are the EDL points on Moto G5 Plus??? Please Help!!

    Hi everyone , Can anyone tell me where are EDL points on moto g5 plus . I have searched everywhere but able to find it because of that i am not able to repair my dead phone.. I am not able to get to the EDL mode through power and volume buttons , i also have its motherboard layout that i have...
  5. M5tha

    Thread Question We need unbrick tool for Redmagic 6/6 pro

    Hello everyone, I want to ask if there is any developer who can help us please, we need unbrick tool for Redmagic 6 and 6 pro ASAP because the RM support team doesn't answer our complaints or emails. Please help us 💔
  6. B

    Thread Question Who knows how to short the test points to enter the Qualcomm EDL flash mode

    My Edge s bricked several days ago, Technical support said that there is no way to flah it back, except replace the motherboard, but the fees are high enought that you can buy a new one, so i give up, Today I disassembled the phone and tried to find the short test points to enter the EDL mode...
  7. Me_gusta_98

    Thread Error while flashing Mi A2 in EDL mode

    Sorry, my English very bad. I have Mi A2 with bootloop. Bootloader locked. I tried to flash three different firmwares using MiFlash, but was getting one error. it 1st image. Later it seems I changed my MiFlash version and got another error, this is the second image. What do these errors mean?
  8. noidodroid

    Thread [X] LG V60 ELF Firehose / Programmer Acquired ..

    I have the firehose/programmer for the LG V60 ThinQ. Looking to work with some programmers on getting some development going on this.
  9. T

    Thread Unbrick Mi Max 3 from EDL - root element missing

    Hi everyone, I kindly request your help because I am completely puzzled whether I have any options to recover my phone by myself or need to visit a repair service (which I do not want really) So, I out my Phone to run some Youtube yesterday (it was 90% chargfed) and it stopped playback in 5...
  10. Kiraisuki

    Thread VS995 Stuck in EDL 9008 or just vibrates, have firehose, how to recover?

    I was running Rooted Stock 20c when I discovered my IR wasn't working. I tried to flash another ROM to get it working, but something went wrong and the phone stopped booting. When I plugged it into my Linux PC (Manjaro Cinnamon) it showed up as Qualcomm HS-USB QDLOAD (9008) and refused to boot...
  11. RawMain

    Thread [HOWTO] Emergency Package - QFIL / EDL Unbrick

    Only for BQ Aquaris X2 (zangya) BQ Aquaris X2 PRO (zangyapro) Hello, Since BQ shut down the JSON request service in October 2020, there have been no valid free alternatives in order to recover bricked devices with locked bootloader... and there certainly won't be any more from BQ (the...
  12. C

    Thread Mi A2 flashing by edl Error. Help

    Hi, two days ago my mi a2 leaved to function, it didn't pass of the android one screen, so i tried to flash it with the rom stock because i was think it could be that it bricked, i tried first with mi flash in flashboot mode, but it was locked by bootloader, and at try unlock it, it gived error...
  13. P

    Thread Hardbrick - flashing rom in edl-mode

    Hey together, I bricked my phone, since I flashed the preloader.bin with ""SP_Tool" it does not boot anymore, whether in device manager nor in other programs it is detected now. I already had problems with installing "TWRP". Maybe it all begun when Ifull wiped the device just after it [in...
  14. L

    Thread delete topic

    delete topic
  15. D

    Thread Xiaomi MI 9 Stuck in EDL cannot enter Fastboot or Recovery

    Hi Guys, I have a terrible problems with my MI 9 Chinese Firmware. A year ago I've unlocked the bootloader and install Global Rom, my phone was normal and smooth for a year, never had any problem before. The problem is 1 week ago my phone suddenly freeze (MIUI 12), it restart sometimes but no...
  16. H

    Thread Moto z2 wont make it past bootlogo, even with flashall XT1789-04 Please help

    Cant find the delete button, DUPLICATE POST
  17. PerryTrademark

    Thread [Flashing] with [EDL] mode and authorized account

    Hello, i dont know if im posting on the right thread. If i am please relocate it. My account is authorized for flashing in edl mode but when i try to flash a different phone than mine it comes with an error that i have to turn off my accounts "Find my phone" option. This option is already off...
  18. kevin_23

    Thread Where to download EDL ROM for the Asus Rog Phone 3?

    Hello, I bricked my phone and it did not give any sign of life, nor fastboot mode, neither recovery nor turned on, it was dead. I got to work and created a homemade EDL cable in a few minutes, now the phone connects to the pc as EDL QFIL, I only need the ROM EDL file to flash it with the...
  19. J

    Thread Bootloader unlock via EDL

    Hello, given that other LG phones have been unlock with EDL by flashing leaked engineering bootloaders, is it possible for someone with the European H870 to backup their eng.img file so that it can be flashed through EDL for non-european variants and do the same procedure? I know it has to be...
  20. mslezak

    Thread If you need the unbrick tool post here - let nubia know

    I want to take a count of all the people who are stuck in EDL mode. The company has 1 support representative that helps us out (Jerry) and says the tool is under testing and not yet stable. If enough people post here stating they are bricked, there's a chance we get the tool early. I...
  21. enderzip

    Thread Pixel won't turn on.

    Hi, my friend failed to resize the partition on his Pixel 1 OG to install OxygenOS. Now the only thing he could boot into was fastboot. He tried to unlock the bootloader (It was unlocked before he tried to resize partition, but after it bricked, the bootloader got locked for some reason) using...
  22. E

    Thread Quick noob questions bootloader unlock

    I unlock and flash my other phones but never used an LG phone and don't understand some things after browsing around the forum: I want to get one with an unlockable bootloader (so I can use phh-treble) that works on Verizon. I've seen the EU one is the only one that officially supports...
  23. P

    Thread [HELP] Mi A1 stuck on boot loading screen

    My Mi A1 can't boot. I've flashed the stock firmware via edl and via fastboot, and I've flashed Lineage OS 16 via twrp. None of these installations get further than the boot screen, they just get stuck playing the loading animation forever. Does anybody know how I can get my device operational...
  24. F

    Thread EDL Authorization working solution

    First, I want to say that I have nothing to do with the program or the developer and this is not an advertisement. I share the experience after a week of searching for the MI 9SE issue, but in the supported devices lists there are a lot of Xiaomi devices. The phone is Chinese, as most with such...
  25. H

    Thread Poco F1 bricked

    Hi there, So i had a nice time with my poco, but now it's bricked and i need your help. So is here anyone who can restore the phone using EDL Mode that it's usable ? Maybe someone knows a service who make these work remotely ? Because in Germany there's no service center from XIAOMI.
  26. Z

    Thread Bricked, Stuck in fastboot and cant boot into EDL

    Hi everyone I have the Oneplus 7 Pro GM1913 Im really strugling her. I feel like ive tried to approach this issue from all different angles. Ive tried to flash a stock rom from Fastboot, ive tried the "ULTIMATE UNBRICK GUIDE" and all things inbetween. So a little backstory. I tried to...
  27. M

    Thread LYF Flame 8 - Hard Bricked, Only Fastboot availabe * Help to enter EDL *

    When my Flashing of stock OS turned to a disaster, Technically my LYF Flame 8 (LS-4505) hard bricked. Not able to boot up, enter recovery or EDL mode. But, somehow I managed to put it on Fastboot mode via Key Combo (Vol Up + Power, then Volume Down + Power). Computer initially detected it is...
  28. W

    Thread [locked bootloader] Bootloop on stock firmware, cannot access EDL mode... Any tips?

    Hi guys, I have a Mi 9T (DaVinci, model M1903F10G) which is in a bootloop state. Sometimes, the boot "succeeds" and shows an empty android screen with navigation buttons (below) and navigation bar (top), but touching the screen/buttons does not do anything, and after a few seconds the phone...
  29. L

    Thread Mi 9t stuck in edl mode

    Hi there I tried to flash the latest version of mi UI 11 global ROM and lock the bootloader using mi flash, it was installing successful until half way through it gave me a vendor error. This lead the phone to go black, the device can still be seen by the computer as com1 which leads me to...
  30. P

    Thread Seeking help for authorized EDL flashing account

    Hi, I would like seek assistance regarding my Redmi 6 Pro. I am trying to unbrick it via EDL flashing but does not have an authorized account. By any chance, does anyone provide this service still or probably even free-of-charge? :D Either way if need be, I am available to pay via Payeer...
  31. R

    Thread Can anyone help me putting nexus 6 in edl mode? Please..

    Hi everyone, I have bricked nexus 6. It has a locked bootloader plus no bootloader, no recovery, no system no nothing.. If i boot up the phone it goes into bootloader kind of thing and pc can recognize it as a fastboot device but since it has locked and corrupt bootloader there is no command i...
  32. C

    Thread I've bought an EDL/deepflash cable and I cannot make it work.

    Hello, I just bought an edl cable like THIS and i dont know how to use it properly. I tried yo reach the seller but he didn't reply me at all... I did some research around the web and I just tried the normal method but it doesn't work: Boot into fasboot mode, connect the edl cable, press and...
  33. iakovl

    Thread How to downgrade Pie to Oreo?

    Got a redmi note 5 (whyred) running miui 10.3 (Pie) with ARB4 and locked bootloader i'm trying to downgrade it back to 10.2 (oreo) via EDL and miflash but i'm stuck and unable to flash it. any solution?
  34. F

    Thread corrupt /persist: phone full bricked

    Hey guys, after my phone yesterday crashed it never went to boot fully again. I was using my phone normally, when suddenly after a crash my phone rebooted to TWRP and I got the message "Failed to mount '/persist' (Invalid argument) " . So yeah I was ****ed, I didn't have any what to do and...
  35. V

    Thread Redmi Note 5 Pro only boot on EDL mode

    Hello everyone and thank you in advance for the answers you can give me. I explain my problem I have the Redmi Note 5 Pro and I had unlocked the Bootloader to install a Custom ROM and evade the phone lock by the MI account, I had MIUI 10 V10.3.1.0 OEIMIXM and I was going to Install Havoc OS v2.7...
  36. G

    Thread fastboot_edl.exe ?

    By accident I found something interesting. I attach a link to the Chinese forum: http://www.miui.com/thread-4616383-1-1.html Look at the first image, you can see the files fastboot_edl.exe and edl.cmd on it. This can be interesting for many people, eg returning to Oreo. Do you know anything...
  37. Y

    Thread [GUIDE] Unbrick MI5S

    Hi, recently I hardbricked mi Mi5s. After reading and trying a lot of things, I managed to unbrick it. So, I left this as a guide of things to try in case someone else hardbricks it. How did I brick it: I was trying to fix finger sensor by flashing in EDL mode fastboot ROMS, in order to...
  38. Letzen

    Thread [Guide] Fixing partition table after EDL unbrick or MIUI update (TWRP Error 7)

    After you unbrick your device with EDL with patched programmer, you might have issues with your partition table being problematic and TWRP not flashing ROMs that are zipped. This may also happen when MIUI gets updated to a degree that it doesn't accept custom ROMs. Here is the solution...
  39. M

    Thread [Crying for HELP] A2017U bricked - wont charge, boot, fastboot, recovry - EDL working

    Hi guys, DrakenFX Unjustified Dev Oki I own A2017U and currently not in US (in India for work) and out of warranty. Today I installed LOS unofficial 15.1+magisk18+Schwifty kernel+NFound TWRP. It booted and everything seemed fine. However, due to issues like GPS, LTE calling etc. decided to...
  40. S

    Thread How to get Edl working in the DFU MultiDL tool by Raystef66

    So by now most of you have seen the DFU MultiDL tool by raystef66 only you had to switch from Multi tool to Miflash or Edl Tool. I have worked out how to get Edl working in this tool. First of all this tool was designed to run on Windows 7 so in Windows 10 it didn't seem to function properly...
  41. B

    Thread How to use EDL cable to flash stock/custom firmware on ZTE Trek 2

    I found the instructions on how to successfully use the jasminetool to flash my Trek 2 tablet which worked great and had TWRP installed on my device. Even though I was running B15 I still wanted try out B17 so I used the *.zip TWRP-flashable file to install, and performed a cache/dalvik wipe as...
  42. S

    Thread mi8 recovery stuck. miui can not install this device help

    I tried flashing miui 10 in my mi8 by miflashtool+fastboot. but it locked my device and not booting. I've tried flashing all the methods Fastboot+miflash, recovery rom, even EDL method. but nothing helped. Can anyone help me pls.
  43. B

    Thread {WIP} N950U Bootloader Unlocking (Build) / EDL Rom / SD-Card Booting {msm8998}

    I think it's time to get this party started. There is hope ->> Initial Analysis I have built a spreadsheet that takes a hexdump of the GPT tables and decodes them. This provides the means of generating the Partition.xml and Rawprogram.xml. Also one can learn alot by analyzing the GPT. With...
  44. B

    Thread Note 8 N950U QDL9008 / EDL Mode - Unbrick Rom is HERE

    This is not for soft bricked devices. This is for hard bricked devices that cant go into recovery or download mode. This is for devices on the Version 2 Bootloader like samfail v2 or any normal V2 bootloader. It may work on other bootloader versions with some modification. If you have a hard...
  45. sToRm1nG

    Thread [Q] Restore EDL Functionality on an A2017G after flashing Universal Oreo BootStack

    Hi @ all I switched to the latest official LineagOS 15.1 and everything works like a charm. I realized that the Button Combo for EDL does no long work as already mentioned in the LineageOS thread. No problem so far since I can reboot to EDL via adb. However, I would really like to restore this...
  46. N

    Thread EDL mode without open any hardware?

    Is there any way to enter EDL mode without open the back case of the phone? I'm asking this, because I do not want to open the back case. I read somewhere in internet, someone says; "If you make phone ARB4, and then try to install ARB3 rom to that device, it will be bricked and will be opening...
  47. QTeknology

    Thread R1 QFIL Firmware Roms

    rom.gizchina.it/upload/R1/R1_user_V6.0.0.rar rom.gizchina.it/upload/R1/R1_user_V6.0.4.rar rom.gizchina.it/upload/R1/R1_user_V6.1.0.rar rom.gizchina.it/upload/R1/R1_user_V6.6.0_TNT.rar You must use a EDL CABLE for flash these firmware roms. Just launch the file edl-flash.bat and wait I need...
  48. P

    Thread Can't Get into EDL even with ADB

    I have an A2017U, Android 7.1.1, build B35, on MiFavor 4.2 and was looking to upgrade to 5.2/Oreo. I get stuck because I can't boot into EDL mode. I have not unlocked the phone but do have developer options & USB debugging enabled. If I boot with vol up + vol down + power, nothing happens...
  49. N

    Thread Can we modify Mi Flash so that we can bypass the EDL authorization?

    What do you think? Are there guys with some programming skills? Is it possible to modify the app itself? I wonder how s-unlock manages to create new authorized accounts on the server.
  50. R

    Thread [Convert Recovery file to Fastboot file]

    Hello! First of all sorry for this thread:eek:.But i didn't find any other way. I have boot,recovery and system img file for my android watch. The problem is ,i have somehow bricked the wear device:(.So,it won't open. But the computer seems to find this in qualcomm mode. Unfortunately i didn't...