1. sppoh

    Thread Question connect to your own hotspot from the same device

    Can I connect to my own hotspot from the same device? (I have root) Sorry my English
  2. Madara_96

    Thread Freezing Proximity Sensor Value at 5

    Hi everyone my Proximity Sensor is Damage so i want to Freeze it value at 5 , i tried an Xposed module it working but it need to be reactivated after each reboot and it not stable , my question is how can i Freeze it by myself manually to stay at the value 5 forever , thanks . Redmi Note 8 Pro...
  3. S

    Thread Need help with Device ID Masker or similar

    I welcome everyone. Need help solving my question. There used to be Android 10 Oxygen + Magisk + Root + TWRP + Edxposed, OnePlus 8 device, Device ID Masker worked great. But I upgraded to Oxygen Android 11, installed Magisk, Root, TWRP and LSPosed (tried also Edxposed), Device ID Masker module...
  4. K

    Thread Riru (core) is causing random soft boot

    Riru core magisk module is causing random soft reboots in my Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite (running Android 10). Can anyone help regarding this issue? I have tried both EDxposed and LSposed. Whenever I only tick the Riru core within magisk app then soft reboots occur randomly. The developer of...
  5. nthp999

    Thread Change GUI in Xposed Module

    I want to use Xposed Module to display an AlertDialog and warn user whenever the target application is executed on the background, so how can I do that. I was using a thread to display dialog; however, it didn't work.
  6. nthp999

    Thread Get read/write permission for Android 11 in EdXposed Module

    In my module, I want to compare my string with string in a list of strings, which is stored as a .txt file in the SD card of Android 11. If my string is found in that list, the module should return the "true" value. But I cannot access this .txt file, I met "Permission Denied". So, Is there any...
  7. Skhux

    Thread Semi Custom Rom features | S20 FE 5G | SM-G781B

    Hey guys, just wondering if anyone else out there has had some luck customising there S20 FE 5G variant stock rom whilst waiting for a possible custom rom built? Here I have a few screenshots of my current setup with modules installed, Oneplus Launcher, Viral icon pack, EdXposed and magisk...
  8. David9797

    Thread Help with exposed install on rockchip rk3368 px5

    I plan to install on the radio in the car, of course, with root (magisk) xposed, but despite many attempts and many versions, the same message appears (Edxposed framework is not installed). How do I install it: 1.Download in magisk, riru (I also tried various versions of github manually). 2...
  9. G

    Thread EdXposed [HELP]

    So I installed EdXposed framework normally and when I installed gravitybox for android 10 it didn't work. Here are the info about the framework and android version -framework version : 93-v0.5.2.0_4672-master -manager version : 4.5.7 -Android : 10 (Q) -phone model : Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 (I...
  10. B

    Thread [Android 10] install EdXposed and Xposed without loosing safety net

    Hi, My question is simple, what is the difference between Xposed and EdXposed, and if there is a way to install it without loosing safety net. My phone is a Oneplus 7 with android 10. Thanks and best wishes for the new year!😊
  11. C3C076

    Thread [APP][R][XPOSED] GravityBox v11.0.5 for Android 11 [08/08/2021]

    GravityBox - all-in-one tweak box - Xposed module for devices running Android 11 Version 11.0.5 [R] Version for JellyBean is available in this thread: https://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2316070 Version for KitKat is available in this thread...
  12. flyl0

    Thread Magisk & Edxposed Modules that work on Xperia 5 II

    Here's a list of Magisk & Edxposed modules with a little description that i have on my Xperia 5 II. Magisk Modules : App Systemizer (Systemize any apps) Debloater (Debloat your rom via terminal) Detach (Detach any apps from your Play Store automatic update process, it will hides the update in...
  13. T

    Thread Oxygen OS 10.0.14.HD65AA + Magisk + EdXposed Failing SafetyNet

    So I had everything working perfectly, and then I updated to Oxygen OS 10.0.14.HD65AA. I was greeted with a bootloop after doing the update, so I removed all of my Magisk modules and it booted up. Next, I reinstalled all my modules. After reinstalling Riru EdXposed, I could no longer pass the...
  14. B

    Thread TWRP - ROOT - XPOSED Tutorial [Xiaomi Mi 10]

    Android 10/11 (tested on latest weekly rom MIUI 12.2 (20.10.16) Hello, i want to share with u a simplefied tutorial how to: I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGE, DO IT AT YOUR OWN RISK !!! TWRP Before installing custom recovery called TWRP u need to unlock bootloader. Be sure that u enable...
  15. Akitake

    Thread [GUIDES & FAQ][Merlin] Bootloader, Magisk, EdXposed, SafetyNet, GSI/Treble ROMs

    DISCLAIMERS (please read !) This thread is made for the Redmi Note 9, also known as Redmi 10X 4G. This device's codename is Merlin. I will not be held responsible if you brick your device. Follow the instructions shown in this thread at your own risks. Follow the steps and ask questions below...
  16. G

    Thread EDXOPSED

    Hello everyone i want to install edxposed on oneplus 7t anyone can help me to install edxosed and where the link to download the files....:)
  17. Jck0day

    Thread [XPOSED, LSPOSED] Samsung Messages Customiser (Change App Colors)

    SAMSUNG MESSAGES CUSTOMISER Hey ! This module allow you to customize colors of Samsung Messages app ! /!\ Samsung Messages must be killed after applying new colors /!\ /!\SINCE RIRU V22 YOU MUST ENABLE RESOURCE HOOK IN EDXPOSED SETTINGS/!\ /!\ THIS IS NOT COMPATIBLE WITH THE ONEUI 2.x...
  18. J

    Thread Safety Net Failed in Safe Mode

    Hello. I have unlocked bootloader with TWRP installed with default Stock Kernel. Also I have Magisk 20.4 with Edxposed installed and I can't pass the Safety Net. Until before 2-3 months the problem was due to Edxposed. If I deactivate the Riru core from Magisk then I passed the Safety Net. Now...
  19. L

    Thread Help in recovery of root after update of edxposed

    Recently on my rooted with magisk android 9 without twrp s10+ i did update of edxposed to newest version yahfa. After update phone is not restarting with root and hangs with black screen. Can only restart it and use without root with turned off magisk Is this possible to somehow uninstall...
  20. Jck0day

    Thread [XPOSED, LSPOSED] Samsung Music Customiser (Change app colors)

    SAMSUNG MUSIC CUSTOMISER Hey ! This module allow you to customize Samsung Music app ! This app works for versions higher than ! /!\SINCE RIRU V22 YOU MUST ENABLE RESOURCE HOOK IN EDXPOSED SETTINGS/!\ /!\ Samsung Music must be killed after applying new colors /!\ Note that three...
  21. J

    Thread S9+ (exynos) can't install edxposed on android 10

    So I have finally updated my s9+ (exynos) to android 10 and now I can't get edxposed (yahfa/sandhook) to work. After successfully installing them through either magisk manager or directly from TWRP it now boots to download mode?? However, I can successfully go back to TWRP and remove the modules...
  22. serajr

    Thread [XPOSED] [ANDROID 10] [XPERIA LAUNCHER] Xperia Home X (Q) - v1.2.1

    AT YOUR OWN RISK!!! Features: General: - Icon Pack (Stock icon replacement) - App Title (Shortcuts custom title) - Icon Size (Shortcuts icon size) Workspace: - Grid Rows (Up to 8) - Grid Columns (Up to 8) - Resize All Widgets (Make All widgets resizeable) - Widgets Vertical Padding...
  23. D

    Thread EdXposed optimize applications with speed mode

    Hi I have been in the dark for sometime and just recently updated from the EdXposed installer app to the latest EdXposed manager. 4.5.4. Have a couple questions. First, which of the two lightening icons on the framework screen is for optimize all apps with speed mode? Second, is this good to...
  24. TiTiB

    Thread [GUIDE] HOW-TO EdXposed (YAHFA) on LOS17

    After a bit of searching and experimentation I was able to get EdXposed (YAHFA variant) working on my Galaxy A70 with Lineage OS 17 (never had problems with Magisk itself, just EdXposed). FILES lineage-17.0-20191203-UNOFFICIAL-a70q.zip TWRP 3.3.1-0 Magisk Manager_7.5.2-b39f4075 0dc9f5c3.apk...
  25. K

    Thread SAMSUNG Galaxy S10+ with Android 10: XPrivacyLua issue with EdXposed-framework

    Hello to the forum, because my problem seems to be offtopic to the XPrivacyLua-thread, I try to find a solution via a seperate thread... I'd like to use XPrivacyLua and therefore installed all necessary software (configuration see below). But although EdXposed framework is activated and the...
  26. mlgmxyysd

    Thread What is the replacement of xposed module repository?

    well, I noticed the whois of xposed.info domain will expire at 12:31:26, January 29, 2020 rovo89 has left. I'm not sure if it will renew the domain That's a bad message. :( Where should module developers upload their own modules? How can users who are still using older Android continue to...
  27. K

    Thread EdXposed on SAMSUNG Galaxy S10+ (SM-G975F)

    Hello to the forum! I'd like to run EdXposed on my SAMSUNG Galaxy S10+ (SM-G975F) with Android 10, for example to use XPrivacyLua. The Installation of all necessary components was no problem, but EdXposed Manager doesn't recognize the installed framework. Before any question arises why I didn't...
  28. SmilingPerson

    Thread Does anyone have xPrivacyLua working on rooted stock Q?

    Rooted with Magisk Canary, using EdXposed YAHFA, since Sandhook causes bootloop (hanging at G eternally). xPrivacyLua says "Module Not Installed Or Updated" Same installing from inside EdXposed and as .apk. Other modules work if I install them, so EdXposed is generally working, but the only...
  29. gdjindal

    Thread Unable to install Riru Core module and edxposed module in magisk on MIUI 11 -

    I have successfully rooted MIUI 11 - Indian Rom Now I am trying to install Riru Core module 19.5(27) to enable edxposed but getting this error both in magisk and TWRP. Please help me if anyone able to install edxposed on MIUI 11 -
  30. B

    Thread [Guide] Install EdXposed on Android 10

    How did I install EdXposed framework on my Google Pixel 3a. Did it for Gravitybox AIO. 1. Installed latest Magisk v20 (guide is in this subforum) on latest Android 10 image. 2. Install Riru-Core v19+ from Magisk repo. 3. Download EdXposed and install it in Magisk Manager manual...
  31. TiTiB

    Thread Theming, Magisk, & EdXposed - [UPDATED With TWRP Info, et al]

    Here's link to my thread for the S5e, which still applies to the S6. https://forum.xda-developers.com/tab-s5e/themes/reference-samsung-galaxy-tab-s5e-t3957042 [UPDATE] Here's new info in regards to TWRP & EdXposed I was a bit reluctant to install TWRP because ATT it required wiping my tablet...
  32. M

    Thread Failed EdXposed instalation

    So again I tried to install EdXposed on the Umidigi F1. I tried a newer Beta version but unfortunately it did not work. I got stuck on bootloop but when I got out of it the system was hanging, not to mention it shut down completely the cellphone function and deleted the camera app. So I guess...
  33. kslakhani

    Thread [Help] reflection method on pie hooks too slow!!! Am I missing something

    I am on pie so obviously its EdXposed running. I want to hook a method which is like public void setSensorBrightness(int var1) { Log.d(TAG, "setSensorBrightness: " + var1); AODCommonSettingsUtils.setBrightnessSettingValue(var1); this.mSensorBrightness = var1; } this...
  34. M

    Thread Edxposed and V10

    Has anyone successfully used edxposed with magisk on view 10? I get bootloop issues the moment I install Riru core.
  35. I

    Thread [Magisk] I flashed EdXposed Yahfa version over Sandhook. Now stuck on boot logo.

    I had successfully flashed Riru Core module and EdXposed Sandhook through Magisk yesterday. Everything was working fine, safetynet and all that stuff. However, Flat Style Bar Indicator wasn't working perfectly for me. I read that the Yahfa version might help with it, so I installed it without...
  36. R

    Thread XinternalSD for Android Pie

    Hi All, I would like to know if xinternalsd works with EDXposed? I have issue with whatsapp after using xinternalsd. My S9 with android version is CSC8. Whatsapp cannot download, upload images and also cannot backup. Any suggestions to overcome this? Regards, Raghav
  37. Depressed T.Bear

    Thread [Guide] EdXposed - Xposed Framework for Android 9 & 10

    ||| Why this guide? ||| Since the "EdXposed" project doesn't reveice the attention it should get in our device section, I decided to make a quick guide for you how to get a Xposed Framework on your OnePlus 6 running Android 9 and 10! :highfive: I'm not the developer of EdXposed or Riru, nor in...
  38. M

    Thread Xposed for Oreo and Pie - Edxpoed

    EdXposed A Riru module trying to provide a ART hooking framework (mainly for Android Pie) which delivers consistent APIs with the OG Xposed, leveraging YAHFA hooking framework. https://github.com/ElderDrivers/EdXposed Credits YAHFA: the core java hooking framework Riru: provides a way to inject...
  39. methuntt

    Thread Xposed (edxposed) on Pie

    A friend in telegram suggested this method and its working so i shared. I tried in stock rom . Still some xposed modules are not working ! Install this modules in magisk 18+ 1. Flash Riru module 2. Flash Edxposed 3. install Xposed installer by DVDandroid and reboot (...