1. Artemis008

    Thread [repair imei problem] Unlock blocked imei/replace blocked imei from all ISP Pixel 4 Flame A13

    NOTE: Previously I warned that changing IMEI is an action that is prohibited in some countries, and it is a crime if it is not your device. USE IT AT OWN RISK!!! before getting to the point I will explain how I got into trouble like this, at first I bought this pixel 4 under normal conditions...
  2. D


    I lost my EFS partition when recovered my phone via EDL, crying now :( Well, I flashed Engineering Rom from here https://androidfilehost.com/?fid=4349826312261824846 And I changed IMEI1 IMEI2 MAC and BT addresses through some tools (Qualcomm IMEI Repair Tool / QMSL IMEI&SN Writer v1.4) Rebooted...
  3. A

    Thread How To Guide [Tutorial] Recover from IMEI or GPS not working due to corruption (restoring efs and sec_efs)

    I was trying to enable the privacy wifi feature that changes the MAC address of the wifi adapter on every connection (see https://github.com/phhusson/vendor_hardware_overlay/pull/610 as an alternative to https://github.com/Magisk-Modules-Alt-Repo/MacRandomizationEnabler). While doing this, I...
  4. fat joji

    Thread SIM not being detected after calling once on stock firmware

    I have rooted my phone (A315G XSA) previously with magisk, it was using an android 11 firmware version, now that android 12 has released in my region I have tried to flash the stock files using odin, after it is done it allows me to set up normally but as soon as I end a call it will no longer...
  5. A

    Thread What are EFS CERT QCN files ?

    Many webpages offer information about these 3 files, but there are many contradictions so I got confused. I'm searching for a gentle guide to understand these 3 files well. Thx
  6. Mattinthahack

    Thread SM-J737V EFS Needed

    Hi. I'm in need of a backup of the EFS for the J7 V on Verizon. If anybody still uses this phone or know where to download the EFS file please link me or take a backup for me please. Very much appreciated. My phone won't boot past Verizon logo
  7. shubbyshoes

    Thread OnePlus 8 TMO Missing IMEI and can't unlock bootloader

    Hey yall, I really need some help. So some back story: I started using a oneplus 8 TMO version and wanted to unlock the bootloader to get android 12 and root the phone. So I went through the process of getting an unlock token and when I finally got it, unlocked my bootloader, flashed the...
  8. T

    Thread Wrong EFS

    I have two GT-I8190s. I made a backup via TWRP of everything on the old phone (EFS included) and I just transferred everything to the new phone, this means that the original EFS on the new phone has been overwritten by the old phone. I just wanted to have a one to one copy and didn't know about...
  9. S

    Thread EFS2 format in flash

    I have dumped the NAND flash chip from a Qualcomm modem and have a large partition labelled EFS2. Does anyone have any details of the EFS2 format so I can recreate the filesystem from this RAW flash dump. I have already corrected the ECC errors and removed spare bytes so I can see chunks of...
  10. StratOS_HTC

    Thread How To Guide EFS Backup, change for RMX3081

    Since some of you have problems with EFS, here is a tutorial for it : First of all you need to : Secrecy unlock, QPST You must have QPST installed, and Oppo/Quallcomm MSM Diagnostic port driver. Use AUTH to enable Engineer mode toggle and enable it with code 6776. After USB connection...
  11. noidodroid

    Thread Samsung Galaxy Achieve J337P EFS Backup - For Repairs

    Here is my j337p EFS backup I got from a fellow XDA member here a while back but was unable to use because I never finished building TWRP for this j337p model. Enjoy! J337P EFS Repair file https://ufile.io/ik1hz8jk
  12. knil1234234

    Thread Samsung Galaxy S7 (G930F) - EFS recovery

    Hello XDA-Members, I hope to get help here with following issue: G930F had G930FXXS7ETA8 (Android 8) installed. I cloned another G930F using TWRP. By accident I cloned EFS too !!! OMG! Now SIM-Card is not recognized anymore. Anything else is fine. I don't have a backup of EFS for the target...
  13. G

    Thread SM-J510MN/DS with two problems: "E: failed to open" and "Device or resource busy".

    I have a problem with the device: SM-J510MN/DS. It came to me with the problem. I don't know what was done before. I installed as per the common guidelines and the problem persists with the messages: "E: failed to open /dev/block/bootdevice/by-name/misc: No such file or directory" "E...
  14. uncle.milad

    Thread Question how to reset efs in poco x3 pro

    hi how can i reset EFS poco x3 pro ? device is rooted and twrp installed this is my code i run that in twrp for reset efs but device not coming up after running this :
  15. Z

    Thread Help me!!! My razr hit the shield

    Hi, this is Korea. I want to use the Volte option with my razr. For that, I need to modify the EFS for adding the value of the Korean telecommunication company. But the problem is this. Rooting can't make the RW mount in the system. So I can't modify build.prop and enter diag mode. What could be...
  16. hamzaaslamkhank

    Thread Galaxy S20 ultra G988B/DS SIM Network Not available (status ng) after flashing stock ROM

    Hi Guys ! Greetings to y'all!!! I'm honored to be a part of this prestigious community at last and looking forward to give back, someday soon. My huge respect for all the contributing members, I have been using this forum to get help since 2016 and without even posting anything I've always...
  17. A

    Thread Always have to restore persist & EFS via twrp recovery after any reboot or shutting down of thte device, any ideas?

    This happened after installing the Pixel experience 11 plus rom for my moto xt1681. I luckily performed a backup of these partitions. Its like every time i reboot or shut off the device, it re flashes the invalid persiste and EFS files that i restored from twrp. It happens every time, is there...
  18. M

    Thread HELP! my A8 + without efs folder, it won't turn on

    My problem is that I have an A8 + 2018 (SM-A730F) I accidentally deleted the EFS folder, but it still turned on, I installed the ROM Fusion X, everything worked fine, except the mobile network, so I was trying to solve it by Root explorer I ended up following a tutorial where I made a copy of...
  19. J

    Thread J7 PRIME (sm-g610y) EFS FILE

    I JUST CREATED THIS ACCOUNT IN XDA FOR HELP! My Phone IMEI, BASEBAND, SN has Unknown value in settings after random reboot and I think it random Reboot because of Full Storage. LINK > SCREENSHOT LINK OR SEE ATTACH FILE so Does anyone have J7PRIME (SMG610Y) EFS Backup File ? MY...
  20. SuperIronOut

    Thread SM-G975U1 DIAG Port

    Believe it or not I finally figured out a workaround to unlock DIAG Port without root access on my SM-G975U1 which was quite a time consuming process, I am on the most recent ETL1 FW. Dialer codes sadly weren't part of the workaround which would've made this a single step. My device is...
  21. sgwright

    Thread S7 - failed to mount /efs (invalid argument) after OTA update

    I have an S7 (Korea model, bought on EBay a year ago) which no longer boots after the latest OTA update - it freezes on the SK Telecom splash screen after the Samsung logo. I started out hoping to restore data, but now I am just hopeful I can get a working phone again, but it doesn't seem likely...
  22. A

    Thread note 9s sim detect no service

    My phone detect sim provider but no service and no signal. When dial *#*#4636#"#" and test signal Mobile Radio power always turned off. Reset efs with command code don't work. Repair iemi don't work. Repair efs don't work . Write efs from another phone don't work. Write qcn from another...
  23. yot2703

    Thread modemst1.bin and modemst2.bin can't flash them on fastboot.

    Hey , I did EFS backup. I have my stock modemst1.bin and modemst2.bin. When i try to flash them over fastboot i get this. I'm running OOS
  24. A

    Thread Xiaomi note 9s efs backup from twrp

    I need efs backup from recovery for note 9s Efs erase from my phone ...
  25. S

    Thread Help J330F Not booting(recovery:error failed to mount efs)

    Hi there I have the J330F/ds phone. It won't boot. ODIN mode says its J330F OEM&FRP LOCK=ON Binary: U3 I tried latest pie stock rom. It boots into recovery mode only with errors E: failed to mount efs(invalid argument) dm verity verification failed and some failed to clear bcd efs(invalid...
  26. F

    Thread Can someone please provide me with a TWRP backup of their /EFS partition?

    I'm curious, why would you change your MAC address? Android 10 already has a MAC randomizer. But yeah, EFS and Persist partitions are device specific and containing low level stuff that I don't think transferring it from one device to anther would work. First thing you could try is flashing...
  27. D

    Thread Efstools for volte

    Hey all, I came across this method: https://forums.oneplus.com/threads/enable-vowifi-and-volte-after-update-oneplus-5t-to-android-10.1252067/ I was wondering if anyone in OP7P had tried and it worked for them?
  28. P

    Thread EFS deleted so no IMEI/signal & Bootloader locked

    I got hold of this perseus which has no mobile signal because previous owner deleted EFS partition by mistake. There is no IMEI, that's why it's not registering on the mobile network. Then again, its bootloader got locked by installing latest stock MIUI 11 global through MiFlashTool. So, I can't...
  29. sz.hatef

    Thread Redmi Note 8 (ginkgo) EFS or .qcn File Backup Request

    I messed my EFS partition up, and falsely assumption that a backup is stored in a safe place ( which is NOT ), leave me with a WIFI MAC ADDRESS set to 02:00:00:00 alone . Could someone share with me his/her EFS partition or at least the .qcn File? Thanks in Advance.
  30. macblaze

    Thread Restore IMEI - Redmi Note 7

    Are there any ways to restore BOTH IMEI? IMEI - 1 and IMEI - 2 I knew that a single IMEI number can be restored and solve unknown baseband, Please share if there is any particular way or software to restore both IMEI. Thanks :good:
  31. hinxnz

    Thread New Zealand 2degrees Product code

    Hey guys and girls, I need someone that has an S10 plus or even maybe just an S10 from New Zealand that bought their phone from 2degrees. I just after the product code, very simple to retrieve, root is needed. It's just a product code that is set for all phones and is the same as all the rest...
  32. Vimal Vinz

    Thread Asus X01BDA EFS & Modem Backup

    This is TWRP backup of Modem & EFS Please restore it using TWRP https://drive.google.com/file/d/1UiVNuTtwevIycmO_ZMeu7sUBLlJ1y68d/view?usp=drivesdk
  33. noidodroid

    Thread [RADIO] Cellular Radio Communication -\/ Modem | IMEI \/- Related Security Discussion

    [RADIO] Cellular Radio Communication -\/ Modem | IMEI \/- Related Security Discussion! I hope this Thread Section is A-Ok for the following. @MikeChanning i see this is one of which you are in control of. If not suitable please move it to where you see it is best fit for its final resting...
  34. S

    Thread HELP NEEDED - Restore original EFS / IMEI & Baseband for Galaxy S8+

    So by complete freak accident I copied over a TWRP backup of my mom's Galaxy S6 which was running an S8+ port ROM, and I restored it to my S8+ by accident - TWRP restored that backup to my S8+ and obviously I was unable to boot, but also my EFS & baseband was ruined because it tried to restore...
  35. A

    Thread Backup S5 stockRom before TWRP & root? Possible? Which tool? How?

    How to backup stockRom S5 before starting to follow any instructions to root + flash + LineageOS ... What I want: * backup my brand new stock ROM Galaxy S5 SM-G900F * before I even start with TWRP, root, etc. * with an apk, via USB on a PC ... any way that would work * or if total backup does...
  36. S

    Thread No IMEI and network after flashing EFS

    Hi, I broke my Galaxy S8 plus G955FD two weeks ago and bought another one exactly the same. I have a nandroid backup from the former phone I decided to flash into the new one. I guess my mistake was to flash the EFS too. Now both IMEI (double SIM) show unknown and no network connection...
  37. techyrock

    Thread Note 4 N910C Emergency Call only (Not Registered to Network) IMEICERT:PASS (IMEI Ok )

    Greetings Folks I have a N910C and as mentioned in title recently I got stuck in to this issue How it happened I had CF-Rooted my phone and Odin flashed TWRP for custom ROMS so I tried a few and was not getting the perfomance thought SimplROM would do it for me in order to install that ROM...
  38. paolinger

    Thread YOTA 3 - EFS backup

    I am trying to backup EFS folder but cannot find it in root explorer nor in TWRP backup options. Also with EFS pro i found problems with busybox applets (need 1.20.2 version that i dont find). Has anyone saved EFS in any way? Thanks
  39. D

    Thread Please help me restore old TWRP 3.0.0 EFS backup via TWRP

    I have searched XDA and Google and cannot find the answer to my question below regarding my S5 G900V (KLTE). I would like to restore an EFS partition made on TWRP 3.0.0 to see whether it helps my Unknown Carrier issue on custom ROMS (stock is fine). However, on TWRP 3.2.3 the EFS partition(s)...
  40. B

    Thread [GUIDE] FIX N950F efs failed to mount and dm-verify fail (unbrick)

    The following is a guide for repairing failed to mount efs and dm-verify fail (drk error) We finally did it ~~~:D:D:D:D Warning - We will not take any responsibility for your device. Follow the steps at your own risk. If your device is Knox 0, This guide would convert it into Knox 1 due to...
  41. DroidBhai26

    Thread [tested] lost imei 0 after installing lineage here is how you can restore it ?

    I AM VERY HAPPY TO PRESENT A SOLUTION FOR ALL THOSE WHO LOST VOLTE AFTER INSTALLING LINEAGE OS OR HAVE LOST EFS...:fingers-crossed::D Things you will need : 1. STOCK ROM BY rajatgupta1998 Link:https://forum.xda-developers.com/z2-play/how-to/stock-stock-firmware-t3630997 or any stock rom. 2...
  42. Bruce666

    Thread [Q] No EFS when IMEIs exist?

    Hi guys. It's looking strange for me, because I always do EFS backup before flashing custom software. I did it on my S5, Mi6, Mi Mix... And on Mi A1 EFS Backup app prompts that there's no EFS/IMEI partition! The strangest thing is that two IMEIs exist.... Any ideas?
  43. A

    Thread Idle battery drain when connected to LTE service

    Hi everybody, I decided to post my problem here, after not being able to find a solution on my own. I'm experiencing the same issue as mentioned in some other threads: [1] [2] I have the drain since I wiped my EFS partition, because a corrupted twrp backup (it was a bug in a certain version that...
  44. K

    Thread [GUIDE] How to properly backup your partitions using TWRP

    Hi XDA, as most of you are aware, my phone's efs partition was corrupted through too many rom installations, I have recived a new Pixel XL as part of google's warranty and want to teach you how to properly backup your partitions using TWRP. General steps (REQUIRED): Download TWRP 3.2.0-0...
  45. nuclearwire

    Thread A700FD efs backup needed

    Hello fellas! i have a damaged phone with same imei number bought in very cheap price, i was trying to make it work with the networks and made a backup of efs usin z3x tool and wiped efs after that and then restored the backup to make it work and after that phone is not booting up it just hang...
  46. E

    Thread Where is the EFS partition for Redmi Note 4 (nikel)?

    I would like to make sure I get a usable backup of the EFS partition from my Redmi Note 4 MTK (nikel), but I cannot figure out which partition it is. I've seen the long list in TWRP, and tried an app from the Play store, but nothing looks like a modem or an EFS partition. Can someone enlighten...
  47. SkyWo

    Thread A300FU E:failed to mount /efs (Invalid argument)

    A few days ago I was having some problems with my phone and lineage 14.1 so I decided to reflash the ROM, only to notice it wouldn't boot. I then decided to install the stock 6.0.1 firmware through odin, but when I rebooted the device, it just stayed on the samsung galaxy a3 screen. I managed to...
  48. gt7599a

    Thread [Solved] Flashed from 7.1.2 to 8.0.0 Oreo, No Sim detected, no IMEI

    Previously rooted Nexus 6P, was running 7.1.2 I flashed without wiping data First via flashfire with bootloader unchecked, failed a stuck, it appears zip was corrupt SHA256 didn't match (face palm) second flashed using adb fastboot, Bootloader radio update, didn't wipe when doing update...
  49. H

    Thread EFS backup needed (Kenzo)

    Hi everyone, After a fail flash, i lost everything (Baseband, IMEI, etc ..) Except WIFI. I tried every single tutorial that i found on internet about restoring IMEI, restoring EFS partition .. Nothing works. I've tried to restore EFS partition using this guide ...
  50. S

    Thread QCN file

    hey everyone, I'm looking for an answer to CA issues(LTE plus/4G+) on another device and I want to check out op3t qcn file for LTE configs. if you could upload your phone's qcn file,It would be a big help. I just want to check nvids related to LTE. also please state your device model and if...