1. S

    Thread Broken screen, with constant phantom touches preventing everything

    My phone's screen was broken, so the touch sensor (capacitive) sensing constant phantom touches, which prevents to do anything with it, even with mouse connected on OTG. I can't connect on ADB, as once i've allowed my PC to always connect to it, yet asks for a confirmation at every connect...
  2. A

    Thread [GAME][2.3+] Electric Gun Crazy

    Electric Gun Crazy is a fun little prank app that simulates the sound and the sound of an electric stun gun. This application is intended for entertainment purposes only and does not provide true stun gun. It is a realistic simulator Taser. The application displays an image of a stun gun in the...
  3. MyComputerDoctor

    Thread [ROM][DESENSE][UPDATED] The Electric Factory v2.7 [01/19/2012]

    FactoryROM Presents: FactoryROM is a new Android Developers group consisting of MyComputerDoctor,orkillakilla, and our newest member Grand Prix. Our mission is to bring you the finest, most cutting edge Android experience possible without sacrificing stability. This is our first Major release...