1. Hamza417

    Thread [APP][6.0+]Positional Lite: GPS, Compass, Time, Sun, Moon, Twilight

    Positional is a location based app that utilizes the phone's GPS hardware and fetches various details of the current latitude and longitude data like Altitude, Speed, Address and similar other information and show it in easily understandable format to the user. Along side this main functionality...
  2. TenSeventy7

    Thread [EOL][ROM] Miix 5

    for the Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime [/CENTER] More Features Installer powered by AROMA with HybrInstaller - very easy and user-friendly to install. Framework is more refined. Full lock screen overhaul. Now matches DreamUX's lockscreen clock. Full notification panel...
  3. ThunderSky7

    Thread [Theme] [CM12/12.1] [V1] Elegant Purple Theme

    Elegant Purple Theme for CM12/12.1 Info: Elegant Purple Theme for CM12/12.1 The theme is crafted to give your phone a totally new elegant skin. You will love using your phone. Theme: Themed Content :-- Free Lite Theme - Dialer - Contacts - Gallery - Messaging - Settings - Icons -...
  4. AmniX

    Thread [MOD][GUIDE]Merge Wi-Fi and Mobile data Icon with Signal Icon on Statusbar

    Hello floks! Whats up? You all Must be know about my Xperia-Z-ized ROM. WHAT! You Don't Know? So Check it NOW :D Well Here i am Gonna Share one of my work and a friendly guide for all the developers too. But What is that work? The work is to merge WiFi Signal and Mobile DATA icon with...
  5. Landon418

    Thread [THEME] ♛ [Axis RLS18] ♛ Elegant Theme

    PLEASE READ: This is ThilinaC's work, all I did was port it over the the US galaxy S3! Introduction, Tired of all the themes pulled from Google Images? Want a new, modern, refreshed user interface based off the Sony UXP theme engine? Then download Elegant today! What's theme'd...
  6. CTCaer

    Thread [MOD][ICS][.587] Elegant AOSP HD Collection.... UPDATED[v1.5] [Aroma][HDPI]

    I really like the aosp look. But anywhere I looked, I found only outdated, half-finished and low-res mods. So I present to you the Elegant AOSP HD Collection based on latest .587 fw. Version 1.5 of the collection is now released. Check below :D ---------------------------- Features...
  7. V6-Maniac

    Thread [ROM] [29 Sept] ELEGANCIA™ | Sense 3.6 | 4.0 |► ◄| Sense 4.1 | 8.0.0 |EQS,APM,HUB|

    [ROM] [29 Sept] ELEGANCIA™ | Sense 3.6 | 4.0 |► ◄| Sense 4.1 | 8.0.0 |EQS,APM,HUB| We're proud to offer you 2 versions (Sense 3.6 & 4.1) of our famous ROM's! Team Elegancia™ ♥ Chef Devs : Steve0007 & V6-Maniac ♣ Team Member : Seriously Crazy ♠ Recognized...
  8. picard666

    Thread [MIUI LS]Honeycomb-like Lockscreen for MIUI[v3][23/12][HDPI]

    Honeycomb-like Lockscreen for MIUI a cooperation of Drakknar and picard aka fodi Updated on 23 December. Any feedback is welcome. If you like my work consider donating me. Features: - graphic design by Drakknar (original concept here), consider donating him - 3-way unlock: unlock to the...
  9. Einril

    Thread [THEME] Elegant Blue [v2.0]

    v1.1 Download framework.apk Download twframework.apk v2.0 Download theme archive Hi every one, I've made a personnal theme, starting from stock one and adding/replacing all that I found ugly, to make an elegant and coherent theme. The theme is for Froyo ROMs (2.2), but I've tested it only on...
  10. sephiroth_vg

    Thread [REQ] [Theme] Elegant Blues for Sense ROM

    There is a Theme over in the Desire HD forums which is 'supposed' to work for us as well but i have tried again and again to make it work with different roms (both 1.7x and 1.8x base) but it doesnt apply and the theme stays the default It is also available for the HD2 in a cooked rom. Can...
  11. J

    Thread [Theme-Images]ElegantMatte

    Hey, im back with another theme, this time inspired by the faenza icon set, same applies as my other themes, these are a set of images that anyone can take and use in their own custom roms/skins, u can modify anything you see and use as you like. The only thing i ask is you give credit, and an...
  12. D

    Thread [Q] Neat themes.

    Heey I've been trying to find a nice theme, but I can't really find any I think Darky's theme (R64) is a bit too dark. I'm looking for a slick stylish theme. Something like Elegant Steel but I can't find a JPX compatible port for my SGS. Anybody knows some similar themes? Thanks in advance.
  13. pongster

    Thread [22APR'12][ZIP] ★★★★HyperDroid-CM7-v6.0.0[a2sd][CyanogenMod7 LEO 2.3.7][seader_R9]

    [22APR'12][ZIP] ★★★★HyperDroid-CM7-v6.0.0[a2sd][CyanogenMod7 LEO 2.3.7][seader_R9] Welcome to the HyperDroid-CM7 (CyanogenMod 7 for LEO Edition) One of The BEST TESTED & SUPPORTED Custom ROM's Designed and Optimized just for the HD2! The Ultimate CyanogenMod 7 Android ROM for the HD2 (HTC...
  14. Ryanmo5

    Thread Post Your Wallpapers

    Here are a few I have so far, enjoy and please post yours for everyone to enjoy!