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    Thread Regarding Rooting X20/4GB [20171018]

    I am trying to figure out how to root and install custom recovery on the X20/4GB model, running 20171018 (7.1.1) update. My phone has the notorious issue where a full reset erases my IMEI and MAC address - and I am not happy going through the whole process so a rooted device will help me. Is...
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    Thread Root, twrp Elephone S7

    [FONT="Georgia"]Rooting Guide For Elephone S7 install twrp Recovery and Root Elephone S7, Instructions- twrp Installation-
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    Thread Elephone S7 Firstly Look!!!! Hands on review!!

    Elephone finally announce their new phone Elephone S7 and Elephone R9. This day we get the Elephone S7 and make the full review for it. Now we wish to share it with you X1nwOmouhGE - 5.5 Pulgadas Bezel-less Curved JDI Pantalla, 1920*1080 Pixel - Helio X20 MTK6797 2.0GHz Deca Core - Diseño de...
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    Thread Elephone S7 Dual Curved Smartphone Coming

    Elephone recently has not only been busy with Elephone p9000 lite OTA update, but also the new smartphone, Elephone p20 and Elephone S7, i have introduced Elephone p20 specs before, right now elephone also leaked they will release elephone s7 in S series. It will also be powered by Helio X20...