1. X

    Thread [P9000 Lite] [ROM] [7.1.2]AOKP Nougat [(un)official]

    Rom based on this: https://forum.xda-developers.com/elephone-p9000/development/rom-aokp-nougat-t3690278 Full credits go to the AOKP team who made the rom for P9000. To use on P9000 Lite you may need CWM and you have to restore the backup zip provided in the link. Features: - Same as...
  2. Ruben Craveiro

    Thread [OFFICIAL][LATEST][RECOVERY] TWRP 3.2.1 for Elephone P9000

    [OFFICIAL ][RECOVERY] [20-08-2017] TWRP 3.2.3-0 - TeamWin Recovery Project WHAT IS TWRP? Team Win Recovery Project is a custom recovery for Android devices. It allows you to back up and restore your data, flash custom ROMs to your device, repair broken file systems, and root your device...
  3. Mikystars

    Thread [Recovery][TWRP][THEME] Resurrection REMIX and much more to customize your P9000

    First of all, I'm not the owner of this content. All credits to @G.M.L. That said, let's see that cool stuff. HOW TO INSTALL OR DELETE THEMES 1- Install the provided .zip as it 2- Flashable Theme Changer 3- Landscape style Themes ¿SCREENSHOTS? Sure, click me DOWNLOADS T.W.R.P. 3.x...
  4. O

    Thread [Discontinued] [Rom][Port][CM 13.1][All models]

    /* Disclaimer */ As always your warranty is now void. I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. /* Bugs */ •Video recording •Fingerprint •Auto focus on camera •Selfie camera is green and front camera is orange...
  5. fillippe

    Thread Bootloader screen jumbled

    Hi Just got my P9000, coming from P8000. Quite impressed so far. Not sure whether to root it yet as stock room seems good. However, I loaded CWM recovery (P9000) via flash tools successfully. When I attempt to enter bootloader with vol+ & power button I get a screen which looks like an out of...
  6. dehein

    Thread WiFi errors on Elephone p8000. WiFi Connections stops although connected

    If I Connect to my Router behind another Router.( Needed to be done because of reason's) I can only connect to the internet for approximately 3 seconds. It starts loading shows me a page and stops. Nothing works after this. Only disconnect reconnect. Static IP , disabling ipv6. Nothing seems to...
  7. L

    Thread pokemon go error "device does not compatible"

    I was updating pokemon go to version 0.37.0 and then the app shows me this error NOTE:The Device In The Photo Is Not Mine NOTE: I Dont Have Root or Custom Rom On My Device I asked this here because I have Elephone P8000 and for my friend it work and he Dont has root or custom reovery quite...
  8. F

    Thread Elephone S7 Dual Curved Smartphone Coming

    Elephone recently has not only been busy with Elephone p9000 lite OTA update, but also the new smartphone, Elephone p20 and Elephone S7, i have introduced Elephone p20 specs before, right now elephone also leaked they will release elephone s7 in S series. It will also be powered by Helio X20...
  9. F

    Thread Porting VibeUI from Lenovo K4 Note

    hi every one , VibeUi , is one of the most amazing and fast Ui you might see , its smooth , colourful and eyecandy it can make us all reThink again about our p8000 , Elephone gave us a little taste of it last September but it didn't continue its work in fixing some major issues , like the...
  10. Ahmed.Rajib

    Thread TWRP Recovery V3.0.0.0 multilanguage support

    link: https://mega.nz/#!nYcXXZhB!o1evVufJMjSrhJhBE-nRi0_w0rFQd5TcUUm-JoEESng Flashing process : http://bbs.elephone.hk/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=9846&page=1&authorid=8158#.VthhtNJYUYQ Source : http://bbs.elephone.hk/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=9846&page=1&authorid=8158#.VthhtNJYUYQ Credit ...
  11. Deepflex

    Thread [ROM] EMUI v3.1 Lite | 04.02.2016 | Android 5.1 | Beta

    EMUI v3.1 Lite EMUI - It is UI developed by HUAWEI, now available for you Bugs: Fingerprint Flipcase Camera have some pink colors Focus ? ROM not supported xxhdpi Fast and responsive Interface smooth and beauty Reduced overheating Embed GAPPS Quick GPS And etc Install via flash tool...
  12. F

    Thread Elephone Ivory MT6753 Octa-Core CPU 5.0 inch 720P 2.5D on-cell screen only $99.99

    Ivory a new product that will be launched in the end of this month.Configurated with MT6753 Octa-Core CPU and 5.0 inch 720P 2.5D on-cell screen. The amazing price is $99.99.
  13. F

    Thread Elephone Brand General Infos & Roms & FAQs & Reviews - General Disscuss

    Hello Everyone, This post is for elephone smartphones and other product general infos & roms & faqs & reviews and general disscuss, we can discuss and share together. Thanks. Elephone Official English Site:http://www.elephone.hk/
  14. D

    Thread [ROM] [UPDATE] [V2.4] NEXUS [DT2W] [AOSP] [lite] [fast]

    The NEXUS ROM was developed because of the lag of clean, lite and fast AOSP ROMs. I don't like the big ROMs that are heavy modified like Flyme OS or MIUI. I like a lite, Vanilla styled ROM a lot more. So i modified the official firmware for my personal use. But then i thought, why i don't share...
  15. s7yler

    Thread Elephone M1 - 5.5 Inch, Full Metalbody, Offscreen Fingerprint Unlock

    First Look & Impression vfPFCYX_kjI Full Review JEsCFtbtr7w The Elephone M1 is a very stylish full metalbody phone to a very good price! The design is a little bit similar to the Huawei P8, which definitely is not a bad thing! This is also the first model from Elephone that uses a second...
  16. D

    Thread MTK6592 + !!!MT6290!!! Android 5.1.1 (Elephone P3000s)

    Hey Guys, I need your ******* help! I am porting AICP for the Elephone, which works very well but the ****ty modem doesn't work. If you start the phone, it wont ask for any PIN for the sim-cards, it knews, that this device have two slots but both are empty. IMEI is unknown also the baseband...
  17. C

    Thread Circle view cover

    I bought a circle view for my P8000 and I love it, but I want to know if there's a way to put more faces for the circle. I know there's a way to do it, since there's another one in the Eragon rom . :cowboy:
  18. B

    Thread Elephone P6000 Pro MTK6753 Information Thread: Root, Recovery, ROMS and more

    General information - P6000 Pro 2gb / 3gb This is a great mid range phone, and packs the performance of larger devices such as the P8000 into a smaller profile. Ideal if you want a responsive device, but don't want the phablet bulge in your trousers. Important: This thread is for the P6000 Pro...
  19. zombiegoaste

    Thread Elephone Encryption Fix (based on Stock ROM P7000_20150807)

    Hello! Long story short, me and a few nice guys from Russian 4pda community have cobbled together a fix for Elephone's encryption. As a free bonus, we also added in pretty decent early initd script support (Selinux is temporarily switched to Permissive until all scripts are done executing, so...
  20. Deepflex

    Thread [ROM][AOSP] - Android 5.1.1 - RC1

    Hello, this is new lollipop 5.1.1 ROM for P7000 developed by me. Version: RC1...
  21. R

    Thread P8000 - How do I Install Cyanogenmod?

    I love my new Elephone P8000, but I know I'd love it even more if I knew how to install Cyanogenmod to it. There must be some clever sole who can help me? Please! Thanks
  22. K

    Thread LED notification not working

    Hey Guys, Just received my P8000 today and its just amazing. The only thing I am having the trouble with is the LED light. Its just not working at all. I have updated the SW, Rebooted it but I cant get it to work, I have tried testing the LED with Lightflow app but it doesnt glow. any solutions?
  23. s7yler

    Thread Elephone P8000 (FULL REVIEW) MTK6753, 4165mAh, 13MP Camera, Touch ID, 4G, Android 5.1

    NdcFhzTl_pg vK9BZFMO2pg Here also "Test Reports" in PDF that should prove that the Battery and Charger is true: http://www.mediafire.com/folder/s8yrzt6vpbcbs/P8000_Test_Reports Camera Samples http://www.mediafire.com/folder/m2m5ov34pnh0x/Elephone_P8000_Camera_Samples Geekbench 3 battery test...
  24. G

    Thread [Q] Error while decompiling framework-res.apk (Lenovo VIBE 2.5)

    Hi, I try to decompile the frameworks-res.apk of the VIBE 2.5 Rom (Lollipop 5.0) for the Elephone P6000. The original Rom has now German language and I thought of trying to add it to the Rom. I used the newest APKTool, but when I try to decompile it, it gives me the following error...
  25. s7yler

    Thread Elephone G2, 64bit MTK6732, Android 5.0 Lollipop, 4G LTE, 4.5 Inch IPS (Review)

    hbY2bjsjQgw • In Chrome browser you can watch this video in HD with 50fps! Camera Samples here: https://plus.google.com/photos/100582382505207418108/albums/6148144055060669393 Geekbench 3 Battery test: http://browser.primatelabs.com/battery3/56195 Highlights - 4.5 Inch IPS Screen, 854*480...
  26. ferreinf

    Thread Elephone S2 Super SLIM

    Elephone´s S2 Specs: . Android 5.0 1280*720p 5 inch Screen Quad Core MTK6735 a 1.5GHz GPU Mali-T720 2GB de RAM 16GB de ROM 8 MP Back camera 2 MP Front camera 4G LTE 2150mAh battery Ultra Slim - 6.8mm OFtmyeEXY9A Video Teaser 0-48IPwzJHg SInjm1mw8C0
  27. L

    Thread Elephone P7000 vs Huaiwei Mate 7

    For the different price, maybe P7000 is a good choice:o [YOUTUBEDiHOa717GKw&feature=youtu.be][/YOUTUBE]
  28. L

    Thread Elephone P7000 Antutu test

    Here is the P7000 Antutu test, DjGVeHYm_kA
  29. ferreinf

    Thread [TOOL] Elephone "ELE" Easy Flash Tool

    ELE Elephone easy flash tool 4 all Elephone is preparing the relase of an easy one click install app to help Elephone owner´s. This app will make flashing Roms easier even for noobs ;) English Sk3XzgAPLzg Russian 3L9yr7N87dY Spanish kjXgdh5zG2U French m017nQZ5bFI ELE APK IKpimmTxrPY
  30. s7yler

    Thread Elephone Vowney, MTK6795, 2K Screen, 4GB RAM, Android 5.1, 20.7MP Camera, 4G/LTE

    A new high-end flagship is on the way from Elephone - the Elephone Vowney with Windows/Android OS. It combines elegant design with super specs. Elephone Vowney is their 2K Flagship 2015. Because of the pretty high specs, the price is also expected to be a little higher than we normally see...
  31. Z

    Thread [KERNEL][MT6732] Elephone P6000 Kernel Source Code

    Hey there everyone! So I was just scouring the Internet, as usual, and I came across something unusual on the Elephone download servers: P6000_sourcecode.tar.gz. Of course, as a MediaTek fan, and one who is always campaigning for MediaTek to release their sources (you can see that on my blog...
  32. s7yler

    Thread Elephone P7000 Pioneer, 5.5" 1080p FHD, MTK6752 Octa core 64-bit, 3GB RAM

    7qkT9lgvsYo yZ1IHlBCFdI 0n5oSX0Pmh8 ZhXanuCmsWY 1WhiLtCiFw8 Camera Samples: https://plus.google.com/photos/100582382505207418108/albums/6156302275625518417 Originals Zipped: http://www.mediafire.com/download/d464ch1mjdwszyu/Elephone-P7000-Photo-Samples-by-s7yler.zip Geekbench 3 Battery...
  33. s7yler

    Thread Elephone P6000 LTE/4G [MEGA VIDEO REVIEW] MTK6732 64bit, OTG/Audio/BT/headphone test!

    MEGA IN-DEPTH USER REVIEW NPAp4AUEdqY UNBOXING & DESIGN EDmorvZvXno COMPARISON P3000S VS. P6000 WwcoMxNBy64 Highlights / Specifications - Elephone P6000 - 4G LTE FDD & 3G / Dual Sim Dual Standby - Android 4.4.4 (Later also Android Lollipop 5) - MTK6732 Quad Core 1.5GHz 64bit - 2GB...
  34. s7yler

    Thread Elephone P6000 LTE/4G, MTK6732 64bit Quad Core 1.5GHz Mali-T760 GPU, Android 5 Lollip

    P6000 Unboxing EDmorvZvXno In-depth Review NPAp4AUEdqY Android 5.0 Lollipop Beta1 I00KiaFB6qk P3000S vs. P6000 WwcoMxNBy64 Specifications: - Elephone P6000 - 4G FDD LTE - Android 4.4.4 (next month it should get Lollipop) - MTK6732 64bit Quad Core 1.5GHz - 2GB RAM 16GB ROM - 5.0 inch IPS...
  35. h.d.modi

    Thread Elephone G6 android 5.0 L Experience with theme

    Today in this thread im going to tell you how to theme your phone like the android 5.0 L It includes android 5.0 Theme, Eastern egg, And appears android 5.0 in the about phone What all You will need 1) Root! 2) Xposed installer : http://repo.xposed.info/module/de.robv.android.xposed.installer...
  36. A

    Thread Elephone p5000 - 5350 mAh!

    It's even a power bank The 5350mAh capacity battery is really a breakthrough to smartphone, and it is not content to high capacity, you can use P5000 as a power bank for charging other phones! Model P5000 Dimensions 146*73.6*9.3mm CPU MTK6592 GPU ARM MALI-450 MP4 RAM 2GB Storage 16GB...
  37. s7yler

    Thread Elephone G7, 5.5" IPS HD, MTK6592M Octa Core, Metalframe design

    Hi I just got my hands on the Elephone G7 in white/silver from Geekbuying which is quite beautiful. The specs are not the highest (good for the price) but the design is very nice. It comes with the MTK6592M Octa-core clocked at 1.4GHz, 5.5 inch IPS HD and 1GB RAM + 8GB ROM which should be enough...
  38. PMoto

    Thread Elephone P6000 (MTK6732) 64 bit 4G, 5" 2G/16G

    Elephone presents the new P6000 model, MTK 6732 Quad-Core 1.5G, MALI T760 This phone have a 5" IPS OGS HD screen. It's a dual sim 4G card FDD-LTE(800/1800/2100/2600)3G wcdma(850/2100)/2g(850/900/1800/1900) Android 5 Lollipop Features: - MTK6732 4 Core at 1.5G with GPU MALI T760 - GPS+AGPS...
  39. s7yler

    Thread Elephone P3000S 5.0 inch 4G, NFC, 4.4 KitKat Octa-Core 1.7GHz, 2GB/16GB ROM

    FULL IN-DEPTH REVIEW 4yYZMV1uGKM GPS IN-CAR TEST Yp1HyOQCS1c VIDEO CAM TEST JoJSvI_VSnU OTA WIRELESS UPDATES ARE SUPPORTED hKaJGMI_Bm4 Camera Samples can be found on my blog here: http://s7yler.blogspot.com/2014/12/elephone-p3000s-1280x720p-ips-hd-4g-nfc.html...
  40. s7yler

    Thread Elephone G4, 5.0" HD 1280x720, MTK6582 1.3GHz Quad Core, KitKat, Dual SIM, Offscreen

    Elephone G4, 5.0" HD 1280x720, MTK6582 1.3GHz Quad Core, KitKat, Dual SIM, Offscreen Unboxing video WU1vGO5cXnk Review video x1YXPxqZisw Camera samples: https://plus.google.com/photos/100582382505207418108/albums/6084533102426941025?authkey=CJeZjZyIlILf7QE Highlights - 5.0 Inch Screen...
  41. s7yler

    Thread Elephone G5 - 5.5" HD IPS, Gorilla Glass, MTK6582, Android KitKat

    USER UNBOXING VIDEO ff-t1eM8kpk USER REVIEW VIDEO eYjfrQW0xTM COMPARISON - G4, G5, and G6 x1ysaP5mU60 Camera samples: https://plus.google.com/photos/+s7yler/albums/6084534941876590497?authkey=CK73rvXJ9cGnIA Elephone G5 [UNBOXING] 5.5" HD IPS 1280x720, Gorilla Glass, MTK6582 Quad-core 1.3GHz...
  42. s7yler

    Thread Elephone G6 - 5.0" IPS screen, MT6592 1.7GHz with fingerprint scanner

    UNBOXING qLG2aVfo13M FULL REVIEW vTTp1GWlFGw COMPARISON - G4-G5-G6 x1ysaP5mU60 Camera samples: http://plus.google.com/photos/100582382505207418108/albums/6082341183852604913?authkey=CMzt_P3wl8PTgAE ---------------------------------------------- Elephone G6 - Beyond your imagination with 5.0"...
  43. s7yler

    Thread Elephone P2000 NFC/MTK6592 1.7Ghz Fingerprint ID 5.5" HD IPS Android 4.4.2

    ELEPHONE P2000 MTK6592 1.7GHZ Octa Core 5.5 inch HD IPS Display Android 4.4.3 3G Smartphone UNBOXING VIDEO, AND FIRST HANDS ON (As a bonus I also unbox the Elephone W1 Elegante Smartwatch) CUjL0UirjPE FULL VIDEO TEST kZdbQgL4p70 Elephone P2000 vs. Sesonn C1000 (Star C1000) / Quick Comparison...