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  1. S

    Thread How to update phone after downgrading from EMUI 11 to 10?

    So, I downgraded my P40 Pro from the latest version to EMUI to install Google Apps. Now I can't update the phone back to EMUI 11 using Config>System Update. I don't know that much about this stuff. My computer is not recognizing my P40 Pro, it only charges the phone. Super Fast...
  2. V

    Thread P40 Pro - ELS-NX9 (ELS-N29) - Huawei ID / FRP Lock problem

    Hey guys, the problem looks like this: I bought an used P40 Pro (with a little display damage) with a Huawei ID/FRP lock, which I honestly didn't understand before or even know that this leads to a problem. So I simply can not use that device. I have now done a lot of research and found that...
  3. T

    Thread GSpace high battery consumption

    Hi group! I use stock ROM (EMUI 11 - with GSpace for Gapps. The thing is it keeps the device awake, according to the Gsam app. Specifically, the *location* wakelock has the maximum time of keeping the system awake. I have to manually kill the GSpace app after every Gapp I use...
  4. LostEchoes

    Thread Is EMUI 12 for global devices actually HarmonyOS lite or Android 11?

    Here is someone who thinks he has proven that EMUI 12 is actually a lite version of HarmonyOS: So this guy has taken an app called "oh_info" (which I tried to find but never did), that is supposedly used to check the OpenHarmony version (this is the open source version of HarmonyOS). He says...
  5. crodgers79

    Thread C636E5R2P3 version stuck at (EMUI 10.0.0) Security Patch June 2020

    I can't get my Mate 20X to upgrade to EMUI 11 - I tried downloading: Build: EVR-LGRP2-OVS - update with full base from this site: http://huawei-update.com/device-list/evr-l29 I tried all three variants of this build since they weren't labelled for which variant of the phone...
  6. ThatsYisy

    Thread How To Guide Solutions of Fixing "This device isn't Play Protect Certified" for Huawei devices (Harmony OS 3.0/2.0/EMUI) (tested Nov, 2022)

    Working on the details, please check back later. Preparation: 1. Download the ZIP file (if the links are no longer working, please kindly leave comments and let me know) https://drive.google.com/file/d/1NTy9l78gC-qRjbRg_j0ImDAGHacl2tbh/view?usp=sharing or...
  7. K

    Thread P40 pro uptade to emui11

    Hello all I have problem with system uptade. I'm owner of p40 pro from EE in UK. I had uptaded system to emui 11 with worki g GmS without problem. I broke my screen and had to claim from my insurance they only replace screen and did factory reset but downgrade to 10 something. Of course I...
  8. A

    Thread Cant downgrade Matepad Pro (MRX-W09) to EMUI10 by using HiSuite

    I just buy a matepad pro. I then update all software update and factory reset as usual, however, I just notice that GMS(Googlefier) need to be installed during EMUI 10. (I already try to install GMS on EMUI11 but it not working.) So I find the roll back method and find that HiSuite provided...
  9. I

    Thread Mate 20 Pro EMUI 11 Changes

    Just received EMUI 11 update today New features that I noticed in new update So far found the following changes : 1) Few new toggle switches on notification bar 2) Much improved multi window feature (able to minimize, move, resize, new side pane to store minimized multi...
  10. 9

    Thread Impossible to connect to PC after EMUI 11. Literally.

    Well, received EMUI 11 after all. However, since the update I'm unable to connect my phone to my computer (fastboot, mpt, HiSuite, etc). The phone thinks it's receiving charge from a normal charger (I don't even get the different USB options when plugged to the computer). Windows always says...
  11. faceliler

    Thread [GUIDE] EMUI 11 Complete Debloating Guide & Bloatware List

    This de-bloating guide will help you start using EMUI 11 as clean as possible. Please list packages in the comments section that you know is a bloatware and I didn't include in the spreadsheet. This guide assumes that you're using Windows 10 as your PC OS. BLOATWARE SPREADSHEET To bring back...
  12. M

    Thread EMUI seeding in Mate 20 X AL00 India

    My Mate 20 X AL00 updated successfully to EMUI 11 (close to 3 GB) and the initial impressions are good. November 2020 security patch. New animation for charging, icons, windows closing-opening, etc. UI is smoother and fluidic than previous. Loud Speaker output almost similar to Stock EMUI 9...
  13. M

    Thread EMUI 11 "power-intensive app" toggle gone?

    Hey guys! I finally got the EMUI 11 update a few days ago, but there is something that's driving me crazy since. My P40 Pro is googlefied, and it has been and is working perfectly with GMS, but since I updated I keep getting a notification that the Google Services Framework is a power-intensive...
  14. H

    Thread 1 update only out of the box

    Hey guys, so I got the Huawei P40 Pro awhile ago. And out of the box, I updated it and this was the only update I got. It added celia... But I am not sure if the camera improvements and the other stuff have been added or not!! What do you think? And have you faced the same situation??
  15. H

    Thread P40 pro updates & Emui 11

    Hello guys, I have just gotten a p40 pro new... And I got only one update of security (October) and it is like over 4 gbs. It added celia but I am not sure if I got the updates for the camera and others. And I live in Morocco and I also would like to get emui 11, is there any way to get it faster??
  16. K

    Thread International-only [NOH-NX9] Mate 40 Pro native GMS (non-root non-virtual) for Google-login

    I will keep this post updated if working solutions are shared. Native Solutions (with push notifications, location services, google login): None so far. 😢 Virtual Machine environments: OurPlay (Chinese-only interface, but uses system languge for installed apps) DualSpace (loses ability to...
  17. tunasahinn

    Thread EMUI 11 Begun to Be Distributed to Turkey!

    Huawei's new interface, EMUI 11, is in beta as you know. A limited number of countries, including our country, were included in this process. The beta process has been completed and as of today, the update has begun to be distributed for those who want to voluntarily test the EMUI 11 interface...
  18. jericho246

    Thread Huawei P40 series *POTENTIALLY* able to install HarmonyOS in the future?