1. U

    Thread How can I change these settings on Bluestack?

    Hey guys my question today is how can i change these settings in Bluestacks, I heard I can’t change them on Root Explorer. Maybe there is someone who can help an absolut noob like me. I need to change these settings to them like on the photo.
  2. C

    Thread Egg NS emulator

    So I'm planning to play full time with egg ns emu but whenever my device heats up my fps drops drastically and my game force closes (Playing pokemon lets go eevee). Are there any recommendation with a custom rom that could somehow improve our device performance in egg ns? I'm currently on stock...
  3. T

    Thread Android Emulator Performance is Extremely Unstable

    First of all, hopefully this is the right place to post this type of question - if it isn't, do let me know. I have a relatively new PC with 16 GB RAM, 10th Gen Core i3, 4 physical and 4 virtual cores (hyperthreading), I do not have an SSD. It runs Linux Mint and uses the KVM. The first year...
  4. JayShortway

    Thread [GUIDE] How to install Xposed on the official Android emulator

    Whether you're using Xposed for modding or reverse engineering, it can be useful to develop your Xposed module on an Android emulator. You might not always have a rooted phone lying around. I noticed there's not a lot of info on how to do it, so here's a guide. This is adapted from my blog...
  5. T

    Thread SELinux Issue? Modifying System CACERTS On Nougat Emulator

    I'm trying to modify the cacerts file on the system partition of a non-Google Play emulator to avoid annoying messages during development / Pen Testing on Nougat, related to an app I'm working with and I'm running into some issues. Even though I successfully copy the file to the...
  6. astifan

    Thread Introducing RetriXGold 3.0 (Universal Libretro Frontend)

    I would like to introduce the new upgrade of RetriXGold to v3.0 Major changes, better performance, stable and easy to use with XBOX compatibility and as always W10M support or any ARM device still active ## What's new? ------------- - New Layouts - New VFS layer - New Cores - Online cores...
  7. Gunstra

    Thread Android Emulator with Sim Clone?

    Question for you...Is there any Android Emulator that will let me clone my phone (enter my imei and sim card number) so that I can download my 106k photos and videos on the Verizon Cloud? All the emulators I have tried say I need to insert a sim when opening Verizon cloud app?
  8. E

    Thread Input lag on bluetooth gamepad in Android 11

    Hello! I'm experiencing an issue with input lag (it takes longer to register the pressed button and the response is late, or sometimes doesn't even respond) on a bluetooth gamepad in Android 11. I recently upgraded from Android 10, where I was facing the same issue. The problem was solved...
  9. astifan

    Thread RetroArch UWP/WOA (ARM) Release - [N64, ScummVM...]

    Hi, I would like to share with you this release of RetroArch for ARM devices Over 70 Core successfully compiled and tested on low end device, Including N64 core with GPU render (Which is very rare) Version: 1.10.2 (As per Mar. 4, 2022) Platforms: Any Windows on ARM (with UWP Support) Window...
  10. PresFox

    Thread Why does this apk only work when installed from the play store?

    Hello, I am playing around with an .apk, an existing program where I have no control over. Planning to try my hand at reverse engineering for fun. However, I run into the following problem: When I download the app from the google play store, it works. No issues. When I download the app from...
  11. G

    Thread How to use USB tethering in emulator?

    Sorry I am beginner with Android hacking.. :) I want to pass physical USB device to emulator and use USB tethering in the emulator to share emulator's internet connection with the physical USB device. Is this possible? How to do it?
  12. A

    Thread Question Can the switch emulator be run?

    Hello, I plan to buy this phone, I really like its camera, but I also use it to play games, my doubt is that on the official page of Egg NS it only mentions which runs on Snapdragon, but doesn't mention other processors, but did someone try to run it with this processor? What was the result...
  13. J

    Thread Testing Android 11 OS Build - Emulator Crashing

    I have built stock 64-bit Android 11 with Pixel5a hardware drivers. The build declared no significant problems. The issue now is how do I test it. I have tried to run the Android 64-bit phone emulator for i86 chips using lunch and I get: emulator: WARNING: Not all modern X86 virtualization...
  14. donlelel

    Thread Big size difference AVD emulator windows vs linux

    I'm using Android Studio with AVD on both linux and windows. Anyone noticed the big size difference between the windows AVD emulator and the linux one? The linux one is like 10 times smaller. Why so?
  15. GuanZhang

    Thread Android Emulators Megathread

    Hi all, first time poster here. Microsoft just announced that Windows 11 will be able to run Android apps natively which will have potentially huge impact on Android Emulators running on Windows. Given the potential additional interest in running Android apps on Windows (and Macs), I thought I'd...
  16. L

    Thread Help with BT USB Passthrough Tutorial on source.android.com

    Hi, this question might be to vague but at this point I'm not even quite sure if I'm on the right path for what I try to do so any input would mean a lot to me. I've been struggling a lot with a Bluetooth Dongle pass-through on Android Emulator. I basically what to connect the Emulator to a real...
  17. J

    Thread Volume and Screenshot buttons in NavBar (Android 5.1/6.0)

    A few years ago, I had a tablet that looked like this: It has volume controls, and a screenshot button on the NavBar. I don't have this tablet anymore, since I bought an iPad, but I do miss Android. I'd like to enable this in the x86 Android Emulator with Android Studio. The tablet runs 5.1...
  18. L

    Thread Android Cuttlefish Bluetooth?

    Hey I'm very new to Android and read about the cuttlefish. I understood that it is very similar to android emulator but closer to a physical device on the OS Level. I'm trying to establish a bluetooth-connection between a virtual Android device and a physical bluetooth device. At first I tried...
  19. Erbahim

    Thread Can I have an Android emulator that uses a real SIM card?

    Hello, I'm a SIM Card applet (applications that run on the SIM Card) developer. My daily work procedure is as below: Inserting a SIM Card in a PC/SC reader connected to my computer. Installing an applet on the SIM Card Removing the SIM Card from the PC/SC reader and inserting it into my...
  20. V

    Thread DIY Develop Nox player type Android Emulator

    How Do I can Develop Own emulator (DIY) ? Kind of KoPlayer / Nox player type Android Emulator that can be bloat free.
  21. L

    Thread Connect emulated device on Linux to a car (Android Auto)

    Hi! I'm trying to establish a connection between an Android Virtual Device and a car. The goal is to run the AVD on a Linux laptop and connect it to the car via USB. Ideally the AVD would recognize the car's HU (and also the other way around) which should make it possible to use Android Auto. I...
  22. M

    Thread Device spoofing in emulator (the holy grail)?

    Has anyone successfully fooled safetynet in an emulator? Maybe it'd be enough to block application's calls to it. Way to do this would be: 1. Somehow boot OEM rom or copy init.rc and build.prop 2. get magisk working using https://github.com/shakalaca/MagiskOnEmulator 3. Trick GMS using some...
  23. C

    Thread Android MP3 file stream for BlueandMe radio

    Hi XDA, I just bought a car (a Fiat Bravo to be exact) that has a radio with BlueandMe which unfortunately does not support streaming music into it and also doesn't have any aux port, it just has a usb port which can be used to play MP3's. However looking around the internet I can see that some...
  24. somokos

    Thread How to run huawei themes or music on emulators like memu ldplayer or bluestacks?

    Hi guys if any one knows how to run huawei themes or huawei music apps on emulators like memu ldplayer or bluestacks because i don't know why it crushes
  25. scholardom

    Thread AOSP Flame Kernel Compiled Sucessfully, but it "failed to find device default fstab"

    I tried looking for a solution a lot, but all I managed to get are threads that do relate to development boards: https://community.nxp.com/t5/i-MX-Processors/Android-9-Filesystem-not-Mounted-on-imx6q/m-p/1034102 Or threads that I don't understand...
  26. Jespert

    Thread Debugging < 3.10 Linux kernel in Android emulator

    How can I debug an 3.4 kernel in the Android emulator. The latest Android studio emulator does not support kernels smaller than Linux 3.10. I heard something about building https://github.com/aosp-mirror/platform_external_qemu the emulator yourself?
  27. newbit

    Thread [SCRIPT] rootAVD - root your Android Studio Virtual Device emulator with Magisk [Android 13][Linux][Darwin/MacOS][WIN][Google Play Store APIs]

    Hello Fellows, here is a little script, rootAVD, I wrote to root Android Studio Virtual Devices with Magisk. I hope this might come in handy. Cheers NewBit Please check out the README.md for "up to date" information. Requesting for Help! Please provide the following information If you are...
  28. astifan

    Thread Retrix Gold Universal Emulator UWP / ARM / x64 / x86

    NOTE: There is separate thread for RetriXGold 3.0 Click Here, please be sure to post you question in the correct place. Hello, Regarding to the old release "Retrix Silver".. the new stable, advanced version is here... Latest RetriX Gold ( Compatible with: XBOX 1 Windows 10 (x64...
  29. famousfive1

    Thread PS4/Xbox/Switch Controller Emulator for Android

    Does anyone know of an app that allows you to emulate a controller on Android phone? To clarify, i want to play a game on Android which uses a controller (PS4 / Xbox / Switch). But I don't have any of those controllers. I want to emulate the controller input on my phone using my laptop's...
  30. A

    Thread Installing Magisk on Latest NOX Emulator

    Can someone please help me out to install Magisk on NOX ANDROID Emulator
  31. oF2pks

    Thread [APP|ROOT|FOSS|5.0+] ADBungFu: appOps manager / ADB simulator (#su Magisk)

    EDIT: android 12 appops added Superuser ADBcmd appOps freezer ^4 root ed :# su Magisk (all appOps not requiring aosp/sOpPerms i.e. the permission-less ones) *Official build is live on F-Droid; attached _debug flavor has extended functionalities (and latest chainfire/libsuperuser:1.1.0)...
  32. fahdriyami

    Thread Deleted

  33. D

    Thread [GUIDE][PDF]Basics To Understand and Operate MEmu App Player Optimally

    Meant for Serious Users of MEmu App Player Only ... This document gives some essential tips to increase MEmu App Player‘s performance per se. It doesn't relate to any specific Android game / app you may play on this emulator. It isn‘t meant as a replacement of official MEmu‘s User-Guide ...
  34. ermacwins

    Thread [APP] Citra (Nintendo 3DS) Emulator for Android

    So Zhang Wei aka Weihuoya who made forks of Dolphn Emulator for Android has worked his magic on a 3DS Emulator. It is actually quite playable and you will need at least a Snapdragon 845 phone, iseally 855 to play at respecetable frame rates. This is an unoffical build and the original PC devs...
  35. takoa

    Thread Can play the M.A.M.E emulator on 49LJ594V SW 05.80.25 webOS ? HOW ?

    SW (Version 05.80.25) :fingers-crossed: thanks
  36. D

    Thread [TOOL][ADB][Windows]RAM-Hog Sniffer For Rooted Android Emulators

    Given the case you feel your favorite Android emulator runs slowly, especially at a certain game, then you should remind that Android emulator's (AVD) performance mainly depends on correct setting of its A: Android per app Heap Size granted B: VM total RAM (read: Random Access Memory) allocated...
  37. 3mel

    Thread PlayStore link Ps3 Emulator Project

    just curious if anyone has tried this and whether it sounds plausible. I remember a Ps2 emulator that was entirely bogus... this seems to be supported by google as a pre release app that's free of charge... https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.studio.ps3 I don't have any files to...
  38. B

    Thread MotionPlus Games Working on Dolphin Emulator

    Have you guys seen this version of Dolphon which now supports MotionPlus? So now games such as Zelda Skyward Sword is playable on our Android Phones without using a dolphin bar or motionplus adapter/mote. Here is a video: It seems very playable, 24-30fps majority of the time its 30fps. This is...
  39. D

    Thread [Tool][ADB][Android Emulators] Primitive APK Shoveler

    For example you've BlueStacks, MEmu, LDplayer, Peak, etc.pp emulators on your Windows machine installed. Now you want to have apps installed on Bluestacks installed on other emulators, too, without doing this manually what is time-consuming undertaking. So the question is: How can I copy from...
  40. C

    Thread MonoNX - an experimental Nintendo Switch emulator for Android

    Hello there, I've been working on this for a few days and I thought I'd finally show it off! Please note that there is absolutely no graphics, only console output! Also, it's not very fast (only runs at 15fps on a SD625) and it only runs old homebrew (e.g. first libtransistor tests and such)...
  41. D

    Thread [TOOL][ADB]Update hosts File on Any Rooted Android Emulator

    INTRODUCTION: The "hosts" file - what you typically use to block unwanted connections - in emulator's Android system is located in subfolder /system/etc. This file in most cases doesn't care of fact that not ( ) is the special alias to Windows host's loopback interface, but...
  42. B

    Thread Air Triggers in Dolphin?

    Has anyone tried this? I couldn't get it to bind to L and R but I think it would be cool to try it out. If you know a way please share! :)
  43. O

    Thread GameBoy color emulator on Google Play!

    Incredible, gameboy emulator color for Fit 2 now live on google play store. It is good news but why we had to wait for apps so long samsung...
  44. G

    Thread Netflix?

    I'm not sure if this is possible/practicable, but I'm wondering... Can Netflix be run on Android within an emulation of a certified device? Basically what I'm asking: Is it possible to have an Android emulator on Android, and run Netflix (and similarly locked-down apps) within that emulator?
  45. thenuke1

    Thread Dolphin gamecube sound distorted

    Emulation runs perfect, controls are on point. ONLY issue is there is a weird popping / distortion on every gamecube game. So much so that the distortion carries over to all other apps unless dolphin is closed from the active apps screen (double tapping the circle button) ANY suggestions?
  46. thenuke1

    Thread Dolphin joystick issue

    Issue with the joystick alignment. For some reason whatever I try un installing, reinstalling, clearing cache, clearing data same issue comes up. After I map the controls the joystick isn't aligned properly in the middle causing the cursor to not move all the way down which won't allow me to...
  47. N

    Thread [APP][4.0+] J2ME Loader - J2ME emulator for Android

    J2ME Loader is a J2ME (Java 2 Micro Edition) emulator for Android. It supports most 2D games and also 3D with some limitations (Mascot Capsule 3D games don't work). Emulator has a virtual keyboard, individual settings for each application, scaling support. Screenshots: Google Play...
  48. facuarmo

    Thread [TOOL] Emulate the Roland MT-32 using Munt and a chroot distro

    Hello guys and welcome to my latest little experiment. This time, I'm trying to figure out how to get Munt working properly in the harpia, also, talking directly to the souncard (something that I couldn't get done yet). First of all, let me say that this is an updated version of this guide...
  49. K

    Thread [REQUEST] [DISCUSSION] Android Emulator on Android

    I've kind of always wondered about this idea. Imagine an app for Android. Now, this app is simply an android emulator. Running in a sandbox. (Similar to running a windows 7 emulator on a windows 7 machine. Seems pointless, right?) Wrong. Much like Bluestacks and Memu, an android emulator can...
  50. H

    Thread [Oreo] Introducing Android Emulator from Google - the fast boot with snapshot

    Android Studio 3.0 ships the latest version of the Android emulator, with the following major new features: (1) Quick Boot, which allows the emulator to boot in a couple of seconds using state-of-the-art snapshot technologies. The android emulator is the first android virtual machine that...