1. A

    Thread LG V20 secure startup issue

    Hi, I was using my phone normally yesterday when it randomly rebooted on me a few times. When it finally was able to finish booting, it gave me a "Secure startup" screen asking for a password. I never set up a secure startup option before nor have I ever seen this before. I tried my screen...
  2. C

    Thread Locked out of phone after data restore.

    Today I reflashed my e7 using LMSA. I then completed the setup wizard except i didn't enter a password because this was only for the purpose of testing to see if the device worked as it should. I then proceeded to restore a backup of my data partition using MtkClient. After this my device boots...
  3. noteugenio

    Thread Xiaomi Note 9 is still bootlooping even after installing stock firmware

    Hello! Just created an account in this forum to seek help because this is driving me nuts. I have a Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 (Merlin) which has no system (Android), but I still can access fastboot and recovery menu, so I went ahead and unlocked the bootloader and flashed MIUI without any issue. To...
  4. lukaspieper

    Thread [App][7.0+][Early Access] Truvark - modern file encryption

    Truvark is a modern file encryption app for Android. You might be wondering why building another vault app as there are already a lot of options. The difference is that Truvark is built around security by design and privacy by default. To proof that I take that serious, this is an offline app...
  5. PHANX0M

    Thread [CLOSED] Is Unlocked Bootloader Easier to Crack/How to Secure?

    In what ways does having an unlocked bootloader make it easier for governments and (other) criminals to get into your device or data? Lots of people say "naaaaa it's not less secure, unlock your bootloader man... the data is ENCRYPTED" I know back in the day someone could just flash TWRP and...
  6. PHANX0M


    In what ways does having an unlocked bootloader make it easier for governments and (other) criminals to get into your device or data? Lots of people say "naaaaa it's not less secure, unlock your bootloader man... the data is ENCRYPTED" I know back in the day someone could just flash TWRP and...
  7. PHANX0M

    Thread Secure while bootloader unlock

    I have a few questions about being secure and things with the bootloader, and stuff like that. #1: Is there anyway to be secure or thiefproof or even law enforcement proof with an unlocked bootloader? #2: How does encryption work on Android. It Full disk encryption forced on by default, because...
  8. M

    Thread Redmi Note 8 boots to recovery after flashing TWRP and files show encrypted

    Booting TWRP from fastboot was giving error so i flashed the stock recovery but now files show encrypted. I dont want to lose them what could i do?? I dont know why they are encrypted as i have read about dm verity, forceencrypt, vbmeta, android 11.. im clueless yet. I have seen a video of...
  9. A

    Thread [Q] [HELP] Odin/TWRP Flash successful, BUT not changing anything after reboot

    TLDR : I Cannot MODIFY ANYTHING IN SYSTEM or USERDATA(i.e. internal storage) partitions. Files Deleted via twrp in System/internal storage comeback after reboot and new files added from computer vanish after reboot. Also NOW, different flashes are successful through both methods via - 1. twrp...
  10. ianmu

    Thread Snapchat jpeg encryption

    A few weeks ago I broke my phone and sadly there's no way to repair it. I got snapchat on my new phone and I expected all my memories to be there, but some are grey and do not open. I tried saving them as jpeg's and opening them with more advanced tools, but sadly no luck. Next, I tried a nice...
  11. C

    Thread Locked phone.

    I have recently got my hands on a locked U Ultra from a friend. She does not remember the decryption pin for the device. I would like to know if there are any tricks for this device as I have never used an htc before. Thanks.
  12. S

    Thread Secure ROM?

    Hello, I want to install a privacy focused rom like GrapheneOS on my phone. I hope there is an alternative for xiaomi. Most important to me is the disk encryption and sensors permission. It would also be nice if magisk manager would run on it. Is there a ROM that can offer me some of these...
  13. D

    Thread Please delete

    Please delete. This forum is dead.
  14. Cyndaquissshhh

    Thread "E: Unable to decrypt FBE device" shows up on TWRP, but everything else works fine

    Every time I flash something, the "E: Unable to decrypt FBE device" error shows, then the flash proceeds as normal. I can access my data via TWRP, flash things, back-up, etc., but the error shows up without anything wrong actually occurring. Should I be concerned?
  15. A

    Thread [HELP] TWRP does not start after lineageos update

    Hi all, I encrypted the official lineageos on my Pixel 5 with a pattern and then installed a new version via TWRP. Unfortunately, that does not seem to work with encryption, so now LOS no longer start and TWRP freezes at the logo and no longer asks for the pattern. Is there a way to decrypt the...
  16. Alex2008Ex

    Thread Question Disable Force Encryption

    Hi, I would like to disable the encryption of my phone but I don't know how to do. I tried with multiple zips but it didn't worked. I also tried with magisk but it didn't helped. I wanted to install GSI but there are problems with encryption so that's why I wanted to disable it. If someone know...
  17. P

    Thread Urgent help required with TWRP Restore

    Someone help me please! custom rom = (Pixel Extended 2.7) device = Realme X (RMX1901) 1. I backed up all partitions (including system and vendor images) 2. installed Ancient OS rom for testing 3. removed that rom and tried to restore from backup 4. got error that user 10 could not be decrypted...
  18. cyanGalaxy

    Thread Question [FIXED] Has one of you been able to disable /data Encryption on the Poco F3?

    This isn't an urgent question. Has one of you been able to disable the forced /data encryption on the Poco F3? I'm curious, because I've tried it many times in the past with multiple ways, to no success. Edit: This works...
  19. B

    Thread Data recovery from encrypted Nokia 6.1

    TL;DR - Phone will not accept correct encrypt password. Need to dump data partition to computer and decrypt from there, or something like that. So I have a Nokia 6.1 from 2018 that I used for just about a year. I upgraded to a nicer phone during summer 2019, at which point I transferred all...
  20. deathps

    Thread The best app for encrypting messages and phone calls.

    Do you know any apps that are well-encrypted for all your messages and conversations? I really care about some good messenger, to which no one has access.
  21. X

    Thread [Guide] Enable encryption on a custom ROM which has it disabled by default

    Hello everyone, this thread is a guide on how to enable encryption on ROMs that have it disabled. ROMs that have encryption disabled, usually do it because TWRP is not fully working, or they want to make switching ROMs an easier task. This zip was created for, and only tested on Official...
  22. disor21

    Thread Question Encrypted SD Card unbearably slow

    I got the A22 5G and I like it apart from one huge issue. I encrypted my sd card (256 GB) and transfer rates are unbearably slow. If I copy a 2 GB file from the internal storage to the SD card it will start ok (20 MB/s) but this is likely only the cache. Soon it slows down to ultimately 10-50...
  23. Q

    Thread Is phone encyrption still possible with root?

    Hello, I just rooted my Note 20 ultra and I was going through the settings and noticed that the encrypt option is still available. If I were to click this option and have my phone go through encryption, would there be any issues caused by having a rooted phone? Thanks.
  24. D

    Thread Moto G7 + SanDisk SD Storage - Encrypted folders.

    Good evening. Spend a few hours trying to see if I can recover my mother's phone files. Issue: Yesterday she said she can't see WhatsApp videos or images - new messages weren't loading. Error: Download Failed. The Download was Unable to complete. Please try again later. She has 64 GB...
  25. N

    Thread Fully encryption

    Hey! to start off. im a newbie at this regarding android software. My question is, can i fully encrypt a Samsung a3 2015/2016 without using the android encryption in settings? I want the phone to be encrypted in similar to a skyECC, ghostECC, ENCRO, (end to end encryption). i was looking for...
  26. se7enge

    Thread Force unlocking an encrypted android 9 device

    Does anybody know of a way to gain access to a password encrypted android 9 device? It is an Alcatel 5033D, locked bootloader and stock recovery, and I have no access to the virtual keyboard from the lockscreen after force uninstalling Gboard; which apparently the device was relying on for the...
  27. L

    Thread Oneplus 5T OOS 10.0.1 Magisk 22.1 Rooting

    Hello everyone, so my Oneplus 5T broke a week ago and I bought another one for 80 bucks on Ebay. I tried to root the Phone with TWRP 3.5.2_9.0, OOS 10.0.1 and Magisk 22.1. I disabled force encryption on my previous 5T without a problem, but now when I install Magisk with the ROM, no matter if...
  28. D

    Thread [Help] Decrypt storage, locked out from device

    Hi everyone, so in my immense stupidity, I actually managed to set my phone password wrongly, and now I can't get in. Spent a day trying passwords to find the typo but that was unsuccessful. I have crDroid Android 11, bootloader unlocked, rooted with magisk, and TWRP 3.5.0. How can get my...
  29. I

    Thread How to decrypt /sdcard from ADB?

    Long story short, I screwed up, and now I have an encrypted storage (with my files that I want back) but TWRP and the OS thinks it is not. It goes like this: The Magisk v22.0 update screwed up my phone, which stuck in a bootloop. After countless tries with Magisk (updating, uninstalling...
  30. C

    Thread How to enable encryption in Realme2 pro

    Hi All I use real me 2 pro mobile and there is an app called Duo mobile used to login in client machine. Now this app is asking me to enable encryption in phone for meeting it's security criteria. I am not able to find option to enable encryption in real me 2 pro. Can someone help me with this.
  31. D

    Thread Trying to use Company Portal with Rooted, Not Encrypted V30 -- Please Help!

    Hi, Just joined a new company that requires Company Portal to access Outlook email and other apps on my phone. Evidently even if you manage to hide root from Company Portal, a major requirement is having an encrypted device with Company Portal. In order to get rooted 2 years ago, I ran...
  32. N

    Thread .

  33. M

    Thread Full encryption not possible

    Been toying with the LG device for a few days and now want to setup full system encryption. The problem is "Full encryption" option within Encrypt SD card menu is always greyed out. I have the device fully charged, power plugged and set 6 characters password. I've even reset the device back to...
  34. F

    Thread Program to Encrypt Apps

    I want to beef up my security on my tablet. I want a program that can lock and encrypt selected applications. But I don't just want a basic app locker. I don't want a program that just prevents apps from running unless I have a password. A lot of programs can do that. I want encryption. I want...
  35. W

    Thread [Q] Prevent encrypted device wipeout from too many failed passwords?

    Hi there! TL;DR: Forgot encryption password, only have 10 tries left before data wipe, how can I backup my phone to get 10 more tries if I don't manage to find the password within 10 tries? For context: *ROM: Lineage 14 official build *Custom recovery: TWRP *Bootloader: Unlocked *The phone is...
  36. J

    Thread How to make a Pixel 2 that has unlocked the bootloader must enter a password to boot ?

    Pixel 2 , Android 11, unlocked bootloader. I want to make it MUST INPUT PASSWORD to power on for Data Security. But everytime it boots directly to the lock screen. My data has been decrypted. I cannot found any option to achieve that. Sorry for my poor English.
  37. A

    Thread TWRP encrypted sdcard but I didn't have encryption on

    What I did: Wiped all but data Flashed latest OOS Rebooted and lost TWRP Booted to fastboot and booted from TWRP Flashed TWRP Rebooted to TWRP Now all the data is encrypted (gibberish names) How can it be? What can I do now? from what I read I just lost all of my data... How do I proceed?
  38. M

    Thread ROM with Root + Encryption + Stock Camera?

    Hi, I'm currently using a Magisk patched stock ROM for my G-973F with encryption enabled. Is there any custom ROM that supports root and encryption (don't care if Samsung or AOSP, if FBE or FDE) while fully supporting the cameras? It would be ideal if I can use TWRP with it. Of course, it...
  39. T

    Thread Internal storage encrypted despite all 3 methods. Please help!

    Hi! My only encounter with rooting was several years back when it used to be a simple affair (one click rooting app based on exploits like framaroot etc), so please bear with me. I'm on Stock Oreo 8.1 (Patch 1 Aug 2019) Sanders 1804 (India) version. I've followed various guides and have been...
  40. metroidnemesis13

    Thread Android FDE crypto footer behavior/KeyMaster on Android 8

    On a Qualcomm device (OnePlus 3T) running Android vers. 8, (rooted and stock more or less with TWRP), my question is this. Is the cryptofooter always able to decrypt the device even after being destroyed and recreated (with the same PIN/password), or is there something special/distinctive that...
  41. W

    Thread [APP][5.0+] Secret Clock Photo Locker App

  42. constatinus

    Thread Decrypting android storage, magisk made unlocking/decrypting the phone impossible.

    Alright, so i have an OP5T and it is encrypted. I decided to disable one magisk module, op5t gcam dot issue patch, i think thats is what it was called, and then then i couldnt unlock the phone. It was running LOS for microg android 9, and the encryption from oxygenos to los passed no problem...
  43. D

    Thread Encrypted containers on a unlocked android?

  44. P

    Thread Why does enabling FBE for a f2fs /data partition cause the phone to enter fastboot?

    setting fileencrypt=ice under fstab mount flags for a F2FS formatted /data partition causes the phone to boot into fastboot mode. why is that? it works fine with EXT4 though. my rom's kernel got built in F2FS. ?
  45. GoJo ^^

    Thread WHY ENCRYPTED TWRP backups always fail?

    Hello, no matter the device, the android and the twrp version, if i enable backup encryption, it'll fail when doing the data paritition, just before the end : most often, it'll be stuck forever (=until i force reboot, since it's usually frozen).. It's definitly a matter of size : if data...
  46. MagikGab

    Thread [Question] How to update a custom ROM, while being encrypted, without wiping data?

    Hello, as stated in the title, I'd like to know if there's a way to update a custom ROM while being encrypted without formatting the data partition. I tried to update several times, but every time I got a recovery bootloop until I wiped the data partition. The only way to avoid this was to...
  47. GoJo ^^

    Thread Can't decrypt DATA after flashing lineage..?! HELP

    Hi there, so i just made a backup of RealmeUI, wiped cache/data/system & flashed Lineage 16. Not only it didn't want to boot system after reboot but now when i get into TWRP, i'm not prompted for my pattern, i land directly on main page and data is all encrypted : Not sure what went wrong...
  48. S

    Thread Encrypt with custom kernel

    Hello, I have s7 G930FD. I wonder why I cannot encrypt my phone after flashed a custom kernel I love stock ROM but hate the bloatware, so I flash Alexandar devbase ROM for daily use. However, I even try to flash the TGP kernel zip immediately after flashed the Alexandar devbase ROM with...
  49. G

    Thread How to decrypt your OP3(T) device with custom rom?

    A question about decrypting your device, in this case Luisrom Android 10, but would most probably count for other roms too. Did not try it already but would like to decrypt my device and would like a confirmation if the following is the right procedure without doing a new install: Boot in...
  50. S

    Thread Full disk encryption?

    Hello, Simple question. Does the Realme X2 Pro support full disk encryption? If yes, how do I activate it? I search almost every single setting and I didn't find it. If not, do we have any information about future support of this feature? Thank you.