1. H

    Thread Bricked: How can I fix my Phone?

    So I recently changed phones, as one of my main hobbies is tinkering with Smartphones and their respective OS's , I decided to Unlock my Xiaomi Redmi 9A (My previous phone) and flashed Ubuntu Touch to it as it was stated as a supported device, using their prebuilt simple installer app seemed to...
  2. I

    Thread Hello all, i have a Language problems in my Galaxy note 9 N960U1

    I bought this phone from USA and I changed the language to Arabic/Hebrew and I saw that only 50% of my phone is in Arabic or Hebrew, while the phone settings and notifications window is in absolutely English... is there something to do that my whole phone will be in Arabic or hebrew? Thanks
  3. J

    Thread Huawei P9 Lite Update/Actualización

    Hola, tengo el Huawei P9 Lite, soy nuevo en los Huawei's pero no en las roms, ya tengo un poquito de experiencia, Quería saber, es díficil cambiar de rom en Huawei Por EMUI? Para se exactos tengo un Huawei P9 Lite VNS-L23C521B158 Agradezco la ayuda, el teléfono está puro English/Inglés...
  4. L

    Thread null

  5. mauronofrio

    Thread [APP] XiaoAi Lite Multi Language (English for now)

    This project was born to translate the Xiaomi app needed to manage wireless headphones. Actually i successfully translated all i can in English, maybe there can be something i missed, in this case report me it with a screen. Actually I'm testing this on Xiaomi Air 2, maybe will be needed some...
  6. Shandroid_94

    Thread Amazfit Stratos english

    Hello to everyone; I have just a question: is it possible to have the stock chinese version of firmware and simply apply the english language? I mean, we'll have always the latest release in real time (OTA) and meanwhile got the watch in english! What do you think? it's possible to do? thanks to...
  7. mauronofrio

    Thread [TOOL][PACE/STRATOS]Huami AMAZFIT Tool (Unlock|Rebooter|APK Installer|Mod Installer)

    This project has been incorporated into another larger and multi-device: TOOL ALL IN ONE I decided to create a fast and secure program to simplify modding on these watches. At this moment only the Amazfit Pace si supported, when there are more guide on Amazfit Stratos i will upgrade this tool...
  8. mauronofrio

    Thread [AMAZFIT][BIP] LANGUAGE FIRMWARE (English, Italian, and others)

    Waiting for the official release of the English ROM, some developers have come to do in trying to translate the firmware and make it available to everyone. The first ROM was born in English and immediately after that in Italian (the main developer, being Italian, was expecting it). I want to...
  9. M

    Thread Bixby English delayed

    The Wall Street Journal just posted an article. The voice recondition was not good so they delayed it until spring. They said it would be out by the end of May. Here are links to it from the WSJ and pastebin so you dont have to pay. This is sad for us BUT it will still be available in Korean...
  10. N

    Thread Helping our Chinese friends with translation?

    Has anyone tried asking a retailer if they want help translating the UI on their units? I wouldn't mind doing this for free, but keep thinking someone must have tried it before and gotten nowhere... I guess you would have to find the people making the software for the different brands. I don't...
  11. グリッチ

    Thread Is there a way to force language to Google Apps?

    I have my phone's System UI primary to Japanese, however Google Assistant becomes unusable until I switch my language back to English. I can still use OK Google for the original voice searches, but not Assistant. Is there some sort of force localization app so that I can keep System UI in...
  12. C

    Thread TicWatch, is it possible to translate in english or to install android wear?

    Hello guys, i have a ticwatch full in chinese, but is there a way to install android wear instead of tic os (custom android 5.1) or to translate this awesome OS in english?
  13. S

    Thread {Mod edit and closed}

    {Mod edit and closed}
  14. A

    Thread ready to help translate apps to arabic

    Hello developers if anyone need help to translate his apps from english or french to arabic i am ready to help him.
  15. I

    Thread [Review Request][GAME][4.0] Hidden Words - Expand your vocabulary and spelling Skills

    Word game such as Hidden Words is not just for fun, but a great way of exercising your Brain. Expand your vocabulary and spelling Skills with Hidden Words.Pickup words from random characters and spell as many 3, 4, 5 & 6 letter words as you can before the timer run out. So beat the clock and...
  16. Aqq123

    Thread [RECOVERY] Unofficial TWRP by Syhost (for 4G)

    As we all know our device does not get official TWRP builds yet. Hopefully now that the sources have been released, it's just a matter of time before this happens, but meanwhile an unofficial TWRP build has just been released by Syhost. More information is available on his blog (in...
  17. snapdesign

    Thread [UPDATED] Tweaked Mi Band English Version + Notify [26.03.2015 - 1.3.912+Notify]

    First of all this is not my work i just made a thread to help Mi Band xda users. This is made by dezmen3 and you can find the original thread here. INFORMATION Here you can find tweaked english version of app and notification version. SCREENSHOT NOTIFICATION FAQ How to use...
  18. J

    Thread [APP][2.3+][FREE]Russian-English Phrasebook

    The Russian-English phrasebook - is the one of the best phrasebooks for Android is designed for users who have a basic knowledge of English, and for those who does not speak English, for use in any travel and to learn English via more than thousand nine hundred phrases and thematic words...
  19. D

    Thread [Q] Watch language

    Hi! I was wondering if it is possible to change the language of the watch once a language has already been set in the step-by-step configuration process that it's done when the watch is first turned on. Also, is it possible to have the watch in a different language from the one of the phone? I...
  20. S

    Thread [APP][2.3+] Hadiths English

    Hello, I create that thread to present you a free application dedicated to Muslims named Hadiths English that is freely available on Google Play Store : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ssaurel.hadith.en Hadiths English offers you almost 500 hadiths. Hadiths English comes with...
  21. WaPeR32

    Thread Xiaomi Mi Band (now Mi Fit) moded app

    Hi! I made a little modification to show the entire app in english. Download link (Updated 28/01/15) Enjoy!
  22. S

    Thread [Q] Default Language

    When KitKit was being released for the N9005, I flashed the Polish firmware as it was the first to be released. Now, months later, I am flashing the UK firmware. However, even though I do a thorough wipe (data/cache/dalvik), and post-flash I confirm the build number as N9005XXUENB7 as the UK...
  23. W

    Thread [Game][2.3+] Typo ! Decreasing Grammar nazis one at a time

    Typo Think you are good at english language ?? Well think again. This game will test your spelling ,punctuation and grammar in a simple right and wrong concept. Typo is a game with one objective which is fixing problems related to spelling, punctuation and grammar. Contains about 50 Misspelled...
  24. Locky Loki

    Thread [FREE][APP] Locky's English Playground v1.2.2

    Locky's English Playground App Hi guys, I have developed this app for my own Blogger blog called Locky's English Playground. It aims to promote the learning of English language and the vast knowledge it offers, key topics include cooking, food, culture, travelling, photography, technology...
  25. D

    Thread [Segítség - Help] Little translation from Hungarian to English

    Hello! Some of us Alcatel One Touch 985 users have been following some interesting discussions in a Hungarian thread that seems to have found a lot of great things in this cellphone model. Rooted users of the OT985 have been soft-bricking their devices, because Alcatel phones have a little...
  26. ExoticMe

    Thread a new project looking for help

    hello all :D i am going to start a new project on xda to help new users coming to android requirements : 1-good at english :laugh: 2-knows how to type :p 3-and knows good apps if u want in PM me or send me an email at [email protected]
  27. khanhlnq

    Thread [APP] Official English localized Yandex Shell - Cool 3D Launcher

    IMPORTANT NOTICE: Yandex already localized Yandex.Shell to English and other languages. You DON'T NEED to download my manual translated version anymore. Just go to Google Play Store link https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=ru.yandex.shell to install the official localized...
  28. lakikaki

    Thread Add US English to stock Europe ROM

    I want to use US English on my phone but all the European ROMs (downloaded from here) only have UK English available. I don't want a custom ROM, they seem bloated to me and I don't need the extra features. After many unsuccessful attempts of installing the 0409 language packs from here, I...
  29. CosmicDan

    Thread [ROM][PORT][JB][BETA] MIUI5 v3.3.1 b2 [DISCONTINUED]

    MIUIAustralia proudly presenting a world first... MIUI5 ported to the Xperia Play Information: World-first port of MIUI5 from the Xiaomi M2. Release is still beta, some things are broken but essentials should be OK. Do not ask for ETA's. This is a work in progress. Other Xperia...
  30. T

    Thread English for Kids: English language learning games for kids

    English for Kids is English language learning games for kids. Kids will learn English by playing attractive games. English for Kids combines a structured English language course with engaging and entertaining games. Our language learning activities keep your child entertained and occupied whilst...
  31. M

    Thread [Q] PhotoSphere English

    Hey dudes, I just have a problem with PhotoSpehre (running on a 4.1.2 Galaxy Note II International Version). I can only use it when the System Language is set to english. If it is set to german then the panorama does not get rendered. If it is set to english it does. Anyone knows why? :D...
  32. cokenet

    Thread All infos about Fast Dormany on Galaxy S3 [ENG & GER]

    For all users with problems or questions about Fast Dormany here you will find all informations about it. Solutions, infos and so on (english version) http://www.androidnz.net/2012/06/at-your-own-risk-how-to-disable-fast.html here all useful infos for german users (german language)...
  33. N

    Thread What is the best educational language (english) app?

    English is the major lang, but german also not bad (and other well-known languages). Thanks for your tips!
  34. N

    Thread [Free] [App] [Education] English ABC Quiz

    GO TO GOOGLE PLAY HERE https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.cpviet.app.english_abc_quiz English ABC Quiz is an English learning application which can help you to learn English level A, B, and C. English ABC Quiz is an English Quiz application which can help you to make the English...
  35. A

    Thread [Q] Windows 8 in UK English

    Is it possible? Not just the keyboard and those things but the actual interface. I heard it was going to be the first time but when I installed Windows I was only given the chance to install English (United States)
  36. melvinchng

    Thread [APP][ENGLISH] Android Optimize Toolbox V2.4.1 (tools to optimize your device)

    This app is requested by XDA member, yamandude. Spent almost of week to translate it. Typo and grammatical error MIGHT exist. Please point it out to me. Thanks! Android Optimize Toolbox Link to English Version in Google Play Store here -- Read the bold and italic text below first. #TQ...
  37. M

    Thread [Q] HD2 not in English !

    Just a quick question, a friend ended up with an HD2 and it looks as id it's in Danish or Norwegian.... I tried a hard reset, but no mention of setting Language's etc Is there an easy way to change the handset to English ? I dabble with the odd Iphone and Android handset's, but it's the first...
  38. WordSteps

    Thread [App] WordSteps Mobile. Personal vocabulary manager

    Description: Enrich your vocabulary. Fast. Everywhere. Anytime. 25 languages are available. WordSteps Mobile Client for Android is a free mobile application which allows you to download new dictionaries from WordSteps.com and develop your Vocabulary effectively. Using app, you can learn...
  39. CedricAnne97

    Thread Change MIUI themes' language from Chinese to English

    I'm not really an expert in this kind of stuff, but because someone asked me to do anotherone, I thought I'd just do a simple tutorial. I know that it's not that well explained, but I was searching for this a long time ago and didn't really find anything, this is just from experience, so don't...
  40. X

    Thread [Q] Japanese IME

    I'm pretty sure I've tried almost all of the available IMEs. I'm wondering though, is there a Japanese IME that has automatic english correction (like what the normal keyboard does) and is able to type Japanese? Normal english kb does correction automatically. e.g.: wjat -> what The...
  41. H

    Thread [Q] External bluetooth keyboard has English layout. How to change it to German?

    Hi, This weekend I bought a HTC Flyer and I'm so happy. There is one thing though that's killing me... I also bought a Bluetooth keyboard so I can write faster when I write large texts etc. The thing is though that I can't change the keyboard layout to German (even if the Keyboard has a...
  42. mannuforall

    Thread UC Browser 7.7 Unofficial English Translated by me

    Here the latest very popular UC Browser 7.7 Build 11041410 English Translated from Chinese for Android by me. I've tried to translate fully but still something can't be translated. Startpage can't be translated yet but still you can enjoy full featured English browsing like official one. The...
  43. T

    Thread [SELL] HTC Wildfire (EU-Germany) LOOK!

    Hello everybody, I'm selling my HTC Wildfire, which I bought from big well known online warehouse, because I really can't stand that I can't root it and I really can't stand gooogle anymore to be honest. The phone is only about 2 months old, has only a little scratch on the camera which can...
  44. C

    Thread [Q] CONCISE ENGLISH-SPANISH Dictionary for WM6.5

    hi guys, i've got HTC T3320 with WM6.5 and i need Concise English - Spanish Dictionary registered . Any way i can get that ?? thanks a lot
  45. N

    Thread [ROM] The Bundle: MIUI + English Pack + Gapps + More [1.1.14 v2.5] [1/14/11]

    Hello and welcome to my first rom! The Bundle is based on the latest MIUI rom and includes everything you will need! I am not the most experienced dev so i will try my best to implement as many things as i can into the roms. :D Disclaimer: I take no responsibility on anything that happens to...
  46. R

    Thread [Q] HTC desire english.

    noob here and need assistance. I have purchase a htc desire, but when phone is reset to factory defaults it defaults to some arabic language. I have only the following options:- *first 5 options are non english (some arabic variations), then *English (Qatar) *English (Kuwait) *English (Bahrain)...
  47. K

    Thread english dictionary app

    can some please post the link or cab file to a good free English Dictionary or Thesaurus for my touch pro 2 please............. much appreciated
  48. G

    Thread Need help changing language of XDA IIi

    Hey everyone! Right now its in chinese and I would like to change it to english. I know its something to do with flashing it with an english rom but i need to know where to get the rom and step by step procedures in doing so. Thanks in advance!
  49. N

    Thread English ROM to HTC VIVA

    Hi my friends, My neme is Leonardo, I have a HTC viva with WM 6.1, and works fine. I'd like to upgrade the rom to english in the same version or to 6.5 english, but I've reading the forum for hours, but I got doubt because the version changes each forum I read. My questions are: Sould I keep...
  50. H

    Thread Help with default language reset

    Greetings all; I have an HTC Touch 3G Jade 100; one of my kids was playing with it and accidentally set the language to something like Portuguese, I cannot figure out how to change the default language back to English, I have attempted "hard reset", like 5 variations and none of which work. I...