1. lightinfo10

    Thread Chrome saying no Internet though working and Android Downloader Not downloading unless Wifi !

    Hi! I am in a trouble.😟 My mobile data works very fine. And wifi too. But, when I use mobile data, chrome says "No Internet" on the upper layer. [See attached pics] Though everything is working. I can surf every website. When I connect the wifi, it says "Back online". This issue not making...
  2. A

    Thread moto e5/moto e5 play n/a screen

    I think I might be completely locked out of my phone- I try to charge it and turn it on and stuff but it only comes up with a black screen with N/A in the top left corner. How do I fix it? And please bear in mind I don't have any kind of tech skills and I don't have an actual PC to try to hook...

    Thread Question [RESOLVED] Yet another Bootloader unlock issue ("Couldn't unlock, please add your account in MIUI's settings..")

    This is the following message I get when I try to unlock my phone yes, I have done the necessary steps like usb debugging, oem unlocking and adding the Mi account using cellular, yet for some reason I keep getting this error. I have tried the original cable, a third party one, an amd machine...
  4. augestx

    Thread Question Is there ANY way to Download Miui ROM?

    Miuies,mifirm and other pages show a error when you try to download this version. So is there any chance to download it?
  5. OLdjhon

    Thread Link2SD Failure - directory No such file or directory

    I think that this apps are in diuse, but now I`m using a Samsung J7 prime SM-G610M, with an android 8.1.0 and 16 Gb in storage. I wanted to extend the storage with a 64 gb SD card, so i intalled TWRP 3.6.0 and rooted with superSU V2.82. Then I maked 2 partition in the SD Card 1. Fat32 with...
  6. Kdami

    Thread Question NV Data is Corrupted

    Hi guys, recently i got stuck into bootloop by the latest update. I flashed engineering rom and then reflashed stock global rom with miflash. Thing is that i forgot to choose clear all only before flashing and it locked my bootloader. After opening the phone again, i got welcomed to the infamous...
  7. A

    Thread Google account login issue

    I recently turned on my old HTC Sensation XE Z715e (android 4.0.3). When I turn it on, it asks me to sign in again to use the Play Store or open Gmail, but it doesn't accept my password (it showing ID or password mismatch type error message)! I double-checked my password and it is 100% correct...
  8. 80_boom

    Thread Xiaomi GetApps weird upload error. It thinks apk name is not created package name?

    Trying to upload an apk to the Xiaomi app store and Xiaomi's GetApps Console says: "The package name does not match, please upload the Apk file with the same name as the created package". But they ARE the same. Been at this for a long time. Anyone uploaded to these guys before? Is there...
  9. TechySkills

    Thread How to fix "Handshaking... [ERROR] UNEXPECTED RESPONSE: 0x78" or "Handshaking... [ERROR] UNEXPECTED RESPONSE: 0x58"

    Hello, I installed Pixel Experience Android 13 Custom ROM. But it had IMEI issues, So I decided to roll back. When I opened SP Flash Tool, It said Select the Format All + Dowload Tool. I did the exact, But then it said, Disable verified boot or unselect the "Preloeader, Tkv, Dtbo, Trnsfs" I did...
  10. H

    Thread Question Mi 11 Lite (courbet) sometimes starts and most of the time gets stuck in Mi Logo bootloop...

    Since a few months, I'm facing this problem. The phone is working OK when I can't get to the system, but If I turn it off or the battery runs off, it gets stuck on a loopboot: the Mi logo shows and restarts itself after a few seconds. Can't access the recovery mode (it just restarts again to the...
  11. KR_ipton

    Thread Moto G7 power not detect gyroscope

    Hello, i have a "moto g7 power xt1955-2" and i updated to android 12 with lineage os but it didn't detect the rotation, i checked and it shows that there is no gyroscope in my device, i went back to the original rom with "rescue and smart assistant" but The gyroscope is no longer detected, I'm...
  12. MathewCNichols

    Thread Question P6P Raven Recovery Error: "system/bin/tune2fs is missing"

    Is "tune2fs is missing" normal on the Pixel 6 Pro in recovery? The error is persistent when I try to wipe data or mount system in recovery mode. I have tried reflashing stock OTA, full image, betas, and Lineage. It doesn't seem to cause problems, but it's worrisome. The same error doesn't...
  13. J

    Thread Question Google Pay/Wallet not letting to add any card

    Hello everyone, About six months ago I flashed Android 13's Evolution X rom, don't remember which version right now. Important: No root. After that I installed all of my apps, including SafetyNet Test app from BITS Apps. Test was passed with no issues. Problem came when I tried to add the same...
  14. notrealcaleb

    Thread Question Error flashing partition : Volume Full

    i was flashing my custom bootsplash and i got this error Sending 'splash' (62625 KB) OKAY [ 1.537s] Writing 'splash' FAILED (remote: 'Error flashing partition : Volume Full') anyone have any ideas?
  15. Jhon Er1k

    Thread Bootloop after unlocking Bootloader: [LG V500N]

    Hey guys, I'm having an issue with my V500N. After I unlocked the bootloader the device has got the "Red alert", it cannot enter the download mode for me reinstall the software, and I noticed that my software version is not a V50 one (but one for G8X). I have followed the XDA Guide...
  16. K

    Thread A30 Unknown Device (Code 43) "File Transfer" PC NOT Detected [Custom Rom]

    A30 Unknown Device (Code 43) "File Transfer" PC NOT Detected [Custom Rom] Good morning experts of XDA, I have encountered a very unusual problem which is not able to have my A30 detected via USB, after flashing custom rom. "Corvus_vS4.0-Leviathan-a30-Unofficial-2040" "Eureka_Kernel_R10.1_A30"...
  17. danym93

    Thread Chromecast V3 not works (any rom to try work again?)

    Hello friends! I have a chromecast v3, which was working, but suddenly it stopped working, when I connect it on the screen it doesn't show anything, just a few seconds below the loading logo, and it restarts again and stays in the loop. Then if I do that while pressing the button I get the...
  18. TheL0stOne

    Thread 'your device has failed verification and will not work properly' on boot [G3121]

    Hey, My first time posting here. A little context first. This is a phone that I bought faulty from eBay, that the seller stated had belonged to their mum and they were selling it on their behalf. How true that is I don't know, as i've encountered this error. I thought it would be a simple fix...
  19. migoreo

    Thread Samsung A10s Download Mode Error

    My Samsung A10s, is currently running on Android 11, and I was planning to downgrade to Android 10. Thus when I encounter the problem, that whenever I tried to boot into Download Mode, by holding the Volume Up (+) and Volume Down (-) at the same time and plugging the USB cable connected to my...
  20. easiixx

    Thread Error fast boot : FAILED (remote: 'Command not allowed')

    Hi everyone, today i tried to root my phone with magisk, I extract the boot.img file and I follow all the requirements for root my HUAWEI Y9 phone But at the end of the rooting, I have this error with adb Can someone help me ? I unlock my bootloader and I unlock the usb debug Please help
  21. OYH0

    Thread Question [HELP][A12][MIUI13][BETACN] Apps not compatible with the device

    I recently changed my default rom to do some tests with the miui beta china, but I ended up coming across this message in some apps that I tried to install: My device is not rooted at the moment!
  22. A

    Thread J7 core not opening and running errors like ''no such a file or directory''

    won't opens and runnin ''no such a file or directory'',''failed to mount'',''cant open'' errors on the screen.please help.İs this means emmc damaged?
  23. F

    Thread Huawei health mod app not installing.

    I want to install this modded huawei health to get custom watch face on my huawei gt watch. But this problem occuring. emui 12 huawei mate 40 pro
  24. ElJoaZ

    Thread Error - Fastboot boot twrp.img stock loading or FAILED (remote failure)

    Well, as the title says, try to load the twrp to install Evolution X but it doesn't load or it tells me the following error: "FAILED (status read failed (Too many links))" I am not very expert in this, so if someone can explain to me what mistake I made or how I can fix it, I would greatly...
  25. Catbutnot

    Thread Question Can't copy files!

    Hey Users, I recently reinstalled Windows 11, and before that, I did a full image backup using Macrium Reflect of my drives (C and D, and I want to copy only certain files to my C drive, I started with some random files, and then wanted to copy the User folder, but I want to explain, that I...
  26. Catbutnot

    Thread Question My computer is not working

    Hello Users, Recently, I ran TronScript (r/tronscript) with the auto reboot option, but the next boot my computer displayed a message saying that Windows could not boot, I used my Ventoy drive with Hiren's Boot CD on it to try and repair the issue, but it now says "Your PC couldn't start...
  27. Catbutnot

    Thread Why are all tutorials like this!?

    Hello Users, I have a Samsung Galaxy A320FL and I'm experiencing an issue with TWRP/OrangeFox that these recoveries won't read parts of internal storage. And ALL of the tutorials of solving this issue, just instruct usesrs to wipe all data, or wipe /system, /vendor, /data or any of the...
  28. gr3uh

    Thread Help Moto g 5g 2022 codename "austin" consumer Cellular carrier locked after flashing magisk

    Hello, so I recently got a Moto g 5g 2022 "Austin" and decided to root it. I unlocked the bootloader, got the stock rom and patched it with magisk. I took the patched file and flashed it successfully to both slots. I then flashed a blank vbmeta image and rebooted. The phone rebooted perfectly...
  29. asus2786

    Thread "Server error occurred. Restart camera" on latest stock ROM

    Hi everyone, I just tried to make my old S3 Neo (GT-I9301I) boy back to stock ROM and working. I installed the stock ROM through Odin, but the main camera doesn't want to work. The front works fine. Here's what I tried: - clearing cache/data of Camera app - restarting phone - using 3rd party...

    Thread S7 - TWRP logo stuck, bootlooping into it & PC not recognise device - The End?

    Dear Community! I have an SM-G930F in a very hard situation I dont know what else I can do. I installed a Pixelexperience ROM to my S7, worked pretty well, no issues (Rebooted many times, without any issue*) *One time the battery drained and it turned off so I plugged it into a charger and...
  31. maxb31

    Thread Question Cannot install zip with twrp on mi 11 pro

    Hello I want to install an EEA Rom with twrp on my mi 11 pros but that is impossible and I always receive the same errors even to perform other actions, I have tested several versions of twrp but none of them works. I used the official version of twrp ...
  32. D

    Thread I have no idea how to compile the nethunter kernel for my rom This is the official nethunter kernel repository link, I don't have any success compiling/porting this kernel to my Mi A1. The supported android version is eleven, the ROM I'm on: Pixel Experience Plus (last official A11 version), I have...
  33. Powerlor

    Thread Huawei g535-l11 stuck on black screen with red green blu light blinking

    Sorry if i post in the wrong category but i cant find the correct one, anyway my phone recently decided to stop working and turn off, some times it turn on but after the boot logo animation the screen turn black, and if i try to reboot the phone the led under the screen start blinking in this...
  34. thawks

    Thread Kernel Compiling Error "make: secgetspf: No such file or directory"

    Hello, im trying to compile SM-T970 kernel but it returns error i searched through internet but i cant find any solution. Everything starts with "make: secgetspf: No such file or directory" error. I think there is missing package. I found this...
  35. T

    Thread Question [SOLVED] Gpay NFC not working on AOSP custom ROMs

    On my Poco X3 pro global, Gpay doesn't work with NFC payments when using AOSP custom ROMs A12.1, instead it works flawlessly in the same conditions with any fastboot or recovery MIUI roms. I tried with or without magisk (obviously with safety net always passing and certified device on play store...
  36. R

    Thread Missmatching Image Error while trying to go back to stock (MacOs)

    As the title says, I'm trying to go back to stock Mi A2 but I'm getting missmatching image and device error on terminal. I downloaded fastboot version of stock rom directly from Xiaomi and also others sites and none of them worked. I tried this tutorial...
  37. hihellolol123

    Thread how to fix this?

    i got this error when i try to sideload flash arrow os 12 on pitchblack recovery assert failed: update_dynamic_partitions(package_extract_file("dynamic_partitions_op_list")) Updater process ended with ERROR: 1
  38. K

    Thread Turchese screen PIT ERROR

    Hi, to anyone. Like One year ago mu friend gifted me this SM-A600FN because during charging It display "Could not do normal boot. INVALID KERNEL LENGHT" and when i Power on i can see only a turchese screen. I can enter download mode and Odin recognise It, but flashing a stock firmware FAIL...
  39. S

    Thread PLZ HELP: Android System keeps stopping.

    I have a Magisk Rooted, Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ (SM-N975F), stock ROM running Android 10. When I am booted in Root mode I try to open a file in the "My Files" app and I keep getting the error "Android System keeps stopping" but when I try in un-Rooted mode it works perfectly fine. Is there a way...
  40. S

    Thread S6 Edge+ fingerprint sensor not working after stock flash.

    So I flashed lineageOs 17.1 unofficial build on my phone earlier to test it out. After booting into it, I realized the fingerprint sensor wasn't working so I flashed the stock rom using odin. After boot, fingerprint sensor still didn't respond and when I try to add a print, I get an error,"make...
  41. Dylanzxd

    Thread Question Unable to boot pixelexperience

    Hello to all the community, I was installing the PixelExperience ROM (Samsung Universal (to all samsung phones)) from TWRP, but after that, I restarted my phone, that's my problem, when I see what Samsung Galaxy A12 says, I get the error "The phone is not running Samsung's official software. You...
  42. imoel42

    Thread Problem with TRWP Recovery

    Hello, I have a problem with TWRP Recovery. I installed twrp recovery to update my OnePlus Nord to PixysOS ROM and so far no problem. But after installing all the new ROM, to the recovery I enter the following happens: Enter recovery mode and TRWP logo appears and turns off and on the screen...
  43. X

    Thread Auto Shutdown Problem

    Hello, i've trouble with my Asus zenfone max pro m1 (ZB602KL) Asus X00TD. at first it brings up volume button despite me not touching the volume button then a few minutes later suddenly it turn off itself despite me not touching the power button. it then turn back on again but as the asus logo...
  44. Y

    Thread Google Play Storage Space Error Despite Having Plenty Space

    Hello, I have nearly 50% space on my internal storage as well as external (Screenshot-1). However every now and then when I try to update apps, Google Play throws error saying I don't have enough storage and I need to delete some apps (Screenshot-2). If I just close Google Play and come back...
  45. kawrr_

    Thread Apparently my phone has no system partition

    I have a CUBOT Note 20 Pro (rooted) and today I tried to install the android 11 GSI when I got an error saying "FAILED (remote: 'This partition doesn't exist')" when trying to flash using the fastboot command line and this command specifically "fastboot flash system system.img". I looked around...
  46. gorkemoji

    Thread [HELP] Errors while compiling Android kernel

    Hey guys, I wanted to enable KVM on the kernel I use, reached to the kernel source and enabled KVM by adding some lines to defconfig file. But whenever I want to compile, I got these error messages. I could not fix that. Could someone help me please? C...
  47. Z

    Thread Problem while compiling jfltexx Android 10 kernel

    Hi, i'm trying to build LineageOS 17.1 kernel from source, but it constantly spits an errors. Can someone help me? Ubuntu 18.04 LTS.
  48. Besix2

    Thread Error when compiling Kernel

    Hello, Im currently trying to compile a nethunter kernel for my device. For that I used the toolchain in the plattform folder of my Kernel package. After using make menuconfig and configuring the features i continued with make "defconfig" but than i got this error message: Makefile:727: Cannot...
  49. J

    Thread Custom ROM not installing + MIUI erased = screwed? (angelica)

    I'm using both the cROM and cRecovery from this thread, but after I erased MIUI and tried to install LineageOS, it doesn't install I'm screwed? It's unable to open loops from 17 to 20
  50. 典LUCIFER典

    Thread Question Cannot Install Apps More than 2 GB on IQOO 7

    Hey Guys. In my IQOO 7 i cant install games more than 2GB. In playstore after the download is complete it shows cannot be installed. I tried to install from outside playstore still the same issue. I tried several times. Anyone is facing this issue. Is there any workaround? I am attaching the...