1. Q

    Thread Ticwatch Pro 4g (catshark) Verizon eSIM unlocking?

    I'm trying to get the Ticwatch Pro 4g Verizon (WF11026V) working on a non-Verizon carrier. From other threads, it seems that by faking the SIM of the phone to the officially supported carrier, it's possible to scan an eSIM QR code and it typically works - or at least for the EU versions. I've...
  2. K

    Thread Question enable eSIM in samsung s21 FE ?

    Hello, I am trying to enable eSIM on S21 FE 5G european distribution [Snapdragon]. Device model: SM-G990B /DS Android 12, one UI 4.1 i saw that some solution working for s20 series with lower (rooted) android versions but i didn't find android 10 or 11 firmware for this model online. Any help...
  3. mbze430

    Thread Question eSIM AT&T was working ... not anymore... help?

    Not sure how many people out there got eSIM working with AT&T on their Fold 3. But 2 or so weeks ago I went into AT&T and got them to get eSIM working on my Fold 3. It's been working great till recently. I think it might have been with adding a 2nd line (Tello). SIM1 = Tello eSIM = AT&T...
  4. S

    Thread Esim Full

    Hey guys I have a big problems with my esim profiles on my Note 20 Ultra. After firmware update I lost my eSim profile from settings and now when I'm trying to add a mew one my phone says eSim is full delete one but in settings there is mo eSim profile. I tryed to reset my phone (Factory data...
  5. 12453RS3

    Thread Question S22 Ultra esim enable TGY csc

    Hello all, new here! Never rooted a device, I'm very technical and confident but would like to ask the question as to why I'm looking to root or change CSC. Currently my S22 ultra 512 is a Dual sim Hong Kong purchased device. TGY is the current CSC, basically I'd like to use the esim option...
  6. alan_9990

    Thread Huawei, eSIM and Harmony OS...

    Just purchased a Huawei Watch 3. I'd already read up on the single provider in France (my country of residence) that supplies an eSIM for this watch. However, it's not quite straightforward. Am thinking my "issue" is to do with the installed OS (Harmony OS 2.0) or the "health app" on my phone...
  7. J

    Thread TicWatch Pro 4G EU eSIM activation in US

    I got a used TicWatch Pro 4G/LTE EU model (WF11018) in the US. I installed janjan's root mod, it's working great. I was hoping to activate the eSIM with some travel provider like esim2fly (from AIS Thailand) and get it working here with roaming data. I've tried several providers. One (from...
  8. G

    Thread LineageOS (microG) e-sim support => dual sim?

    Does the original ROM of the pixel 2 support dual sim functionality with the esim? Does LOS support esim function at all? I cannot find something in settings, but have never used esim before. And does that mean I can use the usual sim and esim at the same time, so a real dual sim function?
  9. gAliiiiii

    Thread n985f / DS,On the problem of ESIM card slot

    Hello everyone, forgive my poor English. My device is n985f / DS. I am currently in Chinese mainland. N985f / DS, SIM card slot is physical card slot + ESIM. The Chinese mainland does not support ESIM. Can we turn ESIM cards into physical SIM?Thank you
  10. S

    Thread Question Boot Loop when attempting to access Call Forwarding settings via Phone App (after Sim Swap to eSim)

    Hey All, Greetings from Australia. I am facing some serious issues with my Pixel 6 Pro (well my 2nd brand new device). Looks like I have found a bug which causes the phone to enter a boot loop with no way to fix it. see below steps. I have done the initial setup on the phone, entered my...
  11. O

    Thread Question S21 ultra exynos esim data issues

    Hello, I've been using the s21 ultra 512gb exynos for the last few months and have encountered numerous issues. Honestly one of the most unstable phones I've owned. This is my first and last Samsung phone, there support isn't much help either. One major issue I've been having is related to...
  12. Master K

    Thread Question eSim on Google Fi in the US?

    I have been reading that the US versions of the Z Flip 3 do not have eSim support. However Google Fi uses eSim on all of their other phones so I am wondering if they are getting their phones with that enabled. I currently use my eSim and a physical sim card in my Pixel 3XL so this matters to...
  13. khan.dharvesh

    Thread Esim to Esim Conversion (ios to Android) -- Reliance Jio

    Dears I have a reliance Jio Esim configured in my iPhone XS Max and working. I wanted to transfer it to my Android device - Galaxy Z Fold 2. As mentioned in jio forums/website/customercare, 1. I first sent from my source device (ios) the GETESIM <EID> <IMEI> to 199, and then I received the...
  14. D

    Thread Does flashing a rom through ODIN wipe e-SIM profiles?

    I want to change my CSC from ZTO to BTU and I use e-SIM. I wonder if flashing a rom through ODIN will clean my current e-SIM profile. It's a PITA to reactivate e-SIM on my carrier and I want to avoid the need to go there just to do this. Does anyone know if ODIN will wipe my current e-SIM when...
  15. The Dark Knight Patriot

    Thread Sprint Activation Issue- Help Needed

    Hey, everyone, I've had a serious issue with my latest Pixel 3 activation on Sprint. Back in April I successfully activated a new Pixel 3, this one required a physical SIM (Unlike my original Pixel 3). However, once I received the SIM card it was successfully activated within five minutes...
  16. X

    Thread Extract esim related stuff from Note 20 T-Mobile firmware?

    T-mobile firmware for Note 20 has enabled esim for some time and there is still no information on US unlocked s20 or s21. Is it possible that someone find the main difference between unlocked note 20 firmware and t-mobile note 20 firmware? If it is just a package/app, maybe we can extract it and...
  17. luisf0202

    Thread Custom rom S20 FE 4G/5G

    Good morning everyone :D The S20 FE 5G / 4g has been more than 1 year since its launch and until today no custom rom. I already leave the twrp for him I already tested it works very well. Why don't I have a rom yet? edit: If you have any interested dev I think it was better to create a pure...
  18. elfarto

    Thread Data Service is automatically switched to eSIM1, even when forced not to

    I have a SM-N985F Note20Ultra, i recenty purchased a GoogleFi subscription and set it up using eSIM, (shows up as eSIM1 on the phone) my phone already has a normal SIM (SIM1) from my standard carrier. Under Settings|Connections|SIM Card manager i set Mobile Data to SIM1 , after a while or after...
  19. mcbyte_it

    Thread Question eSim question with 2 physical sims, how does it work?

    I already own 2 nano sims that I use in my device (S21 Ultra). One of the service providers can convert my sim to an eSim. I also have a 3rd sim that I use when I travel (when we get back to travel :/ ) My question is: with the eSim installed, can I choose which 2 sims the phone use? dual...
  20. A

    Thread E-Sim Test

  21. Varrialeq

    Thread Oppo Watch esim connection problem

    Hi there, Recently I bought Oppo watch LTE version, I want to connent my watch with esim. When I run wear os app > advanced setting, there is no Mobile network settings. I try to turn all data transmision on watch but it didn't work. Did someone have similar problem or have any idea of solution?
  22. S

    Thread eSim/BL/root

    Just a real quick question before i return the phone tomorrow. On the g981u1 (purchased from google through Fi), same as everywhere else, has the sim manager disabled, bootloader not unlockable. From all the searching i did today, which was horrible, i just wanted to verify in a last ditch...
  23. jericho246

    Thread Can eSIM support be enabled via software update?

    Read some time ago that the Z Fold 2 didn't have eSIM support out of the box but they enabled it via software update. Would this be possible with the Zenfone 7 Pro? Like a dumbass I automatically assumed that the ZF7Pro supported it, because it's one of the latest phones, but of course, it...
  24. M

    Thread Is there an eSim only or CDMA only variant of S20+ snapdragon?

    Hello guys, I own an s20+ exynos version because I live in Romania. After a few hours of searching and youtubing, I convinced myself to return it and order the snapdragon version, but after I ordered it, I saw on the site that it says dual-sim eSim in the description and it was an alternate...
  25. N

    Thread S7 and eSIM

    I a live in the Middle East and need a local mobile contract. I also need to maintain my UK number for MFA with banks, credit cards, pensions etc. I currently run a dual SIM Oppo mobile but it is giving me difficulties with MS Outlook and InTune. I have an UK spec, open network S7 which...
  26. katolink

    Thread Does eSIM use more battery than standard SIM cards?

    Just wondering whether choosing eSIM over standard SIM cards has any adverse impact on battery life of the S20 Ultra (and, in fact, of any S20 devices). Does eSIM radio require more battery juice than SIM radios? The underlying scenario is: - your carrier supports eSIM; - you need to have at...
  27. gn0s1s

    Thread Esim?

    Since the fold supports Esim, and it looks like the s11 / S20 line will support esim based on the rumours, just wondering if there is any definitive info yet on the lite supporting esim as a 2020 phone?
  28. Rohlajz

    Thread eSIM - How to activate?

    Hello XDA members, I received (gift) a brand new Google Pixel 3XL phone and I wondering about eSIM support. I can´t find any settings related to this. I saw some articles about Verizon version which do not have this opportunity. Anyway I have two questions: How I can find version of my phone -...
  29. A

    Thread Esim experience.

    Hello, I attempted to activate esim on t-mobile postpaid that did not go anywhere even though others have activated esim on pixel 3 before the t-mobile ban on postpaid accounts. T-mobile has stopped enabling esim on postpaid accounts for unknown reasons. It only enables esim on certain prepaid...
  30. X

    Thread Gear S2 SM-R735V wich is the partition with esim data

    Does someone knows wich partition contains the esim data on the SM-735V ? The watch was delivered with preconfigured sim-data. I have to delete them and register a new phone number. I've tried flashing a recovery firmware, but the watch is failing when attempting zu write new configuration...
  31. sunster

    Thread Can anyone confirm question regarding unlocking Gear S3

    Hi eveyone, Can anyone confirm if the Gear S3 can indeed be unlocked and if so can it be used on other carriers? I think as long as the carrier supports e-sims it shouldn't be a problem but i've been reading conflicting info like this: Any info...
  32. radionerd

    Thread Pixel 2 XL setup for dual carriers using fi on eSIM

    One of my favorite of the many cool features in Pixel 2's is the addition of an eSIM. 100% love everything about this device: Pixel 2 XL Running beta 8.1, rooted, and dual SIM's! Anyone else rocking dual SIM's? or using FiSwitch, or other apps to switch between SIM's? I'm running a Verizon...