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  1. bigsupersquid

    Thread [ROM][Unofficial][LineageOS 11][4.4.4][CDMA][09-11-2020]

    Quick and dirty starter post. No development on the 3vo in a while. Made me sad. I found a device tree I had set up in 2018 for LineageOS kitkat for my CDMA Evo 3d, and the build I had from it was respectable. A few graphical shimmers when overloaded but otherwise everything CM seemed to work...
  2. G

    Thread Custom rom or original for 9 year old?

    I've dug my old evo 3d out to give to out 9 year old. Is there any benefit in flashing a custom rom or shall I just leave it stock?. I don't want to make it unstable for her but if there's speed improvements then it's tempting. Thanks Guys
  3. K

    Thread (Q) problem installing a new rom through 4ext, refuses to format system partition

    Hi everyone, I"m using ShooterU with s-off revolutionary, hboot version is 1.49.1107, radio 11.25.3504.06_M opendsp (if needed) is on version I have 4ext version rc6, build 8 Well, my problem is that I can"t install anything on recovery, everything what I want to...
  4. besimm

    Thread Camera Broken :(

    Hi, I had a problem before about 1 year, i was young in developing back then, i installed a ROM in S-ON, and because i didn't know too much, i S-OFF-ed it with RIFF JTAG, and then installed a ROM, when it booted, I was happy, but when i tried to open Camera app, it opens and closes in an...
  5. rirozizo

    Thread [GUIDE] EVO 3D root/S-OFF/downgrade to bootloader 1.49 (Wire Trick)[NOOB FRIENDLY]

    Index: 1st post: Root the HTC EVO 3D 2nd post: S-OFF and completely unlock the EVO 3D Rooting the HTC EVO 3D For the completely unfamiliar users, here's the real deal: Prerequisites: Unlock the Bootloader: Flash a custom recovery: R00T! You're rooted!
  6. mhnx

    Thread [Q] Battery replacement - extended or original?

    Hello people of xda, I have made a search on our forums but I couldn't find something similar, maybe I didn't make a good search. So if it is a double-post please forgive me. :D My battery is draining too fast, sometimes I have to charge it two times in a day. I formatted the phone many times...
  7. krusic22

    Thread Evo 3D Totaly Bricked Plis help!!!

    http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1213723 tish thing bricked my phone. Well i went a downloaded a thing from Google Play. And it installed random apps ( it was adware on the end ) it downloaded that file and lunched it. How did i found the file you may ask? Well i have a caching...
  8. ninten5

    Thread A ROM to make the HTC One behave like the Evo 3D?

    Hey Guys, So I have been using the one for about 4 months now and battery has not been up to my exceptions... I know, this thing has a quad and pushing more pixels but it has a 25% bigger battery too (1730 vs 2300). What I want to know is if there is a Rom that'll turn this phone into a 1.2GHZ...
  9. dreccon

    Thread [APP]Jelly Bean 4.3 camera with photosphere

    Hi everyone! I just bought a 2nd hand ShooterU, so I'm new around here! I'm trying to search the forum but it says that search is temporarily unavailable. So I hope this topic has not been started already. Anyway, I just tried to install Jelly Bean camera on stock ICS 4.0.3 (sense 3.6) and it...
  10. 9

    Thread [Q] flash to boost - NO voice, 3G is OK

    Hello I cant get voice to work (evo 3D to boost) When I place a call I always get message "your authentication code is invalid". 3G speed seems to be OK (not too slow). I'm not sure if the 466 nv item is written right. When I check with DFS profile, profile 1 and data, those are the error...
  11. S

    Thread [ROM][WIP][UNOFFICIAL] ParanoidAndroid 3.96

    ParanoidAndroid 3.96 - Android 4.3 - Unofficial WIP! FEATURES Built from PA source Service Text Data Calls Audio WiFi Bluetooth GPS A/V playback HALO PIE SDCARD BUGS 3D Cam(corder) glitches in browser, gmail(if more, please tell.) You tell me DOWNLOADS ROM GAPPS Thanks to...
  12. trm96

    Thread [4EXT][Theme] Serenity ICS [v1.06] [8/16/13]

    Introducing Serenity ICS theme for 4EXT! This is my first foray into making a theme for 4EXT. This theme is a work in progress. Comments are always welcome. 150px x 12px
  13. beholder121

    Thread [Q] Super Sluggish Phone, what's wrong?

    Hello guys, I gave my friend my EVO 3D (CDMA, Sprint) a few months ago when I upgraded to a new phone. Ever since she called Sprint to activate the phone (at the time running SOS M 2.6 ROM) she had nothing but problems. She also didn't have the Google Services packet working for some reason...
  14. T

    Thread evo 3d broken help needed

    hello everyone sadly i broke my evo 3d (i think it was my display) and the system is running. so, is there anything that i can do with my evo
  15. E

    Thread [Q] Evo 3D won't turn on after full discharge - mwakious17.1

    Hi, My evo 3d went through a full discharge when I wasn't using it - i figured I could just charge it and turn it back on - apparently not! It was running 17.1 absolutely fine, but now it won't even turn on! When i charge it the led flashes a strong red a few times then shuts off..
  16. A

    Thread EVO 3D w/ USB

    I posted originally in the thread that Deuce just closed while looking for guidance, but want to share something I found... I had originially bought USB-to-Micro USB cable to play USB speakers (which didn't require an AC adapter or other power source) for use with my phone while in the office or...
  17. M

    Thread [Q] Rear Camera Replacement

    Hi everyone, I've got an older Evo 3D that's seen better days. I've replaced the LCD and the Digitizer, along with the whole front frame of the phone, and recently the digitizer started acting up again, so I'm going to have to replace it a second time. But I also noticed that my camera was...
  18. johnnyslt

    Thread [ROM][JB 4.2.2]Slim Bean Build 8 - Unofficial - 6 - August

    Disclaimer: I am not responsible for any damages on your device after flashing this ROM. Important Notes: Fully compiled from AOSP source ( source.android.com) with our mods. Official SilmRoms website. Feature requests will be ignored in general, but we will review ( if a relevant commit...
  19. T

    Thread [Q] Battery died and now im stuck in Bootloader or Boot loop (video)

    I used HTCDEV.COM to unlock my phone, then flashed a custom recovery (i am hboot 1.58 with latest OTA)...the recovery didn't work so I tried flashing a stock recovery back...I do not think that worked. I relocked my phone and it has been working great for about a week. My battery died and now...
  20. Jcyber777

    Thread [Q] Evo out of battery & with CWM

    I installed CWM on my Evo 3D but the battery was out of power and it turned off! It seems like its not charging while turned off!! Any Ideas how I can charge it now?
  21. Jcyber777

    Thread [Q] bootloop, s-on, can't install other Roms!

    So it looks like my Evo was not s-off. I tried to flash a custom rom but I get stuck at HTC bootanimation :( I don`t know how to solve these problems... the phone has currently a unlocked bootloader (HBOOT 1.53.0007) and CWM Touch installed. And it is still S-ON :mad: I want at least go back...
  22. K

    Thread [q] please help- virgin mobile evo v 4g stuck in bootloop

    I have an evo v 4g on virgin mobile, which is an evo 3D. I had rooted the device and installed the midnight rom. All was well and eventuallly I got bored of that rom and decided to switch to the stock rom. Everything was still fine. Then I decided to install the "king kang" rom. I didn't read...
  23. miracleboy

    Thread [Q] Ev0 3D Sprint bootloop madness

    reference posts: 1. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=37624725&postcount=2969 2. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=37584952&postcount=2971 3. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=37567634&postcount=2973 PHONE DETAILS: SPRINT CDMA Evo 3d Bootloader reads...
  24. AGoogleUser

    Thread [Q] HTC issues, Help me out.

    I have a Stock Evo 4g and a Stock Evo 3d. Both Sprint. My 3d started acting up after a successful root but unsuccessful s-off. My 4g is completely stock and always has been. Both have the same problem, both might be related to the sdcard. This is where im dumbstruck. My 3d will display in...
  25. K

    Thread [mod]cm10 kill all and 1% battery

    kill all ported from top droids mod here http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1949753 also added cricle battery with 1% increments tested on the 01/19/2013 build of GANGNAM STYLE http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1873926 This adds the kill all button and a task...
  26. tudorc11

    Thread Earbuds with working media controls

    I am looking to buy some earbuds for my EVO 3D with media controls, i.e. play/pause, back/forward, volume +/-. Also, my budget is pretty tight so please consider this when making suggestions.
  27. A.Priori

    Thread Best method to root and s-off stock evo 3d

    Hi, I have a completely stock evo 3d that was never updated etc. It's hboot 1.3. My goal is run Anthrax'ed cm 10. any advice?
  28. coal686

    Thread [Updated 2/13/13] Team 420 and the Merry Band of Misfits skins, themes and mods

    Team 420 Members mayfield103 bebida nuvens notsointeresting trollallot knightwolf123 dropzeroc Lex_is300 powduh09 coal686 lrod Vysse Behold_this Smokem_l Fmedrano1977 Bbaker131 miggsr ivicask This thread will bring all Team 420 skins, mods, and themes to one place for our Evo 3D. These have...
  29. coal686

    Thread Team 420 and the Merry Band of Misfits skins, mods, ROMs, etc.

    TEAM 420 here with some skins, ROMs, mods and whatever else we decide to make. The links in this thread will take you to all the different Team 420 projects and threads for the Evo 3D (and other phones). Team 420 Members mayfield103 bebida nuvens notsointeresting trollallot knightwolf123...
  30. C

    Thread Evo 3d repaired by HTC now htcdev cannot unlock or juopunotbear both fail

    Hi and HELP!! I have just got my evo 3d back from htc repairs and I now have HBOOT 1.53.007 I tried unlocking the HTCDev way but all I get is "writing 'unlocktoken'... FAILED (remote: unlock token check failed)" so I tried juopontobear unlock method and that fails on step2. It seems HTC have...
  31. S

    Thread [Q] 3vo on metro

    I have a evo 3d rooted on metro pcs wit everything working except mms. I have tried the oakieville thread (both flashable and do it yourself zips) and have tried messing wit the apn settings a lot. Nothing seems to work. :( Is there a sure way of getting the mms working? If so can I get some...
  32. machv5

    Thread [Q] CDMA unlock simlock

    Can you remove the Simlock from a CDMA Evo 3d so that it will be able to use any carrier? Telus or rogers etc... I have tried searching the forums and Google (that was a joke all of the results I could find were commercials for paying someone else to do it for you. I want to do it myself. If...
  33. Toasit

    Thread [Q] Phone keep saying it is charging. While it is not.

    So this happend yesterday, I plugged it in my computer and my phone just shuts down all a sudden (because of the USB port). Now it keeps saying it is charging, even when it is not, the red light stays on, even when the phone is powered down. Only when my phones battery is out it stops, but as...
  34. Cero92

    Thread [26 SEPT][ROM][ICS] CeROM MIUI v4 [MULTI]

    Hi all, this is my first Android ROM, it's based on MIUI v4, Android Ice Cream Sandwich, and it uses also the Sense framework so both 3D and HTC apps are working. Specs Based on MIUI 2-2.9.21 Default HTC IME Yoda kernel (thanks to Ryrzy) Clock and voltage modding support Slide to wake More...
  35. mexigga

    Thread [Q] Evo 3d - SPC - MetroPCS

    My evo 3d is showing its SPC as 0000 on CDMA wkshp. I have tried white rabbit, but that code does not work either. Not a Sprint user, so calling is not an option. something so simple has me stuck....Any ideas? EDIT: found this solution thanks to pinto bean...
  36. Shponglized

    Thread [Q] How do you get icon packs to show up on Desktop Visualizer

    I'm trying to change the icons of my customed out phone to have a 100% original rom, Help me out here, Desktop visualizer is a pain in the ass.
  37. S

    Thread [Q] Maybe android isn't for me?

    This will likely be a long post, so I'll start off with short summary: After years of being excited about the android OS, I've now grown very tired of it and can't find a good solution to solve the issues. Thanks in advance for taking the time to read and provide feedback and insight...
  38. bradxnght

    Thread [ROM][ Nightfall 3D ][ Performace + Tweaks + More to Come!][ deodex ]

    ROM Will be out sometime in the next couple days! sorry for the delay just want everything working right! This is my first rom and its nothing super fancy yet so please dont be to hard on me. But i do hope it turns into something bigger! The direction im taking this in is a stable raw...
  39. therealrayzzor

    Thread [3-6 Update][Splash][TeamDART] Rayzzor's 3VO Splashes

    The goal for this thread is to deliver my unique take on graphics and bring them to a splash screen near you. I'm the type of person who likes to make something the best it can be and this will be no exception, whether it's a design I come up with on my own or a custom request, I will give the...
  40. S

    Thread Kernel "porting"

    I was told Gently that questions belong here... so, my question is, How to "port" a kernel. like source-code downloaded from the htcdev.com website, to work on a NON-sense ROM. Is this even POSSIBLE? i searched everywhere, but i was not getting good results. mostly becaus my device is an evo...
  41. sakisa950

    Thread [Flashing][recovery] 4ext recovery + instructions

    this guide is for peole who jus cant get s-off or just need the 4ext recovery but cant get it because of bootloops etc this gude also assumes u have installed have android sdk to the root of your computers C: driv 1. Head to http://www.htcdev.com/ruu/PG8610000_...2fs_unlock.exe 2. Follow...
  42. eLbor11

    Thread Problem with Mobile Network

    Hi i have a problem with mobile network on several ROMS I used LeeDroid v5.3 GB rom and all was alright, than i wanted to update to ICS and i installed KingCobra3D-ICS 1.6 Rom and i my Mobile network stoped working no HSDPA or anything, but i could call and everything, then i tryed CM9 and i got...
  43. B

    Thread my evo 3d is normally not booting up

    hi so when i want to sleep i power off my gsm evo 3d, last night i powered it off as usual, and now it turns on and stays on (htc quietly brilliant) screen and never goes from that i have s-off and rooted and hboot 1.53.0007 and arabic ICS, i have done rooting and stuff for about 20 days, it was...
  44. M

    Thread Modify Rogers Evo 3D to Work With AWS 1700/2100 Network?

    Hello everyone I currently own an Evo 3D which I am in love with, and would like to switch to Mobilicity (which uses the AWS 1700/2100 network I believe). My phone is the Rogers version, so it doesn't have that network band. Is there a way to modify my phone to work with the 1700/2100 network...
  45. P

    Thread Getting to ICS - flashing w/o recovery?

    Okay, I suppose I'm a little confused. I had a rooted S-ON Unlocked phone... and I'm trying to follow this (http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1653777) to evantually be able to install ICS ROMs. With the first step of that, I flashed the RUU, which got rid of my root and custom...
  46. Damian8a

    Thread HB 1.5 Unlocked S-On, can't flash any ROM.

    Okay, here's the problem. I have an EVO 3D Hboot 1.50 S-On HTC Dev method unlocked, TWRP Recovery. I'm currently runing a GB Rom, Warm Two Point Three, Its awesome, the best GB rom for me. But its time to move on to ICS, the fact is that every time i try to flash an ICS Rom, I get in a...
  47. NovaxxBite

    Thread htc evo 3d stock sms apk?

    hi , this is my first time posting in this area ( normally im in the MT4G section) my wife has an evo3d ( not rooted) is having problems with her stock SMS app so i was thinking maybe if i installed the same app over it ,that would fix the problem... thing is i can't find the app anywhere so can...
  48. binux-project

    Thread [TUT][3D Bootanimation]DTStereo3D v.1.2 [7 DEC]

    Presenting DTStereo3D for ICS EVO 3D ROMs with working 3D Panel It took a long time until I finally fixed all the issues of my 3D Bootanimation, but finally it’s ready to hit xda officially! What you get is a real stereoscopic bootanimation for your EVO 3D (ty argraben). I also made a tutorial...
  49. M

    Thread [Video Tutorial] Root/ Flash Custom ROM / Unlock the bootloader for EVO 3D

    I made this video tutorial on how to Unlock the bootloader of your EVO 3D, Root your stock ROM, and flash a custom ROM. I tried to sound as professional as possible , and tried to make it as simple as possible. It is my first tutorial, so please go easy on me...
  50. richyrocket

    Thread Rooting after the OTA update to 4.0

    So after finding out about the OTA update to 4.0, I decided to get rid of my custom rom, de root, and try it out. Seems good so far, but I haven't seen any info on rooting this yet. Anyone know if there is a way to do this yet? Or even a crazy guess as to when this will happen?