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  1. XCnathan32

    Thread Nexus 5X bootloop of death fix (BLOD) | 7/30 Huge performance update!

    Read First: This method is relatively drastic, and will hurt device performance some. You should only use this as a last resort, if the more basic methods of fixing a soft brick didn't work (e.g, factory reset, flash stock firmware, etc.) *Update 7/30: On my 6P, I found that the original kernel...
  2. facuarmo

    Thread SomeFeaK: would you like me to build the 'crazytests' branch?

    Hi all, I'm facuarmo (Facundo Montero), the person behind SomeFeaK. I would simply like to know if someone is interested on the release of a public version of the SomeFeaK kernel with some experimental features that might be harmful and dangerous for the device, I know some people simply buys...
  3. hallo dare

    Thread LineageOS experimental required

    Hi, Want to flash LineageOS for my oneplus one but don't want to completely wipe. Need the experimental flash file to achieve this. Unfortunately it is now gone off the lineage site. I would appreciate if someone could forward me the experimental file. Thanks
  4. broodplank1337

    Thread [Kernel][JB 4.3][Experimental]Latest CM/KT Kernel

    Experimental 4.3 Kernel based on AOSP 4.2.2 Branch (cm-10.1) KT Kernel by ktoonsez CM Kernel from Latest CM-10.1 Nightly Since there are no sources for 4.3 kernels yet I decided to try out which kernels actually do work on 4.3 I found that the i9505 (jfltexx) CM 10.1 kernel works combined...
  5. ak

    Thread [KERNEL] [3.4.51+] [ALL☆ROMS] [4.8.2☆O3] [EXP v.043★SBL v.00x] [26/06] AK + FCHARGE

    [KERNEL] [3.4.51+] [ALL☆ROMS] [4.8.2☆O3] [EXP v.043★SBL v.00x] [26/06] AK + FCHARGE I am not responsible for any damage to your phone. Read before downloading or posting in the thread: Proceed with caution if you have no experience. If you appreciate my work and that of the guys who...
  6. etch04

    Thread [Kernel][Jan 12]Experimental v12 [JB 4.1.2]

    This kernel is self-used. So something has not been added. If you want,just tell me and problem you encounter. Kernel Features: General: - Kernel version 3.0.y - 390MB RAM - Useful optimization flags - jRCU [Joe Korty] - Dynamic dirty page writebacks - Timer slack controller - Dynamic...
  7. cybojenix

    Thread [ALPHA]New Repo Sync Method

    today I was bored, and needed a better way of doing batch operations to git repos, and the repo binary would not do so I have started writing it into bash form Current status: It reads of the default android manifest it can download the whole android source, then keep it up to date the coding...
  8. S

    Thread new HTC sense 4.0 based rom!!

    could some more people try this rom out? i dont have a lot of time to really test it out. please list any bugs you find with it. i am sure there will be a few of them... i think i may have gotten the camera working. about 90 percent of the time it will work when flashed but sometimes it does...
  9. moogtheartist

    Thread Musician looking to work on a new GNEX project!!

    Hey XDA GNEX users!! My name is MoOg, and I do music... I have been in music for over 25 years and I am thinking about making a project out of my works specificly for the Galaxy Nexus... I was thinking one day that it would be awesome to implement my works on either a boot image or possibly...
  10. jezus101

    Thread [JB,ROM] CM10 Experimental Nightly Builds [Unofficial]

    Hello :D I am going to be building CM10 Experimental for the GT-i9100 Basically Every Night! The CM team is busy creating CM10 and therefore they cant build the ROM often. So i will build the ROM for all you Flash-Aholics :good: This ROM is Pure CM10 and i do NOT do anything but compile it and...
  11. fipsib

    Thread [Discussion][ROM][S4][WIP] CM10 on HTC One S [Nightlies] PLEASE READ FAQ in the OP

    (all credit goes to xkonni, intervigil & the others behind CM10!) Please tell me what to add/delete! hey folks, I decided (& asked for xkonnis permission) to open a new thread where we can talk about the new features and things that (don't) work yet to keep the original CM10 DEVELOPMENT...
  12. inffy

    Thread [KANG/UNOFFICIAL][NIGHTLY] iNFINITYCM [Updated: 12.04.2012]

    ABOUT THIS ROM: This is a KANG/UNOFFICIAL CM9 version built from CM9 sources. It has some cherry-picks from Gerrit, that I find interesting and enhance the rom to be better feature wise. I will be doing builds on daily basis (mostly on morning EU time), atleast until CM starts to rollout...
  13. sztupy

    Thread [ROM]JPM/JP6 "GoodBye RFS" ROM 0.2 (pre rooted, pre lagfixed, extremely experimental)

    [ROM]JPM/JP6 "GoodBye RFS" ROM 0.2 (pre rooted, pre lagfixed, extremely experimental) This is an ultimately experimental ROM. It might break your phone, cause headaches and data loss. This is only a showcase on how a ROM (mostly) without RFS(*) would work. (*): this is only marketing bullshit...
  14. cyanogen

    Thread [ROM] CyanogenMod - This is Bat Country! (EXPERIMENTAL) [9/18 - v4.1.11.1]

    The purpose of this thread is to test out a new "experimental" series of ROMs. It is very possible that installing something from this thread will render your phone unusable. This build is picking up where 4.0.4 left off and will eventually become 4.2. This is Android 1.6 (Donut). Two rules...