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  1. GalaxyA325G

    Thread [How to Guide] Moving data files after Android 11 to the external sdcard

    Many people install apps on the internal storage where those apps have large amounts of data that most people wish to store on the external sdcard, but on Android 11, Google changed the associated external sdcard storage access APIs available to app developers. This change has caused problems...
  2. KingCartman

    Thread Issue with external storage on Android 9 custom roms

    On the Android 9 based custom roms (I tried Arrow OS, PE, Pixys OS) I have the issue, that my external SD-Card gets mounted only after the first unlock. That causes several problems for me. For example: I selected in Spotify the option to use the external storage for the downloads. After a...
  3. C

    Thread Accessing Huawei P9 external SD card

    I'm coming from a rooted Samsung S4 to a non-rooted Huawei P9. With the rooted S4 I could do anything at all, the stock P9 is extremely restricted. I want to stay with stock because it's a phone that's been loaned to me and I don't want to risk breaking it, and I'd like the Android 7.x over the...
  4. D

    Thread Sprint LG G5 android app Storage has no option to move to External_SD (SD card)?

    I have the Sprint LG G5 running ZV5 and I'm having a problem where I can't change the Storage settings for any apps (like Snapchat or GoPro app) to use the external SD card. For example, normally in Settings > Apps > GoPro > Storage, I should be able to click on Storage and move the app and it's...
  5. balamu96m

    Thread [XPOSED][7.0/6.0] Nougat/Marshmallow SD Fix v2.0- save files in external sd card!

    Hello all! Simple: This module allows your favorite app to save files (write) to your external SD card in Marshmallow. Download: Download from Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.balamurugan.marshmallowsdfix Note: The app works as such for Nougat too. Let me know...
  6. blazzer12

    Thread Is there anyway apps can normally write to the EXTERNAL SD CARD on CM13?

    Is there a fix or something?
  7. safzath

    Thread External Sd Card Write Permission ?

    HI all, I have Galaxy S7 Edge G935F, Installed TWRP and Rooted with SuperSU, I need the fix for Externel SD card writable permission fix works with Marshmallow ? Because of I use Titanium Backup which folder located in my sd card, But Error is "Folder not writable" Thanks :good:
  8. S

    Thread TWRP partitioning external SD doesn't work (Unable to locate device to partition)

    Hi, since the internal storage of my 8GB Moto G3 is pretty small, I wanted to move apps to my external SD, but there is only a hand full of apps I can move. So now I wanted to partition the external SD I have, but when I want to start the partitioning, it says "E: Unable to locate device to...
  9. Trasd

    Thread [HOW-TO] Write Data to Your External SD Card in KitKat Without Root (Many Apps)

    I saw a question here in XDA where a person was asking how his torrent app could save downloads to the external SD card without root, in KitKat. This can actually be done, with many apps. Surprisingly, there were no answers, except to tell him to root. That is not always the case! I've been...
  10. W

    Thread How to Move from 16GB SD Card to 32 GB

    Update: Never mind, I uninstalled some apps I haven't used in a long time, then moved the apps off of my SD card and to Device Memory. -------------------------- I have a 16 GB external SD Card, I have apps which I run off of the SD card. I want to move to a new 32 GB SD card I bought. I don't...
  11. D

    Thread [Q] [Q&A] Flashed TWRP but keep going to Stock Recovery?

    I rooted a while back with Stump. I recently used flashify to flash twrp recovery as I want to install a lollipop ROM. It was successful and when I restarted the phone as prompted by the app, I went to the TWRP recovery screen. 1) When i manually power off the phone and try to boot into...
  12. ironmanxda

    Thread [Q] Need Help in flashing rom in a phone which does not have ext memory card

    Hello Guys, i have micromax canvas knight phone which does not have external memory card support. The phone is rooted and i need to flash a rom. For that i need to wipe data/factory reset, as i put the rom zip file in internal memory, rom file would get erased. Since factory reset is mandatory...
  13. P

    Thread [Q] Need help mounting /system and /data from external SD. Internal SD is dead :/

    Hello, I figure someone here might be able to help since most of where I found information regarding my issue came from this subforum. My phone is i897 (Captivate), but I think it should be similar; I posted there as well but no luck :(. I normally can get by pretty well, and I have done...
  14. P

    Thread Need help mounting /system and /data from external SD. Internal SD is dead :/.

    Hello, I normally can get by pretty well, and I have done numerous searches before posting for help. This time I have really run into a brick wall, and I really need help here. Basically, I did something really stupid where I did not know that the phone had been booting off a external SD (my...
  15. D

    Thread [Q] Phone Write Protecting External SD Card

    Let me start off I'm running NAE Stock Rooted with SD Card Fix and HotSpot Mod. Recently my phone has been write protecting all my sd cards, (Sandisk Ultra 64gb, Samsung 32gb, and Sandisk Ultra 32gb) I put into my phone. It's getting a bit annoying now that I can't transfer any files to my...
  16. Cavey.co.uk

    Thread [Q]Kitkat and USB mass storage mode

    So I used a HTC One X for two years and I used it a lot as a Dropbox synced external USB mass storage device, so am kinda interested in getting my S4 doing the same thing. Pretty much out of the box I left it updating and it's now a shiny S4 running 4.4.2. Sadly, after the update it seems that...
  17. J

    Thread [Q] read only external SD card

    Hi there, I just put an SD card in my new One (M8) (AT&T Stock ROM) and formatted it, but the card seems to be read only. Is there any easy way to be able to write to it directly on the phone?
  18. Aaahh

    Thread GUIDE How to use to use your internal storage as a sdcard

    I stumbled upon this when I lost my micro sd and I thought I should share it. I dont think its a good idea using this with an sdcard in. Requires Root. This was tested on ics and with a Droid X (but it should work) First SSH into your android device... (You can use this Guide...
  19. B

    Thread Google Play Music and external SD card problem <SOLVED>

    I upgraded to the GS4 from an S3 about a month ago and like most people just transferred my 32GB micro SD card into my new phone thinking everything would be fine. I then discovered that Google Play Music, Samsung's own stock Music app and a few (though not all) other sound/music utilities...
  20. B

    Thread Playing music in Google Play Music from external SD card <SOLVED>

    Deleted post as submitted to wrong thread Correct thread...http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2411153
  21. C

    Thread [Q] CM10.1 to CM10.2 - system crashing

    Hi, I flashed CM10.2 for my P5100 yesterday but now the tablet reaches the lock screen and as soon as I unlock it, I get a message saying google play services has stopped and the tablet reboots (back to the CM boot logo). I am coming from CM10.1 nightlies. I am in a bit of a fix here as I want...
  22. S

    Thread [Q] Moving app Data to External SD card

    Hi Guys, I have karbonn A15 android ICS(4.0.4) smartphone, its not rooted. I want to move the app Data to my external sd card, i tried to move the data folder from the internal SD (android/data) to External SD (root folder), just to check whether it releases any memory in the storage section in...
  23. N

    Thread Installing games on external SD card on Samsung Galaxy S Duos using Directory Bind

    Hi there, for those who are struggling to install games with big cache files like Vice City on Phones like, we used this application called Directory bind to link the cache files stored in the external sd card in to the internal sd card. This application was not created by me, I am just trying...
  24. badrsj

    Thread [Q] Galaxy Note 2 Custom ROM - Move Apps to SD Card.

    Hello and thanks for stopping by, I am wondering if anyone knows of a Custom Rom for VZW GNote 2 which allows moving apps to SD card. I am aware of the "directory bind" and the "swap mod" and the "Beans ROM" as work arounds from my searching on this topic. I am just longing for good old use...
  25. W

    Thread [Q] cm10: external sd card damaged

    Hi everyone Here my short story: Flashed cm10 to try it out. Got a notification that my external sd card is damaged Googled and found out that the problem is that cm10 uses another format then stock SGS 3 Firmware Decided that this is a reason to stick with stock 4.1.1 Flashed back, but SD...
  26. pzucchel

    Thread [Q] Install apps on external SD Card without rooting the phone

    Hi to All, After some search, i cound't find a solution to the following problem. With jelly bean, the management of the external/internal sd card is at least tricky. I would like to install my apps by default on the (larger) external sd card, but without rooting my phone (not to loose orange...
  27. N

    Thread [Q] Galaxy W internal and external sd card question

    Hello, I have a galaxy SL, and my brother is going to get a galaxy W. In SL there is a non removable internal sd card(small), and I can add external sd card. The main problem with this configuration is that with normal phone without rooting, I can only move the applications to internal sd...
  28. M

    Thread [Q] Help Needed!! Phone not recognizing Internal or External SD card

    I used CF-Root to root my Galaxy SL i9003(2.3.5) and after that I installed OCLF. I installed the files which said fix the lag and after I saw no change in my phone I clicked the option to remove those files. After that I used CF-Root Tweak Manager v1.20 and selected all the options (i.e. RAM...
  29. A

    Thread [Q] External SD Card not seen in ES File Explorer

    Hi all I am a newbie and am experiencing this issue, external sd card not showing up in file explorer. Sniffer can find it and I can play media files from there. Is this the norm or do I need to change something? I am using C&C 1.5ghz Froyo Combo VERSION 8 final. The 16GB card is seen by all...
  30. G

    Thread [Q] External SD Card

    I keep seeing references to internal SD card and External SD card, and just now I was using SDMaid and it lists Sdcard (8GB) and External SD card (empty). Is there a second slot for another SD card that I am unaware of. I put the 8GB card that came with the phone in the slot next to the sim...
  31. M

    Thread Access to external SD card

    I usually put some files (e.g., PDFs) in the extra SD card, and open them through ASTRO. However, that would take five or six presses to reach a file. So is there a better way (a widget on the home screen, for example) to quickly access the folder? If not, what would be a better place other than...
  32. M

    Thread [Q] Can't Anyone Help ???

    I'll try this forum, over 200 views on my other posts and no suggestions. :confused: Is the problem that obscure ? The tablet, while not worthless, is getting there as I am unable to load any of the hacks and fixes to the SD card to install. Is there a work-around the SD card so I could...